80+ Estonia Trivia Questions and Answers

When thinking of thousands of Islands, your mind may go on a trip to Seychelles, Maldives, or any other palm-fringed archipelagos surrounded by the ocean. In this case, Estonia houses over 2000 Islands that have a touch of civilization.

Estonians are very innovative and it is evident with all of the thriving startups founded in Estonia. These are Skype, Transferwise, Pipedrive, Cloutex, Click & Grow, Grabcad, Erply, Fortumo, Lingvist, Taxify, Funderbeam, and many others.

Estonia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

A 2011 poll shows that only 16% of Estonians believe in religion. However, in the last decade, there has been an increase in Neo-Pagan, Buddhist, and Hindu beliefs. You can actually spot well-preserved religious sites. For instance, St Madeline’s Church in Ruhnu is Estonia’s oldest wooden building that was fashioned out of the wood from shipwrecked boats.

Read more about the land of linguists, where its citizens are a multilingual bunch among many other things. Here is a trivia exercise with more Estonian facts!

1. Estonia shares land borders with only two countries: Russia and which other?



2. Which country is Estonia’s northern neighbour, found across a body of water?



3. Part of the border between Estonia and Russia is formed by Europe’s largest trans-boundary lake. What is the name of this body of water?

Lake Peipus


4. Lake Peipsi (3555 sq km) is situated on the Estonian-Russian border and is the biggest transboundary lake in Europe. True or false?



5. Which building houses the Estonian government?

Stenbock House


6. What is the biggest city in Estonia?



7. Although only 48 miles in length, which river that forms part of the Estonia-Russia border is the second-largest (in terms of volume discharged) flowing into the Gulf of Finland?



8. There is a legend connected to Estonia about how this foreign country got its flag.



9. The West Estonian archipelago is a group of islands lying off the northwestern coast of the Estonian mainland. Slightly larger than Luxembourg, which of these is Estonia’s largest island?



10. What bird is Estonia’s national bird?

Barn swallow


11. Once the tallest building in the world, which church has been a Tallinn landmark since its completion in 1519?

St Olaf’s Church


12. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve in Estonia, what time is it in London?



13. What is the well-known Estonian, Arvo Pärt, by profession?

A composer


14. Estonia has more than 1400 islands within its borders. Hiiumaa, the second largest, was created by what event?

A meteorite


15. Most of the rivers in Estonia are quite short, with only ten being longer than 100km. Which river, whilst only 77km in length, is considered to be the largest because of the volume of water it carries?



14. What is approximately the population of Estonia?

1.5 million


15. Estonia is not noted for its mountainous landscape. Its highest mountain is Suur Munamägi. What does the name Suur Munamägi mean in English?

Big Egg Mountain


16. When did Estonia gain independence from Soviet Union?



17. Not only does Estonia have numerous islands, but it also has many lakes. Lake Peipsi-Pihkva is the largest lake in Estonia and it sits on the border with what other country?



18. The Estonian language belongs to which group of languages?



19. As befits a Baltic State, the Baltic Sea lies to the west of Estonia. What body of water lies to the north of Estonia?

Gulf of Finland


20. Estonian flag has three equal horizontal bands. What colour are these bands?



21. An Estonian folk tale describes this naturally occurring event as a glow from a celestial wedding. Which one is it?


22. Estonia re-emerged as an independent country when it regained freedom from the former Soviet Union in August 1991. In what year did Estonia first declare its independence?



23. The Estonian language belongs to which group of languages?



24. Ethnic Estonians comprise the majority of the population of Estonia, but the country also has smaller populations of Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians. Which small ethnic minority largely fled Estonia during World War II?



25. What is the name of this Estonian dish?

Vürtsikilu Suupiste


26. Estonia’s capital city Tallinn is noted for the beauty of its medieval “Old Town”. What honour was bestowed on Tallinn in 1997?

Named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site


27. How many islands do you think Estonia has?

Over 2000


28. The city of Pärnu is known as Estonia’s summer capital and is a major tourist destination. What attracts many tourists to Pärnu?

Health Spas


29. Do you know where you can find the underwater prison in Estonia?



30. Estonian, the country’s official language, is most closely related to what other language?



31. In a “Eurobarometer Poll” conducted in 2006, Estonia gained what interesting distinction out of the 25 European Union countries surveyed?

Most non-religious people


32. Name the traditional alcoholic Estonian drink?

Vana Tallin


33. Estonia joined the European Union in 2004, but like a number of other EU countries did not adopt the Euro immediately. What was the currency of Estonia before the adoption of the Euro?



