80 Houston Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Over 2.3 million people reside in Houston. It is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. and the second fastest-growing US city, behind New York. Thanks to its thriving medicine, engineering, oil, gas, and aeronautic industries.

The city is named after Sam Houston, a revolutionary who led the San Jacinto War of Independence.

Houston Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Houston is ranked among the top 30 richest economies in the world. If the city was a country it would be more than the GDP of Iran and Thailand.

There are more than 145 languages spoken in this city. Although Spanish and English are prevalent in the area, you will hear people speaking Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindu, German, and even Tagalog.

Explore these Houston trivia quiz questions and answers to get to know the city in depth. Once you’re done, head on to see some fascinating facts about Texas.

1. On July 1st, 2006, What place is Houston ranked in terms of population in the U.S.?



2. How many feet above sea level is Houston?



3. There is a statue of what famous Texas Revolution hero right outside of the Museum of Natural Science?

Sam Houston


4. How many bayous run through the city?



5. What is the main attraction inside the extravagant Galleria shopping mall built in 1970?

skating rink


6. What is one of the most important words anyone visiting Houston should learn?

“The Loop”


7. Making its first run on January 1, 2004, What is the name of this newly installed transportation system that goes throughout the city?



8. What is the best way to get around Houston?



9. Once a vacation destination for many, this amusement park was torn down in 2005.



10. How many people live in Houston?

two million


11. This man replaced Lee Brown when he became the 60th mayor of Houston in January of 2004.

Bill White


12. What is the average temperature in Houston?

94 in the summer and the low 60s in the winter


13. This energy company was based in Houston and publicly announced bankruptcy when it was charged with fraud in 2001.



14. During the summer, what should you carry around with you in the car?

An umbrella


15. This stadium was the first of its kind when it opened in 1965 and was nicknamed the “8th Wonder of the World”



16. What is Houston’s largest airport?

George Bush International Airport


17. What is the name of the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions that is housed in Houston?

Texas Medical Center


18. How are taxi fares determined in Houston?

flat zone rate or meter


19. Which road is best to avoid at the moment?

Westpark Tollway


20. What does the public transport system in Houston offer?

buses and railway


21. When is Houston most popular?

in late March and early October


22. How long is the Buffalo Bayou?

52 miles


23. What is the Space Center Houston?

a scientific theme park


24. What is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures in town?

the Meckom Rockwell Fountain


25. What does the Forbidden Gardens house?

It replicates China’s major historic scenes.


26. How many animals are there in the Houston Zoo?



27. How many acres is the George Ranch Historical Park?



28. What ranking does the Houston Theater District have?



29. Which hotel has the highest rating?

Four Seasons Hotel Houston


30. Which two interstate freeways meet near downtown Houston?

Interstates 10 and 45


31. Houston also goes by the name Space City. What’s the reason for this name?

NASA facilities


32. Houston has the power to annex suburbs to add size and population to the city.



33. What big event takes place every February/March in Houston?

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo


34. Which professional sport is the only one in Houston to NOT have a team name associated with NASA/space?



35. Houston’s really big on healthcare. What’s the reputation of the Texas Medical Center?

Largest in the world


36. Which former president has made Houston his home?

George H. W. Bush


37. This Texas city’s name is Latin for ‘Body of Christ’.

Corpus Christi


38. If you’re thinking that Houston is all desert and prairie around buildings, you’d be surprised. What kind of open public space does Houston have a lot of?



39. This Texas city was named after the Commander of the entire Texas army during the Texas Revolution.



40. What’s the event in Houston where the Cowboys have their fun?



41. The city was named for the tribe of Indians that lived near it.

Wichita Falls


42. This city was named for a Texas empresario who was responsible for the Old Three Hundred.



43. These people are all about Texas. What’s the name of Houston’s NFL team?



44. This city was named after the founder of the Texas Rangers.



45. Houston has a sports team named Dash. What division in soccer are they in?



46. Which city is named after an American folk hero?



47. What spans 95 city blocks, and allows Houstonians to travel without getting the sun in their eyes?

Tunnel system


48. This city was named after one of the brave messengers at the Battle of the Alamo.



49. Before the Houston Astros were named that way, they were known as the Colt .45s. Why were they named that way?

Cowboy’s gun

50. This city was named after the man who wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence.



51. Houston has the largest Mandir in Texas. What’s a Mandir?

Hindu Temple


52. This city was named after the leader of the Tejanos (Mexican-Texans) who fought in the Revolution.



53. This town was named after the co-commander of the troops at the Alamo with William Travis.



54. Houston was once the capital of the state of Texas. True or false?



55. Name a celebrity from Houston?


56. What did Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert famously say to the NASA control centre based in Houston?

“Houston we have a problem”


57. What destroyed Houston’s port in Galveston in 1900?



58. What bay is Houston near to?

Galveston Bay


59. A few decades ago, Houston’s original American Football team left for another state. What was the industrial name of this team?



60. What’s so special about the Houston Galleria?

Biggest mall in Texas


61. This being Houston, the soccer team is named Dynamo. What’s a dynamo?

An electrical generator


62. What prevented the famous Astrodome from being demolished?

Declared a historic place


63. Houston’s definitely a city for air travel. How many airports service Houston?



64. Traditionally, what is one reason why the energy industry’s a big player in Houston?

Close to the oil fields


65. You may not think about this when you think about Houston and Texas, but what is one place that handles a lot of foreign transport and trade in Houston?



66. Who, or what, are Addicks and Barkers, and why are they so important to Houston?



67. When it comes to baseball, Houston had the Astros. Why were they named like that?

The Space Center


68. Which U.S. President has a Houston airport named after him?

George H.W. Bush


69. What is Houston known for, when it comes to constructing new buildings and houses?

No zoning


70. It’s not just the heat that makes you sweat in Houston. What else makes it easy to do so?



71. In Houston, what’s the special status of the JP Morgan Chase Tower?


72. Who was Houston named after?

Former President of the Republic of Texas


73. This Houston-originated, sharp-dressed, classic rock band is famous for their brand of gritty, bluesy rock music. Who are they?

ZZ Top


74. Waugh Drive Bridge is a perfect place for a horror movie treat. Why is this so?



75. Why is the San Jacinto State Historic Site so important?

Battle for independence


76. What’s the name of the battleship moored at the San Jacinto Historic Site?



77. The San Jacinto Historic Site has a really tall monument that serves as a memorial. Which is taller, the San Jacinto monument, or the Washington Monument?

San Jacinto


78. When it comes to NASA’s history, Houston’s name is on the list in a special way. Why was “Houston” the first word said on the moon?

Mission Control is in Houston


79. If you’re riding Houston’s METRORail, what would the colors red, green, and purple mean?

Train lines


80. Which Houstonian became a famous singer who happens to be ‘Crazy In Love’?


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