70 Finland Trivia Questions and Answers

Finland is a heavily forested Nordic nation – the forests cover 74% of the entire country. It lies to the east of Norway and Sweden and has a long border with Russia.

Did you know that the Finnish language is one of the ten most challenging languages in the world to learn and translate? Fortunately, the word “Sauna” is Finnish, so no matter where you enjoy this purifying experience, you can thank Finns for the name.

Finland Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you thought of Europe’s coffee capital as Italy or France, think again! It’s the Finns that consume more coffee per capita than any other country on the globe.

Remember the mobile gaming sensation – Angry Birds? It was founded in Finland by students in 2003. The game’s creators went on to become publicly listed at a $1 billion valuation in 2017.

Explore the World’s happiest country through the following Finland trivia questions and answers.


1. From 1809 to 1917 Finland was a Grand Duchy. Who was the Grand Duke?

Czar of Russia


2. Who produced the first Finnish language book, a book of Finnish grammar?

Mikael Agricola


3. From which country did Finland gain its independence in 1917?



4. Let’s start with an easy one: What are the two official languages of Finland?

Finnish and Swedish


5. Who was the President of Finland from 1956 to 1981?

Urho Kekkonen


6. What is the highest point in Finland?



7. Which is the capital of Finland?



8. What is the Swedish name for Helsinki?



9. Which was Finland’s currency before Euro?



10. Finland has two official languages. One is Finnish, what is the other?



11. Which water body separates Finland and Estonia?

Gulf of Finland


12. When is the Independence Day of Finland?

6 December


13. What does the Finnish flag look like?

A blue cross on a white background


14. Which Church has the highest number of members in Finland?

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland


15. What is the largest lake in Finland?



16. What is the term of the President of Finland?

Six years


17. When was Helsinki founded?



18. Who are the oldest known inhabitants of Finland?



19. Finland has land borders with Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Which country lies immediately south of Finland’s capital, Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland?



20. What is considered to be Finland’s national instrument?



21. What is the biggest city in Finland?



22. When was Helsinki promoted to the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland?



23. Upon his election in 1994, Ahtisaari became the ____ president of Finland since independence?



24. The part of Finland, where Santa Claus lives, is called what in Finnish?



25. Finland is famous for?

Clean environment


26. The Olympic Games were also held in Helsinki. In what year were they held?



27. From the 12th to the 19th centuries, Finland belonged to a different country. Which country was it?



28. Which well-known Finnish music group had a restaurant at Uudenmaankatu 16-20?

Leningrad Cowboys


29. Which animal appears on the Finnish coat of arms?



30. Who was elected President of Finland in 2000?

Tarja Halonen


31. With which country does Finland share its longest land border?



32. In what year was Helsinki a European City of Culture?



33. What WAS the capital of Finland BEFORE Helsinki?



34. There are around 200,000 named lakes in Finland, 309 of them larger than ten sq km (about four square miles, or more than three times the actual City of London). Three of those lakes have a surface area exceeding 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles). Which of these is not one of those?

Lake Mjøsa


35. Finland gained its independence in what year?



36. Besides mobile phones, what product is also called Nokia?



37. What is the number of the tram that is also known as the City Tram that makes a trip around Helsinki?



38. Finland’s first female prime minister was elected in 2003. However, she only served for a couple of months before resigning. What was her name?

Anneli Jaatteenmaki


39. How many Regional State Administrative Agencies of Finland are there?



40. What is the oldest city in Finland?



41. What is the name of the northern and southern boulevard that will lead you to the Market Square and the harbor?



42. What is the name of the Finnish national anthem, in Finnish?



43. In 1939-40 Finland fought the Winter War against which country?



44. When was the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Helsinki held?



45. What is the name of the soccer club that plays all its matches in the Finnair Stadium near the Olympic Stadium?



46. What is the largest National Park in Finland?

Lemmenjoki National Park


47. What is the holiday, which is celebrated on the second last weekend of June. It is a celebration of midsummer and is considered a national holiday in Finland?



48. Often referred to as the Lapps, this ethnic group, inhabitants of northern Finland, prefer to be known by what name?



49. In what year did Finland’s capital hold the Olympics?


50. What can you find at Korkeasaari Island?

The zoo


51. What is the national animal of Finland?


52. What are the three S’s that Finns are very proud of?

Sauna, Sisu & Sibelius


53. This island group lies in the Baltic Sea. It is a possession of Finland but the inhabitants are predominantly Swedish and have considerable autonomy and their own flag. Name it?



54. When translated into English, what is the title of the Finnish national anthem?

Our Land


55. Which animal will most likely harass you while you are having a bite to eat at the Market Square in Helsinki?

A seagull


56. While most of the world calls Finland Finland, what do Finns call their country?



57. Finland is often characterized as?

The land of a thousand lakes


58. Which Finnish multinational electronics company started of as a paper mill in 1865?



59. Estimate Finland’s greatest length from north to south?

1157 km (718 miles)


60. Which composer best-known for compositions such as Finlandia, is widely recognized as his country’s greatest composer?

Jean Sibelius


61. At Finland’s northernmost point, the sun does not set for how many consecutive days during summer?



62. The Winter War, which started in 1939 and lasted for three months, was a war between Finland and which country?

The Soviet Union (USSR)


63. What is Donald Duck called in Finnish?

Aku Ankka


64. Which city is the third-largest city in Finland and also the largest inland centre in any of the Nordic countries?



65. How many public telephones are there in Finland?

There are no public phones in Finland.


66. Which Finnish runner was called the “Flying Finn”?

Paavo Nurmi


67. Finland has the heaviest metal bands in the world, how many?

53 per 100 000 people


68. Which hippo-like creatures were created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson?



69. How much coffee does a Finn consume in a year?

12 kg (26,4 pounds)


70. Which are the two countries that are located on both sides of the “Gulf of Bothnia”?

Sweden and Finland


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