75+ Austin Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Austin experiences the migration of about 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that emerges from under the Congress Avenue Bridge. This unique spectacle happens at night during spring and summer. Residents and tourists wait in anticipation to watch the bats.

Austin Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Remember the fictional character – Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? Austin has celebrated his birthday since the year 1963. The party usually happens on the last Saturday of April. Guests arrive in colorful costumes and enjoy live music and large drum circles.

You can tag your Dog along as Austin is ranked one of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. There are about 12 off-leash parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and hotels to ensure your paw friend has a good stay.

For more information about the city of Austin, take the quiz below.

1. When was Austin founded?

The city was officially incorporated on December 27, 1839.


2. To which fraternity did actor Matthew McConaughey belong when he was a student at the University of Texas at Austin?

Delta Tau Delta


3. Near the end of Austin director Richard Linklater’s “Slacker,” a few of the characters end up seeing a band for a few seconds in a club. What band was it?

Ed Hall


4. Below what present-day Austin restaurant are the beer vaults of one of Austin’s first commercial brewers, Johann Schneider?

La Condesa


5. How many of the city’s famous moon towers were originally built? Seventeen still exist.



6. Gus Garcia was Austin’s first elected Hispanic mayor, but another Hispanic trailblazer first served in the office on an acting basis for three months in 1983. Who was it?

John Treviño Jr.


7. Actress Sandra Bullock used to own Bess Bistro in downtown Austin before it closed. What spot in town does the “Gravity” star still own?

Walton’s Fancy & Staple


8. The members of rock duo Black Pumas are Grammy nominees now, but in what Austin club did Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada first introduce audiences to the project through a residency?

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul


9. What is another name that Austin, Texas, is known by?

Live Music Capital of the World


10. What is the lay of the local terrain of the city of Austin?

Austin, unlike most of Texas, consists of rolling hills and vistas.


11. What was the city’s first newspaper, according to the Texas State Historical Handbook?

The Austin City Gazette


12. What is one of the big attractions that bring people to Austin?

Austin City Limits Music Festival and Texas Longhorns football game


13. The site on the western frontier that would become Austin was chosen by a commission appointed by the Texas Congress in 1839. The commission was directed to see the site by which early Texas leader?

Mirabeau B. Lamar


14. How many students attend the University of Texas located in Austin?



15. In what Texas town was Academy Award-winning actress, former Austinite and UT alum Renée Zellweger born?



16. How many visitors make their way to Austin each year?

17 million


17. During the mid-19th century, what Native American tribe lived prominently near present-day Austin, even reportedly camping in what’s now Republic Square Park?



18. As far as food events go, which event held in Austin is America’s second-largest such festival?

The Hill Country Wine & Food Festival


19. Austin City Limits Music Festival has given the stage to a bunch of artists over the years. But which of these never actually played the fest in Zilker Park?

Amy Winehouse


20. Austin is noted for having an abundance of sunshine. How many sun days does it have yearly?



21. You might know that Zach Theatre is named after Austin actor Zachary Scott, who also found a career in the Golden Age of Hollywood. He co-starred with fellow Texan Joan Crawford in three feature films: “Hollywood Canteen,” “Mildred Pierce” and what other movie?

“Flamingo Road”


22. How many Mexican Free-Tailed Bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge each night from May to October?

1.5 million


23. In the late 1800s, Austin’s William Sydney Porter — the prolific short story writer better known as O. Henry — founded a humor publication with the same name as which popular magazine?


24. What is the population of the greater metropolitan area of Austin?

1.4 million


25. José Antonio Menchaca, the veteran for whom Menchaca Road is believed to be named, most famously served in what Texas Revolution battle?


26. What is an important thing to remember about taking a bus from the airport to downtown Austin?

Capitol Metro bus drivers do not carry or make change so have your coins and bills ready.


27. If you are planning to drive north of Austin during rush hour, what is the maximum delay that you should plan for and anticipate?

About an hour


28. What is a nice service offered by Capital Metro that makes being a tourist easy?

There are free trolleys that run late at night on Thursday through Sunday for a safe ride after late night partying.


29. What year was the first Gay and Lesbian Pride Fiesta, the ancestor to the annual Austin Pride celebration, held?



30. What is a popular tourist destination that is grand as well as historic?

Capitol building home of the Texas Legislature


31. Which fashion designer was born in Austin?

Tom Ford


32. What is a favorite cooling-off spot where you can take a dip without leaving the city?

Barton Springs Pool


33. What prestigious distinction did Runner’s World magazine give to Austin?

Austin was named one of their Top 25 Running Cities in America.


34. Which pair of famous Austin names are siblings?

Director Robert Rodriguez and musician Patricia Vonne


35. What is a tourist attraction in Austin that is the only one of its kind in the world still in operation?

Moonlight Towers


36. Tex-Mex institution Matt’s El Rancho is famous for its Bob Armstrong dip. What are the main ingredients?

Queso, guacamole and ground beef


37. What is considered the best example of unique Austin architecture?

Governor’s Mansion


38. Austin’s Barbara Jordan broke many barriers: first woman in the Texas Senate, first Black woman to act as governor (for a day), first woman and first Black person to give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention … the list goes on. What Texas journalist once compared interviewing the great orator to being “a bit like grilling God”?

