60 Ramadan Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Ramadan is an Islamic practice that occurs once the crescent moon has been spotted and according to the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims worldwide observe the holy month of Ramadan through prayers and fasting from sunrise to sunset.

A time when Muslims bond with families and friends in the evening as they share a meal to break the fast. Ramadan is often a community affair, as you will come across more people attending the mosques and following their religious rituals.

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Ramadan Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Did you know that the last ten nights of Ramadan, Muslims commemorate the time the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad? To mark the end, there is normally a celebration known as Eid-al- Fitr. A feast is held as people adorn in beautiful jewelry and henna designs.

Test your Ramadan knowledge with these Ramadan trivia questions and answers.

1. Ramadan begins during which month of the Islamic lunar calendar?



2. Roughly, how many people across the world take part in Ramadan?

1.6 Billion


3. What is the aim of Ramadan?

To self reflect on one’s actions and show love and devotion to Allah.


4. What is the meal called before the beginning of the fast?



5. Apart from drinking and eating, what else is prohibited during fasting?

Sexual relations, chewing gum, crime and drug abuse


6. What makes Ramadan so special and unique from every other event in Islam?

Muslims cherish each and every important event as prescribed by Allah.


7. What is the meal after sunset called?



8. What do Muslims usually break their fast with?

A cup of water or milk and dates


9. Is it mandatory for all Muslims to fast?

All Muslims who have hit puberty must fast

10. What are the benefits of fasting?

Physical and spiritual purification, self-restraint, increased compassion and love for one’s way of life.


11. In Arabic, the root of the word Ramadan, al-ramad or ramida means?

Scorching heat


12. What acts invalidate a fast?

Any form of nutrition invalidates a fast


13. What is the celebration at the end of Ramadan called?



14. Why do the dates for Ramadan change every year?

Ramadan is a lunar month; it begins about eleven days earlier each year. Hence, Ramadan can occur during any of the seasons.


15. What significant event took place in the last 10 days of Ramadan according to Islam?

The Quran was first revealed


16. Is water allowed during a fast?

No, water is not allowed.


17. What is the name of the Islamic month that follows Ramadan?



18. Name a country that had the longest fasting hours in 2021?



19. Can Muslims fast with few breaks in between during the whole month of Ramadan?

Muslims must consecutively fast for a whole month


20. Name a country that had the shortest fasting hours in 2021?

New Zealand


21. Does donating blood break a fast?

Donating blood, is allowed


22. What is a mesaharati?

A person who wakes people up before fast begins to eat and drink


23. How can Muslims compensate for a fast that has not been fulfilled in Ramadan?

Making up the days missed and paying Fidyah, having no obligation to make up for the days missed but must pay Fidyah.


24. What is the name of the night in Ramadan in which Muslims believe the Quran was revealed?

Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power)


25. Are there significant days relating to Ramadan?

Laylat al Qadr and Eid ul Fitr


26. How many Days do Muslim fasts in Ramadan?

30 days


27. Fasting Period in Ramadan is?

Fajr to Maghrib


28. Of the three major religions of the world (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), where does Islam rank in terms of number of followers?

Second largest


29. What is the ruling on the use of Siwaak by the fasting person?

It is recommended for him


30. Popular in Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent, Biryani is a dish based on what?



31. In which year of the Hijrah was the fasting of Ramadhaan enjoined?

Second Year


32. Many Muslims choose to begin Ramadan based on physical sightings of the moon specific to their location, but others choose to follow a declaration issued by what Muslim-majority country?


33. For How many Ramadans did Messenger of Allah Prophet muhammad observe fast?

9 years


34. What is the term for ritual fasting during Ramadan?



35. Is this statement true or false: There are no legal penalties anywhere for failing to fast during Ramadan?



36. The Mesaharati is a person who walks the streets before sunrise, awakening people so that they may eat suhur. He sings holy songs and plays what instrument?

A drum


37. The suhur is announced by the Mesaharati. What is used to announce the iftar?



38. During the festivities of Iftar, many delicacies are served and are often particular to specific countries. One such delicacy is the Palestinian treat, kunafa. What is kunafa made from?

Soft cheese and dough


39. A favorite across the Middle East, Haleem is what type of dish?



40. Navy bean soup is a popular iftar dish in which country?



41. What is the correct way to greet someone during Ramadan?

Ramadan Mubarak


42. Nations around the world boast proud Muslim populations. Which nation has the largest Muslim population in the world?



43. As an island nation with a large and diverse population, Indonesia is home to many differing Ramadan traditions. One such tradition is to bathe in holy springs, a ritual known as what?



44. Another Javanese tradition is nyekar, which involves Muslims visiting what site?

Graves of their relatives


45. In Jakarta, what was once used to wake people for their morning prayers?



46. One more Indonesian tradition: The city of Semarang welcomes the start of Ramadan with a festival known as Dugderan. The mascot of Dugderan is the Warak ngendog, a puppet made to resemble a blend of creatures. Which creature is NOT part of the Warak ngendog?



47. Not all Ramadan traditions come from Indonesia. What country claims credit for the origin of fanoo (decorative lanterns)?



48. The Iraqi game of Siniyah is played by men after Iftar to try to find what object?



49. The 14th day of Ramadan, Garangao, is a special treat for children. Why?

They are given treats for singing

50. In many countries, it is customary to make Ramadan bags containing what?



51. Who was the first U.S. President to acknowledge Ramadan?


52. Jefferson’s Iftar was unofficial. Who was in the White House for the first official Iftar?

Bill Clinton


53. Not to be outdone by their neighbors to the south, Canada also began hosting official Iftar dinners in 2015. Which Canadian Prime Minister began the tradition?

Stephen Harper


54. When is the “Night of Power”?

No one knows the exact date


55. What do you do to stay in shape while fasting?

The Suhoor meal helps sustain people who are fasting throughout the day.


56. What makes mosques much more crowded in Ramadan?

Mosques are filled with worshipers seeking the Taraweeh prayers, which are long night prayers that last for one and a half to two hours.


57. How come some gained weight then?

Fried dumplings, filled with cream and nuts and served with mouth watering sugar syrup, are the main reason why many Muslims gain weight.


58. Quran was sent to prophet Muhammad through which angel?

Angel Gabriel

59. Who was the only lady whose name is found in the Quran?

Hazrat Maryum


60. What is the meaning of Surah Al Kahf in the Quran?

The Cave

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