80+ Jamaica Trivia Questions and Answers

Jamaica is among the most famous Caribbean destinations. The Caribbean islands are divided into three: the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the Lesser Antilles. Jamaica is the third largest island in the region coming next after Cuba and Hispaniola.

If the Olympics are anything to allude to, Jamaicans have impressive athletic prowess. In fact, it is only the U.S. and China that have more Olympic medals than Jamaica. That’s a good sports fact, there!

Jamaica Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you enjoy jamming to reggae music, you got Jamaicans to thank. The country produces the most music per capita. Besides reggae, they also produce other music genres like pop, western, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, hip-hop, jazz, rap, and R&B.

Although the high altitude and gradient of the hills make it extremely difficult to produce a crop. The country produces Blue Mountain Coffee. It takes really long to harvest and thus making it an expensive coffee in the world.

Explore this trivia exercise to learn about Jamaica!

1. Animals: Which brightly colored little bird, immortalized as Jamaica’s national bird, is endemic to Jamaica?

The doctor bird


2. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, measuring 235 km long and approximately 4,411 square miles (10,992 square km). The island is slightly smaller than which state in the U.S.A?



3. Join the definitions of these two phrases to make one Jamaica-related word.



4. Jamaica is located 90 miles south of which Caribbean country?



5. Celebrities: Which Jamaican actress is best remembered for her role as Nurse Ernestine Shoop on Trapper John M.D.?

Madge Sinclair


6. In 1993 which Jamaican beauty was crowned Miss World?

Lisa Hanna


7. In which body of water can Jamaica be found?

Caribbean Sea


8. The capital of Jamaica is which city?



9. The inland areas of Jamaica have a number of mountain ranges. Which mountain range includes the highest point on the island?

Blue Mountains


10. The Jamaican flag consists of how many _____ colors?

3 colors  (Black, Green, Gold)


11. Christopher Columbus is credited with the discovery of Jamaica but which set of people did he find already inhabiting the island on his arrival?

Arawaks and the Tainos


12. The original Indian inhabitants of Jamaica were said to be exterminated by the Spanish. The name of the original Indian inhabitants is one of the following?



13. In which style of cooking native to Jamaica is a very hot spice mixture used to dry rub or wet marinate the meat?



14. The head of government is elected by the Jamaican people and is called one of the following?

Prime Minister


15. Major agricultural crops grown in Jamaica are?



16. Which Jamaican poet/poetess was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1960 for his/her work in Jamaican Literature and theatre?

Louise Bennett-Coverly


17. Over which (3) parishes do the Blue Mountain stretch?

St. Thomas, Portland and St. Andrew


18. Which Jamaican-based comedy released in 1993 is somewhat based on the Jamaican bobsled team’s efforts to get into the Winter Olympics?

Cool Runnings


19. The Mico University College sits on the Liguanea Plain.



20. According to Robert Nesta Marley in his ‘Redemption Song’ what should we emancipate ourselves from?

False, they were the first!


21. After the crowning of Haile Selassie I as Emperor of Ethiopia a new religious movement started in Jamaica. What was it?



22. The Jamaican Maroons were the second negro group to gain freedom from their masters in the New World.

False, they were the first!


23. The Jamaica Hope (Montgomery Jersey) is an animal breed that was developed by Dr. Thomas Lecky, a Jamaican agricultural science pioneer. What type of animal is it?



24. Bauxite is the ore, mined in Jamaica, from which ___________ is made.



25. Which Jamaican track and field sprinter gained prominence at the 2008 Olympics Games as she became the first Caribbean female to win gold at the women’s 100m dash at the Olympics?

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce


26. The team of men, who play football (soccer) for the Jamaica national team, is called __________.

Reggae Boyz


27. A cruise ship passenger terminal is found in Spanish Town?



28. Which Jamaican comedian and actor had a role in two episodes of ‘Chef’ as Gareth Blackstock’s father?

Oliver Samuels


29. Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway, even before the United States!



