80+ April Fools’ Jokes for Husband

If you’re a couple that loves to play tricks on each other, April 1st presents a golden opportunity to share funny jokes and pranks.

Even though you’re not a regular prankster, there are tons of April Fool’s Day jokes to play on your wife, husband, and kids. Don’t miss out on the fun!

April Fools’ Jokes for Husband

You may be familiar with couples on youtube who are well-known for pranking each other. You too can start an all-out spousal prank war after tricking your husband with these April Fool’s Day jokes.

From humorous messages to food fakes, or even car-related tricks, we’ve got just the right practical jokes for your husband.

Below is a list of April Fool’s jokes for your husband. Whatever trick you pick, do it with love and care!

1. Convince him your parents are coming to visit… for a whole month.

2. Trick him into think you bought way too much stuff.

3. Place poppers under the toilet seat.

4. Use a permanent marker to draw an over-the-top tattoo on your body in his honor.

5. Get his boss to pretend to fire him.

6. If he already put a ring on it, pull a fast one: Stash it (safely) away, and then announce you lost it down the drain.

7. Make him think his Amazon Alexa is broken.

8. Put His Car Up For Sale.

9. Stage a wardrobe malfunction.

10. Change his ringtone to something totally lame.

11. Show him a picture of a sickly, disabled animal and announce you’ve adopted it.

12. Send him off to work with a loving little pat on the bum, and make sure to leave a fun sticker or note attached without him knowing.

13. Replace the toilet paper roll with a roll of duct tape.

14. In Microsoft Word on their laptop, use the Autocorrect feature to “correct” a commonly used word such as “the” by automatically inserting “April Fools’!”

15. Use a pen to ink a black dot on a piece of scotch tape, and place it over the remote’s sensor. It won’t work to control the TV.

16. Make an utterly disgusting meal for him.

17. Move your husband’s drawers around so he can’t find what he is looking for in the morning!

18. Change the Language on His Phone.

19. Is your man a big fan of The Office? Then take a page out of Jim’s playbook and encapsulate one of his essential items in Jello.

20. Wake up way too early and act like it’s normal.

21. Be the “Funny Wife” at his work.

22. Carefully remove Oreo cookies from their package and replace the cream filling with another edible white substance (like mayo!).

23. Change outfits every 30 minutes, and act like nothing is different.

24. If your hubby is in any way handy, place a leek right by the drain of your sink or your bathtub and urgently tell him that there is a leak.

25. You know that show you absolutely always wait and watch together? Make him think you blithely skipped ahead or just confuse the heck out of him.

26. Paint his soap bar with clear nail polish.

27. If you pack your husband his lunch for work, go looking for a bag from someplace like Victoria’s Secret and deposit his meal within it.

28. Grab his phone when he’s not looking and go into the settings. From there, change the autocorrect feature so it replaces an ordinary word he commonly uses with something else.

29. Replace his underwear and socks with zany, crazy patterned ones.

30. This is another prank for the wives who pack their husbands’ lunches. Whip out a sharpie and write some “interesting” messages on the plastic bags you use to secure his food.

31. Tightly stretch a sheet of plastic wrap over the toilet bowl and shock him big time when the barrier deflects his, uh, business.

32. Sign him up for several e-mail newsletters that reflect none of his interests and all would be embarrassing to read on some level.

33. Pretend you crashed his car.

34. The next time he asks you for the number to something, tell him to dial your area code, followed by “867-5309.”

35. Leave cryptic notes for a few days beforehand, warning about an impending prank.

36. If he is working on losing weight or gaining muscle, stand right beside your man when he weighs in. Right as he is about to gauge his weight, stealthily press your foot on the weight sensor.

37. Switch up the bags between two cereal boxes — so he gets Grape Nuts when he wanted Froot Loops.

38. Log into his Facebook account and change his birthday to April 1. Watch as the flood of celebratory messages come in.

39. Scare the living daylights out of him.

40. Automotive Signposting; It is one thing to stick a sign on your husband’s back as he heads off to work.

41. If your husband fancies the occasional spot of tea, bring him an empty mug with some paper cut into a T shape the next time he asks for some “hot leaf juice.”

42. Before he comes into the kitchen, swap the sugar for salt. So when he tries to sweeten his coffee, he’ll find quite an unpleasant taste sensation as a surprise.

43. Spice his donuts.

44. If your husband likes to know what dinner will be in advance, tell him you will be making a fish dinner. Watch the look on his face when you bring a plate of Swedish fish to him.

45. Give him the sparkling wine he never asked for.

46. Carefully place confetti atop the blades of a ceiling fan while it’s turned off. When he turns it on, the confetti will launch around the room like it’s a wild party.

