70+ Squid Games Trivia Questions and Answers

Have you heard of the Netflix original show-Squid Game? You may have seen some memes circulating on the internet and due to fear of missing out, ended up watching the series. So, here is a chance to test how much you know about Squid games.

It is key to note is that the show is specifically designed for an adult audience even though kids are playing these games.

Squid Games Trivia Questions and Answers

How well can you answer these: What are the contestants competing for? What does it mean when a character wears a circle, square, or triangle on their head? Where did Squid Games creator Hwang Dong-hyuk get the inspiration for the name of the show?

This list of Squid games trivia questions and answers includes relevant information that only astute viewers can crack.

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1. How Many Players Were There In The Game?

456 players


2. What’s the name of player 001?

Oh Il-nam


3. What player number is Seong Gi-hun?



4. What was the name of the first game?

Red light, Green Light


5. What game is played by the recruiter?



6. How Many Games Were There?

Six games


7. Employees with which shape on their masks hold the highest authority?



8. How Many Marbles Were The Players Given In Pouches?

10 marbles


9. Employees with which shape on their masks clear away dead bodies?



10. What Was Jang Deok-Su’s (The Thug) Number?

Player 101


11.  How much is the final prize money?

45.6 Billion Shillings won


12. What was the second game?

The Honeycomb challenge


13. What Were The Numbers Of The Married Couple?

Players 69 and 70


14. What four shapes were there to choose from in-game two?

Circle, Triangle, Star and Umbrella


15. Is the show based in North Korea or South Korea?

South Korea


16. How Many Players Participated In The Glass Bridge?

16 players


17. What color is the giant doll’s dress in game 1?



18. What was the third game?

Tug of War


19. What Number Was Kang Sae-Byeok?

Player 067


20. What two roles did Hwang Dong-hyuk play in the show?

Writer and Director


21. How Much Does The Salesman Offer Seong Gi-Hun To Play Ddakji With Him?

100, 000


22. What player number is Cho Sang-woo?



23. How Many Contestants Get Killed In Red Light/Green Light?



24. In game three, how many people were there per team?



25. How Many VIPs Are There?



26. The recruiter ‘Yoo’ gave what each time his opponents lost?

A slap


27. What drink accompanied the meal of one single boiled egg?



28. What is the number of the player that dies by suicide after stealing a gun?



29. What did Sang-woo replace Ali’s marbles with?



30. How many episodes are in the first series?



31. What profession did player 111 have?



32. What was the fourth game?



33. What do they call the man in charge wearing a black mask and clothing?

The Front Man


34. What did all the players have in common?



35. Where is Kang Sae-byeok’s mother?

North Korea


36. What animal does Jang Deok-su have tattooed on his neck and face?



37. Ji-yeong was just released from prison after killing who?

Her Father


38. What contraband did Han Mi-nyeo sneak in?

Cigarettes and a lighter


39. What type of animal mask was worn by the VIP killed by Hwang Jun-ho?



40. Oh Il-nam is suffering from what ailment?

Brain Tumor


41. What was the fifth game?

The Glass Bridge


42. How many players competed in game five?



43. The show was originally called ‘Round Six’ – True or False?



44. What does Gi-hun feed with some of the mackerel he was given?

A Stray Cat


45. What color are the player’s uniforms?



46. What was Gi hun’s Birthday Gift for his daughter?

Gun Lighter


47. Heo Sung-tae (Jang Deok-su) won an Oscar award – True or False?



48. Parts of Squid Game were filmed in the UK – True or False?



49. What player number is Abdul Ali?


50. What was the name of the sixth and final game?

Squid Game


51. What meal is given to the players before game 6?



52. Who did police officer Hwang Jun-ho’s brother turn out to be?

The Front Man


53. How many players make it to the final game?



54. Who does Gi-hun give half his prize money to?

Sang Woo’s mum


55. Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun) is also a restauranteur – True or False?



56. Where did Gi hun’s daughter move to?


57. What color did Gi Hun dye his hair?



58. Kim Joo-ryoung (Han Mi-nyeo) is a Vogue model – True or False?



59. In the first episode, what is gi-hun betting on?

Horse racing


60. How much is the prize? in South Korean?



61. What are the shapes on the card given to the contestants?

Circle, Triangle, Square


62. What is the name of Korean street casual game to earn money played using folded paper tiles?



63. The police officer found out his brother competed in the games in what year?



64. Who saved Seong Gi-hun from falling in first episode in Ref-Green lights game?

Abdul Ali


65. Which shape on the guard’s mask represented the highest rank?



66. Which contestant was the first one to die in the first game?



67. Which character is being looked for by the police for financial fraud?



68. What was Abdul Ali’s shape in the honeycomb game?



69. What number was the glass-maker with more than 30 years of experience?



70. What did Seong Gi-hun first do with the money?

Dyed his hair red


71. “We’re in hell here. There are no rules in hell.” who said that quote?

Player 101


72. The mysterious Front Man regularly answers a retro-style telephone in his office. What colour is the telephone?



73. Where did Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk get the inspiration for the name of the show?

A game he played with friends as a child

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