90+ San Antonio Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

San Antonio hosts  more than 39 million visitors a year, thanks to its numerous attractions. If you love the outdoors, you can enjoy a variety of top-themed parks such as SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Morgan’s Wonderland – designed for those with special needs.

Also, the Alamo receives over 2.5 million visitors a year, making it the most visited attraction in Texas.

San Antonio Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

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Explore the following set of questions to gauge your knowledge of San Antonio!


1. Who did the Spurs defeat to win the 2014 NBA title?


2. San Antonio is also known as __________.

Alamo City


3. Which fried chicken restaurant originated in San Antonio?



4. In what year was Tim Duncan drafted?



5. Name the river that is in San Antonio.

Medina River


6. Which former Spurs player finished his career with an average of 26.2 points per game?

George Gervin


7. ____________ is the area of San Antonio.

1,307 km²


8. Who was the Championship MVP for the Spurs during the 2003 season?

Tim Duncan


9. Can you tell us the established year of San Antonio?



10. Who was the first Spur to ever score over 70 points in a game?

David Robinson


11. _______ was stored at Brooks Air Force Base until 2002.

Moon rocks


12. Who was the coach that led the Spurs to their 5th title since 1999?

Gregg Popovich


13. __________ type of chips originated in San Antonio in 1938.



14. In what season did the Spurs win their first NBA championship?



15. Name the hotel that was famously moved, in its entirety, five blocks from its original site in 1938.

The Fairmont


16. Do you know, how many seats are there in the Alamo dome?



17. Lanier High School holds the world record for making over 17,000 ________ in 12 hours.



18. What was the original mascot name of the franchise that played in San Antonio in the 1970s?



19. _________ famous aviator went through flight training in San Antonio.

Charles Lindbergh


20. Which kind of animal is the mascot for San Antonio Spurs?



21. The city is located in ________.



22. David Robinson won the scoring title in 1994 over which player?


23. _______ is the most famous landmark in San Antonio.

The Alamo


24. Frenchman Boris Diaw contributed quality minutes as a backup center. Which All-Star point guard for the team hails from France?

Tony Parker


25. Name the famous amusement park that is located in San Antonio.

Sea world


26. San Antonio is in _______ U.S state.



27. Which two San Antonio Spurs were the first to achieve the rare Quadruple Double for the team?

Alvin Robertson and David Robinson


28. _______ is the tallest building in San Antonio.

Marriott Rivercenter


29. Which former Spur became an ordained minister in the early 1990s?

Terry Cummings


30. __________ famous place in San Antonio is known for its natural wonders.

Natural Bridge Cabins


31. What nickname did the news media give the last-second three-pointer that Sean Elliot hit to win Game 2 of the 1999 Western Conference Finals?

Memorial Day Miracle


32. On ___________ strange medium San Antonio’s local Barney Smith paint on.



33. Where did Avery Johnson attend college?

Southern University


34. Which native Argentinian came off the bench to provide valuable minutes for the Spurs?

Manu Ginobili


35. What is the other name given to San Antonio.

The mission city


36. In what year did the San Antonio Spurs join the NBA?



37. ________ of the following is not a Mission of San Antonio.

Mission San Angelo


38. Which player, who had a short stint with the Spurs in the early 90s, had the nickname “Sweet Pea”?

Lloyd Daniels


39. San Antonio boasts the oldest cathedral sanctuary in the United States. Its name is __________.

San Fernando Cathedral


40. In which year was David Robinson named league MVP?



41. Which pie was invented in San Antonio?

Frito pie


42. Which river runs through a popular shopping area in San Antonio?

San Antonio River


43. What was the nickname given to the 1999 Spurs’ starting point guard, Avery Johnson?

The Little General


44. In 1994, David Robinson tallied a quadruple-double, who was the only Spur to have accomplished this feat before him?

Alvin Robertson


45. What is the altitude of San Antonio?



46. The cornerstone of the franchise for many years, which Spurs’ player grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Tim Duncan


47. What is San Antonio’s population?

1.508 million


48. What is the name of the arena that the Spurs moved to after the Alamodome?

SBC Center


49. What Brazilian big man provided a large presence for the Spurs as their center?

Tiago Splitter


50. Who won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award during the 2007-08 season?

Manu Ginobili


51. 189 men died here on March 6, 1836, after multiple attacks by the Mexican Army.

