60+ Narcos Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Narcos comes from the Spanish word “narcotraficante” which means drug trafficker. Before this usage, in the United States, the word referred to a specialist officer of a narcotics police force.

The series Narcos chronicles the life of drug lord, Pablo Escobar from the late 1970s, when he began manufacturing cocaine, to the 90s, when he escaped La Catedral prison. The show follows the main events that happened in Colombia during this period.

Narcos Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Besides the show being the best thing on Netflix, there are other people who helped bring this show to life. The director is from Brazil, the head writer is American, and many other nationalities are represented in the form of Narcos’ soundtrack, acting, and crew.

This trivia takes a close look at Narcos and will fill you with everything you need to know about the series. Do check out Breaking Bad Trivia too for more facts on organized crime series!

1. What is the main character’s name?



2. What was Pablo’s biggest fear?

Being extradited


3. Who were the two characters, Murphy and Pena?

DEA agents


4. In the intro episode, Murphy says “The hippies had been replaced with _____”



5. On the show, when Pablo was arrested in 1976, the DAS agents that confiscated the truck with cocaine were _______.

Not corrupt


6. What is a Sicario?

A hitman


7. In the show, the character, Gacha, is shown entering a party to do what?

Murder everyone


8. Who is Gustavo?

Pablo’s brother


9. According to the producer, Narcos was originally supposed to be:

A full length film


10. Who narrates the series?



11. Where does Pablo’s mom go, that ends up leading the attackers back to the family?



12. What country does Pablo’s family try to flee to?



13. What Platform is responsible for the show?



14. What does Pablo’s father do?

He is a farmer


15. The names of the two founders of the Cali Cartel are Miguel and what?



16. After the Medellin Cartel is diminished, who takes over?

The Cali Cartel


17. What is the name of Pablo’s wife?



18. What was the name of the president of Columbia?



19. What was the name of Murphy’s wife?



20. Pablo is killed at the end of which season?

Season 2


21. Who controlled Los Pepes?



22. Where was Pablo murdered in the end of season 2?

A rooftop in Columbia


23. Who was the founder of the Medellin Cartel?



24. What is the name of the actor who played Pablo?

Wagner Moura


25. When Pablo and his family are hiding out, his family gets very cold. What does Pablo burn to keep them warm?



26. Who is Pablo’s son?

Juan Pablo Escobar


27. What was the name of the Colonel who led the Search Bloc for Pablo?

Colonel Carillo


28. Who is “Los Pepes?”

Counterterrorist group


29. Who was the main Journalist whom had tied with Pablo?

Valeria Velez


30. Which two men, helped writers fill in the gaps in the show?

Murphy and Pena


31. What was Pablo Escobar doing when the Colombian police commandos surrounded and killed him?

Talking by phone with his son


32. What was the name of the jail that Escobar built for himself after the “surrender” to the government?

La Catedral


33. Following orders by Escobar, hitmen killed in 1984 a Minister of Justice who strongly opposed Escobar and advocated for the extradition of drug dealers to the US. What is the name of this Minister of Justice?

Rodrigo Lara Bonilla


34. Escobar was a soccer fan. To which professional soccer team of Colombia was Pablo Escobar devoted?



35. One of the closest partners of Escobar was Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha. What was Rodriguez’s nickname?

El Mexicano


36. In the war against the government, Escobar blackmailed other associates in order to collect money for terrorism. Escobar killed some of them as they rejected the blackmail. Some survivors organized a commando group and collaborated in his capture and death. What was this group called?

Los Pepes


37. Pablo Escobar once ocuupied a public post. Which one was it?

Member of the house of representatives of Colombia


38. Where do Escobar’s close relatives live today?



39. The 1989-1990 presidential races were one of the deadliest periods for politicians in Colombia. Three presidential candidates were killed by the orders of Escobar. Which one of these was not killed that two-year period?

Jaime Pardo Leal


40. What year was Escobar killed?



41. When does the Narcos series end?

It hasn’t ended yet


42. Who did Los Pepes target?

Anyone who helped Pablo


43. Who was working with the DEA to bring Pablo down?

Columbian special forces


44. What was Limon’s cover job?

Driving commercial sex workers around


45. On the show, when Pablo was arrested in 1976, the DAS agents that confiscated the truck with cocaine were:

Not corrupt


46. What was Pablo’s biggest fear?

Being arrested


47. Who played the character of Tata Escobar in the series?

Paulina Gaitán


48. Gacha, enters the party to do what?

To murder everyone


49. Name the Cartel that rose to power after those two fragmented in the late ’90s?

North Valley

50. What is Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán’s nickname?

El Chapo


51. Cocaine trafficker Manuel Noriega was also the dictator of which nation?



52. Narcos: Mexico is a fairly new Netflix project. When was it released?



53. It was originally intended to be one of the seasons of the Netflix series Narcos. How many episodes were released before Narcos: Mexico?



54. On October 28, 2020, Netflix renewed the series for a third season. However, there will be some changes. What exactly?

One of the main actors will be replaced


55. The series explores the early origins of the Mexican drug war. What years are we talking about?



56. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Kiki Camarena is moving to Guadalajara to take on a new post. Where does he come from?



57. The creation of the series is overshadowed by a sad event. What happened?



58. Carlos Muñoz Portal, one of the show’s location scouts, was found murdered with multiple gunshot wounds. Is it true that the murder has been successfully solved?



59. Although many of the events and characters are based on true history, some liberties were still taken. The character of Sofia Conesa, portrayed as the love interest of Rafael Caro Quintero, had a different name in real life. What was her name?

Sara Cosio


60. The first season of Narcos: Mexico was not really welcomed by the viewers. Is it true?



61. How many awards does the show have?

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