70+ Jacksonville Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Jacksonville is named after the senventh U.S. PresidentAndrew Jackson. The city was also originally known as “Cowford” due to all the cattle herded across the St. Johns River in the area.

On May 3, 1901, the third-largest urban fire in U.S. history struck Jacksonville. It all happened at a local mattress factory, where the inferno destroyed 2368 buildings and left 10,000 people homeless.

Jacksonville Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

For real estate lovers and investors, this city will impress you with its expansive amount of real estate. This came to be following a decision by voters in 1967. They agreed to consolidate Jacksonville with the rest of its surrounding county to increase its tax base. It became twenty times bigger than its original size.

Read more about the city that has left a sizable mark on multiple industries by taking up this Jacksonville trivia quiz!


1. Which famous person is the city of Jacksonville named after?

Andrew Jackson


2. Nicknamed “The River City,” which river is it that runs through downtown Jacksonville and bisects the city?

St. Johns


3. Which two college football teams play in Jacksonville each October in a game dubbed “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party”?

University of Florida and University of Georgia


4. Where is Jacksonville located within the very large state of Florida?

Just 25 miles south of the Georgia border on the Atlantic side


5. Which classic American rock band hails from Jacksonville?

Lynyrd Skynyrd


6. A factory for which product was opened on the river in downtown Jacksonville in 1910 and has contributed towards a distinctive smell ever since?

Maxwell House Coffee


7. Which event in 1901 resulted in the destruction of most of inner city Jacksonville?

A fire


8. What was the Jacksonville Landing?

A nine-acre shopping and dining complex downtown


9. What strange occurrence was recorded in Jacksonville on December 22nd, 1989?

It snowed


10. Which region of Florida is Jacksonville a part of?

First Coast


11. The Epping Forest Yacht Club is the former estate of an East Coast industrialist. Which philanthropist relocated to Jacksonville in 1926 and lived out his final years there with his third wife Jessie?

Alfred I. duPont


12. What did Jacksonville become in 1968?

The largest city (in land area) in the contiguous United States.


13. Which building became the tallest structure in Jacksonville when it was built in 1990?

Bank of America Tower


14. A striking cable-supported bridge connects the majority of Jacksonville with the northernmost part that includes the airport, the zoo, and the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Officially called the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge, what is its more commonly used name?

The Dames Point Bridge


15. Which statement is true about University of Florida Gator football player Tim Tebow?

He was the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy


16. Which major cultural event is held every April in Jacksonville?

The Jacksonville Jazz Festival


17. Which amusement park is located at Jacksonville Beach?

Adventure Landing


18. Which U.S. golf championship is held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida?

The Players Championship (TPC)


19. Who did the Jaguars take with the first pick of the 1995 NFL expansion draft?



20. What year did the Jacksonville Jaguars enter the NFL as an expansion team?



21. Who was the first Jacksonville QB to pass for more than 4,000 yards in a season?

Mark Brunell


22. You’re John Abraham, the Falcons right defensive end, and after breaking through the double team, you bust through the line and, WHAM!, you hit the starting quarterback. Unfortunately, you look up to see the ball flying through the air and end up in the hands of a Jacksonville receiver for a touchdown. Name the player you almost sacked and whose ankle you hurt so badly that he would not play in another game for the rest of the season.

Byron Leftwich


23. Which player was so popular that he had a burger named after him?

Tony Boselli


24. The Jaguars came into the NFL in 1995. Which other team also came in to the NFL that year?


25. What was the only team that beat the Jaguars in 1999?

Tennessee Titans


26. You’re Keith Brooking, the Falcons middle linebacker, and you lurk into a hole to try and tackle the ball carrier as soon as you recognize that the play is a run. As you try to take down the second-string running back, he knocks you over flat on your back, and you see the miniature Oompa Loompa-like back running for daylight and a touchdown. Lying on your back you realize why this rookie’s nicknames were “Pocket Hercules” and “The Pinball Wizard”. Name this running back.

Maurice Jones Drew


27. What mantra did head coach Jack Del Rio introduce in 2003?

“Keep Chopping Wood”


28. Who was the Jaguars’ first-ever draft pick, and which pick was he?

Tony Boselli 2nd


29. Who purchased the Jaguars in 2011?

Shahid Khan


30. What are the team (Jaguars) colors?

Teal, black, gold, white


31. How many seasons did QB Byron Leftwich play all 16 regular season games?



32. You’re DeAngelo Hall, the Falcons cornerback, and you’re trying to cover the Jaguars number one wide receiver. Unfortunately for you, he’s just too tall and he snatches the ball away after out-jumping you for one of his 52 catches in the season. As he sprints by you, you catch sight of the number 11 on the back of his jersey, and you can imagine Chris Berman shouting on the next highlight show, “50, 40, 30, 20, 10, “He could go, all, the way!” Name this wide receiver.

