90+ Indonesia Trivia Questions and Answers

About 270 million people live in Indonesia. This makes it the fourth most populous country in the world after China, India, and the USA. The population of youths is higher with at least 165 million people under the age of 30 compared to 8% of the Indonesian population who are above 60 years.

Over 100 endangered animal species reside here. You can get a glimpse of the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, the Komodo Dragon, Orang-utans, the anoa (the smallest buffalo in the world), and the beautiful Merak or Peafowl, sea turtles, and the Tarsius Tarsier.

Indonesia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Indonesia exports the world’s most expensive coffee: Kopi Luwak. One weird fact about Indonesia is that Kopi Luwak coffee is made from coffee beans eaten and defecated by an Indonesian cat-like animal called the palm civet.

If you enjoy browsing the internet and of course scrolling through the gram, this one is for you. In 2017, Instagram revealed, that Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta is the number one city in Asia, often geotagged in its Stories format.

Explore these Indonesia trivia questions with answers!

1. What is the approximate number of islands that comprise Indonesia?



2. The eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 caused the following year to be “A Year Without Summer”. Where is Mount Tambora located?



3. Which is the most populous island of Indonesia?



4. Ms Globe announces to her class that their destination is the island of Java and asks Plodd if she knows of which country Java belongs. Which answer will show that Plodd hasn’t been daydreaming during class?



5. Which island of Indonesia has a predominantly Hindu population?



6. How many major rivers flow through Jakarta?



7. Who was the President of Indonesia from 1968 to 1998?



8. There are many islands in Indonesia. Approximately how many are there?



9. Flying in to Bali, you land at Ngurah Rai International Airport. Your luggage bears labels with the letters DPS which are based on the alternative name for the airport. Indicating the name of the capital city of Bali, what do the IATA letters DPS represent?



10. Which country was under Indonesian occupation?

East Timor


11. What is the national motto of Indonesia?

Unity in diversity


12. The world’s largest lake on an island is in Indonesia, but what is its name?

Lake Toba


13. When is the Independence Day of Indonesia?

17 August


14. Which one is an Indonesian airline?



15. How was Indonesia known before independence?

Dutch East Indies


16. Which is the largest city located in Sumatra?



17. Indonesia won two medals at the 2012 Olympics. In which event?



18. This large island is shared with two other countries, making it the only island in the world shared by three completely independent nations.



19. Islam is the most practiced religion in Indonesia. But which is the second?



20. Ms Globe and her class have arrived and are standing on the southern coast of Java looking at an ocean. Ms Globe calls on Jennings to identify this ocean. Jennings knows how to impress the teacher by giving which answer?



21. During the 2012 US presidential election campaign, some commentators noted that Barack Obama was displaying physical signs of the cultural customs he’d picked up when he lived in Indonesia as a child. What was the sign?

That he pointed at Mitt Romney with his thumb during a presidential debate


22. How many time zones does Indonesia recognize?



23. How many female presidents has Indonesia had?



24. Around a ten-minute taxi ride from the airport (depending on the traffic) is Bali’s most popular tourist area. With a name that sounds like a scooter, what is this main tourist destination called?



25. Which banknote carries a picture of the first Indonesian president, Sukarno?

100,000 rupiah


26. One of the biggest volcanic eruptions in recent times was that of Krakatoa (Krakatau in Indonesian) in 1883. Where was Krakatoa?

West of Java


27. Gado-gado is?

An Indonesian dish of vegetables and peanut sauce


28. Indonesia has thirty-three provinces and four provinces have special status. Special status means more privileges and more independence from the government. The four special provinces are Aceh, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and _______.



29. What form of government does Indonesia have?



30. According to the Indonesian government, approximately how many orangutans are left in the country?



31. Finally, we’re here, but you could have told me how HOT this place is. We need to find somewhere to stay. I’m thinking a few days of R & R in the mountains. Where would you recommend it?



32. Which state has never colonized or occupied Indonesia?



33. Indonesia was formerly known as what?

Dutch East Indies


34. How many countries have a bigger population than Indonesia?



35. One Indonesian island was the source of some interest in 2003, when an extinct kind of 3-foot-tall hominids, which the popular press referred to as “hobbits”, were discovered. What was this island?



36. Only one of these places sends more tourists to Indonesia than Australia. Which is it?



37. Indonesia is a world leader in the production of what common spice?



38. What’s the name of orange colored Indian three-wheeler car, which is a very noisy car and only seen in Jakarta?



39. Of Indonesia’s approximately 400 volcanoes, about how many remain active?

101 – 150


40. What’s going on here? The concierge guy was called Wayan. Another chap called Wayan checked me in, and then ANOTHER Wayan, this time a girl, saw me to my room. Pinch me please. Why are so many Balinese called Wayan?

Wayan is a Balinese birth-order name given to first born children on Bali


41. True or False: Indonesian is one of three Asian languages taught in Australia as part of their Languages Other Than English program.



42. In the period 1942-1945, the country was occupied by what other country?



43. True or False: Similar to English, Bahasa Indonesia also uses a 26 letter alphabet with no accent marks.



44. Indonesia shares the second largest island in the world with another country. This island is home to over 1000 languages. What is it?

New Guinea


45. True or False: More than 50 countries study Bahasa Indonesia as part of the BIPA program (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers).



46. True or False: 60% of the people in Indonesia speak the Indonesian language.



47. Ms Globe wants to see if her students have been paying attention and asks rbearusa to choose the answer that would best describe Java’s climate. Which answer will move rbearusa to the head of the class?

