70+ Maryland Trivia Questions and Answers

Maryland gets its name from Queen Henrietta Maria of England. It is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It shares borders with Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Would you believe that Maryland was the first state to designate a state exercise? On October 1, 2008, walking became the state exercise.

During the seventeenth century, the state’s capital – Annapolis, was known as the Athens of America. International leaders from France, Holland, Germany, and Scotland convened here to sign the peace treaty of Paris ending the revolutionary war.

Maryland Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you enjoy watching celebrities like David Hasselhoff then you may be aware that he was born in Baltimore, Maryland. It is here he spent his early years before going on to be the star of shows like Young Sheldon, Knight Rider, Baywatch, and Close Enough.

We’ve handpicked intriguing facts about Maryland that will help you virtually explore the state. Take the quiz below!


1. Maryland has three sometimes-used nicknames, what are they?

The Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State.


2. The town of Greenbelt, Maryland was laid out by the Federal Government. During which time period did this occur?

The Great Depression


3. Maryland is considered by many to be the birthplace of what?

Religious freedom in America.


4. The Charter for Maryland was granted by Charles I to Cecilius Calvert on?

June 20, 1632


5. Most of the English colonists arrived in Maryland as indentured servants, and had to serve a several years’ term as laborers to pay for what?

Their passage


6. Greenbelt, Maryland, is the first planned community in the United States. During what period of American history was it planned?

The New Deal


7. What was the first capital of Maryland?

St. Mary’s City


8. With reference of the title of this quiz, the state song of Maryland is called “Maryland, My Maryland”. Who wrote it?

James Ryder Randall


9. In its earliest colonial days, Maryland was a refuge for persecuted what?

Catholics from England


10. In 1743, the first professional sports organization in the United States was formed in Baltimore. What was it?

The Maryland Jockey Club


11. In April 2007 Maryland joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and three Canadian provinces to reduce what?

Greenhouse gas emissions.


12. The Federal Government arranged for the first permanent example of a transportation facility to be built in College Park, Maryland. Still standing, what type of transport took place there?

Airflights–it’s an airport


13. During the War of 1812, the British attempted to capture Fort McHenry and during the bombardment of the Fort, what song was written?

Star Spangled Banner


14. “Maryland Day” is a celebration to commemorate:

The landing of the Ark and Dove


15. What is Maryland’s largest city?



16. In which Maryland county is Greenbelt located?


17. The purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog was bred specifically for water sports, hunting and search and was the first individual retriever breed recognized by who?

The American Kennel Club.


18. Where in Maryland was the “Star-Spangled Banner” Written?



19. What is Maryland’s capital?



20. Baltimore is part of U.S. aviation history with the first manned what?

Hot air balloon ascent


21. How big is Maryland in square miles?



22. The Battle of Antietam (fought in Maryland) has a special historical distinction. What is it?

The Civil War’s bloodiest single day of fighting


23. What is next largest state to Maryland and is almost twice its size?

West Virginia.


24. In 1816, Baltimore was the first U.S. city to illuminate its streets using what type of fuel?

Hydrogen gas


25. On February 2, 1781, Maryland became the 13th state to do what?

Approve the ratification of the Articles of Confederation.


26. One of the worst defeats in history for the US military occurred at the Battle of Bladensburg. An army made up of militia units, US Marines, and US sailors faced off against an army from which nation?



27. Where does Maryland rank in total energy consumption compared to the rest of the states?



28. After the Federal government built the Greenbelt row houses, who actually owned them?

Although the homes are owned privately, they are managed by a coop.


29. Most of Maryland’s waterways are part of the what?

Chesapeake Bay watershed


30. What is the highest point in the state with an elevation of 3,360 feet?

Hoye Crest on Backbone Mountain


31. Baltimore is home to one of the first permanent monuments to which U.S. president?


32. The largest man-made lake, a reservoir in Garrett County in westernmost Maryland, is named what?

The Deep Creek Lake


33. During the Civil War, Maryland was considered to be?

A Union State with Southern sympathizers


34. Maryland’s eastern half lies on the Atlantic what?

Coastal Plain


35. The state flag of Maryland is the coat of arms of which two founding Maryland families?

Calvert and Crossland


36. In 1864 Maryland held a constitutional convention that resulted in the passage of a new state constitution which included Article 24 which abolished what?