Molly Ivins


39. What is unique about the University of Texas Tower, built in 1936?

There are gold-plated clocks on each side of the tower that span more than 12 feet across.


40. The Goddess of Liberty currently on top of the state Capitol is a replica. Where’s the original?

On exhibit at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.


41. Austin is bursting with great places to shop. What location is considered the coolest shopping district in the city?

South Congress Avenue


42. What happens at Rock Island every Sunday night throughout the summer?

Blues on the Green


43. While Janis Joplin lived in Austin in the early 1960s, what was the name of the folk band was she a part of?

The Waller Creek Boys


44. Who kicked off BookPeople’s half-century tradition of hosting renowned authors for public events, back when the store was known as Grok Books?

Timothy Leary


45. Under what Austin bridge would you find the largest urban bat population in North America?

Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge


46. What song was Willie Nelson’s first No. 1 single on the country charts?

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”


47. According to Forbes, between 2004 and 2014 Austin, Texas had the largest growth of jobs in the country in what field?

Information Technology


48. What professional football team was the first to count Texas Longhorn alums among its roster during a Super Bowl game, according to Sports Illustrated?

New York Jets


49. Select the name of the central Austin, Texas park that hosts the annual Christmas Trail of Lights and Barton Springs Pool.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

50. Which 2000s pop star filmed a music video for one of their songs at UT?

Ryan Cabrera


51. For which events would you visit Zilker Park in Austin, Texas?

Austin City Limits Music Festival, Zilker Kite Festival, Blues on the Green


52. Cookie delivery company Tiff’s Treats was founded in Austin by Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen in 1999. Which of the following is not a current standard flavor of cookie on their menu?

double chocolate


53. On 22 November 1963, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. At what Austin, Texas landmark was he scheduled to appear later on the same date?

Municipal Auditorium


54. How tall is former Texas Longhorn basketball star and current NBA player Kevin Durant?

6 feet, 10 inches


55. Esther’s Follies has been a well-known landmark in downtown Austin, Texas since 1977. What is Esther’s Follies?

A comedy house featuring music, magic, and short skits


56. What types of bats fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge from March to November?

Mexican free-tailed bats


57. What road should you avoid during rush hour traffic?

I-35, Mopac and Capital of Texas Highway


58. Who played Mini Me in the “Austin Powers” movies?

Verne Troyer


59. What is Dr. Evil’s son’s name from the “Austin Powers” movies?



60. Who is Austin named after?

A politician from Virginia


61. Who is Scott Evil’s mother in “Austin Powers”?

Frau Farbissina


62. How many districts are represented on our city council and how many city council seats are there?

10, 11


63. What sets Central Texas barbecue Apart from other regional styles?

The focus is solely on the flavor of the meat


64. How did former governor Rick Perry once describe Austin’s political leanings?

The blueberry in the tomato soup


65. What recent Oscar-winning film was (partially) filmed in Austin?



66. Where do most new Austinites come from?

Other cities in Texas


67. What’s the name of Austin’s public bike-sharing service?

Austin B-cycle


68. Where are you most likely to spot Matthew McConaughey hanging out?

A Longhorn football game at Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium


69. Where did the name “Waterloo” come from? Why was Austin called Waterloo?

Waterloo was the name of the very small community that existed near the confluence of the Colorado River and today’s Shoal Creek before Austin was founded.


70. What’s the origin of the term “City of the Violet Crown” referring to Austin? Did it really originate with O. Henry?

From an article published in 1891 describing growth in the city including a new dam under construction and the addition of new railway lines among other changes to the city.


71. When were the names of the east-west streets downtown changed from the names of trees to numbers?

In between 1897 or 1898.


72. Why is there a cross in Austin’s city seal?

The cross (and the wings) were features of the Austin Family crest that were incorporated into the city’s seal design.


73. Who was Austin’s first Mexican-American elected official?

Richard Moya


74. What is the oldest house in Austin?

The French Legation, at 802 San Marcos, is Austin’s oldest documented structure still on its original site.


75. Why was Austin’s first municipal airport named Mueller Airport?

Robert Mueller was a city council member who died in January 1927, just months after being elected to office. The council chose to honor his dedication to service and his civic contributions by naming the first municipal airport after him after it opened in 1930.


76. When and how did Austin get its start as a high-tech mecca?

Many people place the beginning in the late 1940s, with the establishment of the University of Texas’ Balcones Research Center on the 393-acre site of a former federal World War II magnesium plant northwest of Austin.


77. Where was “Chili Square”?

It was where Republic Square is now, framed by Guadalupe, 4th, San Antonio and 5th Streets.


78. What 1940s Austin nightclub was on the “Chitlin Circuit”?

The Victory Grill, at 1104 E. 11th Street, was on that circuit.

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