90+ West Virginia Trivia Questions and Answers

West Virginia is one of America’s most spectacular places to explore. With the longest steel span in the western hemisphere at 1,700 feet and one of the highest bridges in the United States, the New River Gorge Bridge is among the most visited places in this state.

Since the bridge’s completion in 1977, the treacherous 40-minute drive down the steep mountain was reduced to a few minutes, saving people a lot of time. Incredible geographical fact, right?

West Virginia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Aside from timeless sceneries, West Virginia is also rich in coal. The state ranks second in coal production after Wyoming State. Underground mining accounted for about 71% of Virginia’s coal output. The estimated value of coal produced in 2021 is 1.3 billion.

West Virginia is also rich in one of the highest quality deposits of silica sand in the US. The state has been famous for its manufacture of fine glass however, New Jersey remains the birthplace of glass making. The first glass plant in this state was at Wellsburg back in 1815.

Below is a series of questions to enrich your knowledge about West Virginia.

1. West Virginia is bordered by what US State to the southeast?



2. The State of West Virginia was one of only two states that were established during the what?


3. What is the West Virginia State Slogan?

Wild and Wonderful


4. What is the West Virginia State Butterfly?

Monarch butterfly.


5. What state borders West Virginia to the southwest?



6. Studies have shown that native American Indians, as early as 100 BC, were doing what to to clear land?

Burning forests.


7. Which U.S. State borders West Virginia to the northwest?



8. As of 2009, how many archaeological sites have been documented in West Virginia?

Over 12,500.


9. What is the West Virginia State Rock?



10. How many troops did the area that is now West Virginia provide to both the Union and Confederate war efforts?

About 22,000 to 25,000 troops to each side.


11. Where does West Virginia rank among the US states in size?

41st largest by area.


12. What is the West Virginia State Fish?

Brook trout.


13. Where does the state of West Virginia rank so far as a population?



14. Access to what was opened upon the completion of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) to the city of Huntington on the Ohio River in 1872?

The New River Coal Field.


15. What is the capital of West Virginia?



16. West Virginia is located in what mountain range?

The Appalachian Mountain range.


17. What is the West Virginia State Gemstone?

Silicified Mississippian fossil coral.


18. What are the West Virginia State Colors?

Old gold and Blue


19. West Virginia became a state after the Wheeling Conventions of 1861, in which 50 counties in Virginia decided to do what?

Break away from Virginia.


20. How big is the state of West Virginia in square miles?

24,229.76 square miles


21. What is the West Virginia State Fossil?

Jefferson’s ground sloth.


22. West Virginia’s longest border is with Virginia and is how many miles long?



23. The new state of West Virginia was admitted to the Union on what date?

June 20, 1863


24. What is the highest point in West Virginia?

Atop Spruce Knob, at 4,863 ft.


25. West Virginia was a key Civil War border state. and the only state to form by seceding from a what?

Confederate state.


26. The Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia are among the oldest mountains on our planet, having formed how many years ago?

Over 300 million


27. What is West Virginia State Food?

Golden delicious apple.


28. What is the West Virginia State Tree?

Sugar maple.


29. What hotel, originally built in 1778, has been frequented by numerous world leaders and U.S. presidents over the years?

The Greenbrier hotel and resort.


30. What is the highest recorded temperature in the state of West Virginia?

112 °F at Martinsburg on July 10, 1936.


31. A major mineral resource in West Virginia’s economy is what?



32. In West Virginia, the lowest recorded temperature is what?

−37 °F at Lewisburg on December 30, 1917.


33. West Virginia as a coal producer is second only to what other US State?



34. Weather-wise, West Virginia is one of the “what” states in the nation?



35. What is the West Virginia State Mammal?

Black bear


36. The state of West Virginia has some of the most frequent precipitation in the nation, with Snowshoe averaging nearly how many days per annum with either rain or snow?



37. In so far as energy production, West Virginia also produces large amounts of what?

Natural gas


38. West Virginia has less severe weather than in most other eastern states, and it ranks among the least tornado-prone states where?

East of the Rockies


39. Almost all of the electrical energy being generated in West Virginia is from what type of power plants?

Coal-fired power plants.


40. The Census Bureau estimates the population of West Virginia to have been how many people on July 1, 2013?



41. Near the city of Charleston, West Virginia, in January of 2014, a chemical spill contaminated the water supply of how many people?



42. What is the West Virginia State Reptile?

Timber Rattler.


43. In West Virginia the death rate exceeds what?

The birth rate.


44. What did a study by West Virginia’s Marshall University show for the health of newborn babies in the state?

19% of babies born in West Virginia have evidence of drug or alcohol exposure.


45. Where did the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s National Index of Children’s Progress rank the state of West Virginia in the nation for all kids?

43rd for all kids, and last for white kids.


46. West Virginia Governors can serve only two consecutive terms but must do what before serving a third term?

Sit out a term.


47. What is the West Virginia State Insect?

Western honey bee.


48. How many miles of public roads are in the state of West Virginia?

Over 37,300 miles.


49. What is the West Virginia State Flower?


50. What is the West Virginia State Bird?

Northern cardinal


51. Charleston, West Virginia has the worst rate of what among 100 cities in the nation?

Divorce rate.


52. Where is West Virginia University located?

Morgantown, West Virginia


53. Where does West Virginia rank in 20 categories, including cancer, child immunization, diabetes, disabilities, drug deaths, teeth loss, low birth weight, and more?

Either last or second-to-last.


