80+ Philadelphia Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Philadelphia is a city of many firsts. The country’s first daily newspaper—The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser— began here in 1784. It is home to America’s first zoo. The first hospital was established here. Also, the first general-purpose computer was invented in 1946 in this beautiful city.

If you’re a believer, this is the place to be as Philadelphia became the first city to guarantee religious freedom to immigrants. This gave everyone in Philadelphia the freedom to practice any religion.

Philadelphia Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The Mutter museum is a fascinating place to visit while in Philadelphia, it holds wild medical and scientific discoveries. Here you will get to see the displays of Einstein’s brain slides.

A lot of answers to the 100 questions asked to those seeking U.S. citizenship can be found in the city since Philadelphia holds a majority of America’s history. Therefore, participating in this trivia will come in handy as you read on the USA.

Below is a set of Philadelphia trivia quiz questions and answers to help you gain knowledge. You’ll also encounter questions on popular shows from Philly. Take up the quiz!

1. Ben Franklin moved here in 1723 from what city?



2. Which isn’t one of William Penn’s original squares? Choices:

Fitler Square


3. What does “Schuylkill” mean?

Hidden river


4. What motto is engraved on the Liberty Bell?

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof.”


5. According to Ross family legend, Betsy Ross convinced George Washington to change what about the first American flag?

The shape of the stars.



Yellow Fever


7. What Protestant denomination was founded here?

The African Methodist Episcopalians


8. Which of the following local medical centers, founded in 1751, was the nation’s first hospital? Your options: The Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital

Pennsylvania Hospital


9. What is the Walking Purchase?

A deal by William Penn’s sons, Thomas and John, that swindled the Lenni Lenape out of hundreds of thousands of acres of land in 1737.


10. There’s a large circular rock formation on the bank of the Schuylkill River at Southwest Philly’s Bartram’s Garden, America’s oldest surviving botanical garden. What was it used for?

It’s a cider press.


11. Which of these Philly institutions was not the first of its kind in the nation? Your Options:

The Philadelphia Orchestra


12. Which institution of higher learning is oldest?

Haverford College, founded in 1833.


13. Which of the following doesn’t appear on the Seal of Philadelphia? Choices:

The whale.


14. What does “Philadelphia Maneto” mean?

“Let brotherly love continue.”


15. The Wright Brothers Model B airplane on display at the Franklin Institute was originally bought by whom?

Draft-dodging playboy beer heir Grover Cleveland Bergdoll.


16. An outbreak of disease at the Bellevue Hotel in 1976 killed dozens of what?

U.S. military veterans


17. In the tragic 1985 standoff between the city and the black liberation group MOVE, the police department dropped a bomb on the group’s compound on the 6200 block of Osage Avenue, causing a fire that resulted in 11 deaths (including five children) and the destruction of 61 homes. What is the last name that all members of MOVE adopt?



18. On July 4, 1965, Independence Hall was the site of a protest calling for what?

Gay and lesbian rights


19. Which institution of higher learning wasn’t named for a saint?

Drexel University


20. Which U.S. vice president was born in Philadelphia?

George M. Dallas


21. Which wasn’t introduced at the 1876 Centennial Exposition?

The zipper.


22. Which one wasn’t invented in Philly?

The Post-it


23. What did the Budd Co. start out making?

Auto chassis


24. What is Philadelphia’s state flower?

Mountain Laurel


25. What is Philadelphia’s state Beverage?



26. What is the area of Philadelphia?

367 km²


27. Can you tell me the established date of Philadelphia?

October 27, 1682


28. Can you tell Philadelphia’s state motto?

Philadelphia maneto


29. What is the abbreviation of Philadelphia?



30. What is Philadelphia’s state fossil?

Phacops rana


31. Can you tell what is Philadelphia’s highest point?

Chestnut Hill


32. What is the name of the river in Philadelphia?

Schuylkill River


33. Can you tell the name of Philadelphia’s state bird?

Ruffed grouse


34. Name Philadelphia’s state Land mammal.

White-tailed deer


35. _________ is Philadelphia’s state dance?

Philly Bop


36. How many lakes are there in Oklahoma?

more than 200


37. __________ is the all-time record high temperature for Philadelphia?

104 °F


38. Philadelphia is ranked _______ in US states?



39. Philadelphia has how many Counties?



40. What is Philadelphia’s flag color?

Yellow & Blue


41. Philadelphia is ______ place to live.



42. Philadelphia is the largest city of?



43. What is Philadelphia’s major industry?



44. Philadelphia produces a large amount of?



45. Philadelphia has ________ miles of railroad track.

3.5 miles


46. What is Philadelphia’s population?

1.579 million


47. 1878 Wanamaker’s of Philadelphia was the first U.S. store to install what?


