70+ Passover Trivia Questions and Answers

The Judaism religion celebrates a lot of holidays, from Hanukkah to the fairly recent Israeli Independence Day and now the Passover. It is the first holiday the Jews ever celebrated which marks their escape from Egypt.

One of the most important parts of the occasion is the Passover meal known as Matzo. Some of the best Matzo flour is made in Arizona. There are seven symbolic Passover foods. Read on to find out.

Passover Trivia Questions and Answers

How good is your history knowledge? Did you know that on this day in history (on Passover), Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.?

For the last three decades, a surprising location in Asia has hosted the largest seder in the world. Want to know more? Check out the following Passover trivia questions and answers to understand the occasion better.


1. What does the lettuce vegetable represent on the Seder plate?



2. In which liquid do we dip the karpas?

Salt water


3. For how long is Passover observed?

Eight days


4. What does parsley dip in saltwater on the Seder plate represent?

Tears and pain of the Jewish slaves


5. Why is the Jewish holiday of Pesach also called, in English, ‘Passover’?

The Jewish slaves in Egypt spread lamb’s blood over their doors so the angel of death would ‘pass over’ their homes


6. What did Hebrews put on their doorposts to prevent the deaths of their firstborn sons?

Lamb’s blood


7. In the olden days, Jews celebrated Passover by sending an animal to the temple to be sacrificed. What type of animal was this?



8. Which herb, sometimes eaten as a condiment with beef, is often used for the maror?



9. How do you say “Passover” in Hebrew?



10. At the Seder table, people eat and drink in a reclining position. What does this represent?



11. How many cups of wine are drunk at the festive meal on Passover night?



12. What does the final day of Passover celebrate?

The arrival of the Israelites to the Red Sea


13. What type of food is the beitzah?

A roasted egg


14. Maot Chitim involves the gathering of what to give to the poor?

Wheat for matzo


15. Which Biblical figure is invited to the Passover Seder?



16. While we’re on the Seder plate… what do some vegetarians use instead of the lamb bone on their Seder plate?



17. The retelling of what Biblical story takes place at a Seder?

The Exodus


18. Passover usually occurs at a time close to what Christian holiday?



19. The final day of Passover celebrates what?

The arrival to and parting of the Red Sea


20. In addition to the main Passover, there is also a second one called the Second Passover. When is the Second Passover celebrated?

14th day of Iyar


21. What sort of fruit can you find on the seder plate at most feminist Seders?



22. In which city was the world’s largest matzah ball created in 2010?



23. Charoset is a sweet paste made up of various ingredients such as chopped dates, kosher wine, nuts, and honey. What does charoset represent?

The mortar used by the Hebrew slaves


24. There is a ritual text that is read at the Passover Seder? What is this text called?



25. Ok, now for a break from the plate: At the Seder, who is supposed to ask the four questions?

The youngest child present


26. The retelling of the Exodus is called what?



27. Which city hosts the world’s largest Passover Seder every year?



28. It is customary to make a ‘sandwich’ out of pieces of matzah, charoset and maror, and eat it before the meal. What is the name for this sandwich?

Hillel sandwich


29. Moses led the Hebrews to which “promised land?”



30. Which Old Testament book is read in the temple during Passover?

Song of Songs


31. Leavened foods are called what?



32. Is Passover celebrated on the same date every year?



33. Who were Moses’s birth parents?

Amram and Yocheved


34. The last Sabbath before Passover is called what?

Shabbat HaGadol


35. What is the first of the four cups of wine diners are obligated to drink at the Passover Seder meant for?



36. After we’ve eaten the Seder meal, the children (or the youngest person present, if there are no kids) will hunt for the afikoman, or kidnap it and hold it for ransom. It is a piece of matzah that is broken in two. What does the word ‘afikoman’ mean?



37. Who is the most important figure in Passover history?



38. Which day of Nisan does Passover officially begin?

15th day of Nisan


39. What are the ten plagues?

blood, frogs, vermin, beasts, cattle disease, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, slaying of the firstborn


40. Where was the earliest record of The Four Questions found?

The Talmud


41. At one point, we dip our fingers into our cups and spill drops of wine on the table. How many times do we do this, and what does it represent?

13 times for the 10 plagues, and the 3 acronyms with their initial letters


42. Who was the first US President to host a Passover Seder at the White House?


43. In ancient times, Jews brought a paschal lamb to the Temple on Passover. This sacrifice was eaten in groups arranged by:



44. The Tefillat Tal is a prayer for what?



45. What foods are Jews not allowed to eat or possess during Passover?

Leavened foods


46. What does the Hebrew word ‘Sedher’ mean?

Order or procedure


47. Bitter herbs on a Seder plate represent what?

Life as a slave


48. What does the lettuce vegetable represent on the Seder plate?



49. The middle days of Passover are called what?

Hol Hamoed

50. Which of these foods would you NEVER eat at a Seder meal?



51. The celebration held the night and day Passover ends is called what?



52. While we’re on the topic of the Seder, how many times do we wash our hands, according to tradition, during the evening?



53. What animals got sick during the Egyptian plagues?



54. Which group of people does the orange represent?



55. What is customarily said at the end of a Seder?

“Next year in Jerusalem!”


56. A famous song sung during this holiday is?



57. When is it a mitzvah to eat matzah?

During Seder


58. How many Jews were living in Egypt, prior to the onset of the plagues?

15 million


59. In 1970, Arthur Waskow introduced a Freedom Seder in honor of whom?

Martin Luther King Jr.


60. Which side effect of eating matzah is most often reported/joked about?

It cause constipation


61. The miracle of the plague of hail was?

The frozen hail was also on fire.


62. How long does the counting of the Omer last?

49 days


63. The first time the Jews ate matzah was?

The night prior to leaving Egypt, at the first Passover Seder


64. In what river was Moses found as a baby?


65. What is the Hebrew name for Egypt?



66. Which American President died during Passover?

Abraham Lincoln


67. What does Kiddush mean?



68. What is the maximum number of minutes matzah can be baked?

18 minutes


69. What three items should be used to search for chametz?

A feather, a spoon and a candle


70. How many years ago did the Exodus occur?

About 3300


71. How many Hebrew souls went down to Egypt?



72. How many years were the Israelites enslaved?

240 years


73. How many years were the Israelites supposed to have been enslaved?

400 years


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