70+ Turkey Trivia Questions and Answers

There is more to Turkey than what meets the eye. Besides the beautiful beaches and bustling markets lies a wealth of interesting history filled with rich cultures, religious and literary figures.

Unlike Italy’s old demographic, Turkey has the largest young population in Europe. The average age in Turkey is 31 years, with only 9% of the country’s population being above 60 years old.

Turkey Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

You may know Turkey for its consumption of quality coffee, but 96% of the population takes at least one cup of tea a day. Turkish tea is robust. Make sure you try all the tea flavors during your visit.

As a majority of Turks practice Islamic religion, the country is home to breathtaking mosques such as the Sultanahmet Mosque.

Explore these Turkey trivia questions and answers to see how well you know about the country.


1. What is the name of the strategic waterway that traverses Turkey’s largest city and separates Europe from Asia?

The Bosporus


2. What is the capital city of Turkey?



3. Turkey’s estimated population ranks approximately ______ globally?

Turkey had an estimated 2017 population of just under 81 million


4. Turkey’s 2017 gross domestic product, a measure of the total size of the economy, was slightly larger than that of which country?

Turkey’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017 was about $850 billion, some $25 billion more than the GDP of the Netherlands.


5. What is Turkey’s currency?



6. Name the sea that Turkey’s northern shore faces?

Black Sea


7. For his leadership in founding the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal became known as “Ataturk,” meaning what?

Mustafa Kemal served as the first president of the Republic of Turkey.


8. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has served as Turkey’s foremost political leader since what year?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan took office as Turkey’s prime minister in March 2003, following the victory of his Justice and Development Party in parliamentary elections


9. What type of Bridge is the Bosphorus Bridge located between Ortakoy and Beylerbeyi?


10. Turkey’s Kurdish minority makes up roughly what proportion of the population?

Kurds, at close to 20 percent of the population, form Turkey’s second-largest ethnic group after Turks.


11. When did Turkey join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

Since 1952


12. What is Miniaturk?

A miniature park


13. In 1974, Turkey invaded the northern part of ______, leading to a division that remains to this day?

Cyprus; an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey and west of Lebanon and Syria.


14. What is the name of the mosque opposite the Haggia Sophia?

The Blue Mosque


15. Turkey’s relationship with the European Union?

They have never reached a conclusion. Concerns over unresolved regional issues, such as Cyprus, and over Turkey’s adherence to human rights and democratic standards have hindered progress.


16. Turkey is situated in Europe, while another part is in Asia. The Asian part, also known as Anatolia, is the larger one, but how much larger than the European part is it?

Over thirty times as large


17. Can Turkeys Fly?

The wild turkey can fly!


18. It is not only the country that is split between Europe and Asia, but its largest city as well. What is the name of this bi-continental city?



19. How Long Do Turkeys Live?

The average life span of a wild turkey is three or four years.


20. Before we leave the Bosporus, we need a means to cross it. By what constructions are the European and the Asian side of the Bosporus linked?

Multiple highway bridges and a rail tunnel


21. With its unique place on two continents, Turkey also has allegiances to both sides. When it comes to sports, where does Turkey place itself?

It almost exclusively takes part in European competitions.


22. Turkey has no state religion and, in fact, the state has banned most open religious displays in public buildings and by state officials. However, over 80% of all Turks are of one religion – which one?

Sunni Islam


23. Turkey is administratively divided into 81 provinces, similar to the Départements of France. Two provincial capitals differ only by one letter in their name. Which is the true, existing pair?

Antalya and Antakya


24. Mount Ararat, the legendary final resting place of Noah’s Ark, is located near the eastern border of Turkey. The extreme extent of its eastern flank actually overlaps into Iran. What type of mountain is it?

A dormant stratovolcano


25. The Turkish province of Antalya is the main tourist destination in the country, accounting for over 30 percent of the total annual hotel nights. What best describes its location?

On the central south coast, facing the Mediterranean Sea


26. The southeast coast of the Dardanelles strait – the other half of the waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea – is occupied by Canakkale province. On its soil lies one of the world’s most important archaeological sites. Which one is it?



27. What meat is in Tavukgogsu?



28. Its flag is quite well-known, showing a white moon and star on red, but what is the design on its presidential seal?

A yellow sun and 16 yellow stars on red


29. Turkey has a total of 1,632 miles of land borders, split between eight different countries. With which country does it share its longest border?



30. Which ‘mythical’ peak is also the highest point in Turkey?

Mount Ararat


31. The 16th-Century Selimiye Mosque is considered one of the greatest achievements of Islamic architecture. In which Turkish city is it located?



32. The building popularly known as the Blue Mosque, is one of Istanbul’s best-known landmarks, but what is its proper name?

Sultan Ahmed Mosque


33. Which Turkish sporting franchise moved from their old home at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium into the state-of-the-art 52,000-seat Türk Telekom Arena in 2011?

