70 San Diego Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

San Diego is home to ideal weather throughout the year – bright sunshine, spectacular views, and calm beaches. The place gives a perfect summer vibe for anyone interested in having a good time. There is so much to what meets the eye. This trivia exercise, therefore, sets out to inform you about the city’s entirety.

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The iconic Legoland and Comic-Cons of San Diego serve as a haven for all the comic and creative nerds. This City hosts the official Comic-Con every July to mark the art of comic writing and production.

Any time San Diego’s golden vibe crosses your mind, use this trivia to elevate your idea of the city, and gain new insights.


1. This ‘island’, which is not really an island but a peninsula, is home to one of the highest-income areas in San Diego County. It is the location of a famous landmark, affectionately known as the ‘Hotel Del’.

Coronado Island


2. What segment of the tourist and entertainment industry is the fastest-growing in San Diego County?

Indian gaming and casinos


3. What toy company opened a major attraction in San Diego County in 1999?



4. People travel for miles to see something growing in Carlsbad, in North San Diego County. What is it?



5. What is the Mexican border town that is directly south of San Ysidro in San Diego County?



6. The birth of what kind of animal caused a great stir at the San Diego Zoo in 1999?


7. This destination is the most-visited National Monument in California.

Cabrillo Lighthouse


8. What San Diego mountain town with a gold prospecting past is famous for its apple pie?



9. A trip to the town mentioned above is not complete without a stop at a bakery in Santa Ysabel, famous for its cheese and date-nut-raisin breads.



10. We start out at the end of Interstate 8, in a funky beach community. Long known as the hippie hangout of San Diego, this place boasts a Dog Beach and an annual Christmas parade of surfers.

Ocean Beach


11. In which year did Juan Cabrillo arrive in San Diego?



12. Heading east on I-8, we come to Interstate 5 and head south. We exit on Highway 75 and cross a beautiful bridge. We now enter one of the most exclusive communities in San Diego. Where are we now?



13. Going back to I-5, we continue heading south. We come to one of the largest cities in San Diego County, home to a vibrant Latino culture and to the Arco Olympic Training Center. Where are we now?

Chula Vista


14. Approximately how many people live in San Diego?

1.2 million


15. We now continue south on I-5 to the Mexican border. On the Mexican side is the town of Tijuana. What town is on the US side?

San Ysidro


16. Having reached the southern end of I-5, we now head north, turning east on Highway 54. Just past its junction with I-805, we come to a quiet community that, although urbanized, projects a rural atmosphere. Many backyards have horses, and a network of trails laces the community. Where are we?



17. We continue on the 54 to its junction with Highway 94 and continue eastward. We come to a small town whose main attraction is Simpson’s Nursery- many acres of plants, a small petting zoo, antique car museums, picnic grounds and more. It’s hard to believe that you are less than 25 miles from downtown San Diego! Where are you?



18. How many miles of coast does San Diego have?



19. From 94, we turn south on Highway 188 to a tiny town on the Mexican border. Almost no one lives in the town; most people live on the Mexican side. Where are we?



20. What is the average temperature in San Diego?

70 degrees


21. We continue east on 94 to a very small town that boasts a railroad museum. On weekends, we can ride an old steam engine to the Mexican town of Tecate and back. Where are we?



22. During which months are the beaches of San Diego overcast?

May and June


23. Presently, 94 joins up with I-8. There is a small town here, home to the Wisteria Candy Cottage. Where are we?



24. Where is San Diego ranked in terms of safety?

Sixth place


25. Let’s head up I-8 and take the Sunrise Highway exit to a tiny mountain town with mostly seasonal occupants. Where are we?

Mount Laguna


26. What is the nickname of San Diego’s airport?

Lindbergh Field


27. Continuing north on the Sunrise Highway, we make our way through the forest to Highway 79. Here is the most touristy town in San Diego- home to knick-knack shops and apple pies galore. The Apple Festival is celebrated every fall here. Where are we?



28. What is the average cost of a cab ride from Lindbergh Field to the center of town?



29. Continuing on Highway 79, we then take Highway 78 east, down to the desert floor. There is a small town here, but few can bear living here in the summer, when temperatures routinely top 110 degrees. Strangely enough, the main street in town is called “Christmas Circle.” Where are we?

Borrego Springs


30. How do locals refer to San Diego’s light rail system?

The Coaster


31. Needing to beat the desert heat, we head back up 78 to 79, and continue south on 79. We come to a small town known best for its mission and its bread- Dudley’s Bakery, to be exact. Where are we?

