70 Would You Rather Questions for St. Patrick’s Day

Would you rather game is great for a night out, birthday parties, and celebrations of the most popular holidays across the globe. You get to cheer up your loved ones after a long day of feasting.

Are you Irish, or do you just enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Around this time, there is so much fun for us to do. From wearing green costumes to drinking Irish beer, and even watching the parades. The tradition is something worth pursuing.

Would You Rather Questions for St. Patrick’s Day

Little kids would get a kick out of answering these would you rather questions. It’s certainly among the best ways to get to know your kids. The fantasy surrounding this holiday is good for their memory and critical thinking.

Take a look at this fun-filled would you rather questions for St. Patrick’s Day sure to entertain you.


1. Would you rather swim in a pool full of Skittles or swim in a pool full of chocolate gold coins?

2. Would you rather have 1 wish granted for yourself or have 3 friends wishes granted?

3. Win an all-expenses-paid trip to Ireland or find a pot of gold?

4. Would you rather slide down a rainbow or swim in a pot of gold?

5. Learn how to do an Irish jig or learn how to play the bagpipes?

6. Would you rather have the road rise up to meet you or have smiling Irish eyes?

7. Eat Lucky Charms for breakfast every day for the rest of your life or eat corned beef and cabbage for dinner once a week for the rest of your life?

8. Have the road rise up to meet you or have smiling Irish eyes?

9. Would you rather dance with a leprechaun or dress like a leprechaun?

10. Go see an Irish Riverdance performance or go to a poetry reading with just limericks?

11. Would you rather have green skin or gold eyes?

12. Be lucky or be magical?

13. Wear a Leprechaun suit for a year, or wear only rainbow patterns for a year?

14. Eat a pound of potatoes or eat a pound of fortune cookies?

15. Talk in an Irish accent for 1 month, or hear people talk only in an Irish accent?

16. Would you rather search for one 4 leaf clover in a large field, or search for a needle in a green haystack?

17. Have a rabbit’s foot as a good luck charm, or have a four-leaf clover?

18. Find a Gold coin or $500?

19. Would you rather eat only Skittles candy or peppermint patties?

20. Be stuck with a Leprechaun or cupid for 1 day?

21. Would you rather have 1 wish granted, or give 3 wishes to your best friend?

22. Would you rather spend 1 week in Ireland or 1 week in Hawaii?

23. Would you rather speak only in limericks or have everything you say be very LOUD?

24. Would you rather celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day?

25. Try to find a hidden pot of gold hidden from you or hide a pot of gold for your friends to find?

26. Would you rather have an Irish Setter or an Irish Wolfhound?

27. Kiss the blarney stone or catch a leprechaun?

28. Would you rather kiss the Blarney stone or drink coffee with Irish creamer?

29. Find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or have good luck for 1 year?

30. Have a front seat to a St. Patrick’s Day parade or sit on the first float of the same parade?

31. Have horseshoes for feet or rainbows for arms?

32. Would you rather be in a St. Patrick’s Day parade or watch a St. Patrick’s Day parade?

33. Would you rather have emerald green eyes or emerald green hair?

34. Would you rather be the one responsible for pinching people not wearing green at a party or get pinched all day long for not wearing green?

35. Dance an Irish Jig where ever you go for 1 week, or talk only in Limericks?

36. Would you rather tour an Irish castle or visit an authentic Irish pub?

37. Skittles for teeth or chocolate-covered coins for ears?

38. Take a swim in the Chicago River while dyed green or go to the New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade?

39. Green house or Green car?

40. Would you rather make leprechaun traps or make rainbow donuts?

41. Dress up as a leprechaun or get your face painted all over with clovers?

42. Would you rather take a one week trip to Ireland each summer for the next four years or take a month long trip to Ireland this summer.

43. Watch Leap Year on repeat all day long or watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People on repeat?

44. Would you rather have to spend a week carrying a small but heavy pot of gold with you wherever you go or have to spend a week carrying a large but not very heavy bag of shamrocks?

45. Make corned beef and cabbage for 20 people by yourself or peel potatoes to make mashed potatoes for 20 people?

46. Would you rather get a private concert from U2 or have U2 write a song about you?

47. Wear leprechaun shoes all day long or wear a fake leprechaun beard all day long?

48. Would you rather Find a single pot of gold and keep it for yourself or find five pots of gold and share them with all of your classmates equally?

49. Would you rather only see in green or only eat green foods?

50. Be responsible for getting a bunch of snakes out of a room or getting a bunch of rats out of a room?

51. Would you rather get to plan a St. Patrick’s Day party for your class or get to plan a fun St. Patrick’s Day art project for your class?

52. Sing Somewhere Over a Rainbow by yourself in front of a crowd of people or play a song on the bagpipes for the same crowd?

53. Would you rather only be able to see the world in shades or green or have everything you eat taste like boiled potatoes?

54. Wear headphones playing loud Irish music for an hour or get pinched 10 times without being able to make a sound?

55. Would you rather have to find a four-leaf clover in a field where only one in every ten thousand clovers has four-leaves or have to make 100 four-leaf clovers out of green construction paper to decorate your classroom?

56. Eat moldy Irish cheese or eat moldy Irish soda bread?

57. Would you rather have a green skin or have green teeth and green hair?

58. Wear a crown made out of shamrocks or wear a rainbow wig?

59. Would you rather be able to walk over a rainbow as if it were a bridge or be able to make rainbows anytime you wanted, wherever you wanted?

60. Never celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day once a month for the rest of your life?

61. Would you rather catch a leprechaun or have a pet unicorn?

62. Travel only by rainbows or only by green waters?

63. Would you rather eat green eggs and ham or eat green string beans mixed with green jelly beans?

64. Travel only by rainbows or only by green waters?

65. Would you rather wear headphones playing loud Irish music for an hour or get pinched 10 times without being able to make a sound?

66. Have a leprechaun sitting on your shoulder making sarcastic and snide comments about you and your friends or have everything you touch turn green?

67. Find a lucky Irish penny or a leprechaun?

68. Would you rather hand out candy bracelets to every mall shopper for a week or eat skittles for breakfast for 7 weeks?

69. Rather walk backward for 2 weeks or go without celebrating St. Patrick’s day for 3 years?

70. Turn into a Leprechaun for a day or a rainbow?

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