80+ United Arab Emirates Trivia Questions and Answers

The federation of the United Arab Emirates is culturally colorful and has done great things for a nation that is barely 50 years.

It is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world. It’s hard to discuss the UAE without mentioning Burj Khalifa. This superstructure alone holds many world records such as the most upper outdoor observation deck, most towering elevator service, and much more.

United Arab Emirates Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

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The UAE has strong bilateral ties with the U.S. It is the only Arab nation to participate with the US in five significant coalition actions over the past 20 years. The country also hosts more than 20,000 US military personnel every year.

Explore these United Arab Emirates trivia questions and answers to gain more insights.


1. The United Arab Emirates is a federation of how many emirates?



2. I’ve heard much about the city of Dubai but where in the world is it located?

The United Emirates


3. On which roads would you find the 828-meter tall Burj Khalifa?

Sheikh Zayed Road


4. The country was established in which year?



5. You can find the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall on a famous road in UAE. This road leads to the capital city. Name the road?

Sheikh Zayed Road


6. Who was the first President of the UAE?

Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan


7. Where is the Dubai Gold Cup held every March?

Meydan Racecourse


8. Which year were the first elections held?



9. What was the name of the UAE before independence?

Trucial States


10. Which state is the largest emirates by area in the UAE?

Abu Dhabi


11. Which metro ‘lines’ were the first to open for Dubai Metro?

Red Line


12. The first of its kind in the Middle East, this can be found in ‘The Mall of the Emirates’. What is it?

Indoor ski slope and snow park


13. The flag of the U.A.E has a vertical stripe of which color?



14. The motto of the United Arab Emirates is ‘Allah, al-Waṭan, al-Ra’îs,’ which translates from Arabic into English as:

God, the Homeland, the President


15. Dubai is divided into two geographic parts. What are they?

Deira and Bur Dubai


16. How many bridges crossed the Dubai Creek in 2005?



17. What is the name given to a pair of gigantic islands built off the shore of Dubai?

The Palm


18. The official language of U.A.E is?



19. What type of climate could you expect in Dubai?

Hot, desert climate


20. For a time, the British nickname for the region of the Emirates was descriptive of an unsavory feature. What was it?

The Pirate Coast


21. Where in Dubai will you find the Dubai International Airport?

Al Garhoud District


22. UAE is connected with Oman by a road. What is the name of the UAE-Oman border?

Wajajah Border


23. Name the only seven-star hotel in the world that is found in Dubai?

Burj Al Arab


24. What discovery in the early 1960s was the impetus for unification of the Emirates?



25. Which city is close to Oman, on the Gulf of Oman coast, and is surrounded by mountains? The city and the emirate it lies in have the same name.



26. If you were to take your 4×4 vehicle into the desert to drive up and down sand dunes you would be doing what?

Dune bashing


27. In Dubai, in January 2004, construction began on a building that would be taller than any other existent building in Dubai. Which one was it?

Burj Khalifa


28. Which tree is indigenous to Dubai?

Date palm


29. Name the palm-shaped, artificial island in Dubai?

Palm Jumeriah


30. On the western coast, what city has a number of universities and colleges, as well as the famous Manar Mall?

Ras Al Khaimah


31. Every autumn, Dubai hosts which favorite annual sports event?

The Dubai Rugby 7’s


32. What is the National Sport of the United Arab Emirates?

Camel racing


33. What is the name of the range of mountains found on the UAE’s border with Oman?

Hajar Mountains


34. What is the national fruit of the UAE?



35. What type of terrain is the city of Dubai surrounded by?

Sandy desert


36. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the emirates, comprised of 67,340 square kilometers (87% of the country). At approximately 250 square kilometers, which emirate is the smallest?



37. Which university was the first to open in the UAE?

UAE University


38. What is the name of the toll-road system in Dubai?



39. How many colours are there in the UAE flag?

4 colors


40. Which emirate is geographically “long” and is approximately 50 kms from Ras Al Khaimah?

Umm Al Quwain


41. Which is the national airline of the UAE?

Etihad Airways


42. The area opposite Bur Dubai, on the other side of the Creek is called?



43. I’ve been wondering… what type of governance is present in Dubai?

Absolute monarchy


44. Which is the most populated emirate in the UAE?



45. Inaugurated in Dubai in 2009, what became the first of its kind to exist on the Arabian Peninsula?

Dubai Metro


46. When is the UAE National Day?

2nd December


47. What is the national animal of the UAE?

Arabian oryx


48. What is the currency of the UAE?



49. The U.A.E is bordered to the north by what body of water?

The Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf)

50. What is the national bird of UAE?



51. What is the largest natural fresh-water lake within the United Arab Emirates?

There are no natural fresh-water lakes within the UAE


52. What is the height of Burj Khalifa?



53. Which water body can be found to the north of the UAE?


54. What’s the time zone of the U.A.E?

4 hours ahead of G.M.T.


55. Finally, what would you hear five times a day, no matter where you are in Dubai?

Calls to prayer from the nearest mosque


56. Which country is U.A.E’s largest crude oil customer?



57. Which company could not take over shipping operations in six ports of USA in 2006?

Dubai Ports World


58. Who writes the words to the UAE’s national anthem?

Dr. Aref Al Sheikh in 1986


59. How many Trucial States were protected by the UK?



60. In the capital of the United Arab Emirates how many foreign embassies are located in Abu Dhabi?



61. Which two Trucial States did not join UAE?

Bahrain and Oman


62. When the ‘DubaiSat-1’ was launched?

29 July 2009


63. Who is the president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, CEO and founder of the Emirates Group?

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum


64. The Emirates Group was founded in which year?

1985 in Dubai


65. First President of the UAE “H. H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan” passed away in which year?



66. UAE area is approximately how much land?

71,023.6sq km


67. UAE Notes or bills are in the denomination of what?

AED 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000


68. The United Arab Emirates adopted the ‘7 Lines’ design as its logo for the next 50 years in which year?



69. What is the UAE’s national anthem?

Ishy Bilady


70. What is the Literacy rate in the United Arab Emirates?

Close to 95 per cent


71. What is the life expectancy in the UAE according to 2019 Human Development Report issued by the UNDP?

77.8 Years


72. Which is UAE’s highest peak Towering at 1,934 m above sea level?

Jebel Jais


73. What was UAE’s inflation rate in 2018?

3.1 per cent


74. UAE holds how much of the world’s proven oil reserves?



75. What is the UAE rank in the largest proved reserves of both oil and natural gas globally?



76. What is the official UAE news agency of the UAE Government?

Emirates News Agency (WAM)


77. Where is ‘Petroleum Institute’ in the United Arab Emirates and when it was open?

This is an engineering university in Abu Dhabi and opened in year 2000.


78. What is the UAE’s total population (nationals and expatriate residents) in 2017 according to Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center?



79. How many nationalities living and working in the United Arab Emirates?

More than 200


80. Which country form the largest foreign community in the United Arab Emirates?



81. Rub’ al Khali is the sand desert stretch across which countries?

Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman.


82. Where is the ‘Raffles Hotel’ in United Arab Emirates?



83. When was ‘The University of Dubai’ was established?

In 1997 by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


84. ‘Emirate of Ajman’ is one of the seven emirates (states) of the United Arab Emirates. It has an area on how much?

260 square kilometers (100 sq mi)


85. Who is the Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates?

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Since 2006). He is also the Vice President of the country.


86. Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek located in which city of UAE?



87. Jebel Jais summit has an elevation of ___meter?

1,934 m



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