70+ Austria Trivia Questions and Answers

Besides being a wealthy nation, Austria is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. About 63% of waste is recycled and the use of renewable energy helps generate electricity.

For over a hundred years, skiing has been the most popular sport in Austria. The country has hosted Winter Olympics twice. Once in 1964 and again in 1976.

Austria Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Would you believe that it is mandatory for all Austrian men to undergo Military training? The training lasts for less than a year.

If you’re a movie enthusiast you’d be impressed to learn that former award-winning Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, grew up in Austria.

Here is a thirst-quenching fact; the famous energy drink – Redbull, was invented in Austria. To learn other interesting facts about the country take up these Austria trivia questions and answers.


1. What is the highest mountain in Austria?



2. Which City is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and home to one of the largest classical music festivals in the world?



3. There are several small towns and villages around the Achenes. Which one of these is actually on the lakeshore?



4. Vienna, stages hundreds of what each year, preserving a tradition deeply embedded in the Austrian soul?

formal balls


5. Which is the largest city in Vorarlberg?



6. Name the pioneer of modern psychology, who lived in Vienna for 78 years – until he fled from the Nazis to London in 1938?


7. Vienna is our plane’s destination. Arriving at the hotel, we see there is a choice of at least four music venues every night of the week. We know Vienna is the “City of Music”“. Which of the following composers is not Austrian?



8. The Streif in Kitzbühel, Austria, is considered the most dangerous and thrilling——- course in the world?

Downhill skiing


9. What is the capital of Styria?



10. What is the capital of Tyrol?



11. How many countries does Austria border?



12. How many provinces is Austria divided into?



13. The national currency of Austria was?



14. What river flows along the north-eastern edge of the historic center (District I)?

The Danube Channel


15. Vienna has two former imperial palaces: one is the rococo Schloss Schoenbrunn in the south-western suburbs. What is the name of the older palace in the center?

The Hofburg


16. One of the best ways to see the lake is to walk around it. How far is it?



17. What was the approximate population of the city of Vienna in the late 1990s?

1.6 million


18. I’m hungry! If I wanted a crisp savory pastry to eat with my coffee in the morning, what typical Austrian food would I buy?



19. Which famous writer once attended a boarding school in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


20. An engineering firm from which country built the giant Ferris Wheel known as the “Riesenrad” between 1896-97?



21. When did Austria become a member of the EU?



22. There have been passenger boats on the lake since 1887. What form of propulsion was used for the first boat on the service?

Screw Propeller


23. What is “Fohrenburger”?

A type of beer


24. What is the home of the famous Lipizzaner horses and the location of the stud farm?



25. What is the largest district of Styria (by sqkm)?



26. A Vorarlberg ticket will allow you to travel around the whole state using trains and buses. You can also travel to three other countries with this ticket. Which countries are these?

Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein


27. What is the capital of CARINTHIA?



28. We continue travelling west past Linz, the hometown of an infamous dictator, and head into an area of charming lakes, villages and hills. We reach an old mine, don our white suits, including booties, take a miniature train into the mine, slide down a wooden bannister, and see underground lakes. What kind of mine are we in?



29. What is the smallest town in Styria?



30. If you wanted to have a good time at a large amusement park in Austria, which also features a giant Ferris Wheel that has been featured in many Hollywood movies, what city would you need to travel to?



31. How many of the nine federal states have the word Austria in their name?



32. What was the approximate population of LIENZ (eastern Tyrol) in 2002?

Around 12,500


33. What is housed inside the glass pyramid near the lake shore in Pertisau?

A Museum


34. What is the highest mountain in Styria?



35. What is the name of the Gothic cathedral at the very heart of the old city?



36. What is the name of the castle in Feldkirch?



37. What is the town symbol of INNSBRUCK?

Das Goldene Dachl (The Golden Roof)


38. Back in Vienna, we decide to take a river trip in the opposite direction, to Austria’s famous wine-growing region which is dotted by romantic castles abbeys, and picturesque towns. What is the name of this region?