47. Switch up her coffee routine.

48. Get a box of donuts, the kind that does not allow you to see the contents inside. Empty its contents, feel free to have a few yourself, and fill the box with a crudités platter and a message encouraging him to eat his vegetables.

49. Buy a dummy doll head on the internet and get up early. Disguise your body with pillows and put the dummy head facing your partner.

50. Change out the toilet paper in your bathroom with a lint roller. Leave a rotation or two of toilet paper to really sell the illusion.

51. Sneak into his car and park it in such a way that the vehicle is perpendicular to the driveway.

52. Tape up the sink head.

53. If your husband’s deodorant is white in color, sneakily fill the cap with cream cheese and put it back on. Do your best to wipe away every trace of the stuff that squeezes out between the cap and the stick.

54. Create a toilet trap.

55. The next time you are out getting some sun and he asks you to help him apply suntan lotion to his back, feel free to leave some spots bare in such a way that they say something like “I love my wife” or “I [heart sign] dolphins.”

56. Leave a secret message for them on their car.

57. Get a few bottles of water and leave them in the sink or the bathtub. Tell him that the water refuses to empty into the drain and listen for the groan when he goes to inspect the problem.

58. If your guy is very astute and maybe a little obsessed about having everything in its rightful place, it’s time to rearrange his world.

59. If your man has a routine, mix things up by changing up the sequence of events. For example, put his keys where he keeps his phone, his phone where he keeps his socks and his socks where he keeps his keys.

60. Is your boyfriend a little bit horrified by how much stuff you order online? Take it to the next level by saving 20+ empty boxes from your recent deliveries.

61. If you know of a certain character that unnerves or spooks your husband, chances are high that you can easily buy or fabricate a upright cardboard cutout of that character.

62. If he relies on technology to turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, and crank the volume of his music, this one is for you. Every time he gives Alexa a voice command, override it by using the app on your phone.

63. Gelatin is Great For Preventing Cavities. Stick his toothbrush in a bowl of jello. For extra flare, make sure to use the sugar-free stuff.

64. Find a friend who’s a real estate agent and borrow one of his or her signs. Place it in your front yard and add the “Sold” sign underneath.

65. Create an outrageously false “Breaking News” story that will catch your husband’s attention.

66. Post an ad on Craigslist offering free llamas—all they have to do is text the number you’ve provided. Oh, did we mention it’s your husband’s phone number?

67. Make two big round meatloaves. Put one on a pie plate, spread a layer of mashed potato “icing” and top with the other meatloaf.

68. Tell your man to put his palms down on the table and create a friendly bet that he can’t balance a glass full of water on the back of each hand. As soon as you have the full glasses balanced on his hands, stand up and leave the room.

69. When your husband is sleeping, take all his socks and pair them incorrectly.

70. Tell your husband that your parents need to come stay with you for a few weeks. Act as serious as you can. Maybe even sound like you’re annoyed about it, too.

71. Make it look like someone is stuck inside the toilet by printing a photo of someone’s face looking trapped and taping it to the toilet base (but under the seat).

72. While they are sleeping, hack into their phone and change the settings to a language that they won’t understand.

73. Research revealed that a fool uses his thumb to browse messages. Don’t try to change the finger. Too late. Happy Fools day.

74. It is next to impossible to make anything fool proof from you. Happy fool’s day, dear husband.

75. Offer your husband a “cake ball” for dessert that’s really a Brussels sprout dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in sprinkles. He’ll be excited that you made him a treat, but then totally grossed out when he pops it in his mouth and bites down.

76. Salt & Pepper Switch-Up.

77. I dreamed of an intelligent man, got one who thinks he is intelligent. Happy April fool day dear husband.

78. You are the most handsome, intelligent and smartest man in the world. And I am the one who is spreading this stupid rumor my love.

79. Delete a friend’s name from their contact info in your phone and have them text you a message that says something along the lines of “I know what your husband did last weekend.”

80. Your presence is my life is the most important thing to me. I can feel you every moment with me, always. I think you have got it all wrong, I was talking about Oxygen, as it gives me life!!!

81. Superglue the cap of a pen in place. Once it’s totally dry, casually ask your spouse to help you get your stuck pen cap off.

82. They say everyone has its day and today is your day…. yes my darling husband it’s your unofficial birthday today and we are going to have a blast. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

83. Unscrew the lid to the shampoo bottle and place a small piece of plastic wrap on top before putting the lid back on. When your husband goes to wash his hair, he won’t be able to get the shampoo out of the bottle.

84. Marriage is like the biggest prank because everything turns out to be just the opposite. Happy April Fools Day.

85. Tape a sign in the back window of your significant other’s vehicle that instructs passersby to honk and wave.

86. If you pack your husband’s lunch in the morning, stick a pair of googly eyes on every food: his sandwich, his apple, etc. It’ll be super funny when lunchtime rolls around.

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