80+ South Korea Trivia Questions and Answers

South Korea is a first-world country known for its high-end manufacturing capabilities (especially computer chips) and vibrant culture. It is ranked as the tenth-largest economy by GDP in the world and among Asia’s most advanced economies (i.e. China, Japan, e.t.c.) and democracies.

South Korea is ranked sixth among the highest national IQ of any country in the world. South Koreans are geniuses with some of the smartest people on the planet. The country is technically advanced, which was proved in 2012 when they invented the first robot prison guard.

South Korea Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

South Korea ranks fifteenth in the world’s fastest wireless internet speeds. Its broad load average speed is 44.42 Mbps. At least one hundred percent of South Koreans have access to broadband internet.

The dark side of the internet led to the county passing a (“shutdown law,” also referred to as the “Cinderella law,”) banning anyone younger than 16 from online gaming. Internet addiction has over 14% of victims are children aged between 9 and 12.  

 Let’s look at South Korea in-depth.

1. What is the second-largest city in South Korea?



2. What is the South Korean typical attire called?



3. What is the currency of South Korea?



4. What is a jimjilbang?

A bath house


5. Who was South Korea occupied by until 1945?



6. What is the predominant religion in South Korea?

No religion


7. What is the second most populous city in South Korea?



8. What is the population of South Korea?

About 51 million


9. What is the traditional dish made of rice topped with vegetables and a spicy sauce called?



10. Which of the following car manufacturers is from Korea?



11. Why is Gamcheon a colored village?

It was painted in blue as part of the plan to turn the village into a cultural hub


12. The concept of the Three Kingdoms of Korea refers to the kingdoms of _____

Bakje, Silla and Goguryeo


13. What are the Boseong tea plantations known for?

Green tea


14. Who created the writing system called Hangul?

Sejong of Joseon


15. The song ‘Gangnam Style’ by South Korean musician Psy refers to what?

A district in Seoul


16. When is Korean Independence Day celebrated?

March 1


17. What are these mounts?

Tombs from past imperial eras


18. What is the largest South Korean company by revenue?

Samsung Electronics


19. What is a hanok?

A traditional wooden house


20. The Korean dance called the Nabichum is known by what name in English, because of the costumes worn during the performance?

Butterfly Dance


21. The insanely popular song “Gangnam Style” by South Korean musician Psy refers to what exactly?

District in Seoul


22. The Korean board game is known as “baduk” has a name that translates into “go” in English?



23. The traditional Korean martial art known as Taekwondo was initially called Tae Soo Do. “Tae” means “to stomp” and “do” means “the way of”, but what do “soo/su” and “kwon” mean?

Soo/su means hand and kwon means fist


24. What is the name of the alphabet that is used to speak and write the Korean language?



25. Which of the following best describes the architecture and design of a traditional Korean garden?

Simple and natural


26. Jokbal, a popular Korean dish of pig’s feet braised in rice wine, is considered an “anju”. An “anju” is a dish served alongside what?



27. “Shiri” or “Swiri”, directed by Kang Je-gyu, is often said to be the film that sparked the modern Korean film industry in 1999? What kind of film is “Shiri?”



28. The “Korean Wave” was a term coined in the 1990s that refers to what?

An increase in the popularity of South Korean culture worldwide


29. Gong Ji-Young’s 2009 novel “The Crucible” takes its name from the Arthur Miller play of the same name. However, instead of witchcraft, what is the novel about?

Abuse of students at school


30. How many South Koreans were kidnapped by the Taliban in July 2007?



31. Who became the President of South Korea in 1988?

Roh Tae-Woo


32. Which parallel divides North Korea and South Korea?



33. Who occupied the southern part of Korea after Japan surrendered in WWII?


34. Which city hosted the 1988 Olympics?



35. What is the official name of South Korea?

The Republic of Korea


36. When was the Southern part declared the Republic of Korea?



37. The northern part occupied by the Soviet Union, and the southern by the United States are separated by?

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) approximately four kilometers wide that is along latitude 38 degrees North.


38. The Korean war lasted how many years?



39. Although South Korea is now a liberal democracy, it suffered under a series of military dictatorships between which years?

The 1960s and 1980s


40. South Koreans believe that a person’s blood type defines what?

Personality and other characteristics.


41. South Korea has how many islands?

Over 4,000.


