60 Uganda Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, Uganda is the place to be. It is home to the world’s largest land mammal – the African Elephant. Also, you’ll get to see rare species of the northern rhinoceros, among other African safaris.

For the love of trying out new food, try not to get offended when invited to have fried grasshoppers. It is quite a delicacy in Uganda! Still, you shouldn’t miss a chance to try their staple food (matoke).

Uganda Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Uganda is already a trailblazer. The country has developed its own motor vehicle company – kiira motors. The green motor company has manufactured and produced hybrid-electric vehicles and solar-powered buses.

Learn more about the land of Banange with the following Uganda trivia questions and answers, sure to keep you informed. Once you are done, head on to our Kenyan trivia to see how much you know about the neighboring country.


1. The Ugandan flag was adopted in October 1962. Two other flags had been made previous to the newest flag of Uganda. What happened on the ninth of the month that caused the flag to change the design?

Uganda gained independence


2. What is the capital of Uganda?



3. How many countries have borders with Uganda?



4. Which country is to the east of Uganda?



5. Uganda’s national symbol is a bird, known for its gentle nature. It is also featured on the Coat of Arms and on military badges. Which bird might this be?

Grey Crowned Crane


6. Which is the currency of Uganda?



7. From 1971 to 1979, a cruel ruler governed Uganda. It is estimated that over 300,000 Ugandans perished during his reign and the economy declined rapidly. What was the name of this person?

Idi Amin


8. Which of the following is the official language of Uganda?



9. The flag of Uganda features six stripes. The top stripe is black, the second is yellow, the third is red, and it is then repeated. The three colors mean something to Ugandans; what do the black, yellow, and red stripes mean, respectively?

People, Sunshine, Brotherhood


10. Which is the highest point in Uganda?

Margherita Peak


11. In 1976, a plane leaving from Athens heading to Paris was hijacked by Palestinian militants and flown to a certain Ugandan city. What is the name of this city?



12. Who was Uganda’s first prime minister?

Benedicto Kiwanuka


13. Who did Uganda gain independence from?

Great Britain


14. Who was Uganda’s president in 1980-1985?

Milton Obote


15. If you know which country Uganda gained independence from, you should be able to answer this question. Which side of the street do Ugandans drive on?



16. Which bird is in the center of Uganda’s flag?

Crested crane


17. Who holds most of the power in the Ugandan government system?



18. Uganda is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT. Which time zone is Uganda in?



19. Which major lake does Uganda border?

Lake Victoria


20. The equator travels right through Uganda. Where in relation to the capital of Kampala is the equator?

South of Kampala


21. What is the main cash crop grown in Uganda?



22. What is the name of the rebel group that has been fighting with the Ugandan government for a long time?

Lord’s Resistance Army


23. On which mountain in Uganda is Margherita Peak, the highest point in the country, as well as the third-highest mountain in Africa?

Mount Rwenzori (Mount Stanley)


24. The world’s largest population of mountain gorillas resides in which Ugandan national park?

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


25. Where is Uganda located?

East Central Africa


26. An estimated 300,000 people lost their lives during the regime of?

Idi Amin


27. Winston Churchill called Uganda?

The Pearl of Africa


28. Almost 33% of people in Uganda are employed in what industry?

The Pearl of Africa


29. Yoweri Museveni has been President of Uganda since?



30. Rounded to the nearest whole number, how many children does the average Ugandan woman have in their lifetime?



31. What is the population of uganda (2017)?

42.86 million


32. There are how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Uganda?



33. The first post-independence election in Uganda was held in?



34. True or False? Does the river Nile pass through Uganda?



35. According to World Bank, in 2015, Uganda has what percentage of its population living in rural areas?



36. In 2013, Uganda had what percentage of its population living below the poverty line?



37. Lake Albert is the lowest point in Uganda, at how many meters above sea level?

621 meters


38. How tall is mount Stanley, the highest mountain in Uganda?

5109 meters


39. True or False? Uganda is the world’s second-most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia?



40. How big is Uganda?

Somewhat smaller than Oregon


41. Why is the River Nile an important tourist attraction in Uganda?

A hub for adventure sports including white water rafting, bungee jumping, angling, kayaking and sightseeing the waterfalls


42. Total area of Uganda is?



43. Why is Murchison Falls considered an important tourist attraction?

Murchison Falls is the third biggest fall in Africa and the most magnificent and spectacular scenery on River Nile.


44. Why are many tourists visiting Bwindi Mgahinga Impenetrable parks in Uganda?

More than half of the 880 still living mountain gorillas (Year 2018) in the world are found in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda.


45. The GDP of Uganda in 2012 was?

50.439 Billion


46. Why are Uganda’s wildlife parks unique?

The parks are unexploited, not crowded, green and they have the BIG FIVE African wildlife animals.


47. What is the official language of Uganda?

Ugandan English


48. Why is Uganda considered the best birding tourism designation in the whole world?

Uganda has over 1,200 bird species (50% of bird species in Africa; and 11% of the whole world’s species)


49. Who is the current Prime minister of Uganda?

Ruhakana Ruganda


50. Why are Kalangala, Ssese, and Entebbe beaches getting increasing numbers of tourists?

They are the best fresh water white sand beaches in Africa


51. The internet TId of Uganda is?



52. Why are Rwenzori mountains famous for mountaineering?

Mt. Rwenzori, the third highest mountain in Africa is about 120 km long and 65 km wide


53. What is the calling code of Uganda?



54. Why is Uganda a center for Christian pilgrimages in Africa?

Over 3 million Christian pilgrimages annually visit Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, a site where young Christian converts were burnt to death by a king because of their faith.


55. What is the most common religion in Uganda?



56. Why is Uganda considered the best cultural tourist country in East Africa?

It has many cultural sites including the famous Kasubi Tombs site


57. What is the official sport of Uganda?



58. Who expelled Asians from Uganda in 1972?

Yusuf Lule


59. What is the approximate population of Uganda?



60. What is the life expectancy in Uganda?

64 years



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