80+ Rhode Island Trivia Questions and Answers

Rhode Island is widely known as the smallest state in the US. The state shares its borders with Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

The state of Rhode Island offers a variety of dishes, these could be their famous calamari or lobster ravioli, but their stuffie delicacy is an exclusive treat. During your stay, make a point to try out their stuffies.

Rhode Island Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The city of Bristol has over the years held the Fourth of July parade since 1785. It is part of the oldest Fourth of July celebration in America.

Block Island is a reputable gorgeous nature destination thanks to its oceanic climate and geographic rarity. The island offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, and nature walk.

Get to learn more through these mind-blowing facts. Here is a trivia quiz to guide you!


1. I have always wanted to visit Jerimoth Hill, the highest point in Rhode Island because it is/was frequently used for?

Astronomical Observatory


2. Among the US States, where does Rhode Island rank in size?

It is the smallest


3. What would you expect to visit if you went and saw the edifice known as “The Breakers”?

Seaside mansion


4. Where does Rhode Island rank as far as population density with the other states?

It’s the second most densely populated of the 50 states.


5. The Towers at Narragansett is a popular tourist attraction and is the remnant of what type of business?

Gambling casino


6. Rhode Island is bordered by what state to the west?



7. Many tourists like to visit Block Island so that they may see this beautiful building known as?

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse


8. Which US state borders Rhode Island to the north and east?



9. What body of water forms the south and southeastern borders of Rhode Island?

Atlantic Ocean


10. Of all the states, Rhode Island has the longest, what?

Name. (State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations)


11. Which of the following natural disasters are you most likely to encounter in a visit to Rhode Island?



12. Rhode Island was the first of the original thirteen colonies to do what on May 4, 1776?

Declare independence from British rule.


13. Which bodies of water claim the title of the ‘largest inland body of water’ in the state of Rhode Island?

Scituate Reservoir


14. Rhode Island was the last of the thirteen original colonies to ratify what?


15. Ninigret Pond National Wildlife Refuge is a popular tourist spot for visitors who like to do what activity?



16. What is Rhode Island’s official nickname?

The Ocean State.


17. What is the Rhode Island State Fish?

Striped bass


18. How many square miles of land area does Rhode Island have in square miles?



19. What animal is the Rhode Island State Insect?

American burying beetle


20. Can you name the Rhode Island State Mineral?



21. How long and wide is the state of Rhode Island?

37 miles wide and 48 miles long


22. What is the Rhode Island State Tree?

Red maple


23. A rare type of rock, found only in Rhode Island in the town of Cumberland, is known as what?



24. The Rhode Island State Fruit is the Granny Smith apple. True or False?



25. Originally there were two known deposits of the mineral Cumberlandite , one of the deposits was extensively mined for its what?

Ferrous content


26. The Rhode Island State Marine Mammal is the Harbor seal. True or False?



27. What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Rhode Island?

104 °F, in Providence on August 2, 1975.


28. Which bird was named Rhode Island State Bird in 1954?

Rhode Island Red


29. What is the lowest recorded temperature in Rhode Island?

−23 °F, on February 5, 1996, in Greene.


30. How many states does Rhode Island share a border with?



31. Portsmouth was the site of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment which was the first African-American military unit, to fight for the U.S. in what battle?

Battle of Rhode Island of August 29, 1778.


32. What is the name of the old bridge which spanned across the West passage of Narragansett Bay joining Conanicut Island to North Kingston on the mainland of Rhode Island?

Jamestown Bridge


33. Rhode Island was heavily involved in what kind of trade after the revolution?

The slave trade


34. Rhode Island was originally settled in 1636 by Roger Williams when he got land from the Narragansett and Pequot tribes. Why did he settle in Rhode Island?

He was forced out of Massachusetts and sought a land of religious freedom


35. In 1774, the slave population of the state was nearly twice as high as any other what?

New England colony


36. Although Rhode Island is not a road, it has roads and highways too! What is the main Interstate Highway which runs diagonally through Rhode Island from the border with Connecticut and into Massachusetts?



