70+ Montana Trivia Questions and Answers

Montana is located in the northwestern region of the U.S. It is the only state to share a land border with three provinces of Canada. Big enough to fit 6 American states and slightly larger than Japan.

If you love the outdoors, you may know Montana as the land of shining mountains and hidden gems. The world’s first ever national park – Yellowstone National Park is located here.

Montana Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Montana resonates with everyone on different levels. This could be the Netflix sensation series: Maid, or the kids friendly show; ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Company’ among many other Montana’s productions or arts featured there.

Planning a trip to Montana? Why not use this trivia exercise to inform yourself about the state?


1. What is the origin of the state of Montana’s name?

It’s derived from the Spanish word montaña (mountain)


2. What is the Montana state slogan?

Big Sky Country


3. Where does Montana rank in size in comparison to the other US States?



4. What is the Montana state flower?



5. Montana is home to the largest ICBM field in the United States covering how many  square miles?



6. Which Montana lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States?

Flathead Lake


7. What is the capital of Montana?



8. On January 15, 1972, what was the location of the most extreme recorded temperature change in a 24-hour period in the United States when a chinook wind blew in and the temperature went from −54 to 49 °F ?

Loma Montana


9. Warmer weather, attacks by beetles, and mismanagement has led to a substantial increase in what?

The severity of forest fires.


10.  What is the established date of Montana?

Nov 8, 1889


11. In World War II, Native Americans from the Crow Nation became what?

Code Talkers.


12. What is the area of Montana?

380,831 km²


13. What is the Montana state bird?

Western Meadowlark


14. What is Montana’s state motto?

Oro y Plata


15. How many named mountain ranges does Montana have?



16. What is Montana’s state gamestone?

Montana Sapphire


17. Montana’s economy is primarily based on what?



18. The largest mining operations in Montana were located in the city of Butte, where silver deposits and gigantic what?

Copper deposits


19. What is Montana’s state fossil?

Duck-billed dinosaur


20. Where is Montana’s highest point?

Granite Peak


21. Montana’s Glacier National Park, is commonly known as what?

“The Crown of the Continent”


22. What is the height of Granite Peak?

540 m


23. How many square miles does Montana have in the area?



24. What is Montana’s state song?



25. Montana is slightly larger than which Asian country?



26. All the land in Montana east of the continental divide was part of the what?


27. What is Montana’s state Land mammal?


28. What is the largest reservoir in Montana?

Fort Peck Reservoir on the Missouri river.


29. Which is known as The Treasure State in US?



30. What is the Montana state ballad?

Montana Melody


31. Henry Plummer was the ‘outlaw’ sheriff of which Montana town?



32. What are the only two cities with populations over 50,000 in Montana?

Missoula and Great Falls.


33. What is the highest recorded temperature measured in Montana?

117 °F at Glendive on July 20, 1893, and Medicine Lake on July 5, 1937.


34. What year was Henry Plummer elected as sheriff?



35. The state of Montana is the largest what?

Landlocked U.S. state.


36. How many ‘outlaws’ did the Vigilantes hang in January and February 1864?



37. What was the first permanent settlement in what today is Montana?

St. Mary’s near present day Stevensville in 1841.


38. Long John Franck and Erastus Yeager did what?

Supplied the Vigilantes with names of other supposed gang members.


39. What state borders Montana to the south?



40.  What Plateau is the largest continuous land mass with an elevation of over 10,000 feet high in the U. S.?

Beartooth Plateau


41. The death of Nicholas Tbalt is the catalyst that started the Vigilante killing spree. Who is said to have killed him?

George Ives


42. There are how many named lakes and reservoirs in Montana?

Over 3,223


43. Who was the original owner of the Anaconda Mining Co?

Marcus Daly


44. For the war effort in World War I, Montana’s Remount station in Miles City provided 10,000 what?

Cavalry horses


45. Montana 450 miles named rivers and creeks that are known for their “blue-ribbon” what?

Trout fishing


46. Montana’s rivers drain into what three major bodies of water?

The Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Hudson Bay.


47. What company did Anaconda merge within 1899 to become the Amalgamated Copper Mining Co.?

Standard Oil Company


48. Gold output in Montana from 1862 through 1876 reached how many dollars?

$144 million


49. Where do Montana’s three watersheds divide?

Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park.


50. What was it that created Quake Lake in 1959?

A landslide during the 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake.


51. 168 men were killed in a Butte mine fire in which year?



52. How many dams are there on the Missouri River?



53. Okay, for anyone who’s ever even been to Montana, this question should be the easiest one in the quiz. Which ethnic group makes up the majority of Butte’s population to this day?



54. The Yellowstone River is the longest “what” in the United States?

Undammed river


55. Fort Peck Reservoir is contained by the world’s second largest what?

Earthen dam


56. Who owned the Copper King Mansion?

William Clark


57. What is the Montana state grass?

Bluebunch Wheatgrass


58. Who found the first gold at Last Chance Gulch?

The Four Georgians.


59. About what percentage of Montana is covered in Forests?

Approximately 25 percent


60. Name the trading company that first established a post at what was to become Ft. Benton.

The American Fur Co.


61. Where was the first gold discovered in Montana?

Gold Creek near present day Garrison in 1852.


62. The first female in congress was from Montana. What was her name?

Jeannette Rankin


63. The State of Montana contains portions of Yellowstone National Park including three of the park’s what?

Five entrances


64. A Jesuit priest opened a mission in what valley in 1841?

The Bitterroot Valley


65. How many acres of wilderness are in the National Wilderness Preservation System established by the Wilderness Act of 1964?



66. What is the coldest recorded temperature for Montana?

−70 °F near Rogers Pass On January 20, 1954.


67. Name one of the two founders of Missoula?

Higgins & Worden


68. In 1891, what group of Native Americans was moved to the Flathead Indian Reservation in modern Lake County?



69. The climate is getting warmer in Montana and the glaciers in Glacier National Park have receded and are predicted to do what in a few decades?

Melt away completely


70. What three numbers can be found on the patch worn by the Montana Highway Patrol?



71. Winters are warmer, and have fewer cold spells that used to killed off the what ?

Bark beetles,  which are now attacking the forests of western Montana.


72. The Desert Land Act of 1877 allowed settlement of arid lands in the west and gave 640 acres to settlers for  $.25 per acre and a promise to what?

Irrigate the land


73. In World War I, how many Montanans died?



74. In Montana, the 1918 Influenza epidemic killed how many people?

Over 5,000


75. Montana was the only one of the 48 US States during World War II to not have a ” what” named after it?



76. What is the Montana state tree?

Ponderosa Pine


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