80+ South Sudan Trivia Questions and Answers

South Sudan, the world’s newest internationally recognized African nation, is popular for its decades of conflict with ‘mega-herds’ of migrating wildlife. The country was once part of Africa’s 3rd largest and world’s 16th largest country, Sudan.

On 9th July 2011, the Republic of South Sudan gained independence from Sudan, becoming the world’s youngest nation. South Sudan is among the poorest countries across the globe, measured by GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity. In 2020, the country ranked as the eighth-poorest in the world.

South Sudan Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

With more than 100 language groups, South Sudan is one of Africa’s most linguistically diverse countries. The country is also part of the 27 countries with no UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, South Sudan boasts the Boma National Park, one of Africa’s largest reserves and home to one of the continent’s largest wildlife migrations, with vast animal species (about two million animals) simultaneously migrating in “mega-herds.”

Below is a series of trivia questions to help you understand South Sudan beyond the surface level.

1. What is the national motto of South Sudan?

Justice, Liberty, prosperity


2. Who is South Sudan’s first president?

Salva Kiir Mayardit


3. Which country is to the east of South Sudan?



4. What is the official language of South Sudan?



5. Which star is on South Sudan’s flag?

Star of Bethlehem


6. Which is the currency of South Sudan?



7. Which is the heist point in South Sudan?

Mount Kinyete


8. Which is the capital of South Sudan?



9. Who represented India at the independence celebration of South Sudan?

Hamid Ansari


10. When did South Sudan become independent?

9 July 2011


11. Which South Sudanese state is to the north of Aweil state, and not where one would assume it is?

Aweil East


12. Before 2015 how many counties carried the name Aweil?



13. When the South Sudanese president announced the formation of 28 states, which counties were merged into the state of Aweil?

Aweil South and Aweil West


14. Which former county upgraded into a state?

Aweil East


15. Between which years did the former counties Aweil North and Aweil Central form the state Northern Bahr el Ghazal?

2001 and 2015


16. As the state capital, Aweil state has?

The eponymous city


17. What is the state capital of Aweil East?



18. How many counties are the Aweil state and Aweil East divided into?

8 counties


19. The states Aweil and Aweil East were created in?



20. Which state with a funny name is the most western state of South Sudan?



21. When South Sudan gained the country, how many states?



22. Which year was the state of Western Bahr el Ghazal divided?



23. The state of Western Bahr el Ghazal divided into?

Lol and Wau


24. Former counties from ______were incorporated into Lol?’



25. Lol is currently divided into how many counties?



26. The state capital of Lol is the most populous city, named?



27. Which state is the core of the border dispute between Sudan and South Sudan?



28. Which is the smallest of the South Sudanese state?



29. The state capital of Twic was established in?

Mayen Abun


30. Which Aweil counties were incorporated into Lol?

Aweil North and Aweil Central


31. Which of the central South Sudanese states contains Yirol, one of the very few lakes in South Sudan that does not lie adjacent to the White Nile?

Eastern Lakes


32. Rumbek State was split into how many states?



33. Name the new three states that were split from Rumbek state?

Western Lakes (including Rumbek), Eastern Lakes and Gok


34. Between 2011 and 2015, the most central state of South Sudan was named Lakes, with the state capital of?



35. What is the capital of Gok state?



36. Which city dominated the Eastern Lake state after division?

City of Yirol


37. Eastern Lake state was divided into how many counties?



38. The City of Yirol is adjacent to which lake?

Eponymous lake


39. What is the main economic activity in Eastern Lakes?

Fishing and Agriculture


40. Most lakes in South Sudan were formed through?

Flooding of river Nile


41. Great River is the translation for?

The American river and state Mississippi


42. What is the literal translation of the Chinese city Hong Kong?

Fragrant Harbor


43. What is the English translation of Namibian city Walvisbaai?

Whale Bay


44. Jubek lies on which river?

The White Nile


45. In which state is Juba situated, the capital of South Sudan?



46. Who founded Juba?

Greek Merchants


47.Which year was Juba formed?



48. Juba was the capital of the state Central Equatorial between which year?

2011 and 2015


49. Which year was Juba divided?


50. Name the three states that Juba was divided into?

Terekaka, Jubek and Yei River


51. Name one state of Micronesia?



52. The area around the city Abyei was rich in which natural resource?



53. Which northern state of South Sudan borders Abyei?



54. Which state in the east of South Sudan has a name similar to a port city in Congo?



55. Boma State borders which country?



56. Which state was the largest in South Sudan before 2015?

Jonglei State


57. Jonglei state was split into which states?

Jonglei, Boma, Western Bieh, Eastern Beih


58. Western Beih adopted which new name?



59. Eistern Beih shortened its name to what?



60. What is the state capital of Boma?



61. Which city is straddling the border with Ethiopia?



62. What is the distance from Congolese harbor Boma to the Atlantic Ocean?

About 100km


63. What was the capital of Congo between 188 and 1926?



64. Which country borders the South Sudanese state Latjoor (as well as several other South Sudanese states)?



65. South Sudan has how many neighboring countries?



66. With which neighboring country has the South Sudanese state Namorunyang an ill-defined border?



67. Which is the state in the South-eastern corner of South Sudan?

Namorunyang State


68. What is the state capital of Namorunyang?



69. Namorunyang borders two countries?

Ethiopia and Kenya


70. Which year was the state of Eastern Equatorial divided?



71. The state of Eastern Equatoria was split into which states?

Namorunyang and Imatong.


72. Which country borders the northern South Sudanese state Ruweng?



73. Which states were compromised in the state unity?

Ruweng, Northern Liech and Southern Liech


74. Between which year were the Ruweng, Northern Liech, and Southern Liech states compromised?

2011 and 2013


75. Which is the state capital of Ruweng’s state?



76. Which of the following countries border the South Sudanese state of Gbudwe?

Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo


77. South Sudan borders which 3 countries to the south?

Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya


78. South Sudan borders which country to the west?

The Central African Republic


79. South Sudan borders which country to the north?



80. South Sudan borders which country to the east?



81. Lol borders which two countries?

Central African Republic and Sudan


82. Eastern Nile borders which countries?

Sudan and Ethiopia


83. Namorunyang borders two countries?

Ethiopia and Kenya


84. Yei River borders Uganda and which other country?

The Democratic Republic of Congo



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