80 Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions

Valentine’s Day would you rather game is a delightful way for couples to know each other’s preferences before celebrating Valentine’s Day together.

You can also play this game with a whole group! It’s great for a slumber party, a family car ride with kids, or during travels.

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Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions – 2022 – 2023

This game acts as a great way to get to know others. There are so many opportunities for players to learn more about their fellow playmates!

Make your holidays and fun times memorable by playing the following Valentine’s Day would you rather questions.


1. Have pink hair or purple hair?

2. Would you rather drink love potion to make someone fall in love with you or shoot two people with arrows to make them fall in love?

3. Get a lot of valentines from people you don’t know very well or  just one from someone who is special to you?

4. Would you rather receive chocolates or candy hearts?

5. Have bright red skin or have your heart beat loud enough for everyone in the room to hear it?

6. Would you rather watch the Notebook every day for the rest of your life or The Proposal?

7. Host Valentine’s Day party or be a guest at it?

8. Would you rather give a hug or a kiss?

9. Receive valentines in email or have it hand-written?

10. Would you rather go on a fancy expensive date or do a romantic night at home?

11. Get to write the script for Valentine’s episode of your favorite TV show, or Get to be in the show?

12. Would you rather make or buy Valentine’s Day card?

13. Spend Valentine’s Day with your family or with your friends?

14. Would you rather eat a pound of chocolate in one sitting or write 500 valentines in one sitting?

15. Get Valentine’s candy from your teacher or a homework pass from your teacher?

16. Would you rather give your teacher a Valentine or give your friend a Valentine?

17. Go to Valentine’s Day party with really good food but not much else to do or be at a party with no food, but with really fun games and activities?

18. Would you rather make a secret handshake or make a silly dance?

19. Eat only red foods on Valentine’s Day or white foods?

20. Would you rather go out dancing until midnight or watch a chick flick marathon?

21. Eat heart-shaped dog treats or rose petals?

22. Would you rather eat a piece of candy off the floor or eat a piece of candy after a dog licked it?

23. Have a class Valentine’s Day party or have no homework for a week.

24. Would you rather be at Valentine’s Day party or at a winter party?

25. Receive a mushy valentine or a funny valentine?

26. Would you rather skip Valentine’s Day or skip New Year’s Eve?

27. Write Valentine’s Day poem that you read to the whole school at a special assembly, or Design Valentine’s Day poster that is displayed in the school office?

28. Would you rather attend a music class or an art class?

29. Would you rather celebrate Galentine’s Day or celebrate Valentine’s Day?

30. Create hand-made valentines for your friends or buy valentines at the store for your friends?

31. Would you rather play videos games or board games?

32. Receive 100 roses or 100 pieces of chocolate?

33. Would you rather have warm chocolate lava cake for dessert or crème Brulee with strawberries?

34. Give valentines to all the boys in your class, or valentines to all the girls in your class?

35. Would you rather build a tent or build with legos?

36. Have to always write with a red pen or pencil for the rest of your life?

37. Would you rather live in a romantic comedy or a superhero movie?

38. Would you rather play inside or outside?

39. Get Valentine’s Day kiss from a big, slobbery dog or from a camel?

40. Receive or give a very special Valentine’s Day gift?

41. Would you rather be a part of the cast of the Office or part of the cast of Gray’s Anatomy?

42. Would you rather spend a weekend in Paris, the city of love, or Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love?

43. Would you rather be serenaded by one of the Jonas Brothers or by Ed Sheeran?

44. Would you rather create a love potion or use Cupid’s bow and arrows to spread the love?

45. Would you rather be proposed to in front of a huge crowd of people or alone in a room full of candles?

46. Would you rather cuddle in bed with a puppy or with your significant other?

47. Would you rather date Mickey Mouse or Pluto?

48. Would you rather eat chocolate-covered crickets or candied worms (actual worms)?

49. Would you rather have been on the Titanic or taken a Walk to Remember?

50. Would you rather rewatch the entire Twilight series or rewatch all The Hunger Games?

51. Would you rather be a star in Breakfast Club or My Best Friend’s Wedding?

52. Would you rather be Cosette from Les Miserables or Christine from Phantom of the Opera?

53. Would you rather wear pink every Wednesday for the rest of your life or eat fat-filled protein bars for breakfast every day?

54. Would you rather kiss someone with bad breath or eat escargot?

55. Would you rather go to a spa resort for an entire day or spend the day at Magic Kingdom?

56. Would you rather walk backward for 2 weeks or go without Valentine’s Day for 3 years?

57. Would you rather go on a cruise for 8 days or fly a space shuttle?

58. Would you rather swim like a mermaid or fly like a unicorn?

59. Would you rather have bright red hair for Valentine’s day or green for St. Patrick’s day?

60. Would you rather hand out candy bracelets to every mall shopper for a week or eat 10 hotdogs in a row?

61. Have your teeth in the back of your head or your eyes on your feet?

62. Would you rather go on a heart hunt or an egg hunt?

63. Would you rather the sky be pink with black polka dots or blue with no clouds?

64. Would you rather ride to school in a tank or a fighter jet?

65. Would you rather have corn, whip cream, and strawberries on your pizza or jello, hamburger, and hot sauce?

66. Be on summer break for 6 months or have an amusement park during recess for a week?

67. Would you rather eat an awful raw onion or two tuna eyeballs?

68. Would you rather not get any allowance for a week or be tickled for an hour?

69. Would you rather write 100 Valentine’s Day cards or go without TV for a month?

70. Would you rather have an ice-cream cone with anchovy toppings or spaghetti with heart-shaped candies in it?

71. Would you rather have an ice-cream cone with anchovy toppings or spaghetti with heart-shaped candies in it?

72. Would you rather play a video game using your feet or your elbows?

73. Would you rather dye your hair rainbow colors or shave your head?

74. Would you rather be Cupid or the Easter bunny?

75. Would you rather decorate the whole outside of your house with hearts or your locker?

76. Would you rather have a pretty Valentine’s Day card box or a funny one?

77. Would you rather get a giant bear for Valentine’s Day or a huge basket of candy?

78. Would you rather make heart-shaped pizzas or go on a sleigh ride?

79. Would you rather have a silly string fight or a glow-in-the-dark party?

80. Would you rather it be Valentine’s Day or Halloween?



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