Galatasaray Spor Kulübü


34. With a total area of 302,535 square miles, Turkey is the world’s 37th largest country. If it were a U.S. state, where would it rank in terms of size?

Second behind only Alaska


35. At 842 miles, which horseshoe-shaped waterway is the longest river to have both its source and its mouth within Turkey?



36. Our first port of call is Istanbul, the centre of the former Ottoman Empire. The historic areas of Istanbul were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Which of these, found in the old part of Istanbul, served as the royal residence for almost four centuries till the mid-19th century?

Topkapi Palace


37. The Galata Tower provides a panoramic view of historic Istanbul. Which of these people built this tower that was the tallest building in the city at the time of its completion in the mid-14th century?



38. Istanbul has several hundred cisterns lying beneath the city. Believed to have been constructed during the rule of the Byzantine emperor Justinian I, the Basilica Cistern is the largest of these. Stone heads of which mythical creature are found in this underground location?



39. After spending a few days in Istanbul, it was time to move to Cappadocia – a surreal region of Central Anatolia. The area is famous for a unique geological feature known as fairy chimneys. Which of these places of worship were created after carving out the soft rock and date back to as early as the fourth century?



40. The ruins of an ancient city called Hierapolis are found in the southwestern part of Anatolia. If I told you we were walking through the necropolis, what would you expect to see?



41. Adjacent to the ruins of Hierapolis is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pamukkale. The hot springs of the site are believed to have medicinal properties. The ‘cotton castle’ resembling terraces are made up of travertines which are a form of which sedimentary rock?



42. Which zodiac sign lends its name to a mountain range that divides the Mediterranean coastal part of Turkey from the Anatolian plateau?



43. Which is the home to ancient monuments like Hadrian’s Gate and the Kesik Minare Mosque?



44. What is the name of a group of waterfalls found in Antalya province that have a separate upper and lower section?



45. Which two bodies of water does the Bosphorus connect?

The Marmara Sea and the Black Sea


46. Which square, in the European part of Istanbul, is famed for its restaurants and nightlife and is the home of the Monument of the Republic?



47. In what year did the Ottoman Turks take the city?



48. If you look at satellite images, what letter does the Bosphorus look like?



49. On Mount Koressos, near Ephesus in Turkey is (reportedly) the home of which important biblical figure?

The Virgin Mary

50. A theory about the formation of the Bosphorus states that about 7000 years ago the water level in the Mediterrenean rose so high that water started to flow through a valley (the Bosphorus) towards a fresh water lake (The Black Sea). Which is not part of this theory?

Global warming will possibly cause a similar flood in the second half of the 21st century.


51. Sitting third in size behind Alexandria and Pergamum is what type of Roman structure in Anatolia, built to honour Senator Tiberius Celsus Polemaeanus?



52. When was the first bridge over the Bosphorus completed?



53. Sometimes considered one of the world’s first shopping malls, what is the name of Turkey’s famous covered markets?

The Grand Bazaar


54. What does the Greek word “Bosporos” mean?

The Cow Strait


55. The Basilica Cistern lies beneath the city of Istanbul. It is the largest of a network of similar structures dotted throughout the city. What exactly is this cistern?

A water reservoir


56. What is the state religion of Turkey?



57. By the Bosphorus, this art museum has a wonderful view of Sarayburnu (the Seraglio Point). It was opened in 2004. Which one is it?

Istanbul Modern


58. What would be considered a must when you go and visit your next door neighbours?

To take off your shoes when entering


59. What is the national flower of Turkey?



60. The famous Istiklal Avenue stretches from Taksim Square to Tünel in which district?



61. What do the bride, the groom and all their female relations do the night before the wedding?

Gather in a house and burn henna on their hands.


62. How many of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” were located in Turkey?



63. What would be the appropriate time to leave when you are invited to dinner?

Not before midnight, leaving early would mean they are not good hosts.


64. Name a country that has a national language that is related to Turkish?



65. What should you definitely do if your Turkish neighbour is ill at home?

Bring a bowl of hot soup


66. The origin of Santa Claus is Bishop Nicholas of Turkey. True or False?



67. As long as you don’t show it, any Turkish host would continue to fill in your tea glass (yes, Turkish people drink tea in a glass not a cup!) What should you do to show you do not want any more?

Leave your teaspoon lying on the tea glass.


68. What is the largest city (population wise) on the Aegean Sea?



69. What would a traditional Turkish breakfast consist of?

Cheese, honey, black olives, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, tea


70. What is the part of Turkey in Europe called?

Eastern Thrace


71. What is a traditional Turkish sport originating from Turks from the inlands of Asia?



72. What is the part of eastern Turkey in Asia called?



73. What is the largest lake in Turkey?

Lake Van



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