37. After the Revolution, Rhode Island merchants controlled what percent of the African slave trade?

Between 60% and 90%


38. Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island, but Rhode Island wasn’t the state’s original name. What was the original, more fitting name of the state when it was first settled in 1636?

Providence Plantations


39. Teaming up with Samuel Slater, Moses Brown helped to create the second “what” in America?

Cotton mill


40. Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island, but it could have been named after an island. Where is the island of Rhodes which lent its name to the small state?

In the Aegean Sea and belongs to Greece


41. For the Civil War, how many troops did Rhode Island provide to the war effort?



42. Rhode Island has two nicknames: The Ocean State and what else?

Little Rhody


43. What institution was moved to Rhode Island temporarily during the war?

The United States Naval Academy


44. In 1866, what did Rhode Island do in the public schools throughout the state?

Abolished racial segregation


45. What is Rhode Island’s state motto?



46. What is the state shell?



47. How many troops did Rhode Island provide during World War I?



48. The exact origin of Rhode Island’s name is unknown.True or False?



49. Where is Rhode Island’s state fair held?



50. In the 1920s and 1930s, Rhode Island saw a big increase in the membership of what group?

Ku Klux Klan


51. What is the geographic center?

Kent County


52. In 2003, a fire in a nightclub in West Warwick took the lives of how many people?

Over a hundred


53. What is the average temperature in July?

71 degrees F


54. What city is the capital of Rhode Island?



55. How many state beaches are located in Rhode Island?



56. The State of Rhode Island does not have an official residence for the what?



57. How many state parks are there?



58. Rhode Island had one of the best voter turnouts in America for the 2008 presidential election, with what percentage of turnout?



59. What mansion in Newport is one of Rhode Island’s most popular tourist attractions?

The Breakers


60. Rhode Island is one of the 15 U.S. States that has abolished the what?

Death penalty


61. What is Rhode Island’s second-largest city by population (2002 statistics)?



62. In Rhode Island, until November 2009, the law made prostitution legal if it occurred where?



63. What is Rhode Island’s capital?



64. In Rhode Island, same-Sex Marriage became legal on what date?

May 2, 2013


65. Who founded the first permanent settlement in the state?

Roger Williams


66. According to the U S Census Bureau the population of Rhode Island was what on July 1, 2013?



67. Samuel Slater’s cotton-textile mill was the first example of mechanisation, leading to which era in the United States?

The Industrial Revolution


68. How many counties does Rhode Island have?



69. In what year was Providence’s Brown University founded?



70. How many cities and towns are there in Rhode Island.



71. Corn and potatoes are grown mainly in the inner sector of Rhode Island?



72. Where is Rhode Island ranked as far as energy efficiency compared with the other states?

It’s the 5th most energy efficient.


73. At what latitude is the northern border of Rhode Island?

42 N


74. What industry is Rhode Island’s largest?

Health services


75. How many counties are in this small state?



76. What is Rhode Island’s primary airport for passenger and cargo transport?

T. F. Green Airport in Warwick


77. Where does Rhode Island rank among the states as to population?



78. What is Rhode Island’s state song?

Rhode Island It’s For Me


79. Who established Rhode Island’s first library?

Thomas Bray


80. What is the largest bay in Rhode Island?

Narragansett Bay


81. What is Rhode Island’s most valuable seafood catch?



82. Where is the only remaining covered bridge in Rhode Island located?



83. Who was Block Island named for?

Adrian Block


84. What is the name of the giant blue termite located on top of the ‘New England Pest Control’ building?

Nibbles Woodaway


85. Where is the International Tennis Hall of Fame located?



86. What town claims to be home to the ‘Rhode Island Red’ chicken?



87. Where is Del’s Lemonade’s world headquarters?





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