30. Pokémon video games are popular in Jamaica. Can some Pokemon evolve into more powerful forms?



31. The Manchester Golf Club in Jamaica, the oldest in the western hemisphere, was established in the year _______.



32. Which currency is most commonly used in Jamaica?

Jamaican dollar


33. Bob Marley was born in Jamaica in the year _______.



34. Edward Seaga, PJ Patterson, Portia Simpson, and Bruce Golding, at one point was Jamaica’s __________?

Prime Minister


35. Which parish in Jamaica is the athletic track star Usain Bolt from?



36. The famous Green Grotto is a _______________ in Jamaica.

Cave Attraction – on the north coast.


37. If Jamaica was ‘born’ in 1962, how old is Jamaica today?

The answer is arrived by … taking away 1962 from the current year.


38. Which parish has the lowest elevation?

Kingston — Long Mountain at 337m / 1106ft


39. What did Christopher Columbus call Jamaica?



40. In which county is Manchester located?



41. Who was Jamaica’s governor general in 2007?

Kenneth Hall


42. GoldenEye is the name of Ian Flemming’s home in Jamaica, the author of the James Bond novels. Where in Jamaica is it located?

Oracabessa in the parish of St Mary


43. Who was Jamaica’s prime minister in 2001?

Percival Patterson


44. In which parish did Christopher Columbus first land?

St Ann


45. Which party won Jamaica’s general election in 2007?

Jamaica Labour Party


46. When did Jamaica become an independent nation from Britain?

August 6, 1962


47. Who got Jamaica its first gold medal in a women’s event in the Olympics?

Deon Hemmings


48. What is the largest parish (size) in Jamaica?

St Ann


49. Which is the official language of Jamaica?


50. What is the smallest parish (size) in Jamaica?

Kingston –22km² / 8mi²


51. What is the area of Jamaica?

4,244 sq. mi.


52. Which parish has the highest elevation?

Portland — Blue Mountain Peak at 2257m / 7402ft


53. Who pioneered and popularized rafting as means of leisure?

Errol Flynn


54. The longest river in Jamaica is?

Rio Minho


55. On what day is Jamaican Independence observed each year?

August 6 (or, in case August 6 falls on a Sunday, then the following Monday)


56. The two rainy seasons in Jamaica are?

May and September


57. Jamaica is located in?


58. Who represented The Queen at Jamaica’s Independence celebrations in 1962?

Princess Margaret


59. Select the name of Jamaica’s national bird?

The Swallow-tailed Humming Bird


60. Who is Jamaica’s first National Hero?


61. Jamaica’s National Fruit is?



62. Which National Hero was the leader of a widespread slave rebellion?

Sam Sharpe


63. Can you name what was the capital city of Jamaica immediately before Kingston?



64. Who was Jamaica’s first Prime Minister?

Alexander Bustamante


65. The infamously known as the ‘wickedest city on Earth’ was where in Jamaica?

Port Royal


66. Bob Marley was born in?

Nine Mile, St Ann


67. The first Miss World from Jamaica was?

Yendi Phillipps


68. Which parish is known as the “bread basket parish”?

St Elizabeth


69. First ever goal in a FIFA World Cup Finals was scored by which Jamaican footballer?

Theodore Whitmore


70. What is written on the Jamaican Coat of Arm?

Out of Many One People


71. Who was the first sitting US president to visit Jamaica?


72. Jamaica’s climate?

Tropical Marine


73. Who won the first Festival Song Competition in 1966?

The Maytals – ‘Bam Bam’


74. Who scored Jamaica’s first ever goal in a FIFA World Cup Finals?

Robbie Earle


75. Who won the first Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album?

Black Uhuru – ‘Anthem’


76. What high school did Usain Bolt attend?

William Knibb


77. How many different types of Orchid grow in Jamaica?



78. Evidence of the first humans to have inhabited Jamaica has been dated to approximately when?



79. If you visit Sabina Park you will be there to watch?



80. Samuel Sharpe has been declared a Jamaican National Hero for his role in what event?

Baptist War


81. Tourism is worth approximately how much to Jamaica’s economy?

3.3 Billion


82. What natural disaster struck Jamaica in 1907?



83. Jamaica gave the world Jerk spice. It’s main ingredients are allspice and what?

Scotch Bonnet Peppers


84. What is a Jamaican Slider?




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