The Alamo


52. During Robinson’s and Elliott’s rookie year (1989-1990), which team did the Spurs lose to in the second round of the playoffs?

Portland Trail Blazers


53. San Antonio boasts the oldest cathedral sanctuary in the United States. What is its name?

San Fernando Cathedral


54. Which fort is the “Home of Army Medicine”?

Fort Sam Houston


55. El Mercado is a town located west of San Antonio.



56. What river runs through a popular shopping area in San Antonio?

San Antonio River


57. This famous San Antonio theatre shares its name with a Jim Carrey movie about a theatre.

The Majestic


58. San Antonio has two veterans’ memorials for which two wars?

Vietnam and Korean


59. A 33-acre botanical garden is located in San Antonio.



60. What is the altitude of San Antonio?

701 ft.


61. It’s the only major-league team in the city’s history to have lasted more than how long?

Five years


62. Which famous aviator went through flight training in San Antonio?

Charles Lindbergh


63. Coached by Player/Coach Cliff Hagan the Dallas Chaparrals were one of 11 teams to do what?

Take the floor in the inaugural season of the upstart ABA.


64. What hotel was famously moved, in its entirety, five blocks from its original site in 1938?

The Fairmont


65. In the playoffs the Chaparrals quickly fell to what team?

New Orleans Buccaneers.


66. In Dallas, the team suffered from what?

Poor attendance and general disinterest.


67. While the Chaparrals had been modestly successful on the court, why were they were sinking financially by their third season?

Because the ownership group refused to spend much money on the team.


68. After missing the playoffs for the first time in their existence in the 1972–73 season, nearly all of the owners wanted what?



69. A group of 36 San Antonio businessmen, led by Angelo Drossos, John Schaefer and Red McCombs worked out a what with the Dallas ownership group?

“lend-lease” deal


70. Drossos and his group would lease the team for three years and move it to San Antonio, and agreed to what?

Return the team to Dallas if no purchase occurred by 1975.


71. After the deal was signed, the team was renamed what?

The San Antonio Gunslingers.


72. The team’s primary colors were changed from the red, white, and blue of the Chaparrals to the now familiar what?

Black, silver, and white motif of the Spurs.


73. The team name derives from what?

A spur, a metal tool designed to be worn on the heels of cowboy boots for the purpose of controlling a horse’s movement and direction.


74. In the first game at the HemisFair Arena the Spurs lost to what team, despite attracting a noisy crowd of 6,000 fans?

The San Diego Conquistadors.


75. The early Spurs were led by what ABA veteran?

James Silas


76. Where did the team quickly make themselves at home?

At HemisFair Arena, playing to increasingly large and raucous crowds.


77. Despite a respectable 17–10 start during the 1974–75 season, who was fired?

Coach Tom Nissalke


78. The owners were tired of the Spurs what?

Slow defensive style of games.


79. He would be replaced by whom?

Bob Bass, who stated that the Spurs would have an entirely new playing style.


80. In the playoffs the Spurs fell to who?

Te Indiana Pacers in six games.


81. Spurs had suddenly found themselves among the what?

The top teams in the ABA.


82. Moreover, their excellent attendance figures made them what?

Very attractive to the NBA, despite the size of the market.


83. In June 1976, the ABA-NBA merger took place, moving San Antonio’s sole professional sports franchise into a what?

A new league.


84. The Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers and New York Nets moved to the what?

The NBA for the 1976–77 season.


85. What is “fiesta”?

An annual festival held in April


86. What nickname is basketball’s David Robinson known by?

The Admiral


87. “Barbacoa” tacos are made out of _______.

Beef, goat or lamb


88. What is the most number of points ever scored by David Robinson in a NBA regulation game?



89. “Big Red” is a type of ______.


90. Tim Duncan is nicknamed “Merlin” due to his interest in what hobby?

Dungeons And Dragons


91. What is “Blue Bonnet” season?

When Blue Bonnet Flowers are in Bloom


92. International basketball star Manu Ginobili comes from which nation?



93. “Whataburger” is a ______ chain.

Amazing place for burgers


94. What are “cascarones”?

A colorful, confetti-filled eggs


95. What is “H-E-B”?

An American privately held grocery company.


96. “Inside the loop” means that you are _______.

In the city of San Antonio



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