A wet and a dry season


48. True or False: Indonesian is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn.



49. Prior to the Japanese occupation of the island during World War II, Bali was a colony of a European country. Under colonial rule, Indonesia (including Bali) was known as the ‘___________’ East Indies. Which major sea-faring and trading nation colonized Bali?


50. True or False: Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malay are two completely different languages.



51. In terms of land area, Indonesia is the world’s sixteenth-largest country. Out of these four countries, which country has the amount of land area most similar to Indonesia?



52. What is the time difference between GMT and Denpasar, Bali?

8 hours


53. In what year did Indonesia celebrate 60 years of independence?



54. What second largest city located in Java used to be an important trading center in the 18th and 19th century?



55. Next Ms Globe picks Creedy to identify the agricultural crop grown on Java that is often referred to as “Java.” Which answer will enable Creedy to make the grade?



56. Which statement is true about Indonesia’s land area?

Its area is almost 2 million km2.


57. Active volcano Mt Agung is locally called Gunung Agung. It is Bali’s highest mountain at 3142 metres (10308 feet) and one of over 150 volcanoes in Indonesia. The Indonesian archipelago is considered part of a series of volcanically active regions known by what name?

Pacific Ring of Fire


58. What is the Wallace line?

The boundary between the range of Asian species and the range of Australian species


59. Which island district in Indonesia does not have a land border with another country?



60. Which countries have an official land boundary with Indonesia?

Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste


61. In which region in Java is Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, located?

Central Java


62. The GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or Free Aceh Movement) was a group that wanted to separate Aceh from Indonesia. An interesting fact is that there is also an Indonesian island named Gam. Where is it?

West Papua


63. Grown in beautiful terraced fields that follow the contours of the mountain sides and which can be seen almost everywhere on the island, what is Bali’s most widely grown agricultural crop?



64. Komodo Island is famous for an animal named after which mythological creature?



65. Indonesia has many natural resources. Out of these four, which natural resource is not one of Indonesia’s major ones?



66. Now about language. How do you say “Be Careful” in Bahasa?

hati hati


67. The European age of exploration was inspired by a search for the fabled spice islands of the East Indies (now part of Indonesia). Columbus set out to find a route to the spice islands and accidentally discovered America, which is why he called the people Indians and the islands he found the “Indies”. Traders have visited the actual spice islands for thousands of years. What are these islands?

Ternate, Tidore and Banda


68. If you want to die by being drowned in the longest river in Indonesia, where should you sink yourself?

Kapuas River


69. Which Indian island lies to the north of Sumatra?

Great Nicobar


70. What religion is observed by over 92% of the population of Bali?



71. “Siapa itu?” means :

Who is that?


72. I’m all bartered out and you’re sick of lugging around your ‘I’ve Been To Bali Too’ t-shirts, fake Rolexes, and that life size wooden giraffe. We’re in Jalan Raya, so let’s grab a Bemo and go for a cruise. You look at me oddly. “What the.. is a Bemo?”

Mini Bus


73. The Indonesian flag is similar to the flag of what other country?



74. What least polluted city was given a regional award in 2017 for the cleanest air among all the major cities in South East Asia?



75. In 1975, Indonesia invaded a Portuguese colony, which it occupied for 26 years, until the former colony gained independence in 2001. What is the name of this young nation, which shares an island with Indonesia?

East Timor


76. Ms Globe asks George48 to tell the class what is responsible for the richness of Java’s soils. Which answer will earn George48 an A for the day?

Volcanic ash


77. Which island to the east of Bali is separated from Bali by a strait of the same name?



78. The nutmeg tree is native to which group of small islands in Indonesia?

Banda Islands


79. Forms of dance in Indonesia are very popular. Out of these four choices, which dance is a sacred ritualised dance of Java connected with the palaces of Yogyakarta and Surakarta?



80. What is the name of Solo (Surakarta) Airport?

Adi Soemarmo


81. Balikpapan and Bontang are two important cities for oil and gas industries located in which region in Indonesia?

East Kalimantan


82. How long is the famous Suramadu Bridge?



83. What is the highest mountain in Indonesia?

Puncak Jaya


84. What is the name of the city, nicknamed “Equatorial City (Kota Kathulistiwa)”



85. For the final question, Ms. Globe asks scorpion1960 to identify what kind of disaster occurred in July of 2006 killing over 650 people on Java. To academically excel, scorpion1960 should choose which answer?



86. How many provinces are in Sulawesi Island?



87. What are two famous religious complexes in Indonesia?

Prambanan and Borobudur


88. About thirty minutes taxi ride from Bali’s airport (depending on the traffic), on the east side of its southern peninsula, is one of the island’s earliest tourist areas. Water sports and kite flying are popular recreations. Which of the following resort areas is the only one on the eastern coast?



89. The island of Sumatra is dominated by a mountain range called “Bukit Barisan”. What does “Bukit Barisan” mean?

A row of hills


90. What is the name of the Indonesian Railroad Service?



91. We’ve been tanned, massaged, manicured, pedicured and plaited. We’ve shopped, bopped, dropped and hopped all around this lush, spiritual little island. Time to catch the Wallaby home and get some real rest. “__________ Airport please driver.”

Ngurah Rai


92. Who was the first president of Indonesia?



93. What is Yogyakarta’s most popular food?



94. People originally from North Celebes are called?



95. How do you say ‘goodbye’ in Bahasa?

Selamat Tinggal




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