70+ St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

The United States has numerous holidays to celebrate different cultures and activities. Among them is the U.S. Labor Day which is celebrated every first Monday of September each year. This is a public holiday meant to celebrate American workers for their social and economic achievements.

What is your favorite holiday? How well are you versed with St.Patrick’s Day? March 17th is when Irish Americans get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in memory of the Patron Saint of Ireland. Have you ever stopped and wondered about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day? Or are you the kind of person in a last-minute rush searching for restaurants offering green beer a few hours to the event? I know some of us just want to have fun and it’s all good.

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Did you know that Chicago has the largest St. Patrick’s parades, with over 200 million spectators? On this day, fashion is an important factor thus you are supposed to wear green or else risk getting pinched; a tradition tied to the folklore that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns. I bet that’s not all, hence why we compiled a list with all the questions.

So if you’ve ever found yourself a bit more curious about the fun holiday, we’re about to fill you in with these St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions and answers, rest assured you’ll enjoy!

1. How long is the lease on the Guinness brewery in Dublin for?

9000 years


2. What year did the first Saint Patrick’s Day parade take place in Russia?



3. What are some other names used to refer to St. Patrick’s Day?

The Day of the Festival of Patrick and The Feast of Saint Patrick


4. The Irish have a tri-colored flag of orange, white and green, what do they represent?

The Orange represents the protestants, the Green represents the Catholics, and the White represents HOPE that they will find peace between them


5. Green hasn’t always been associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. That actually didn’t happen until when?



6. Each year in Chicago since 1962, the Plumber Union dyes what Kelly green?

The river


7. Some Irish old stories suggest that St. Patrick’s walking stick once miraculously transformed into what object?



8. Have does the circle in the celtic cross represent?

The Irish pagan symbol of the sun was used to teach above the cross


9. To celebrate St. Patty’s Day in Ireland, Dublin hosts a huge festival that lasts how many days?

Four days


10. When was the ban on LGBT groups participating in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City lifted?



11. The Irish think it’s tradition to wear green on St Patricks Day?

Most people don’t wear green and only pin a shamrock to their coat


12. What mythological being is a part of St. Patrick’s Day lore and Irish culture?



13. Who was the first President of the United States to attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade?

Harry S. Truman


14. What percentage of U.S. presidents have Irish ancestry?



15. Where was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland held in 1903?

Waterford, Ireland


16. When do Christians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

17th March


17. Where was the very first St Patrick’s Day parade held?

Boston 1737


18. According to Irish legends, Saint Patrick’s changed his name to Patricius after becoming a priest. What was his name at birth?

Maewyn Succat


19. In which country was St. Patrick born?



20. Where did the term “Paddy Wagon” come from?

If the drunk Irish were arrested, they’d all say their names were Paddy


21. Even though it’s a big drinking day now, St. Patty’s Day used to be a dry holiday up until what decade?



22. St. Patrick wrote in his Declaration that when he was 16 years what happened?

He was captured


23. Which Irish islands give their names to a type of woolly jumper?

Aran Isles


24. NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day parade has been happening since 1762 and is one of the world’s largest parades. About how many marchers does it typically have?

