70+ Delaware Trivia Questions and Answers

Delaware is a tiny Mid-Atlantic state in the United States with Dover as the capital.  It sits on a peninsula marked by dune-backed beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River, and Delaware Bay. 

Delaware is the first state and is well known for having no state sale tax. Although Dover is the Capital city, it is mostly famous for the city of Wilmington.

Delaware Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The Mid-Atlantic state is a hub for leadership, innovation, and talent. Delaware has the popular beaches of Bethany, Rehoboth, and Dewey. Lucky are you to find yourself here during the summer

There’s a lot more to know about this U.S. State, and the following trivia questions will jog your brain. Let’s see how many Delaware Trivia Questions you get right.


1. What is the State Song?

Our Delaware


2. What are the State-Nicknames? 

The First State


3. Which is the State-Fish?



4. What is the capital of Delaware?



5. What is Delaware’s area coverage?

6,446 square kilometer


6. Delaware was originally inhabited by several groups of American Indians, including the Lenape in the north and what tribe in the south?



7. What are the names of the three counties in Delaware?



8. Where is Delaware’s highest point?

Ebright Road


9. The Nation’s Summer Capital?

Rehoboth Beach


10. Delaware got its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia’s first what?

Colonial governor


11. At the end of the colonial period, the number of enslaved people in Delaware began to decline and local Methodists and Quakers encouraged slaveholders to do what?

Free their slaves.


12. Delaware was first colonized by Dutch traders in 1631,at Zwaanendael, located near the present town of what?



13. Where does Delaware rank in size compared to the other states?

It’s the second smallest.


14. Small parts of Delaware are on the eastern side of the Delaware River and thus share a border with what state?

New Jersey.


15. What was the county seat of New Castle County before Wilmington?

New Castle


16. What is the length of the Delaware River?

484 km


17. How does Delaware rank as far as population density with the other states?

It’s the sixth most densely populated.


18. What was Delaware’s all time record high temperature, recorded at Millsboro on July 21, 1930?

110 °F.


19. One of the 13 colonies involved in the American Revolution, Delaware became the first state to what?

Ratify the Constitution.


20. After the American Revolution, statesmen from Delaware were among the leading proponents of a strong what?

Central United States.


21. How many of all U.S. publicly traded companies are incorporated in the state of Delaware?

More than 50%.


22. Delaware Bicycle Route 1, What type of route spans the north-south length of the state?

A bicycle route.


23. Who conquered New Sweden in 1655?

Peter Stuyvesant


24. Who was New Sweden’s governor from 1643-1653?

Johan Printz


25. Approximately how many bridges does Delaware have?

About 1,450.


26. ILC and ILG are both important to Delaware. What are they?

ILC is the Frederica-based company that makes high-tech items like the spacesuits used by lunar astronauts. ILG is the way that New Castle Airport is known in airline systems.


27. How many counties does Delaware have?



28. The University of Delaware as the Science, Technology & Advanced Research Center used to be a Chrysler auto assembly plant. What model of vehicle was made on the site from 1951-59?

Tanks. More than 6,000 of the Patton M48, according to MilitaryHeritage.org.


29. What is the established date of Delaware?

December 7,1787


30. What is Delaware’s state fossil?



31. How tall is YoUDee, the University of Delaware mascot?

He is “6 feet, 8 inches, from the soles of his blue and yellow sneakers to the top of his  comb,” according to BlueHens.com. Those sneaks, by the way, are size 28FF.


32. What is the Source of the Delaware River?

West Branch Delaware River, Mount Jefferson


33. Most of the English colonists who arrived in Delaware, did so as indentured servants, and hired themselves out to pay for their what?



34. What first belongs to Delawarean Antoni Swart?

He was the first known black Delawarean. He came to the colony from the West Indies in 1639 aboard the Swedish ship Vogel Grip. He later became a free man and “an employee of Governor Johan Printz, who cut hay and sailed Printz’s sloop during the 1640s and 1650s,” according to the Delaware Public Archives.


35. In 1777, when John Dickinson, Delaware’s largest slave owner, freed his slaves, how many did he have?



36. If you mix pork stock, pork livers, pork fat, pork snouts, corn meal, pork hearts, wheat flour, salt and spices, what do you get?

Scrapple. That is the original recipe from Rapa, which brothers Ralph and Paul Adams began in 1926 in Bridgeville. All the ingredients are blended, cooked and formed into a loaf, usually sliced and fried. Maple syrup is optional.


37. What state borders Delaware to the north?



38. What is Delaware Punch?

It’s a non-carbonated grape soda, invented in 1913 and now a Coca-Cola brand with limited distribution, according to the Metropolitan News-Enterprise. It’s named after a grape from a place in Ohio, but we’ll accept the connection.


39. At what trading post were all the settlers killed in a dispute with area Indian tribes?



40. What are the names of the three ferries that operate in the state of Delaware?

Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Woodland Ferry, and Delaware City–Salem Ferry.


41. The chicken industry is important to not only Delaware but Maryland. Explain these terms: chicken Maryland, Maryland Chicken, Maryland Fried Chicken and chicken a la Maryland?

In Australia, chicken Maryland is a butcher’s cut for the leg-thigh combo. In England, Maryland Chicken is a fast-food chain. “It’s all about the Mmmmmaryland taste,” the Brits say, adding that the chicken is all halal and prepared with a secret mix of herbs and spices. In Florida and a few other states, Maryland Fried Chicken is a different restaurant chain, where the chicken is cooked in broaster (a pressure cooker and fryer) with 21 herbs and spices. The chain was founded in the Orlando area 50 years ago by Delaware native Albert Constantine, according to MarylandFriedChicken.com. Chicken a la Maryland is fried chicken. Baltimore magazine notes it was on the last lunch menu of the Titanic (cue Céline Dion) but is unable to agree upon a definitive recipe, although it notes one version from influential chef Auguste Escoffier calls for pan-fried chicken garnished with bananas (cue weird reaction).


