90+ Idaho Trivia Questions and Answers

Idaho, the Gem State, is famous for its vast mountainous landscapes, multiple swaths of protected wilderness, and eye-catching outdoor relaxation spaces. The Capital, Boise, sits in the Rocky Mountains foothills and is bisected by the River Boise, primarily renowned for rafting and fishing.

Idaho, one of the freezing and coldest places in the United States, experiences low temperatures of up to −60 °F. The climate in Boise is changeable, with mostly clear, hot, and dry summers. The winters are icy, snowy, and partly cloudy.

Idaho Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Idaho delivers an unmatched quality of life not found in another State. It is well known to be home to the highest navigable river in the world.

Boise capital is packed with extraordinary business, affordable cost of living, four mild, friendly environments, and unique seasons. Not to forget, the urban metropolitan economic and education base also has enormous public wilderness that offers a lifetime of weekend adventures.

Read on for some long and fun trivia questions to enrich your knowledge about Idaho State.


1. What is the Idaho state tree?

The Western White Pine.


2. What is the Idaho state raptor?

Peregrine falcon


3. Idaho shares a border with what Canadian province?

British Columbia


4. Where does Idaho rank in size among the states?

It is the 14th largest


5. What is the capital of Idaho?



6. What is special about Hells Canyon?

It’s the deepest gorge in the United States


7. Where does Idaho get most of the energy that it consumes?

Imported from other states


8. From 1990 to 2010, Idaho’s population increased by how much?



9. What is the Idaho state bird?

The Mountain Bluebird


10. What is the Idaho state song?

Here We Have Idaho


11. What is the Idaho State Flower?

Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii).


12. In Idaho, Shoshone Falls is a waterfall that is taller than what?


13. Where does Idaho rank in terms of land area with other states?

It’s the 13th largest state in terms of land area at 83,570 sq. miles.


14. How does Idaho rank as far as a population with the other states?

It’s the 39th most populous


15. The Port of Lewiston is the farthest inland seaport on the West Coast at how many river miles from the Pacific ocean?



16. What are the residents of Idaho called?



17. Idaho has the world’s largest factory for “what”, with a capacity of 120,000 metric tons per year?

Barrel cheese


18. What is the Idaho state fish?

The Cutthroat trout


19. Where is the home of Idaho State University?



20. What was the first university in Idaho, founded in 1889?

University of Idaho in Moscow


21. When did Idaho State University in Pocatello open?

In 1901 as the Academy of Idaho


22. What was the first university in Idaho, founded in 1889?

University of Idaho in Moscow


23. What are Idaho’s two major airports?

Boise Airport, and the Spokane International Airport


24. What is the Idaho state insect?

The Monarch butterfly


25. Where are the main offices of the Idaho National Laboratory?

Idaho Falls


26. Beginning in the 70s, Boise has emerged as a center of what kind of manufacturing?



27. What is Idaho’s highest point?

Borah Peak at 12,662 ft


28. Sometimes Idaho is referred to as the what?

Potato State


29. On what date was Idaho admitted to the Union?

On July 3, 1890


30. How many counties does Idaho have?



31. What is the state motto for Idaho?

Esto Perpetua (Latin for “Let it be forever”).


32. What is the Idaho state fruit?

The Huckleberry


33. What is the Idaho State Gem?

Idaho star garnet


34. How many US states does Idaho border?



35. Idaho is mountainous and is bigger than what region?

New England


36. Where is the state of Idaho’s lowest point?

In Lewiston at 710 ft


37. Which two states are to the west of Idaho?

Washington and Oregon


38. What is Idaho’s nickname?

The Gem State


39. The largest industry in Idaho, the science and technology sector, accounts for over 70% of Idaho’s what?



40. What two states are to the south of Idaho?

Nevada and Utah


41. There are only two places on earth where significant quantities of the gem star garnets can be found, Idaho and where?



42. Which mountain range is usually considered to be Idaho’s most?

The Sawtooth Range


43. What is the Idaho state horse?

The Appaloosa.


44. Who supplies most of the natural gas used in Idaho?


45. What is the largest lake in Idaho?

Lake Pend Oreille


46. What is the Idaho state fossil?

Hagerman Horse (Equus simplicidens).


47. Who designed Idaho’s seal?

Emma Edwards Green


48. How many time zones does Idaho have?



49. Idah shares a border with what Colombia province?

British Columbia

50. What separates Idaho from Canada?

49th parallel north


51. Where is Idaho’s lowest point at  710 ft?

Snake River near Lewiston town


52. How far is Idaho’s western border from the Pacific Ocean?

350 miles


53. What is Idaho’s all-time highest temperature? 

118 °F


54. How long ago might there have been Humans in Idaho?

14,500 years ago


55. Idaho’s second-largest city?



56. Where is the home of Northwest Nazarene University?



57. Where in Idaho was the world’s first chairlift installed in 1936?

Proctor Mountain two miles from Sun Valley


58. Excavations at Wilson Butte Cave near in 1959 showed evidence of “what”  including the oldest dated artifacts in North America?

Human activity


59. In what year did the Lewis and Clark expedition cross Idaho on its way to the Pacific Ocean?

In 1806


60. What is Idaho’s all-time lowest temperature?

−60 °F


61. What is the Idaho state dance?

The Square Dance


62. Which town in Idaho was the first permanent settlement in April 14, 1860?

Town of Franklin


63. The first non-indigenous settlement was Kullyspell House, located on the shore of what lake?

Lake Pend Oreille


64. Idaho produces what percent of potatoes in the United States?



65. During the Great Depression prices plummeted for Idaho’s what?

Major crops


66. The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area is the largest contiguous area of protected wilderness in the continental United States with how big of an area in acres?

2.3 million


67. What has become the largest single economic center in Idaho with over 25% of the state’s total revenue?

Science and technology


68. How big is the state of Idaho in square miles?

83,570 sq. mi


69. Idaho produces about how much of the potatoes grown in the US?

Almost one-third


70. According to the Census Bureau the population of Idaho was how many people on July 1, 2013?



71. Idaho is home to three of Anheuser-Busch facilities that provide the what for breweries located across the nation?



72. Which were the two most prominent Native American tribes in Idaho?

Nez Perce and Shoshone


73. Boise is the home of Micron Technology, the only U.S. manufacturer of what?

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips.


74. Which famous performer attempted a nationally-publicized stunt in Twin Falls Idaho, involving the Snake River?

Evel Knievel


75. Prior to 1846 Idaho, as part of the Oregon Country, was claimed by both the United States and which country?

Great Britain


76. Imports account for how much of Idaho’s total energy consumption?

More than 80%.


77. Which natural resource discovered on the Clearwater River brought a large number of people to Idaho after 1860?



78. How much of the electricity consumed in Idaho in 2005 came from hydroelectricity?



79. What is Idaho’s state fossil?

Hagerman horse


80. The largest community in Boise in the US?



81. Which explorers put Idaho territory “on the map”?

Lewis and Clark


82. Idaho is one of the few states without a major freeway linking its two what?

Largest metropolitan areas


83. Which famous route brought settlers to Idaho?

The Oregon Trail


84. Idaho is served by how many transcontinental railroads?



85. What is the longest river in Idaho?

Salmon River


86. During the Gold Rush of the 1800s which minority group comprised 1/4 of Idaho’s total population?



87. What is the Idaho state amphibian?

Eastern Tiger Salamander


88. What is the Source of Salmon River?

Sawtooth Range


89. What is Idaho’s state Animal?



90. Idaho is known as what state in the US?


91. What is the length of the Salmon River?



92. What is special about Hells Canyon?

It’s the deepest gorge in the United States






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