60+ The 100 Trivia Questions and Answers

The 100 is a people’s favorite Sci-Fi film. It has amassed a huge fan following since it was first aired in 2014. It is premised on the destruction of civilization, when a spaceship housing survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in an attempt to repopulate the planet.

Did you know that this show was already in production before the book was published? Normally, if a TV show is based on a book, the book comes out before film production. That’s not the case with The 100! The series began filming prior to the book’s release.

The 100 Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The 100 and Game of Thrones have this in common: The fictional languages used in both shows; that is Dothraki, Valyrian, and Trigedasleng language (used by The Grounders on The 100), were all developed by David J. Peterson.

If you are keen on details and an outdoors enthusiast, while watching the show you will notice the jungle scenes are actually set in a lush, green space. It’s not a fictitious world!

Explore the following questions to test your knowledge of The 100!

1. One hundred juvenile inmates got sent to the ground, but that is not all who is sent to the ground. Who snuck on board the dropship?

Bellamy Blake


2. How did Chancellor Jaha’s son, Wells, die?

He was stabbed in the neck.


3. Not all 101 from the dropship survived the trip to the ground. Who dies?

Glen Dickson and unnamed male


4. Stunned by the beauty of the Earth, the youngsters, according to Clark, act recklessly. What is the first DANGER the 100 encounters?


5. Who killed Lexa?



6. Time for Grounders! When are the Grounders first introduced?

S1E1 “Pilot”


7. Who is the first Grounder we actually see?



8. What is the Flame?

An artificial intelligence.


9. Who is the first main character to die on the ground?

Wells Jaha


10. How many years did Octavia live under the floor?



11. Who is the first from the Ark to come to Earth, after the first dropship?

Raven Reyes


12. What caused Lexa to decide that love is a weakness?

Her enemies were able to hurt her through killing the woman she loved, Costia.


13. In S1E9 “Unity Day”, the 100 have set up a meeting with the Grounders on a bridge. The meeting is meant to be without weapons, though not everyone complies. Who attacks first, ending the meeting?

Jasper Jones


14. How many generations was the Ark in space before it crash-landed on Earth?



15. What is the major cliffhanger in “The 100” season 1?

The Mountain Men. Clarke wakes up in sterile room.


16. Octavia is named after who?

The Emperor Augustus’s sister


17. Raven is what type of mechanic?

Zero gravity


18.  Near what former major U.S. city did the 100’s drop ship land?

Washington, D.C.


19. How many Ark residents were voluntarily culled, to preserve oxygen for the remaining residents?



20. Jasper was speared by Grounders on the way to find supplies, where?

Mt. Weather


21. How many clans are there?

13, including Skaikru


22. Roan is a member of which clan?

Ice Nation


23. What did the Mountain Men call the Grounders?

The Outsiders


24. Which city is the coalition’s capitol?



25. How many Tondc Grounders did Finn massacre?



26. At the beginning of season 1, Clarke hated Wells. Why?

She thought he was to blame for her father’s execution.


27. What type of plant did Clarke turn into a poultice to use on Jasper?



28. The ruins of which memorial indicates the Grounder village Tondc is near?

The Lincoln Memorial


29. Why did the Grounder Gustus poison himself?

To stop the alliance between the grounders and sky people.


30. Aside from Atom, who else has Clarke killed out of mercy?



31. How do you say “blood must have blood” in Trigedasleng, a universal language among the Grounders?

Jus drein jus daun


32. The Ark had 2,237 residents at the time, but only enough drop ships to save how many people?



33. How much oxygen did send the 100 to the ground provide the Ark in Season 1?

One month


34. Which member of the 100’s father was floated for stealing medicine?

John Murphy


35. How long did Keenan Mykulak survive outside Mt. Weather before radiation killed her?

Four minutes and ten seconds


36. When Clarke awakens in Mt. Weather’s quarantine unit, which painting does she see hanging on the wall?

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”


37. How many people were found alive in the Second Dawn Bunker during Season 5 Episode, “Pandora’s Box”?



38. Which Ark station crashed in Azgeda territory?

Farm Station


39. Which of the following characters isn’t affected by the jobi nuts on The 100 Season 1 Episode 8, “Day Trip?”

Octavia Blake


40. Who was the first delinquent used by the Mountain Men in the bone marrow harvest?

Harper McIntyre


41. How many novitiates were in Lexa’s conclave?



42. The AI (artificial intelligence) chips, also known as the Key to the City of Light, can only be taken by people who:



43. Who trained the 100 in Earth skills?

Charles Pike


44. At the start of season 4, how long does Clarke think they have before the Earth’s radiation levels become fatal?

6 months


45. How do the clans choose their commander?

Through the Conclave, where night blood candidates fight to the death.


46. Where did Monty and Jasper stash their weed on the Ark?

Behind a wall in Monty’s old bedroom


47. Reapers are former:



48. In which clan’s territory did Farm Station crash-land?



49. What is the art supply store?

A bunker that Finn found.

50. Why did Octavia assassinate an Ice Nation ambassador?

The ambassador had planned to challenge King Roan to a fight to the death.


51. In what episode does Lincoln first appear?

Twilight’s Last Gleaming


52. Why does Clarke hate Wells at the beginning of the season?

Clarke found out that Wells got her dad floated


53. Did Jasper form a relationship with Maya from Mount Weather?



54. Who did the grounders make a deal with?

Mount Weather


55. How many people were still alive when they found Farm Station?



56. Who shot Lincoln in the head in 3×09?



57. Did Clarke make a deal with Ice Nation to save 50 of their people?



58. How many people went back up to space?



59. Are there more prisoners coming down from space from the Eligius Corporation?



60. How many days has Clake been radioing Bellamy?

2,199 days


61. How many years should Clarke of been left on the ground alone?

5 years


62. Is #Bellarke endgame?



63. Is the little girl that is with Clarke name Madi?



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