37. In 1829, the famous Tom Thumb was built in Baltimore. What form of transportation was it?

Steam locomotive


38. Maryland is somewhat vulnerable to what type of weather events?

Tropical cyclones


39. Maryland was the destination for tens of thousands of English convicts that were to be what?

Indentured servants


40. When did the Great Baltimore Fire occur?

February 1904


41. How many days of thunderstorms does Maryland average per year?

Around 30–40


42. Like most small communities in the US, Greenbelt is home to several houses of worship. What is unique about Greenbelt’s synagogue?

It was constructed by its members.


43. How many tornado strikes does Maryland receive on average per year?

About six


44. Maryland was the ___________ state to be accepted into the union?



45. Samuel Morse invented the telegraph, which was patented in 1854. Ten years prior, the first telegraph line was erected between Baltimore and what other city?

Washington, D.C.


46. There are rare wild horses on Assateague Island, and each year during the last week of July, they are captured and put up for sale as a conservation technique where?

Chincoteague, Virginia.


47. Prince George’s County lost several square miles of territory in the period 1790-1791. Why did this occur?

Land was ceded by Maryland for the formation of a federal district.


48. The wild horses on Assateague Island are believed to be descended from what?

Horses from shipwrecks

49. What kind of animal is the mascot of the University of Maryland, College Park?

Diamondback Terrapin turtle.


50. This Marylander served two terms as Maryland’s Governor and two terms as Mayor of Baltimore City:

Theodore R. McKeldin


51. In the Puritan revolt, during the persecution of Catholics, what did the Protestants burn down?

All of the original Catholic churches of southern Maryland.


52. Baltimore was the first city to erect a statue to which of these authors?

Edgar Allen Poe


53. Even though the majority of the settlers were Protestant, Maryland soon became one of the few regions in the English Empire where Catholics held what?

The highest positions of political authority.


54. Except for a couple of years in the 1640s, religious tolerance was achieved for how many years in the Maryland colony?

60 years


55. The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis holds the tomb of what naval hero who was famously quoted as saying “I have not yet begun to fight”?

John Paul Jones


56. The first African-American to serve on the supreme court was from Baltimore. Who was he?

Thurgood Marshall


57. In December 1790, Maryland donated land to the federal government for the creation of the new capital of Washington, D.C.. Who selected the land to be donated?

George Washington


58. Opening its first section of track for regular operation in 1830,what was the first chartered railroad in the U.S.?

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O)


59. For whom was Prince George’s County, Maryland, named?

Prince George of Denmark (wife of Queen Anne)


60. How many casualties were there at the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862, the single bloodiest day in American military history?

Nearly 23,000 casualties


61. What is the state sport of Maryland?



62. Lincoln ordered some pro-South members of the state legislature and others including the Mayor of  Baltimore jailed where?

At Fort McHenry


63. In April 1861, troops marched through Baltimore towards the B&O Camden Station to continue their journey to Washington, D.C., and along the way were attacked by an unruly mob marking what?

The first bloodshed in the Civil War.


64. In 1972, a Presidential candidate was shot while he was campaigning at Laurel Shopping Center in Laurel, MD. Who was this candidate?

George Wallace


65. More than 1,231 firefighters, coming from cities as far away as New York, worked to bring the Great Baltimore Fire of February 8, 1904 under control as the fire burned for how long?

Over 30 hour and destroying 1,526 buildings.


66. During its early years, visitors frequented Greenbelt to see what the planned community was like. In order to keep up appearances, what peculiar law did the local government enforce?

Residents were not permitted to hang laundry out on Sundays.


67. What is the state flower of Maryland?

Black-eyed Susan


68. The first U.S. Navy vessels were built in Baltimore’s Fells Point Harbor, which produced many of the warships used in the War of 1812. The USS Constellation is one of the most famous. What type of war ship was Baltimore famous for producing?

The Clipper


69. What is the official name of the Bay Bridge?

Gov. William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge


70. What is the name of the University of Maryland’s terrapin mascot?



71. Name an invention that hails from Baltimore?

The bottle cap


72. How many gold medals does Maryland Olympian Michael Phelps have?



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