48. In the “Thundergun Express” episode, the gang is determined to make it to the movie theater in time to see the show. Who is the only member of the gang who never makes it?



49. In the episode titled “The Gang Gets Invincible”, a Donovan McNabb impostor speaks to the group trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles. Realizing the impostor is not Donovan McNabb and that his speech is basically a McDonald’s plug, Dennis and Mac believe the impostor to have also portrayed which character on “The Cosby Show”?

Elvin Tibideaux

50. A statue of which movie actor stands near the base of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum Art?

Rocky Balboa


51. When the waitress is taking Charlie’s coffee order in episode 1, what name does she use to identify Charlie?



52. According to the “Fresh Prince” theme music, Will Smith was born and raised where?

West Philadelphia


53. In the episode ‘Underage Drinking: A National Concern’, what was the plan to protect the new underage patrons of Paddy’s pub?

3 drink maximum


54. Name the Philadelphian artist who introduced The World to (Pop art)


55. Dee walks into Paddy’s Pub and announces to the gang that she got a part in a movie. Who is the director of this movie that she will be in?

M. Night Shyamalan


56. There is a Museum in Philadelphia 211 North 3rd Street to what?



57. According to Dennis, what does the D in “The “D.E.N.N.I.S. System” stand for?

Demonstrate your value


58. What Football team was previously known as the Frankford Yellow Jackets?

Philadelphia Eagles


59. At the beginning of the episode Mac and Dennis go to Dee’s apartment together. What is it that they went there to get?

A big bowl


60. Which “Sunny” character does Dennis hit with his car, halting the gang’s trip to the strip club?



61. Where is America’s oldest Zoo?



62. Who does Charlie first tell he has cancer?



63. Which star of “The Philadelphia Story” died in 1997?


64. Dee wants Charlie, Mac, and her brother Dennis to meet a guy from her acting class. What race weren’t the guys expecting Terrell to be?



65. Paddy’s Pub hosts a modeling contest for a promotional billboard. Which member of the gang is determined to win the contest himself?



66. In the season six episode “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” the gang tries to gain access to an upscale swimming club to escape a sweltering heat wave. After being rejected from the swim club, Mac and Charlie try to fix up an abandoned community pool that was closed after the drowning death of a neighborhood boy. What was the name of the boy that drowned in the pool?

Jamie Nelson


67. In the episode ‘Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare’, what drug did Dennis and Dee get hooked on to prove they needed welfare?



68. Mac and Charlie think it’s a great idea to write their own movie. While in Paddy’s Pub office, they begin brainstorming ideas for the film. Who do they decide will play their lead actor?

Dolph Lundgren


69. In the initial plot of Mac and Charlie’s movie, the main character is a muscular scientist who fights crime and has the ability to do what?

Smell crime before it even happens


70. The oldest operational theater in the English-speaking world is in Philadelphia. Do you know what it is called?

Walnut Street Theater


71. There is a museum in Philadelphia dedicated to the works of a single great French artist. The collection of this artist’s work in Philadelphia is the largest outside Paris. Who is the artist?

Auguste Rodin


72. Beginning in the 1950s, Philadelphia developers honored a “gentleman’s agreement” that no high-rise taller than City Hall would be constructed in the city. In 1987, this agreement was broken for the first time. What building was the first to break this barrier?

One Liberty Place


73. Philadelphia City Hall is the tallest municipal building in the world. True or False?



74. What is the name of Philadelphia’s primary river?



75. Which famous type of hat was born in Philadelphia?



76. What television drama filmed and set in Philadelphia and first aired in the Fall season of 2002 centers on an ex-cop turned taxicab driver?



77. What is the name of the football stadium that serves as the home of the Eagles (as of 2003)?

Lincoln Financial Field


78. What is the name of the first Philadelphia suspension bridge over the Delaware River?

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge


79. Philadelphia is the home of America’s first botanical garden, and this garden still exists today. What is it called?

Bartram’s Garden


80. The first brick home in North America was constructed in 1682 in Philadelphia. Who was its first occupant?

William Penn


81. The first World’s Fair held in the United States was held in Philadelphia and was the focus of the city’s Centennial Celebration. This was not the centennial of the city’s founding, rather of another important Philadelphia historical event. What year was it held?



82. Philadelphia has the largest municipal park system in the world. True or False?



83. According to the 2000 census, what is the total population of the city of Philadelphia? This data represents the city only, not the surrounding metropolitan area.



84. Was Philadelphia captured by the Confederates during the Civil War?



85. One of the following “Three Stooges” was born in Philadelphia. Which one was it?

Larry Fine


86. In 1978, and again in 1985, Philadelphia was the scene of sieges between the police and a radical, militant organization. What was the name of this group?




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