70+ Wyoming Trivia Questions and Answers

Wyoming is the largest coal-producing state in the US, followed by West Virginia. All 8 of the top 10 largest US coal-producing mines in the world located in Wyoming are surface mines. The two largest coal mines in the United States are North Antelope Rochelle and Black Thunder mines in Wyoming.

Wyoming is one of two states with an official State Shrub. The other state is Texas, with Crape Myrtle as its official shrub. Wyoming’s big sagebrush was adopted by the Wyoming legislature on March 3, 2016. 

Wyoming Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Wyoming is commonly known as the Cowboy State and the Equality State. The latter recognizes Wyoming as the first state to specifically give women the right to vote, which it did as a territory in 1869 and retained upon entering the Union. Next time you are celebrating Women’s Day, you have Wyoming to applaud for tremendous progress in enhancing gender equality.

Below is an awesome series of trivia questions about Wyoming to jog your mind.

1. What Native American people inhabited Wyoming before the arrival of European settlers?

Crow, Arapaho and Lakota


2. What animal is depicted on the state flag of Wyoming?



3. What year did Wyoming become a state?



4. What does “Wyoming” mean?

At the Big River Flat


5. What famous outlaw took his name from a Wyoming town?

Sundance Kid


6. Wyoming is the home of the world’s largest _____.

Coal mine


7. Which mountain range dominates the Wyoming landscape?

Rocky Mountains


8. What Wyoming city is named after Buffalo Bill?



9. What famous landmark is located in Wyoming?

Old Faithful


10. Wyoming has the world’s largest known reserve of what mineral?



11. What is the state capital of Wyoming?



12. How many states border Wyoming?



13. Wyoming was the first U.S. state to ______.

Let women vote


14. Name the first female governor to be elected in Wyoming?

Nellie Tayloe


15. Wyoming was also the first state to ______.

Elect a female governor


17. Which year did Wyoming elect the first governor?



18. What is the state flower of Wyoming?

Indian Paintbrush


19. Wyoming is known as the _____ state.



20. Wyoming was the site of the first _____ in American history?


21. What is the name of the horse on Wyoming license plates?



22. Which Wyoming city is known as “Oil City”?



23. What is the state tree of Wyoming?

Plains Cottonwood


24. Of all the states, Wyoming is the least what?



25. What is the Wyoming State sport?



26. What is the Wyoming State bird?

Western Meadowlark


27. What is the name of the only other state besides Wyoming that is not served by Amtrak?


28. What is the Wyoming State emblem?

Bucking Horse and Rider


29. Wyoming has one public four-year institution, the University of Wyoming in Laramie, and how many two-year community colleges?



30. What is the Wyoming State song?



31. Population-wise, what is the largest city in Wyoming?



32. Which 2 US States border Wyoming on the east?

South Dakota and Nebraska


33. Wyoming has borders along only straight latitudinal and longitudinal lines, rather than being defined by what?

Natural landmarks


34. What is the name of the biggest airport in the state of Wyoming?

The Jackson Hole Airport


35. The Wind River Indian Reservation is jointly owned by what two Indian Tribes?

Shoshone  and Arapaho


36. What is the Wyoming State soil?



37. What state borders Wyoming on the north?



38. In the south, Wyoming is bordered by what state?



39. In the area, Wyoming is the 10th biggest state with how many square miles of the area?



40. More federal tax dollars per capita in aid flows into Wyoming than any other state except which state?



41. What is the Wyoming State fish?

Cutthroat trout


42. What is the Wyoming State seal?

Great Seal of the State of Wyoming


43. How many counties does Wyoming have?



44. What state borders Wyoming on the southwest?



45. What is the Wyoming State motto?

Equal Rights


46. What is the Wyoming State dinosaur?



47. What is the distance in miles from Wyoming’s northern border to the southern border?



48. Which U.S. State borders the State of Wyoming on the west?



49. How wide is the state at its widest east to west point in miles?


50. What is the Wyoming State reptile?


51. What is the Wyoming State grass?

Western Wheatgrass


52. What is the Wyoming State gemstone?

Wyoming nephrite jade


53. More than 48% How much of the land in the state of Wyoming is owned by the Federal Government?

Over 48%


54. In the state of Wyoming, the Great Plains meet the what?

Rocky Mountains


55. How much of Wyoming’s land is owned by the state government?

Rocky Mountains


56. What is the highest surface elevation found in the state of Wyoming?

The summit of Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountain Range, at 13,804


57. What is the Wyoming State fossil?



58. What is the Wyoming State mammal?

American Bison


59. What is the highest recorded temperature for Wyoming?

114 °F at Basin on July 12, 1900


60. Located in Grand Teton National Park, what is the second highest peak in Wyoming?

The Grand Teton


61. The Census Bureau estimates that the population of Wyoming was how many people  on July 1, 2013?



62. What is the lowest recorded temperature in the state of Wyoming?

−66 °F at Riverside on February 9, 1933


63. The main drivers behind Wyoming’s economy are the mineral industry and what?

Travel and tourism sector


64. Yellowstone National Park became the world’s first national park in what year?



65. What is the Wyoming State coin?

Sacagawea dollar


66. What is the Wyoming State flag?

Flag of the State of Wyoming


67. In 2002, how many people visited Wyoming’s national parks and monuments?

More than six million people


68. Wyoming’s Governor John Allen Campbell extended the right to vote to women, making Wyoming the first U.S. state to grant suffrage to women on what date?

On December 10, 1869


69. How many visitors does Yellowstone National Park receive per annum?

Over three million


70. What is the official state motto?

“Equal Rights”


71. Wyoming was admitted into the Union as the 44th state on what date?

July 10, 1890


72. Wyoming ranked 2nd nationwide for the production of what in 2007?

Natural gas production






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