80 Columbus Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Columbus is a pioneer for Fast Food empires. Wendy’s restaurant was first opened on East Broad Street in November 1969. Burger chain White Castle on the other hand was founded in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921, but has had its base in Columbus since 1933.

Clarence and Charles Hoover designed the world’s first water filtration facility aimed at fighting typhoid outbreaks in Columbus. The facility is still in use across the world.

Columbus Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

If you thought it was only New York and Los Angeles with the biggest fashion industries, you’ll be surprised to find big fashion designs in Columbus. This is partly because fashion gurus and companies like Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and DSW have their headquarters in Columbus.

According to a 2013 study by the Intelligent Community Forum, Columbus was ranked as the most intelligent city in the country. It is also among the 20 most literate cities.

Become the star of the party by answering correctly the Columbus quiz below!


1. What year did Olientalagy park close?



2. What is the unofficial name of the night before the first Columbus crew SC game of the season?

Crewsmas Eve


3. What year was the first Major League Soccer Club introduced in Columbus?



4. What is Mayor Andrew Ginther’s middle name?



5. What local salon was recently named best in North America?

Penzone Salon + Spa


6. What is the hottest month on average in Columbus?



7. What is the highest snowfall in Columbus in January?



8. What is the median household income of Hilliard?

Between $92,000 and $96,000


9. In what year did the Scioto river flood enough to kill more than 100 people?



10. What year was the statehouse built?



11. What is the highly debated alternative name for the Dennison Place neighborhood around king Avenue?

The Peach District


12. One of the last ancient remaining burial mounds is located in Columbus. What is its name?

Shrum Mound


13. What does COSI stand for?

Center of Science and Industry


14. What year did the Kahiki close?



15. What was the Alternative station’s frequency before it was 102.5?



16. What is the name of the grocery store chain headquartered in Columbus that closed in 2004?

Big Bear Stores


17. When did Union Station stop serving the railroad system?



18. Who has the most football wins, between Michigan and Ohio State?



19. What is Nationwide Arena’s concert capacity?



20. What is Jungle Jack Hanna’s real name?

John Bushnell Hanna


21. In 1930, Palace Theatre operated under a different name. What was it?

“RKO Palace”


22. How many leaflets does a Buckeye leaf have?



23. What year did the Columbus Italian Fest begin?



24. What Ohio college was the first interracial university in the U.S.?

Oberlin College


25. True or False: The average age of Columbus residents is 24-27?

False. The average age of Columbus, Ohio residents have hovered between 30-33 years old for nearly 10 years, making it one of the top ten youngest cities in the U.S.!


26. What was located on the grounds of North Market before it was developed?



27. On average, what is the wettest month of the year in Columbus?



28. Columbus hosts the largest single-breed horse show in the world every October. What is it called?

The All American Quarter Horse Congress


29. In 1896, the Ohio state fair became the first fair to have what technological advancement?


30. What is the name of the actor from the popular 80s Tv series – “Miame Vice” that was born in Columbus?

Philip Michael Thomas


31. What is the name of the stadium where the Columbus Clippers played from 1977 to 2008?

Cooper Stadium


32. What local high school did alternative Pop artist Tyler Joseph of twenty-one Pilots attend?

Worthington Christian High School


33. Which year did Ohio State win its first National Championship?



34. Who was the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes in 2007?

Todd Boeckman


35. What does the word “Gahanna” mean?

Three creeks joining into one


36. What country band sings “God bless the broken road” and “What hurts the most” is from Columbus?


37. In what year did Comfest get its start?



38. Who was Ohio State University’s first football coach?

Alexander S. Lilley


39. True or False: Columbus is on the run to host the World Cup Championship of 2026?



40. What year was the first Columbus Pride?



41. What year was the first (614) magazine published?



42. What is Jeni of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s full name?

Jeni Britton Bauer


43. What is the newest venture going into the North Market?



44. What was the most popular major at Ohio state in Autumn 2017?



45. What is the name of the allegedelly haunted drainage tunnel that runs beneath high street that carries the stream in Glen Echo Park to the Olentangy River?

The Gates of Hell


46. What is the name of Thurman café’s very famous and very massive burger?

The Thurmanator


47. What is Columbus’s only independent, alternative Rock station?



48. What is the name of the alleged Lake Erie sea monster?



49. What are the four colors of Ohio State University’s brand palette?

Scarlet, gray, white, black


50. What is the name of the King statue located in the Brewery District?

King Gambrinus, King of beer


51. Downtown Columbus is home to the largest …. what?



52. What war began the Ohio State Michigan Rivalry?

Toledo War


53. What year was the iconic cable-stayed suspension bridge on lane avenue built?



54. Who was the first mayor of Columbus?

John Brooks


55. How many steps is the process of folding the Ohio flag?

17 steps


56. What famous American restauranter, author, game show host, television, and eater was born in Columbus?

Guy Fieri


57. What professional golfer founded the Muirfield Village Golf Club?


58. What is Capital University’s Mascot?



59. How tall are the Corn Cob Statues in the Dublin Ohio Public Art installation?



60. What is Ohio’s state reptile?

Black Racer (snake)


61. What 3 Ohio cities does the 3c highway connect?

Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati


62. What is Ohio’s state flower?

Scarlet Carnation


63. What does the word Ohio mean?

“Great river”


64. What was the name of the first organized baseball club in Columbus?

Buckeye Baseball Club of Columbus


65. What is Columbus’s oldest brewpub?

Barley’s Brewing


66. When did the Columbus blue jackets first join the NHL



67. What Burger chain got its start in Columbus?



68. What is the tallest building in Columbus and how many stories is it?

Rhodes State Office Tower


69. What nickname did Columbus earn for the popular features in the Short North?

Arch City


70. What famous author of a spooky chapter book series was born in Columbus?

R.L. Stine


71. Who was the two-time Heisman Trophy winner at Ohio state?

Archie Griffin


72. What was the first concert held at Nationwide Arena?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill


73. What popular Olympian was born in Columbus?


74. What percentage of the U.S. population lives within 500 miles of Columbus?

About 50%


75. What River runs near downtown Columbus?

Scioto River


76. What is the highway you’d take if you wanted to drive to Indianapolis, Indiana, from Columbus as quickly as possible?

Interstate 70


77. How would a Columbus native describe the topography of the city to you?



78. Which distinctive neighborhood in Columbus is the largest privately funded historic district on the National Register of Historic Places?

German Village


79. Much of the landscape of Columbus was formed by a glacier that covered the area during which geological era?

Wisconsin Ice Age


80. The major international airport in the Columbus area was renamed after which legendary Ohio native?

Astronaut John Glenn



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