70+ Money Heist Trivia Questions and Answers

Money heist started off as a mini-series but ended up being an extravaganza show thanks to its huge popularity. It is among the best shows on Netflix and has amassed fans from all corners of the world.

If you double up as a football fanatic and astute viewer, you must be in awe seeing sports personality, Neymar getting featured on the show.

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Money Heist Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 and 2023

An incredible fun fact is that the Spanish title: La Casa De Papel, is not a direct translation of its English name. If you are yet to watch it, you could be thinking these are two different shows. You are not alone, it’s actually one and the same show.

Only time will tell if Money Heist’s latest season will provide fans with a satisfying ending that can live up to the standard previous seasons have set.

Test how much you know with this list of Money Heist trivia questions and answers. Also, make sure you check Squids Game trivia and Breaking Bad trivia to see how well you can ace them too.

1. What is the title of the Italian protest song which is played throughout the series?

Bella ciao


2. How many people did The Professor recruit to carry out the plan to occupy the Royal Mint of Spain?



3. Which other popular Netflix series did Money Heist producer Álex Pina work on, which was released in May 2020?

White Lines


4. Inspector Raquel’s mother suffers from what medical condition?

Alzheimer’s Disease


5. How much money did the gang manage to steal from the Royal Mint of Spain?

€2.4 billion


6. How much currency does the gang print at the Royal Mint?

984 million euros


7. Whose job did National Police Corps inspector Alicia Sierra take over after they left the force?

Raquel Murillo


8. The Professor’s first name is eventually revealed. What is it?



9. What is Tokyo’s real name in the series?

Silene Oliveira


10. Before giving up on society and turning to a life of crime, what was Moscow’s occupation?



11. Which crime was Rio known for committing before his heist days?

Computer hacking/cyber attacks


12. The show is actually called La Casa de Papel, which literally translates to what?

The Paper House


13. Who instructed Denver to dispose of hostage Mónica?



14. In which country does Raquel track the Professor after the first heist?



15. What is the name of Nairobi’s son whom she saw out the window in season three?



16. “Let the matriarchy begin”: Whose words are these?



17. How many robberies did Berlin say he committed as a jewelry thief?



18. Whose glasses contained a bug?



19. What name does The Professor use as a false identity during the Royal Mint robbery?

Salvador ‘Salva’ Martín


20. How many members of the original team die (or are presumed dead) during the course of Money Heist ?



21. In which part of the body does Manila shoot Arturo?

The leg


22. What is the name of Berlin’s girlfriend who comes to visit at the Monastery?



23. Which country does Helsinki originally come from?



24. Which continent is *not* represented with a nickname among the robbers?



25. How many children does Bogotá claim to have?



26. Who said, “Are you a complete idiot, or what? You’ve heard of Stockholm Syndrome, right?”



27. Who created the plot to rob the Royal Mint?

The Professor recruited 8 robbers to carry out a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, a heist that his father had planned.


28. What’s the name of Moscow’s song, he performs with Denver?

Maria, mi vida


29. What was the inspiration behind the naming of the character Tokyo?

Alex Pina’s Tshirt


30. How long did the professor take to prepare for the robbery?



31. Raquel’s mother has how many daughters



32. What is money heist about?

It’s about two well-prepared heists led by the Professor, one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and other the Bank of Spain.


33. How many hostages were able to escape during the heist?



34. How many robbers died in the cause of the heist?



35. What mask did they first use?


36. Which drug was Berlin taking?



37. Initially a song is sung by paddy field workers, the Professor says “Bella Ciao” was rewritten for which Italian war?

Italian Civil War


38. What is the exact name of the disease from which Berlin is dying?

Helmer’s myopathy


39. What piece of incriminating evidence did The Professor place in a car?

A button


40. Which plan necessitated the team firing M16 automatic weapons?



41. Which nostril does inspector Raquel have pierced?



42. ‘Money Heist’ went through some edits when it was added to Netflix. How many episodes were in parts one and two initially?

9 and 6


43. Who did Anibal speak to about a pardon?

Inspector Raquel


44. How is Oslo & Helsinki related?



45. How many hostages are there?



46. Colonel Prieto is at an appointment when the gang gets ready to break into the Bank of Spain. What kind of appointment?



47. What does The Professor play on the piano?

The Entertainer


48. This isn’t the first time Najwa Nimri & Alba Flores worked with Alex Pena. What show did they work on before ‘Money Heist’?

‘Locked Up’


49. How was Oslo fatally injured?

Hit across the head

50. Bogotá has photos of all of his children in his wallet. How many children around the world does he have?



51. What is The Professors life centred around?



52. Is Gandía the worst character in all of part 4?



53. At full speed how much money can the Royal Mint produce?

€8 million per hour


54. Which hostage is pregnant?



55. Who was not in attendance at Berlin & Tatiana’s wedding?



56. How long does the heist on the Royal Mint last?

11 days


57. What’s the name of Moscow’s song he performs with Denver?

Maria, My Love


58. Tatiana is a talented robber. What’s her day job?



59. What enables Raquel to figure out Salva is actually the Professor?

A red hair on his jacket


60. ‘Money Heist’ has referred to Denver as both Ricardo & Daniel. Which is his real first name?



61. Who is the youngest member of the original eight robbers?



62. Which robber actually saves Nairobi’s life during the surgery?



63. Manila joins the heist thanks to Moscow & Denver. What’s her real name?



64. Berlin is easily the most experienced member of the team. How many robberies are already under his belt prior to the Royal Mint heist?



65. What is the name of Marseille’s pet ferret?



66. Who played the cameo of Joao the monk?



67. What is the name of the scheme used to free Lisbon from the Police?

The Paris Plan


68. Where do Stockholm and Denver live after the Royal Mint Heist?



69. What song does Berlin sing at his wedding?

Ti Amo

70. How does Lisbon’s ex-husband describe the professor after fighting with him?

“Chuck Norris with glasses”


71. How many heists did Tokyo pull off before Money Heist began?



72. What nickname was Rio given as a child?



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