65+ Denver Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Denver got its name from the former Kansas Territorial Governor, James Denver in hopes of gaining political favor. By the time the city became Denver, the political leader had already retired and so it was easy to convince people to use his name.

Well known as the “Baby Boomer Capital of America,” Denver boasts of a high number of baby boomers than any other US city.

Denver Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

If you’re passionate about arts, then Denver is the place to be. Its metropolitan area collects more money per capita for the arts compared to other cities. There is a 1/10 cent sales tax for the arts that benefits the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Zoo, among many others.

Want to know more about the state capital of Colorado? Check out our incredible collection of Denver trivia to get instant facts worth sharing with others!


1. In what American state is Denver situated?



2. What park is in between the Colorado state capital building and the city and county building of Denver?

Civic Center Park


3. In what direction do the fabulous Rocky Mountains sit from the city of Denver, Colorado?



4. In an average year, how many days of sunshine fill the sky in Denver?



5. Denver was founded at the confluence of what two rivers, (one is actually a creek)?

Cherry and South Platte


6. How many acres of parkland are spread in and around Denver?



7. Denver is a popular tourist and convention spot. About how many overnight visitors does the city host each year?

10.5 million


8. After the construction of what sporting venue in 1995 did the lower part of downtown Denver experience a resurgence in development and economic boom?

Coors Field


9. What is Denver noted for besides being a great tourist attraction?

Denver is the thinnest city in the United States, partly due to its outdoor lifestyle. Denver is the highest educated city in the United States.


10. What famous hill in Denver used to be a major meeting place for the KKK?

Ruby Hill


11. What is the most popular nickname for Denver?

Mile High City


12. Six Flags Elitch Gardens is now located in Downtown Denver, before it moved and was purchased by six flags it was located in northwest Denver, in the early part of the 20th century what was it most famous for?

Animals, wildlife, and its gardens


13. What is the name of Denver’s mile-long pedestrian shopping and dining promenade?

16th Street Mall


14. What mountain range borders Denver to the west?

Rocky Mountains


15. How high do the Rocky Mountains soar above sea level in the Denver area?

Many of the Rocky Mountain peaks near Denver soar to over 14,000 feet above sea level.


16. What is the name of the highest paved road in America, that you will not want to miss while visiting Denver?

Mount Evans Scenic Byway


17. What two major Highway Interstates intersect in Denver?

I-25 and I-70


18. What should you know about driving in Colorado?

Traffic jams are rare in Denver, as a majority of people bike or walk instead of driving.


19. What famous peak can be seen to the south of Denver on a clear day?

Pike’s Peak.


20. The University of Colorado at Denver, the Community College of Denver, and the Metropolitan State College of Denver are all located on one campus, what is the name of this campus?

Auraria Campus


21. Where can you go in Denver in the winter to have some fun snowshoeing and cross-country skiing?

City Park or Washington Park


22. What is the name of the national park with the highest elevation of any in the U.S. and is only a couple hours’ drive from Denver?


23. What is a stunning piece of architecture that is a must-see for any visitor to Denver?

the Colorado State Capitol


24. Once you have confirmed dates of travel to visit Denver, what attraction must you reserve at least three weeks in advance?

Denver U.S. Mint


25. What reptile is featured in the Denver Zoo is the world’s largest exhibit of its kind?

Komodo dragons


26. What is the best way to travel between Confluence Park and the ever-popular Children’s Museum?

Take the Platte Valley Trolley.


27. What is one critically acclaimed festival that you can attend in Denver held every year in July?

Cherry Creek Arts Festival


28. What traditional Wild West event can you make sure to catch if you are visiting Denver in January?

National Western Stock Show


29. What is an outdoor site in Denver where you could go in the summer to take in some top musical acts by American performers?

Denver Botanic Gardens


30. Denver is the capital of Colorado. True or false?



31. Which of the following is NOT a Broncos color? Green, Blue, Orange.



32. What does the term “The Springs” refer to?


33. What does Snooze specialize in?



34. What is a 14-er?

Mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet


35. Rocky Mountain Oysters are seafood. True or false?



36. Which of the following food chains began in Denver? Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle



37. What do people from Denver call soda?



38. What do Denverites dip their pizza crust into?



39. What does the word “Feds” refer to?

Federal Police


40. What color is chili usually in Denver?



41. What kind of animal is “Blucifer”, the statue at the Denver airport?



41. What does the word “sevs” refer to?

7-11 Store


42. Between 1910 and 1990 the number of vehicles registered in Denver County were at how many?

Increased by more than 300,000.


43. Oliver Fritchle is known in Denver history for?

Building electric-powered automobiles.


44. Automobiles were manufactured in Denver. True or False?



45. In 1915, Denver opened an auto camp in City Park. What was the reason?

To attract tourists.


46. Traffic engineer Henry Barnes introduced one-way streets and walk lights in Denver. True or False?



47. The growth of the area which eventually became Lakewood was sparked in the 1940s by?

The location of the Denver Ordnance Plant west of Denver and by the construction of a freeway, West Sixth Avenue.


48. Initially Interstate 70 was planned to end in Denver. True or False?



49. In 1972, Colorado voters refused to spend additional state money to fund costs associated with the 1976 Winter Olympics. True or False?



50. The anti-Olympics vote of 1972 signaled that Coloradans took the environment and their quality of life seriously. For the next 40 years freeway builders and developers stayed out of Denver and Colorado. No new highways were constructed and there was zero population growth in Denver and its suburbs. True or False?



51. Where is Denver’s official weather reporting station?

Denver International Airport


52. How many times has the official weather reporting station for Denver moved?

Four to Five times


53. How many inches of rain does Denver average per year?

17 inches


54. How many inches of snow does Denver average per season?

56.5 inches


55. What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Denver?

105 Degrees


56. What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Denver?

−29 °F


57. What is Denver’s wettest month?



58. Denver is notorious for large one- and two-day temperature changes. What is Denver’s largest one-day temperature swing, in degrees?



59. What is Denver’s largest two-day temperature change?



60. Denver set a record in 2020 for the number of days hotter than 90 degrees. How many were there?

75 days


61. When was the last time snow fell and accumulated in Denver on Christmas Day?



62. The billion-dollar hail storm that hit Denver in 2017 happened in what month?



63. According to new climate data, Denver’s climate is what?

Semi Arid


64. Denver’s daily record rainfall happened on May 22, 1876. How many inches of rain fell that day?

6.5 Inches


65. During Denver’s snowiest winter in 2008-2009, how many inches of snow accumulated in the city?



66. Denver’s wettest year on record was 1967. How many inches of precipitation fell that year?



67. Denver weather records date back to what year?



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