Santa Ysabel


32. How much does a ride on the Coaster cost?

Between $4 and $5.50


33. We continue south on 79 to its junction with Highway 67 to the largest of the backcountry towns of San Diego, and one of the fastest-growing.



34. Which interstate runs through San Diego on its way to Mexico?

Interstate 5


35. We continue south on 67 to rejoin I-8. We are in another of the largest towns in San Diego County, home to the annual “Mother Goose Parade” on Thanksgiving weekend. Where are we?

El Cajon


36. Which of these locations is home to the world’s largest outdoor musical instrument?

  • Balboa Park
  • The San Diego Zoo
  • The Old Globe Theater
Balboa Park


37. We continue west on 8 to Interstate 15 and head north. We come to a city that is known outside of San Diego County primarily for its role in two crimes- the killing of Cara Knott by Highway Patrol officer Craig Peyer in 1986 and the kidnapping and killing of 7 year old Danielle Van Dam in 2002.



38. How many pipes does the Spreckles Organ have?



39. Continuing north on 15, we come to the northernmost city along I-15 in San Diego County, known primarily for agricultural crops such as citrus and avocadoes. Where are we now?



40. From 15, we take Highway 76, the “Highway to the Stars.” Climbing up some of the tallest mountains in San Diego, we reach a small mountain town that is home to a state park and a world-famous observatory. Where are we?

Palomar Mountain


41. We go back down 76 to 15 and head south on 15 to Highway 78. We take 78 West to its terminus on Interstate 5. We are in a town whose claim to fame is its nearness to the sprawling Camp Pendleton Marine base. Where are we?



42. How large is LEGOLAND?

128 acres


43. Continuing south on 5, we come to a town famous for its flower fields and for being the home to Legoland. Where are we now?



44. How many Legos were used to build Miniland, USA?

20 million


45. Venturing further south on 5, we come to a community that in 2002, had the highest-priced houses of anywhere in California. It was also the site of the “Heaven’s Gate” cult suicides. Where are we now?

Rancho Santa Fe


46. The Geisel Library was named for which famous author?

Dr. Seuss


47. Continuing south on 5, we come to yet another expensive beach community. This one is home to the San Diego County fairgrounds, a racetrack, an Olympic-class equestrian center, and polo grounds. Where are we?

Del Mar


48. Heading still further south on 5, we come to–you guessed it–another rich beach town. This one boasts the University of California San Diego and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Where are we?

La Jolla


49. What is the name of San Diego’s MLB team?

The Padres


50. What sport do the San Diego Chargers play?



51. Continuing further south on 5, we come to the largest city in San Diego County, and the seat of the county government. Home to Sea World, the Cabrillo Monument, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Old Town and many other tourist destinations, this city is…

San Diego


52. Around how many golf courses are there in San Diego?



53. This touristy area of shops and restaurants is on the San Diego Bay, next to the Convention Center.

Seaport Village


54. Which San Diego golf course is home to the PGA’s Buick Invitational?

Torrey Pines Golf Course


55. What does San Diego call itself?

“America’s finest city”


56. Everyone knows about the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Do you know the name of the other outdoor park in Escondido, where the animals roam in over 1,800 acres of open space?

San Diego Safari Park


57. What was the original name of Qualcomm Stadium, where the San Diego Chargers play their home games?

San Diego Stadium


58. What is the name of the panda born in 1999 at the San Diego Zoo?

Hua Mei


59. What is the name of the annual event held in Del Mar?

San Diego County Fair


60. What famous actor founded the La Jolla Playhouse?

Gregory Peck


61. Where is the Gaslamp Quarter located?

Downtown San Diego


62. Where is the famous presidio in San Diego located?

On a hill


63. What is the name of that historical place the presidio looks over?

Old Town


64. Tony Hawk comes from San Diego. What’s he famous for?

Skateboarding sensation


65. In San Diego it’s illegal to leave your Christmas lights up after the 2nd of February. True or false?



66. What’s the name of San Diego’s baseball team?

San Diego Padres


67. Which one of these things is San Diego more famous for?

  • Lobster
  • Avocado
  • Potatoes
  • Maple Syrup


68. San Diego has the world’s largest collection of books by which children’s author?

Dr. Seuss


69. What sport do the San Diego chargers play?


70. San Diego is home to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. What’s special about it?

The largest outdoor pipe organs in the world.



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