54. We will start off by visiting one of the smaller towns of America. Many places in West Virginia have historical markers connected with George Washington, the United States’ first president. Which town was founded by the youngest full brother of George Washington? Your options: [ Charles Town ] [ Logan ] [ Chester ] [ Thomas ]

Charles Town


55. The national birth rates for teenagers were at historic lows during the period of 2007-2010, except for West Virginia, however, which ranked with a 3% increase in teen birth rates?



56. How many states does West Virginia border?



57. Next we have a town that is dynamite! It is known as “a living memorial of World War I”. Which of these towns was named after an explosive chemical, and was an area for manufacturing explosives during World War I? Your options: [ Nitro ] [ Rupert ] [ White Sulfur Springs ] [ Glasgow ]



58. Not all American towns have a peaceful history. This little town is at the southern end of the Mountain State, close to the Virginia border. Which of these towns was named after an area where there was a conflict between Native Americans and the early settlers? Your options: [ War ] [ Burnsville ] [ Blacksville ] [ Sand Fork ]



59. Which river flows through West Virginia’s capital city of Charleston? Your options: [ Ohio ] [ Kanawha ] [ Tygart ] [ Monongahela ]



60. What is West Virginia’s nickname?

Mountain State


61. What is the southernmost county in West Virginia?



62. West Virginia has some unique Native American landmarks. Now we are going to a town that is named after one of the largest burial mounds in the United States. Which of these towns has a burial mound that was built by Native Americans of the Adena culture? Your options: [ Moundsville ] [ Mount Hope ] [ Bethlehem ] [ Point Pleasant ]



63. What city in West Virginia comes to mind when I say the Greenbrier Hotel?

White Sulfur Springs


64. What city was the site of the first state capital of West Virginia?



65. Pick up your hiking boots! It is time to look at some of the Mountain State’s natural treasures! Our first particular summit can be found among the Allegheny Mountains and has a forest of evergreen trees at its top. Which of these mountains is the highest land point in the Mountain State? Your options: [ Spruce Knob ] [ Great North Mountain ] [ Timber Ridge ] [ Bald Knob ]

Spruce Knob


66. Yeager Airport in West Virginia is named after Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier. Where is Yeager airport located in West Virginia?



67. What county in West Virginia is home to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park?

Pocahontas County


68. Several of the Mountain State’s mountains have many interesting names. This rugged ridge is also in the Allegheny Mountains, and was an area of heavy logging industry. Which of these mountains used to be home to the largest red spruce forest south of the state of Maine? Your options: [ Cheat Mountain ] [ Bickle Knob ] [ Backbone Mountain ] [ Droop Mountain ]

Cheat Mountain


69. Be careful and watch your step! You wouldn’t want to fall off of this cliff! This rocky land point has a sandstone ledge and a 62-foot downhill cascade. Which of these are the giant waterfall that is created by the Blackwater River and flows into the Canaan Valley and a nearby canyon? Your options: [ Blackwater Falls ] [ Deathwater Falls ] [ Valley Falls ] [ Canaan Falls ]

Blackwater Falls


70. What is the mean elevation of West Virginia?

1500 ft


71. What is the West Virginia State gemstone?

Silicified Mississipian fossil coral


72. Grab your soap and water bottle! Our next stop is a town named after a popular spa city in Great Britain! In its history, it has attracted many visitors, including George Washington and James Rumsey. Which of these towns is famous for its mineral springs and has hosted an international water tasting contest? Your options: [ Bath ] [ Kingwood ] [ Bridgeport ] [ White Sulfur Springs ]



73. West Virginia’s motto is written in Latin below the seal on the state flag. “Montani Semper Libris” is Latin for “Mountaineers Are Always ____.”



74. What is one of West Virginia’s state songs?

“The West Virginia Hills”


75. Now let’s take a look at one of Mountain State’s more metropolitan areas. This city is located in the northern panhandle of the Mountain State, nestled among the hills of the Ohio River valley. Which of these is the city “forged by steel”, and was named after a steel mill when four towns merged together?Your options: [ Weirton ] [ Smithers ] [ Bridgeport ] [ Shinnston ]



76. What is significant about Greenbank, West Virginia?

It houses the National Radio Observatory


77. What bridge plays a large part in Bridge Day in West Virginia?

New River Gorge Bridge


78. What is the largest cave in West Virginia?

Organ Cave


79. What year did West Virginia become a state?



80. We will end our journey at this historical spot. Located on the side of the Elk and Kanawha rivers, this particular city was nicknamed “the most northern city of the South and the most southern city of the North”. Which of these cities is the Mountain State’s beloved capital? Your options: [ Charleston ] [ Petersburg ] [ Madison ] [ Williamstown ]



81. What is West Virginia’s rank in size?



82. What month did West Virginia become a state?



83. How many counties are in West Virginia?



84. What is the West Virginia butterfly?



85. The New River, which meanders through the Appalachian Mountains, is the second oldest river in the world.



86. What is the oldest town in West Virginia?



87. The first Mother’s Day service was held in Grafton, West Virginia.



88. West Virginia became a state in the midst of what war?

Civil War


89. Who was the first governor of West Virginia?

Arthur Boreman


90. What political party was West Virginia’s first governor?



91. What is the English translation of West Virginia’s state motto, adopted in the 1872 state constitution?

Mountaineers are Always Free


92. Matewan and Blair Mountain are remembered as the site of battles in West Virginia where dozens of people were killed in 1920-1921. The US Army, state police and sheriff fought on one side. Who fought on the other?

Coal miners


93. What John Denver song was added most recently as West Virginia’s state song?

Take Me Home, Country Roads


94. In 1977 a well-known high bridge was built in West Virginia, named after the river valley it spanned. What is the bridge called?

New River Gorge Bridge


95. What does the West Virginia state flag look like?

The state coat of arms on a white background




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