80+ Belgium Trivia Questions and Answers

Belgium is well-known as a country that made history for going without an elected government for 589 days from 2010 to 2011. Besides this historical record, the country has beautiful landscapes, is home to over 2000 brands of beer, and is a high producer of chocolate in Europe.

You may be aware that the World Wide Web was developed at CERN in Switzerland. But did you know that it wouldn’t have been possible if inventor Tim Berners-Lee had not worked with his Belgian colleague Cailliau? Thanks to them you are now reading this!

Belgium Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Cricket sport has over the years been a British quintessential. What you didn’t know is that the classic game pays its existence to Belgium.

Some of the world’s most famous comic strips originate in Belgium. The Smurfs, The Adventures of Tintin, Gaston, and Lucky Luke e.t.c. Fascinating movie fun facts, right?

Here’s a list of Belgium trivia questions and answers to impress your Belgian friends with facts from their own country.


1. When was the country of Belgium officially established?



2. Which military alliance has its headquarters in Brussels?



3. Who was the first player to win the Belgian Golden Boot?

Rik Coppens


4. What is the name of the companion and chronicler of Belgian fictional detective Poirot?



5. Which is the official language of Wallonia?



6. The very first season was held back in 1895-96, and was won by FC Liégeois. Which club, one of the two Belgian European Cup winners, was situated in Belgium’s capital Brussels?

RSC Anderlecht


7. Who is the current king of Belgium?



8. Which is the capital of the European Union?



9. RAEC Mons is one of the smallest teams in the Belgian first division. There is something awkward about their name. R stands for Royal and C is for Club, but what do the A & E stand for?

Albert Elisabeth


10. What’s the name of the museum on the market square of Ypres?

The In Flanders Fields Museum


11. Which sea is to the west of Belgium?

North Sea


12. Who is the current Prime Minister of Belgium?

Alexander De Croo


13. Which part of Belgium is German-speaking?



14. What is the nickname of the Belgian national soccer team?

Red Devils


15. What is the biggest Belgian company in terms of market value?

Anheuser-Busch InBev


16. Which club won the first championship in Belgium?

Club Luik


17. What’s the nickname of the footballing team AA Gent, named after a visiting circus act?

The Buffaloes


18. From which people Belgium has derived its name?



19. In what year did the so-called Heysel Drama take place, when English hooligans invaded a stand filled with Italian fans during the Liverpool-Juventus game?



20. In 2014 the then Belgian Prime Minister visited Namur. What was thrown at him?

Belgian fries and mayonnaise


21. Which King of Belgium was held prisoner by Germany during World War II?

Leopold III


22. Which Belgian team played in the European Cup Final of 1978?

Club Brugge


23. Where was Napoleon defeated in 1815?



24. Who won the first official Belgian Competition?

FC Luik


25. Which country is to the south of Belgium?



26. Which was Belgium’s first major tournament win?

The Olympic Soccer Tournament 1920


27. The Ottenstadion is home to KAA Ghent. What is the first name of that Otten?



28. What was the name of the referee who denied a penalty to Belgium in the game against Germany during the 1994 World Cup, causing the Belgians to lose by 3-2?

Kurt Röthlisberger


29. Which team was the first to win the 5 consecutive titles?

RSC Anderlecht


30. I won the Golden Boot in 1978 when I played for Beveren. When my contract expired, I went to Bayern Munich. I was one of the best players in my position in the world. Who am I?

Jean-Marie Pfaff


31. Give the colors of the Belgian national flag?

Black, yellow, and red


32. Which currency is used in Belgium?



33. What is the symbol of Brussels?

A small boy who is peeing


34. Belgians have very famous tastes. Name one of them?

Quiche Lorraine


35. What club was founded when all but one player left Antwerp under the impulse of keeper Alfred Grisar, to start a team of their own?

Beerschot VAC


36. How is this famous Belgian building called?



37. In which city you can find the “Lake of Love”?



38. Who was the oldest player in the Belgian First Division in the 2002-03 season?

Dany Verlinden


39. How is this famous national snack called in Dutch (in the Flemish part)?

Een pak friet


40. Which Belgian province shares a border with Germany?



41. Which is the largest pop festival in Belgium?

Torhout Werchter


42. Which river is the longest one in Belgium?



43. Which Belgian team played in the Cup-Winners Cup Final of 1993?

R. Antwerp F.C.


44. Give the name of the national anthem of Belgium?



45. Who scored the most Belgian goals in the 2002 World Cup?

Marc Wilmots


46. Which religion in Belgium has the majority of believers?

Roman Catholicism


47. Who was the top scorer in the 2003-04 season (he was playing for Excelsior Moeskroen during that season)?

Luigi Pieroni


48. Give the official language(s) of Belgium?

Dutch, French and German


49. Could you name the coach who led the Belgian national team on their trip to the first World Cup, Uruguay 1930?

Hector Goetinck


50. Which was a former colony of Belgium?



51. Who was the first Belgian player to be transferred abroad?

Raymond Braine


52. Give the size of Belgium?

30,510 km²


53. When did KRC Genk first win the Belgian league title?



54. Who is the President of Belgium?

We don’t have a president, but a Prime Minister.


55. Founded in 1880, and still holding foundation number 1, this is the oldest club in Belgium?

Royal Antwerp FC


56. How many inhabitants does Belgium have?

10 million


57. What team did the world-famous goalkeeper Michel Preud’homme NEVER play for?

Club Liège


58. Give the national motto of Belgium?

Unity gives strength


59. Fernand Goyvaerts was the first Belgian to play for what world-famous club?

FC Barcelona


60. Who is the King or the Queen of Belgium?

Albert II


61. Which second-division team managed to win the Belgian Cup in 1956?

Racing Doornik


62. Who won the Eurovision Song Festival for Belgium?

Sandra Kim


63. Which club played the Belgian Cup final in 2004, with a squad consisting almost entirely of players from Ivory Coast, earning them a place in the UEFA cup in 2004-05?

SK Beveren


64. What is the nickname of AA Ghent?



65. What is the nickname of the Belgian national soccer team?

Red Devils


66. Who sent Belgium to the World Cup ’86 in Mexico by scoring with a header against Holland?

Georges Grün


67. Belgium has never hosted the Olympic Games. True or False?



68. Which player was the first to play more than 90 internationals for Belgium?



69. Belgium shares a long border with the Netherlands than with France. True or False?



70. Which coach failed to guide Belgium to Euro 2004?

Aime Antheunis


71. Every even year, the Grand Place in Brussels is covered with more than 500,000 begonias. True or False?



72. When did Belgium win its first Olympic soccer title?



73. The “Couque de Dinant” is a pastry that spoils quickly. True or False?



74. Racing Genk was born when two clubs merged together in 1988. Waterschei is one of them. Name the other?



75. Cyclist Eddy Merckx won gold in three Olympic Games. True or False?



76. The first team from Belgium to lift a European trophy was RSC Anderlecht, when they beat West Ham United 4-2 in the Cup-Winners Cup Final of 1976. Which Belgian team was the second one to win a European trophy?

KV Mechelen


77. Only one river crosses Belgium and flows into the sea. True or False?



78. What Belgian trainer was called “de tovenaar”?

Raymond Goethals


79. In 1899, the first motor vehicle to hit the 62 mph (100 km/h) mark was Belgian. True or False?



80. When he played his 96th international game in 1990, who became Belgium’s most capped player?

Jan Ceulemans


81. Which team won the 2000-01 league title in Belgium?

RSC Anderlecht


82. French fries come from this country. True or False?




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