39. What is the general name given to the broad boulevard surrounding the historic center on three sides?

The Ring


40. What is or are Austria’s official language or languages?



41. What is the approximate percentage of the Austrian area is made up by Styria?



42. Back towards Vienna from Graz, we pass the Neusiedlersee region, origin of the most expensive Austrian wines, the Beerenauslese sweet dessert wines. We pass the areas of great castles of the Burgenland province en route, and reach Vienna. We head to Vienna’s famous amusement park. What is its name?



43. Besides the ÖVP (Austrian People’s Party), there is a second party which rose to power during the elections in 1999. Which one?



44. Which two lakes are located at the far eastern and western borders of Austria?

Neusiedlersee & Bodensee


45. Which river(s) flow(s) through eastern Tyrol?

Isel & Drau


46. One of the largest medieval castles in Europe and a very popular tourist attraction in Austria is the High Salzburg Fortress, located in the city of Salzburg. By which name is the castle known in Austria?

Festung Hohensalzburg


47. The Karwendel Bergbahn is a cable car which takes visitors up into the mountains above Pertisau. Which of these places is nearest to its top station?



48. When was Austria’s state flag adopted?



49. What is the highest mountain of Vorarlberg?

Piz Buin

50. In the north-west of the city are the Türkenschanzplatz and the Türkenpark. What is this?

The site of the main camp of the Ottoman Turks in 1683


51. The steam railway has been running since 1889 and is the one of the oldest cog railways in the world. How many of the original locomotives were still operating a hundred years later?



52. We reach Graz, Austria’s second largest city and my home for three years. This charming university town on the Mur river is notable for a steep hill in the middle of town with a famous clock tower. A well-known Austrian-American comes from here. Who is he?

Arnold Schwarzenegger


53. Of the states which form Austria today, which one was acquired last?



54. What is the name of the famous lake that Bregenz is built on the shores of?



55. Styria is also a major wine-producing site in Austria. What is the main variety of vine?



56. Roughly how much of Austria’s land area can be considered to be mountainous?

Two thirds


57. We approach Salzburg. The road takes us directly into a mountain, which is in fact a huge parking garage. As we exit on foot, we enter directly into the old town, and reach a square named after the most famous musician born here. Who is this?



58. What was the approximate population of EASTERN TYROL at the beginning of the 21st century?

Around 50,000


59. Which of the following sights would you not find in Austria?

Isenheim Altarpiece


60. Most of the people of Austria are?

Roman Catholic


61. Jenbach station is remarkable because there are railways of three different gauges running to or through it. Apart from the Achensee, what other destination is regularly served by steam trains?



62. What is the town symbol of LIENZ?

Die Liebburg (The Lieb Castle)


63. What is the Prater?

A park with amusements


64. It’s our last night in Vienna and we want to party. We head for the hilly outskirts, to the village of Grinzing and enter one of the famous locales known for their free-flowing wine, oompah bands and endless sausages, roast meats, and fun. What are these establishments called?



65. There are five cities in the state of Vorarlberg. Four of them are Feldkirch, Bregenz, Dornbirn and Bludenz. What is the fifth?



66. To what district belongs Tieschen, my home village?



67. Who was a successful Austrian humorist and actor?

Helmut Qualtinger


68. We visit the bishop’s palace, Mirabell Gardens, and head southwest to a town that has hosted two Winter Olympic Games. Where are we?



69. Austria has a number of great wine-growing areas. Speaking of wine, what is the word Austrians use for wine?



70. Where is the only airport in EASTERN TYROL?



71. Which city was a European “Capital of Culture” in 2003?



72. From 1897 to 1910 the Mayor of Vienna was the demagogic Karl Lueger. What is he most closely associated with, at least outside Austria?



73. About three kilometers west of Jenbach is the Schloss Tratzberg. When did the castle come into the possession of the Enzenberg family?



74. What was the real title of “Sisi”, the one-time empress of Austria?

Elizabeth I



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