34. As we embark on our journey to Estonia, we fly from Quizzyland to the Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport. Who or what is this airport named after?

A famous Estonian politician


35. You may sound like you’re asking for coffee, but which of the following, situated 13 kilometres from Tallinn’s city centre, is the largest cargo port in Estonia?

Muuga Harbour


36. It might not be considered an appropriate name today, but what name is given to the round cannon tower that serves as part of the Great Coastal Gate?

Fat Margaret


37. One stop on our journey is to an ancient castle that was a fort for over 1,000 years, but in the modern era holds the Estonian Parliament. What is this landmark?

Toompea Castle


38. It’s not surprising to find things buried underground – but what would you find buried under the Old Town of Tallinn?

Valleys left over from ancient rivers


39. While we’re here, we might as well go visit the highest point in Estonia. The Estonian name for it is Suur Munamägi, meaning Big Egg Mountain in English, but in what group of hills is it located?

Haanja Upland


40. Tallinn, Estonia, is serviced by Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, which is only a short distance from the city centre. It is named after Lennart Meri, who died in 2006, but who was he?

Former President of Estonia


41. Our tour would not be complete without revisiting Tallinn one last time before leaving. What was this wonderful capital city’s old name, which it had for hundreds of years until 1917, and again during the Nazi invasion?



42. Considered its “twin pearl”, which European capital city is the closest to Tallinn, Estonia?

Helsinki, Finland


43. What’s the biggest province in Estonia?



44. In Estonia there’s a big Beach Party festival, (usually in the beginning of June). What’s the name of it?

Puhajarve Beach Party


45. Estonia is known for its many lakes dotting the low-lying countryside but which river flows through Tallinn?

None but it has a few lakes


46. Estonia was once part of a big union. What was the name of it?

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


47. Which information technologies was a start-up operation in Tallinn, Estonia?



48. In 2001 Estonia won the Eurovision Song Contest. Who were those two men, who performed the song?

Tanel Padar and Dave Benton


49. Estonia is known for its famous people, too (like Arvo Part, Neeme Jarvi, etc). What’s the name of a world-famous Estonian model?

Carmen Kass

50. Estonia is one of the three countries, in which the Baltic States consist. What are the names of the other two countries?

Latvia and Lithuania


51. What is the name of a famous Estonian basketball player?

Martin Müürsepp


52. Estonia is very big country?



53. This city hosts a folk festival annually in late July.



54. At the beginning of the 21st century there were about how many people in Estonia?



55. This city, located on the largest island in Estonia, was the first Estonian town to regain self governing status.



56. Estonia was the winner of the 2001 Eurovision song competition?



57. Which city, called the cultural capital of Estonia, is located on the Emajogi river?



58. Estonian flag is blue, black and white?



59. Which city is a seaport located on the Pakri peninsula?



60. Does Estonia have border with Germany?



61. Which city’s administrative districts are scattered throughout Ida-Viru county?



62. How many counties are in Estonia?



63. This city is the capital of Ida-Viru county.



64. Name three major natural resources of Estonia.

Oil shale, limestone, forest


65. Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, the writer of the Kalevipoeg lived in this city in south-eastern Estonia.



66. How many Independence Days does Estonia celebrate?



67. Which of these is the smallest Estonian island? Options: (Muhu, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa)



68. Estonia has the largest number of WHAT per land area in the world?


69. In what year did Estonia become a member of NATO?



70. What was Estonia’s largest export in 2013?

Machinery and electrical equipment


71. What image is on coins made in Estonia?

Map of Estonia


72. Puhajarve is a large lake in Estonia; its name means “Holy Lake”. Appropriately, which well-known figure blessed it in 1991?


73. Which city now in Russia belonged to Estonia between 1920 and 1944?



74. Who became the President of Estonia on 7th October 2001?

Arnold Ruutel


75. To which saint did the Crusaders consecrate the conquered Estonia at the beginning of the 13th century?

Virgin Mary


76. How high is the highest point in Estonia?



77. Which party is not represented in the Estonian government?

Social Democratic Party


78. What is the currency in Estonia?



79. In what year was the current Tallinn City Hall completed?



80. What is the name of the Estonian Sydney Olympic winner in the decathlon?

Erki Nool


81. How many people in Estonia speak Estonian as their mother tongue?

About 915,000


82. About how many people live in the capital of Estonia?

About 500,000


83. What is the westernmost city in Estonia?



84. In what year did the current Estonian Constitution enter into force?



85. In what year did Estonia become a member of the UN?



86. Which sea lies between Estonia and Sweden?

Black Sea



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