90 Miami Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Miami is a stylish city located in South Florida. The area has been a top tourist destination for many. Whether you want to explore the beach, indulge in a variety of cuisines, or party for long hours straight, Miami has something for everyone!

Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District holds 800 art deco-style buildings making it the world’s largest concentration of art deco buildings.

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Miami Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

The Miami area hosts both professional and non-professional sports. For instance, for aquatic activities, you can go swimming, water skiing, skin diving, fishing, and boating. Or take part in land and indoor sports like golf, tennis, shuffleboard, bowling e.t.c. This trivia will test your knowledge of  Miami’s sports teams – Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins.

Take the Miami quiz below to learn incredible things about the place.


1. How many visitors does Miami get a year?

9.5 million


2. Which architectural style does Miami boast?

Art Deco


3. How much area does Greater Miami encompass?

2,042 square miles


4. What is the name of the river that flows through Miami?

Miami River


5. What is Miami’s population?

Five million


6. What are the names of the two national parks that surround Miami?

Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park


7. Which sports are played by the Florida Panthers?

Ice Hockey


8. When is the peak tourist season?



9. What is the average temperature in Miami?

Between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (15 and 30 degrees Celsius)


10. What is the name of the bay in Miami?

Biscayne Bay


11. What is the best advice when it comes to traveling around Miami?

Get a map


12. What is the public transport system like?

Reliable and extensive


13. What is the main NFL team in Miami?

Miami Dolphins


14. How much does the Metromover cost?

It is free of charge.


15. What is unique about the Everglades National Park?

It is the only subtropical nature reserve in North America.


16. What is the name of the Haitian district in Miami?

Little Haiti


17. What is the airport code of Miami Aiport?



18. What are Wynwood walls famous for?

Street art


19. What is unique about the Everglades National Park?

It is the only subtropical nature reserve in North Americ


20. At what speeds are balls thrown in the Jai Alai game?

170 mph


21. In which city can you find Ocean Drive?

Miami Beach


22. When did the Miami Performing Arts Center open?



23. What is the nickname of Miami?

The Magic City


24. How many types of mango are there at the Homestead’s Fruit and Spice Park?



25. Which famous crime writer was born in Miami in 1956?

Patricia Cornwell


26. Which area is the first location to be listed as a 20th-century district on the National Register of Historic Places?


27. Which popular TV show is set in Miami?

Jane the Virgin


28. How many gallons of water does Coral Gables’ Venetian Pool contain?



29. What sport are the Miami Heat known for?



30. When was the Spanish Monastery built?

between 1133 and 1141


31. How many miles are there between Miami and Key West?

165 miles


32. When in Miami, how far away from a shopping district are you?

Never more than 15 minutes


33. Which city is the closest to Miami (driving)?



34. If you want to celebrity watch, which hotel should you hang out at?



35. Which Foundation is headquartered in Miami?

Chopin Foundation United States


36. In which neighborhood are the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens?

Coconut Grove


37. What is the best way to experience the ethnic diversity that characterizes Miami?

Sample the range of ethnic cuisine available.


38. How tall is Freedom Tower?

78 m


39. Which one of this fast-food chain open its first location in Miami?


40. Miami is the capital of Florida. True or False?

False, it’s Tallahassee


41. From which of the following options did the sub-tropical city of Miami most likely derive its name?

Named after a Native American tribe in the area.


42. Miami is located in central Florida. True or False?

False, it’s in south Florida


43. What is the name of the NFL team that plays their games in the Hard Rock Stadium?

Miami Dolphins


44. Miami was founded by a woman. True or False?



45. Which agricultural crop helped Miami move forward and into the public eye during the late 19th century?



46. The port of Miami is the busiest cruise port in the world. True or False?



47. I wouldn’t be steering you wrong if I told you that a popular tourist attraction in Miami is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which was originally the home of which of the following business tycoons?

James Deering


48. It never snowed in Miami. True or False

False, it snowed once.


49. It is complete myth that there are alligators in Miami. True or False?



50. Which opera company would I be likely to see if I visited the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts?

Florida Grand Opera


51. Zoo Miami is the largest zoo in Florida. True or False?



52. In the early 21st century, Miami was one of the largest cruise ship ports in the world. True or False?



53. There are no manatees in Biscayne Bay. True or False?



54. It’s impossible to build a subway in Miami. True or False?



55. There is a ski club in Miami. True or False?



56. Who did LeBron James have 61 points against as a Miami Heat player?

Charlotte Bobcats


57. Miami is one of the three vertices of which region?


58. What was the first year the Miami Heat made it to the NBA finals?



59. What two teams did the Miami Heat sweep in the 2005 NBA Playoffs?

Nets And Wizards


60. What logo does Shaquille O’Neal have tattooed on his bicep?



61. With which club did Diego Maradona make his professional soccer debut?

Argentinos Juniors


62. Whose nickname is “The Whiz Kid”?

Jason Kidd


63. Yankee Stadium is known as the house that which famous player “built”?

Babe Ruth


64. Who wrote the New York Times bestseller, “Off Balance: A Memoir”?

Dominique Moceanu


65. Who wrote “Golf for Dummies”?

Gary McCord


66. Who wore number 17 for the New York Red Bulls in the 2011 season?

Juan Agudelo


67. What is the name of the Miami Heat mascot?



68. What did Shaquille O’Neal promise Miami basketball fans when he came to the Heat?

A Championship


69. NBA superstar Dwyane Wade attended which college?

Marquette University


70. How many points did Dwyane Wade average in the 2006 NBA Finals?



71. How big was Shaq’s 5-year deal he signed with the Heat in 2005?

$100 Million


72. Which player was NOT a member of Miami’s “Big Three” from 2010 to 2014? Your options: Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Shaquille Noel, and Lebron James

James, Wade, and Bosh


73. What was the second choice in the original contest to name the Miami Heat?

Miami Vice


74. What is the Heat’s longest winning streak?

27 straight games


75. Which player has the highest career field goal percentage with the Heat?

Shaquille O’Neal


76. Who was the Heat’s leading scorer during their inaugural season?

Kevin Edwards


77. Who is the Heat’s career leader in points?

Dwayne Wade


78. Who is the only NBA player to retire with more career blocked shots than points scored?

Manute Bol


79. Who sank the three-pointer that secured the Heat’s first playoff series victory?

Tim Hardaway


80. Who was the first Heat player to win league MVP?

LeBron James


81. Who was the Miami Heat’s very first draft pick?

Rony Seikaly


82. Which player was nicknamed “The Spin Doctor”?



83. Who was the first Heat player to record 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds in a season?

Hassan Whiteside


84. The Heat started their very first season with a ______ losing streak.

17 games


85. What is the most consecutive wins the Heat had during their second NBA season (1989-90)?



86. What player did Pat Riley trade for just before his first season as head coach began in 1995?

Alonzo Mourning


87. What was the largest loss in Miami Heat history?

68 points


88. Who was the first player to have his jersey number retired by the Miami Heat?

Michael Jordan’s number 23 jersey


89. Which player has the highest single-season 3-point field goal percentage in franchise history?

Jon Sundvold


90. Who was the first Heat player with more than 300 offensive rebounds in a season?

Rony Seikaly

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