42. Blood types are so important to South Koreans that they are a factor in choosing?

a spouse


43. Which day do men reciprocate Valentine’s day to their women?

14th March


44. What is the name of the largest Island in South Korea?



45. The world’s fastest wireless internet speeds are in?

South Korea


46. The giant stone statues on Jeju island are called?

‘dol hareubang’ (old grandfather)


47. In 2011 the South Korean government passed which law?

(“shutdown law,” also referred to as the “Cinderella law”) banning anyone younger than 16 from online gaming


48. What age do South Korean kids suffer from internent addiction?

9-12 years


49. Newlywed women believe that touching the statues’ long, broad noses will do what?

Improve their fertility

50. The computer chips used in Apple’s iPhones are made by?

South Korean company Samsung


51. Marriage is extremely popular in the country and the minority of people who choose to remain single is referred to as?

In the slang ‘big baby’


52. Which are the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in South Korea?

Eyelid surgery


53. Marriage by a love match is called?



54. Facial hair on men is frowned upon in South Korea and is considered?



55. Arranged marriage in South Korea is called?



56. A man with a beard or mustache would find it difficult to find what?



57. South Koreans are remarkably healthy with only­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______of the population regarded as being overweight?



58. South Koreans believe that dreaming of___ is a good omen?



59. The country has the largest usage of ____ per capita, in the world?


60. South Koreans believe writing a person’s name with red ink means?

They are, or will soon be, dead.


61. South Koreans that are in a relationship avoid giving each other shoes as gifts, why?

This means that they will soon ‘walk away from them.


62. South Koreans love to shop and department stores are open until 4am while bars and restaurants only trade at what time?

11 pm


63. The country leads the world in the harvesting of___ for human consumption and produces over 90% of the world’s supply?



64. Which year did South Korea invent the first robot prison guard?



65. The Shinsegae covers an area of?

Over 29,000 square meters


66. The robots were also used as?

Guards in the DMZ and also used as teachers.


67. Which year was Shinsegae built?



68. The __department store in Centum City, Busan in South Korea holds the record for being the largest in the world.

The Shinsegae


69. South Korea is known for its cultural exports, particularly in?

Its music (K-Pop)


70. Which number is regarded as unlucky and very similar to the word death?



71. Unusual South Korean dish is ‘beondegi’. Is it street food?

The pupae of silkworms.


72. What is South Korea’s national dish called?



73. South Koreans eat dog meat and it is often found on menus in restaurants and street food stalls. The dish is called?_________ (or ‘invigorating soup’) and is made with pieces of dog meat.



74. What is legal in South Korea?

Drinking bear


75. People in South Korea say ___ (instead of ‘cheese’) when they are taking photographs?



76. In South Korea babies are considered to already be when they are born because the time they spend in the womb is counted towards their age.

A year old


77. Fruit is extremely expensive in the country and is regarded as a?

Generous gift


78. The country is home to the oldest astronomical observatory in the world named?

The Cheomseongdae Observatory


79. Where is the Cheomseongdae Observatory located?

In Gyeongju


80. South Korean film director was the first foreign film to ever win the Best Picture Academy award as well as collecting two other Oscars.

Bong Joon Ho’s film ‘Parasite’


81. The national animal of the country is?

Siberian tiger


82. South Koreans are a highly homogenous people and all speak the South Korean language, the script of which is called?



83. What is South Korea’s national flower called?



84. Hangul has __ consonants and _____ vowels?

14 consonants and 12 vowels


85. South Koreans celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival during which they travel to their hometowns and visit the graves of their ancestors on which they place what?



86. South Koreans have two legends that they believe played a significant role in bringing salvation to them. They refer to them as?

The Dangun or the Tangun.


87. South Korea celebrates the new year how many times?

Twice. They celebrate the New Year at the start of the solar calendar (January 1), as Westerners do and once more on the first day of the year on the lunar calendar. The lunar Korean New Year is a three-day holiday to return home and visit extended family, along with performing ceremonies to honor your ancestors.


88. There are more than 2 million South Koreans living in the United States. Immigration from the country to the US started in the 1900s when workers moved to Hawaii to work on what?

Sugar plantations.


89. The _____found in Seoul is the highest in the country and also ranks fifth in the world.

Lotte World Tower






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