42. Who were the first Europeans to reach Delaware?



43. What is the State-Bird?

Delaware Blue Hen


44. What is the State Motto?

Liberty and Independence


45. Where does the “blue hen” nickname come from?

 From blue chickens that were carried around for cockfights by the Kent County regiment led by Jonathan (or John) Caldwell during the Revolutionary War. Caldwell gets a historic marker on his Felton-area farm; the University of Delaware started using the nickname for its teams in 1911; and the blue hen was named the state bird in 1939. UD tells the story here, and also maintains a flock of blue-feathered chickens.


46. The all-time record low temperature of −17 °F was recorded at Millsboro on what date?

January 17, 1893


47. Situated on a level plain, Delaware has the lowest what of any state?

Mean elevation.


48. Who was Delaware’s “gentleman bandit?”

Ronald W. Clouser confessed to a 1979 series of politely executed robberies, but not before a similar-looking priest named Bernard T. Pagano was accused. The 1981 TV movie starred Ralph Waite and was filmed in New York.


49. What is the State-Fruit?


50. What is the State-Insect?



51. What is the State Crop?



52. Capriotti’s was started on Union Street in Wilmington’s Little Italy in 1976. Where is Capriotti’s headquartered today?

Las Vegas. In 1991, Lois and Alan Margolet, the siblings who founded the restaurant, began franchising. “In 2008, they sold the company to an investment group led by Ashley Morris, who had been a Las Vegas area Capriotti’s franchisee since 2004,” according to Entrepreneur.com


53. Delaware ranges from 9 miles to 35 miles wide and is how long?

96 miles.


54. Where is the world’s largest banana port?

Wilmington is “the world’s largest banana port and the nation’s leading gateway for imports of fresh fruit and produce,” Murphy Marine’s says


55. Where is the world’s largest collection of operating Stanley steam-powered cars?

Auburn Heights. Tom and Ruth Marshall in 2008 gave the state four acres near Yorklyn that is a center of a state park. The family also donated 14 Stanley steam-powered cars – the world’s largest collection of operating steamers – and three other cars to the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve, which will continue to care for them. The four-acre compound is amid 240 acres of protected land.


56. In 2005, how much was the average weekly wage in Delaware?



57. Delaware provided one of the premier regiments to the Continental Army, and were known as the what?

Delaware Blues.


58. Which is Delaware the nation’s leading producer?

The chemical giant DuPont is located in Delaware.


59. What is the name of the Dover Downs mascot?

Miles the Monster is a creature with ominous red eyes, scary big teeth and a hand big enough to hold a car.


60. The DuPont Co.’s famous concern for safety started in the gunpowder mills. For safety, what were workers at the mills banned from having?

Metal in any form, including buttons, cobblers’ tacks on shoes and even coins, for concerns that metal might generate a spark—and an explosion.


61. How far across is the Delaware River?

14,119 square miles


62. What TV show included this line: “Live from the famous brown sands of Public Beach, Delaware, it’s the Grand Nationals of Sand Castle Building?”

That’s from the seventh season of “The Simpsons.” In the 11th, they were excited about leaving Springfield: “I can’t believe it, we won another contest!” – Marge Simpson. 
“The Simpsons are going to Delaware!” – Homer Simpson. 
“I want to see Wilmington!” – Lisa Simpson. 
“I want to visit a screen door factory.” – Bart Simpson


63. Thrasher’s Fries has been a tradition in Bethany Beach and Ocean City, Md., since 1929. Besides a drink, what else can you order to eat with your fries? 

Nothing. The menu has only a few sizes of fries and drinks. It famously does not offer ketchup, and this photo on Yelp notes it doesn’t have trays or trans fats, either. You can add malt vinegar


64. What is the State-Flower?

Peach Blossom


65. What is the State-Mineral?



66. Before the du Ponts branded their black powder “Du Pont” in 1808, what did they call it?

Eagle. They also used Brandywine, and they made the change when a competitor started using “Brandywine” as well.


67. Which is the State Tree?

American Holly


68. What Delaware actor played the first gay teen in a soap opera?

New Castle native Ryan Phillippe played Billy Douglas on “One Life to Live” in 1992-93


69. What Delawarean was the original Phillie Phanatic?

New Castle native Dave Raymond, who turned his years under the fake fur into a business that does sports marketing and corporate programs. He calls himself the emperor of fun at Raymond Entertainment Group.


70. Which Delaware city has a Little Italy?



71. Where is the world’s largest population of horseshoe crabs?

Delaware Bay


72. In South Dover, you can visit the home of the man known as the ‘Penman of the Revolution’. Who was he?

John Dickinson


73. What sport do the Wilmington Blue Rocks play?



74. Who is the only patriot who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution for Delaware?

George Read. Fellow signers of the declaration are Thomas McKean and Caesar Rodney. Fellow signers of the Constitution are Richard Bassett, Gunning Bedford Jr., Jacob Broom and John Dickinson.


75. What is the Kalmar Nyckel?

A ship


76. What Delawarean was honored by being named a flag bearer for the Olympics?

Luge competitor Frank Masley carried the flag in the 1984 Winter Olympics. He was a pole vaulter at Christiana High School, Joe Nye writes in “Delaware Sports Legends.”


77. What branch of Protestantism was started in Delaware in 1784?

Methodist. Barratt’s Chapel in Frederica calls itself the ‘Cradle of Methodism in America’.

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