Reggie Williams


33. Which Jacksonville safety led the secondary in tackles for seven straight seasons?

Donovin Darius


34. In 1996, the Jaguars upset which AFC team in the Divisional Playoffs to meet the Patriots in the championship game?


35. Who was Jacksonville’s first 1,000-yard rusher?

Fred Taylor


36. What was the name of the first stadium the Jaguars called home?

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium


37. Who was the first head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Tom Coughlin


38. Who is Jacksonville’s all-time leading scorer?

Josh Scobee


39. In 2001, who was the defensive coordinator?

Dom Capers


40. Which QB threw more interceptions than touchdowns during his stay in Jacksonville?

Blaine Gabbert


41. You’re Jonathon Babineaux, the Falcons left defensive tackle, and you square off against the Jaguars starting right guard at the line of scrimmage. As soon as the quarterback snaps the ball, he barrels right into you and knocks you flat on your back for one of his many pancakes in the season. Just to make matters worse, with number 56 hustling to make another block, you see the running back hurdle over you and run for a huge gain. Name this right guard for the Jaguars.

Chris Naeole


42. Which Jacksonville QB threw a league-high 75 interceptions between 2014 and 2018?

Blake Bortles


43. In what season did the Jaguars make the playoffs for the first time?



44. What was the Jaguars’ largest margin of victory?

62-7 victory


45. What was the Jaguars won/lost record in their first season?



46. Who was the first Jaguar to have more than 100 receiving yards in a game?

Pete Mitchell


47. Which player scored Jacksonville’s first defensive touchdown?

Mickey Washington


48. Who led the Jaguars in sacks during their first season?

Joel Smeenge


49. In how many consecutive seasons did the Jaguars make the playoffs in their first five years in the league?



50. Who was the first Jaguars receiver to gain 1,000 or more yards receiving in a season?

Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell did it the same year.


51. You’re Warrick Dunn, the running back for the Falcons, and you take the pitch from Michael Vick and sprint around the right side of the line. As soon as you round the corner, you get leveled by the Jaguars starting middle linebacker. Name this linebacker who only played in five games due to injuries.

Mike Peterson


52. Which two players did the Jaguars cut in 1996, who became superstars on the Packers?

Desmond Howard and Andre Rison


53. The Jaguars chose Steve Beuerlien, QB from the Arizona Cardinals, as their first pick in the expansion draft, but who became the star quarterback in their first season?

Mark Brunell


54. You’re Alge Crumpler, and as soon as the ball is snapped, you run out and cut across the field. Michael Vick heaves the ball across the field to you but from behind, the Jaguars starting cornerback cuts in front of you, picks the ball off, and returns it for a touchdown. Name this cornerback.

Rashean Mathis


55. Which team did Keenan McCardell play for before the Jags?

Cleveland Browns


56. What team did the Jaguars defeat to win the first playoff game they ever played?


57. What college did 2003 NFL draft pick Byron Leftwich attend?

Marshall University


58. In 2001, who was the Jaguars’ offensive quality control coach?

Garrick McGee


59. Which team did the Jaguars destroy 62-7 in the 1999 playoffs?

Miami Dolphins


60. What was the original name of Jacksonville?



61. What Jacksonville gardens were a popular Pacific Northwest tourist destination around 1900?



62. How many Jacksonville schoolhouses have stood on Bigham Knoll?



63. What was the nickname of the Rogue River Valley Railway’s Engine No. 1?

Nicknamed Dinky, the Peanut Roaster, the Tea Kettle, and the Jacksonville Cannon Ball because of its small size.


64. What is the oldest government building in Oregon that has remained in continuous government use since it was constructed?

The Oregon Supreme Court building


65. What is the oldest Jacksonville residence still standing?

Kingsley Plantation


66. What building housed Jacksonville’s first museum?

In the former First Church of Christ, Scientist building in Jacksonville’s Springfield neighborhood.


67. What was the first church built in the Rogue Valley?

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church


68. What notorious landmark originally stood on the site of Jacksonville’s Masonic Hall?

El Dorado Saloon


69. What commercial building in Jacksonville once had a roller-skating rink?



70. Name two U.S. Presidents who have spent the night in Jacksonville.

Herbert Clark Hoover and President Barack Obama


71. Jacksonville was home to the first Chinatown in Oregon. Where was it located?

located along West Main in the area where Gogi’s, Elan Guest Suites, and Veterans Park are now to be found.


72. What is the oldest wooden commercial building still standing on Jacksonville’s California Street?

Beekman’s Bank


73. Who was the first person buried in Jacksonville’s pioneer cemetery?

Agoner Jessie Butler


74. What commercial building was the site of Jacksonville’s baseball field in the early 1900s—home to the Jacksonville Gold Bricks baseball team?

Ray’s supermarket


75. What Jacksonville building was constructed in the early 1900s as a sanitarium and health spa, part of the “Wellville” movement pioneered by the Kellogg brothers, inventors of Kellog’s Cornflakes?

Jacksonville’s Magnolia Inn at 245 North 5th Street


76. What Jacksonville organization was once described as having “something to do with driving the predatory wild animals out of the forest surrounding Jacksonville”?

Silver Cornet Band


77. What flower was marketed in the 1900s as “Jacksonville Gold”?


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