Around 250,000 marchers


25. At the age of 16, Saint Patrick was kidnapped by pirates. What work did his captors force him to do?

They made him tend and rear animals


26. Before lamb was used, what meat did an Irish stew traditionally contain?



27. What major Catholic holiday does St. Patrick’s Day occur during?



28. In which century did the Catholic Church make St. Patrick’s Day an official day to be observed?

17th Century


29. If you were eating a boxty, what would this be?

An Irish potato cake


30. Where is the home of the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in South America?

Buenos Aries


31. When caught not wearing green colored attire or clothing on Saint Patrick’s Day, what traditionally happens to you?

You’re pinched in an affectionate manner


32. Worldwide, how many pints of Guinness are typically drunk on St Patrick’s Day?

13 million


33. What year did St. Patrick’s Day went from being a strictly holy day for Catholics to an official Irish holiday?



34. What was the profession of St. Patrick’s father?



35. Where are St Patrick’s remains said to be located?

Down Cathedral, Downpatrick


36.  Saint Patrick wasn’t actually Irish like many think. Where was he believed to have been born?

Scotland or Wales


37. When St. Patrick safely escaped from his captors and reached home under the guidance of God, what did he do?

He became a priest


38. Why is St Patrick’s Day on March 17?

The believed date of St Patrick’s death


39. A bell was removed from St.Patrick’s tomb, 60 years after he died. What is this bell called?

The Bell of Testament


40. How is St Patrick said to have got to Ireland?

He was kidnapped by pirates


41. Where is St Patrick’s Mountain?

Saul, Co Down


42. Since 1992, what Japanese city has put on its own St. Patrick’s Day parade?



43. In the United States, it is traditional to plant what seeds on St. Patrick’s Day?

Pea seeds


44. Which colour was originally associated with St Patrick?



45. While cabbage and corned beef are considered to be a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish, it’s actually not an authentic Irish meal. If the Irish themselves didn’t create it, who did?

Irish American immigrants


46. Which city celebrated Saint Patrick’s day for the first time in 1813 and since has turned it into a huge Saint Patrick’s Day Parade?

Savannah, Georgia


47. In which year was St Patrick’s Day first made into a bank holiday for Ireland?



48. What iconic structure turns green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in England?

The London Eye


49. Up until the 1970s, what used to be closed in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day?


50. What is the meaning of the phrase “Erin go Bragh”?

Ireland until eternity


51. Three-leafed shamrocks were believed to be used by Saint Patrick to explain what?


52. What is a culinary tradition of St Patrick’s Day?

Eating corned beef and cabbage


53. In Mumbai, what iconic structure is turned green each year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

The Gateway of India


54. Which Italian historic site has been lit up in recent years as part of St Patrick’s Day celebrations?


55. What do places like Argentina, England, Norway, Turkey, New Zealand, Canada, Moscow and India have in common?

They all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


56.  In 2020, the St. Patrick’s Day parade was canceled in NYC for the first time in how many years because of COVID?

Over 250 years


57. Which city in the US dyes its river green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?



58.  Which drink is one of the most popular drinks on St. Patrick’s Day?



59. What is Saint Patrick’s nickname?



60. How many Americans claim to have some Irish ancestry?

33.1 million


61. When is traditionally considered the best time to sneak up on a leprechaun?

When he is busy mending his shoes


62. What did the Irish prime minister, present to the U.S. president?

A crystal bowl of live shamrocks as a symbol of the close ties between the two countries


63. What’s the traditional occupation of a leprechaun?



64. What did St Patrick supposedly chase out of Ireland?



65. Lent restrictions are dropped on Saint Patrick’s Day. True/ False?



66.  According to myth, once captured, what will a leprechaun do in order to gain its release?

They will lead you to a rainbow and barter their pot of gold for their release.


67. For the logo of Guinness which traditional musical instrument was adopted?



68. What do leprechauns use their sticks, called “shillelagh” for?

Accessing their rainbow


69. Cultural influence from which country linked leprechauns with celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day?



70. What type of creature is a Leprechaun?



71. Irish soap was invented in Ireland. True/ False?



72. If you are looking for a pot of gold and you see a leprechaun with a shillelagh, what does this mean?

He is carrying a long magical stick


73. What is the best way to make Shamrock green beer?

To add blue food coloring to a light color beer is a good way.


74. Are the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion the only churches which venerate St. Patrick?

No, the Lutheran Church and the Estearn Orthodox Church also venerate St. Patrick

75. In which city was the very first St. Patrick’s Day celebration observed?

St. Augustine


76. Why was the name ‘Patrick’ given to Saint Patrick?

He was considered to be a father figure to the people


77. How many years did Patrick live in poverty, teaching, traveling, and working?

40 years


78. What is a dish that a lot of people eat on St.Patrick’s day?

Shepherd’s pie and cottage pie



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