80+ Spring Would You Rather Questions

The Spring holiday presents a perfect time to bond with families. From get-together occasions, and family getaways, to spending time during Christian traditions such as Easter.

Looking for a great way to spark a fun discussion with your loved ones? Play a game of would you rather. This can include some spring-themed questions to bring fun to your next hang.


Spring Would You Rather Questions

From kids as young as a toddler to adults, would you rather questions are perfectly fun and funny. These questions can be incorporated as conversation starters, discussion prompts, or even just as a silly way to pass time.

Explore these Spring would you rather questions to make your days engaging and delightful.

1. Would you take a BIG jump into a puddle of mud or a puddle of water?

2. Be followed wherever you go by 8 ducklings who think you are their mother or have butterflies constantly flying in a circle around your head?

3. Have flowers for fingers, or have flowers for toes?

4. Would you rather go digging in the garden for worms or searching in a pond for tadpoles?

5. Plan an Easter egg hunt for the little kids in your neighborhood or write an article about an Easter Egg hunt that would be published in the newspaper?

6. Dig for worms in a garden or swim with tadpoles in a pond?

7. Have to waddle like a duck wherever you go or have to hop like a bunny wherever you go?

8. Be friends with a talking bunny or be friends with a talking bluebird?

9. Live life as a bumblebee, or live life as a cricket?

10. Spend a day planting vegetables in a garden or spend a day hiking in the woods?

11. Plant flowers in your garden or plant trees in your yard?

12. Be a squirrel for a day or a frog for a day?

13. Fly a kite or fly a plane?

14. Have a garage sale to make extra money or have a lemonade stand to make extra money?

15. Give flowers to a friend or get flowers from a friend?

16. Dance in the rain or roll down a grassy hill?

17. Have the ability to decide when it will rain during springtime, or have the ability to make flowers grow wherever you point?

18. Do the chicken dance or do the bunny hop?

19. Have feathers like a bird all over your body or have bunny ears and a cotton bunny tail?

20. Have frog legs or have a squirrel tail?

21. Raise baby chicks or baby bunnies?

22. Be forced to spend all of your Saturdays and Sundays outside during springtime or spend all of your Saturdays and Sundays inside during springtime?

23. Live in a giant rabbit burrow or in a giant birds nest?

24. Catch a frog and enter it in a frog-jumping contest, or make a kite and enter it in a kite-flying contest?

25. Be the star player on a baseball team that loses all of its games, or be the worst player on a baseball team that wins all of its games?

26. Get a huge Easter basket filled with candy that is not your favorite kind or get a small Easter basket filled with your very favorite kinds of candy?

27. Be covered from head to toe in ladybugs or have a swarm of bees constantly surrounding you (but not stinging you)?

28. Have grass for hair or sunflower for a nose?

29. Be a caterpillar or a tadpole?

30. Wear clothes made of feathers or wear clothes made of flower petals?

31. Have skin as green as a spring leaf, or skin as blue as a cloudless sky?

32. Spend a spring afternoon in a meadow watching clouds or spend a spring afternoon in a pond catching frogs?

33. Slide down a rainbow or swim in clear blue water?

34. Be allergic to grass or allergic to chocolate?

35. Dance in the clouds or sing in the rain?

36. Have a magic Easter basket that produces 10 chocolate eggs each morning or a pet bunny that can talk?

37. Live in a beehive or live in a birds nest?

38. Kiss a frog or hug a porcupine?

39. Have ears like a bunny or a nose that’s a bird beak?

40. Eat a chocolate-covered worm or a chocolate-covered grasshopper?

41. Catch a ride on a sheep or a ride on a chicken?

42. Wear a giant chick costume or a giant ladybug costume for a day?

43. Eat 100 black jellybeans or eat 10 green carrots?

44. Have butterfly wings or rabbit whiskers?

45. Carry an umbrella every day, or wear rain boots every day?

46. Would you rather be able to make it rain whenever you want, or have flowers grow wherever you want?

47. Would you rather have skin like a green leaf, or have skin like a blue sky?

48. Would you rather spend a spring afternoon in a meadow watching clouds, or catching frogs in a pond?

49. Would you rather find only one egg, a golden egg, during an Easter egg hunt, or find lots of small eggs instead?

50. Would you rather get only chocolate candy or sour candy in your Easter basket?

51. Would you rather be allergic to grass, or allergic to chocolate?

52. Would you rather have every day of spring be rainy, or very windy?

53. Would you rather pet a bunny or pet a sheep?

54. Would you rather go in an Easter egg hung or dye Easter eggs?

55. Would you rather catch the Easter Bunny or a leprechaun?

56. Would you rather have a lollipop or hard candy in your Easter basket?

57. Would you rather find a magic Easter basket or find a pirate treasure?

58. On Easter, would you rather set the dinner table or wash dishes?

59. Would you rather have a fluffy tail or big floppy ears like a bunny?

60. Would you rather take an Easter basket to Harry Potter or Darth Vader?

61. Would you rather find 5 dollars in one Easter egg or find 5 eggs with 2 dollars inside each?

62. Would you rather make a bunny craft or fill an Easter basket?

63. Would you rather fill your Easter basket with candy or a fun game?

64. Would you rather take your picture with the Easter bunny or your close friends?

65. Would you rather have unlimited tacos or unlimited jelly beans?

66. Would you rather see a rainbow or see clouds?

67. Would you rather use an umbrella or wear a raincoat?

68. Would you rather smell flowers or feel the sun on your face?

69. Would you rather go to a theme park in a thunderstorm or visit a deserted island in a hurricane?

70. Would you rather have a lot of money or control the weather?

71. Would you rather fly a kite while playing soccer or hold an umbrella while playing football?

72. Would you rather go for a long hike in the hot sun or a short hike in the rain?

73. Would you rather ride a bike or fly a kite on a windy day?

74. Would you rather plant flowers or lay in the grass?

75. Would you rather see a yellow bird or see a blue bird?

76. Would you rather blow bubbles or draw with chalk?

77. Would you rather pick red flowers or pick yellow flowers?

78. Would you rather give a trick or get a trick?

79. Would you rather plant a tree or help clean up trash?

80. Would you rather hear birds chirping or frogs croaking?

81. Would you rather hang upside down or hang right side up?

82. Would you rather read a book or go on a computer?

83. Would you rather feed baby chicks or watch a chick hatch?

84. Would you rather plant a flower garden or a vegetable garden?

85. Would you rather hold a live worm or find one on the bottom of your shoe?

86. Would you rather hold a live worm or find one on the bottom of your shoe?


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