80 Sweden Trivia Questions and Answers

Nobody likes outdoor fun and talks about the weather like the Swedes do. Sweden is home to plenty of open landscapes even those living in large cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg have direct access to hundreds of unspoiled islands – just a short boat ride from the city center.

Do you want to learn more about Sweden? If yes, this post will unfold every tidbit. If you have an eye for architectural designs, then you’ll love learning about Gustav Wickman’s Kiruna church, which has been voted Sweden’s most beloved building of all time.

Sweden Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

For movie enthusiasts and especially those that are ‘Danish Girl’ fanatics, they must be knowing the amazing Alicia Vikander who bagged an Oscar award for the Best Supporting Actress statuette in 2016. Indeed, Sweden is the land of amazing talent!

Did you know Swedish fashion aims to go from linear production to circular, where materials are not discarded after use but instead recycled in other ways so that the waste is kept to a minimum? Keep reading to find out more! We have prepared a list of Sweden trivia questions and answers to help you expand your knowledge of the country.

Here, take a look!

1. The name of the Swedish King is?

Carl Gustaf


2. A popular maker of parenting accessories, the babybjorn company has its headquarters in which country?



3. The number of European countries have a larger area than Sweden are?



4. If you landed at Arlanda Airport, where would you be at?

Stockholm Sweden


5. The population of Sweden is approximate?

10.23 million


6. In which country were banknotes first used?



7. Largest City of Sweden is?



8. What are the three countries that Scandinavia traditionally refers to?

Denmark, Norway and Sweden


9. Sweden became independent in?



10. What is the name of the ancient Scandinavian warriors who are famous for their excellent navigating and sailing skills and cruelty?



11. Sweden’s Major crops are?

Grains, vegetables and fruits


12. The number of Germans that live in Sweden is?

About 51,000 Germans


13. Which two animals does Pippi Longstocking share her home with?

A Monkey and a Horse


14. Can you name one of the most popular sports in Sweden?

Ice hockey


15. What is the name of Fredrik Backman’s international bestseller debut from 2014 that has since become a play and film?

A man called Ove


16. The colors in the Swedish flag are?

Blue and Yellow


17. What is the name of the first victim and family at the centre of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?



18. Filmjölk is?

A type of Swedish food


19. Which Swedish crime writer wrote The Ice Child, The Drowning and The Ice Princess?

Camilla Lackberg


20. The name of prime minister of Sweden is?

Stefan Löfven


21. What important day of the year is Strindberg’s play Miss Julie set?

Midsummer Eve


22. The most followed religion in Sweden is?



23. Tove Jansson’s famous creatures The Moomins first appeared in what year?



24. The type of soup is in a typical Swedish lunch is?

Yellow Pea soup


25. Which bestseller by Jonas Hassen Khemiri is about the life of Samuel who dies in a car accident?

Everything I don’t remember


26. What percentage of Swedish 13 year-olds have a smartphone?



27. Both these popular crime writers are Scandinavian, but which one is Swedish: Jo Nesbø or Maj Sjöwall?

Maj Sjowall


28. Who wrote the Wallander series of crime fiction books?

Henning Mankell


29. The man who made Skype was?

Niklas Zennström


30. Who was the 2016 winner of the most famous Swedish literary award the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Bob Dylan


31. The national flower of Sweden is?

Linnaea borealis


32. What film written by Ingmar Bergman is one of the longest films in cinema history (at 5 hours and 12 minutes)?

Fanny and Alexander


33. The company ‘King’ made which most popular game?

Candy Crush Saga


34. Which Swedish city was Strindberg born in?



34. Sweden’s location in the world is?

In the northern Europe


35. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist is a bestselling novel and film in what genre?



36. IKEA is?

A furniture company


37. Finish the title of this popular Reidar Jonsson book and film: My Life as a?

A dog


38. What door on the Swedish church is smaller?



39. The name of highest mountain in Sweden is?



40. What is the first name of the author of Pippi Longstoking: surname, Lindgren?



41. Sweden’s largest lake is?

Lake Vänern


42. What is the name of the long ancient inscription on stone that is acknowledged to be the first example of Swedish literature?

The Rök Runestone


43. What was the first novel in the Wallander series?

Faceless Killer


44. Since its inception in 1901 how many Swedish writers have won the Nobel Prize for Literature?



45. How many letters does the Swedish alphabet contain?



46. Sweden is considered part of Scandinavia?



47. Which city is the center of Sjuharadsbygden?



48. Stockholm lies on the border of two Swedish ‘landscapes’ (old regions). Which two?

Sodermanland and Uppland


49. Which Swedish city was founded as a base for the navy?


50. What is the name of the gulf that separates a great part of Sweden from Finland?

Gulf of Bothnia


51. In which Swedish city do the highways E4 and E6 split up?



52. Which Swedish city is also called ‘Match town’ (Tandsticksstaden) and ‘Jerusalem of Smaland’, referring to the strong religiousness?



53. How much coastline does Sweden have?

3,218 km


54. Which city is the northernmost?



55. In which city does the archbishop live?



56. What is the most practiced Christian religion in Sweden?



57. Which dramatist is considered Sweden’s greatest literary figure?



58. Who was the Swede who was the Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961?



59. What is the name of the bridge system that joins Denmark and Sweden?

Oresund Link


60. Which major port is in the extreme south of Sweden?



61. What is the name of the Swedish pop-group whose lead singer is Nina Persson?

The Cardigans


62. With which song did ABBA win the 1974 European Song Contest?



63. What Swedish actor starred in the movie “Good Will Hunting”?

Stellan Skarsgård


64. What is the name of the Swedish actress who has been starring in TV-series “Alias” and is married to Lasse Hallstrom?

Lena Olin


65. What is the name of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark?



66. Who became prime minister of Sweden in 1996?

Göran Persson


67. What three cities are the three biggest in population in Sweden?

Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö


68. How did the Swedish group ABBA get their name?

ABBA is made up by the first letters of the members’ first names.


69. Which Swedish football player went from Ajax Amsterdam to Juventus in 2004 and is now getting his major breakthrough in Juventus and the Swedish national team?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


70. Which football team won Allsvenskan (the Swedish Premier League) in 2004?

Malmö FF


71. The picture is of Sweden’s oldest town. Which of these is it?



72. Which Swedish rock-band had a major hit with ‘Hate to say I told you so’?

The Hives


73. In the twentieth century, how many Miss Universes were from Sweden?



74. Sweden’s highest mountain is Kebnekaise. What is the English translation of this name?

Cauldron Crest

75. Which river runs through Uppsala?



76. Stockholm’s Vasa Museum is which type of museum?



77. Sweden is a monarchy and Carl XVI Gustaf has been king since 1973. Which princess, sharing her name with a long reigning monarch of a different country, is heir apparent?



78. Uppsala is the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden and also has the oldest of which of these establishments in Sweden?



79. The Öresund Bridge has become more widely known to many of us due to the television programmes which have featured it. It links Denmark to Sweden, with the Swedish terminus being near which southern city?



80. Sampling Swedish food is one of the highlights of any visit. One speciality is their meatballs, but what name will appear on the menu?


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