80+ Nashville Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Nashville is well known for its music heritage. It is considered as the as the “Country Music Capital of the World.” Artists like Elvis Persely, Roy Acuff and Kitty Wells have left a historic mark thanks to their music influence in the city.

Nashville Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Did you know that Nashville’s best-known culinary dish, hot chicken was created to inflict pain? When Thornton Prince’s girlfriend suspected him of infidelity, she added extra seasonings to the chicken batter. He enjoyed the flavor and decided to refine her recipe and open a restaurant by the name, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack.

One of the best talk show celebrity personality to hail from Nashville is Oprah Winfrey. She got her start in television as a News anchor at Nashville’s WLAC-TV while studying at Tennessee State University.

Below is a trivia exercise to test how well you know Nashville. Explore!


1. What is another name for the AT&T Tower?

550 Madison Avenue


2. What building is in Nashville’s Centennial Park?

The Parthenon


3. Which animal is illegal to keep as a pet in Nashville?

Bats, Skunks and Owls e.t.c.


4. Nashvillian, William Walker, became the president of?



5. On what holiday was Nashville founded?

Christmas Eve


6. Which Nashvillian is considered the Father of Bluegrass?

Bill Monroee


7. Where would you go in Nashville for live country music?

The Bluebird Café


8. Nashville has the largest population of _______ in America.



9. Which famous horse do Nashvillians honor every May?



10. GooGoo candy stands for the Great Open Orifice. True or False?

False, Grand Ole Opry


11. What did Elvis leave in a studio in Nashville that is still there to this day?

Christmas Lights


12. Which famous talk show host was raised in Nashville?

Oprah Winfrey


13. What do you call the Tennessee dish of chicken sauced in a cayenne paste and fried?

Hot Chicken


14. How large is Nashville?

533 square miles


15. What river runs through Nashville?

Cumberland River


16. What is the main thoroughfare through Nashville?



17. How many bridges does the Cumberland River have?



18. What are the fastest routes to get around Nashville?



19. What was Nashville ranked as?

The friendliest city


20. What are the temperature ranges in Nashville?

28 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July.


21. What is Tennessee’s official state flower?



22. What do you need to be cautious of in spring?

Tornado warnings


23. How much snow does Nashville get?

One to three inches


24. What is the best way to get around Nashville?

Via a hire car


25. How much does it cost to take a taxi in from the airport?



26. How much is a day pass on the Nashville Metro Transit Authority?



27. Where can you get discounted passes to Nashville’s attractions?

At the Nashville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau


28. How long does the tour at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum take?

Three hours


29. What does the Parthenon house?

Nashville’s art museum


30. How long did it take to recreate the statue of Athena?

Eight years


31. What style is the mansion at the Bell Meade Plantation?



32. How many wax figures are there at the Music Valley Wax Museum of the Stars?



33. Who was the original owner of the “King of the Cumberland” boat?

General Jackson


34. When was Nashville, Tennessee founded?



35. The city of Nashville was named after a what?

Patriot general


36. It’s illegal to play which game under the age of eighteen in Nashville?



37. When was Nashville incorporated?



38. Who was the city named for?

Francis Nash


39. What is Nashville’s Elevation?

597 ft (182 m)


40. What are Nashville’s area codes?

615 and 629


41. Nashville is the capital city of the U.S. state of Tennessee and the seat of what county?

Davidson County


42. What was the population of Nashville at the 2020 U.S. census?



43. Nashville seceded with Tennessee during what?


44. In 1862, it was the first state capital in the Confederacy to be what?

Taken by Union forces.


45. Since 1963, Nashville has had what kind of government?

A consolidated city-county government, which includes six smaller municipalities in a two-tier system.


46. It is home to what three major professional sports teams?

The Predators, Titans, and Nashville SC.


47. Nashville is sometimes referred to as the “Athens of the South” due to what?

Due to the large number of educational institutions.


48. By 1800, the city had 345 residents, including 136 what?

Enslaved African Americans and 14 free African Americans.


49. In 1806, Nashville was incorporated as a city and became what?

The county seat of Davidson County, Tennessee.


50. In 1843, the city was named what?

The permanent capital of the state of Tennessee.


51. In 1831, the city government of Nashville owned how many slaves?

24 slaves by, and 60 prior to the Civil War.


52. The slave were put to work to build what?

The first successful water system and maintain the streets.


53. The cholera epidemic that struck Nashville in 1849–1850 took the life of whom?

Former U.S. President James K. Polk and resulted in high fatalities.


54. In the early 1960s, Tennessee still had racial segregation of what?

Public facilities, including lunch counters and department store fitting rooms.


55. Nissan Stadium (formerly Adelphia Coliseum and LP Field) was built after the National Football League’s (NFL) Houston Oilers agreed to do what?

Move to the city in 1995.


56. The NFL team debuted in Nashville in 1998 at what venue?

Vanderbilt Stadium.


57. When did Nissan Stadium open?

In the summer of 1999


58. The Oilers changed their name to what?

The Tennessee Titans


59. In 1997, Nashville was awarded a National Hockey League what?

Expansion team; this was named the Nashville Predators.


60. Between May 1 and 7, 2010, much of Nashville was extensively flooded as part of a series of what?

1,000-year floods throughout Middle and West Tennessee.


61. Eleven people died in the Nashville area as a result of the flooding, and damages were estimated to be how much?

Over $2 billion


62. When did Nashville elect its first female mayor, Megan Barry?

On September 25, 2015.


63. As a council member, Barry had officiated at the city’s first what?

Same-sex wedding on June 26, 2015


64. Who in the Nashville show plays the famous country singer Rayna Jaymes?

Connie Britton


65. Who was Avery’s first girlfriend on the show – Nashville?

Scarlett O’Connor


66. Who continued to be Rayna’s band leader even after they broke up?

Deacon Claybourne


67. What did Juliette tell Rayna the first time they meet each other?

My momma was one of your biggest fans


68. Without trying, Scarlett became a singer after performing at the Bluebird Cafe. Who encouraged her to get on stage for the first time?

Gunnar Scott


69. Who was scared that he wouldn’t be accepted as a gay country singer?

Will Lexington


70. Who did Layla Grant marry?

Will Lexington


71. What is the name of the record label Rayna started?

Highway 65


72. Who tried to save Juliette and it cost him his life?

Jeff Fordham


73. Who proposed to Rayna on stage?

Luke Wheeler


74. How many seasons of ‘Nashville’ are there?

Six Seasons


75. Nashville, Tennessee is called the Athens of the South because?

Many universities are located there


76. Which character did Hayden Panettiere play in ‘Nashville’?

“Juliette Barnes”


77. Do you know if the residents of Nashville, Tennessee, have an NBA team to root for?

They don’t.


78. Which song does Juliette sing in ‘Nashville’?

“Tell That Devil”


79. If you live in Jackson, Mississippi, will vacation to Nashville, Tennessee, take you north?

Yes, Nashville is north of Jackson.


80. True or false: ‘Nashville’ features hundreds of original songs.



81. Which two characters get married in season 3?

“Juliette” and “Avery”


82. True or false: “Juliette” stays in Nashville at the end of the show.



83. Who comes out publicly during a press conference in season 3?

“Will Lexington”


84. What is the name of “Rayna’s” husband?





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