70+ St. David’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Saint David’s Day is celebrated in Wales, United Kingdom. The exact date of his birth is unknown, but St. David is said to have been born around the year 520 which is over 1,000 years ago.

The Saint became known as Dewi Dyfrwr because of his modest monk’s diet of bread and water. His food preference was strictly vegetarian.

St. David’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

After St David’s death, a shrine was built in his honor. Pope Callistus II declared to Catholics that two pilgrimages to the shrine were worth one to the Vatican in Rome. Eventually, at the end of the 12th century, more than 60 churches in Wales were also dedicated to St David.

Every year on St. David’s Day, people wear welsh clothing and a daffodil or leek. It is believed that leeks were put into soldiers’ helmets during a battle with the Saxons to help recognize fellow soldiers.

Want to learn more about the Patron Saint of Wales? Quiz yourself with this list of St. David’s Day trivia questions and answers.


1. What flower is used as an emblem of Wales?



2. “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus” translates to what in English?

Happy St. Davids Day


3. Which vegetable is used as an emblem of Wales?



4. What fruit would you find in a traditional Welsh cake?



5. Which three colours are used on the Welsh flag?

Red, white and green


6. Which patron saint do the Scottish celebrate?

St. Andrew


7. What animal is found on the Welsh flag?



8. Name the highest Welsh mountain?



9. On the border of England and Wales is an ancient earthwork which is also a well-known walk. What is this called?

Offa’s Dyke


10. Which Welsh classical singer has taken the Welsh flag on stage during St David’s Day performances?

Katherine Jenkins


11. Which English king was born at Pembroke Castle?

Henry VII


12. The first official Welsh flag was created for which special event in 1953?

The Queens Coronation


13. The city ‘St Davids’ used to be called, what?



14. On which part of the coast can Pwllheli be found?

Cardigan Bay


15. Which animal is Wales famous for breeding?



16. Name the setting for the TV series called The Prisoner?

Port Merrion


17. What is the Ras Dewi Sant?

A Marathon


18. What was the ancient Roman name for Anglesey?



19. Which city hosts the annual ‘National St David’s Day Parade’?



20. What type of strict diet did St David follow?



21. What was the original name of famous Welsh actor Richard Burton?

Richard Jenkins


22. Which well-known Welsh entertainer is known for having women’s underclothes thrown at him whenever he sings?


23. What is the name of Wales’ famous tea bread?

Bara Brith


24. Name the popular Welsh TV presenter and singer who first shot to fame as a child, with her album “Voice of an Angel”?

Charlotte Church


25. Name the politician who was born in Port Talbot, and who became Foreign Secretary and Chancellor for Margaret Thatcher’s government?

Geoffrey Howe


26. Who is Wales’s most famous poet and playwright?

Dylan Thomas


27. Which patron saint does England celebrate?

St. George


28. Which Welsh comedian used to march around the stage holding a giant leek?

Max Boyce


29. How do you say Saint David in Welsh?

Dewi Sant


30. Name the Welsh singer and TV presenter who first won acclaim with “Walking in the Air”?

Aled Jones


31. How many years is said that St David lived for?



32. The TV series, Torchwood, is filmed in which Welsh city?



33. Which city hosts the annual ‘Croeso’ 2-day St David’s festival?



34. When is St David’s Day?

1st March


35. Where is St David buried?

St. Davids Cathedral


36. If you were born on St David’s Day, what would your star sign be?



37. St David was at the heart of the Welsh church during which century?



38. Which town was St David a bishop of?



39. What religion was Saint David?



40. What was St David given as a surname?



41. What is the main ingredient of Welsh rarebit?



42. What did St David insist that his monks do for themselves, rather than use farm animals?

Pull the plough


43. Which patron saint does Ireland celebrate?

St. Patrick


44. Which bird is often depicted as sitting on St David’s shoulder?

A dove


45. What color is the Welsh dragon?



46. David’s mother was also a Saint, what was her name?

Saint Non


47. What did St David allegedly do when people at the back of the crowd he was preaching to complained that they couldn’t see or hear him?



48. What is the Welsh word for David?



49. Which group of people in St David is said to be the patron saint?

Poets and vegetarians

50. What sense did St David restore on St Pauli nus?

His Sight


51. What is the Welsh name for Wales?



52. St David was said to be born during what type of weather phenomenon?

A storm


53. The city of St Davids is located in which Welsh county?



54. What was the old Latin name for Wales?



55. St David’s Day has been a national festival in Wales since which century?



56. Where was the Prince of Wales invested as the Prince of Wales?



57. St David’s Day is always held on the first Sunday in March – True or False?



58. Name the annual Welsh festival of the arts?



59. The correct term for a traditional Welsh hat is ‘het pêl fas’ – True or False?



60. What is the name of the medieval collection of ancient Welsh folktales, some of which possibly date back to the Iron Age?

The Mabinogion


61. There are four patron saints in the UK – True or False?



62. In the 15th century, who briefly restored Welsh independence from England?

Owain Glyndwr


63. The Welsh flag we know today, was officially recognized in 1959 – True or False?



64. What infamous deed by the Romans took place on Anglesey?

Slaughter of the Druids


65. Who became the first British Prime Minister in 1916?

David Lloyd George


66. Saint David was an atheist – True or False?



67. What are The Seven Wonders of Wales?

Snowdon, the Gresford bells, Llangollen bridge, St Winefride’s Well, the Wrexham steeple, and ancient Overton yew trees, and the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall


68. Saint David has his own flag – True or False?



69. The flag of St David is what colors?

A yellow cross on a black background


70. Saint David was severely allergic to leeks – True or False?



71. What is Cawl Cymreig?

A Stew


72. Saint David was not a native of Wales – True or False?



73. What does the motto ‘Y Ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn’ mean?

The Red dragon leads the way


74. Saint David was not a native of Wales – True or False?



75. There is a stained-glass depiction of Saint David in which Welsh castle?

Castelle Coch


76. Saint David was said to have made what rise from the ground?

A Hill


77. What annual event takes place in Oriel y Parc, Pembrokeshire on St David’s day?

The Dragon Parade


78. Saint David was a Welsh bishop – True or False?




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