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When was the last time you spent quality time with your friends and family? We know that life sometimes throws a lot of things in our baskets – from work, marriage, kids, and school among others, that we rarely get time to spend time with our loved ones and have some fun.

If you can spare a few hours – Whether it’s over that dinner with your spouse or the whole family, or even over those beers on a Saturday afternoon with your buddies, we have some great ideas on how to make such times fun.

Trivia To Go is your perfect plan for those days you’re hanging out with your friends and family. We have prepared for you trivia questions on different categories ranging from animals to movies to celebrities and everything in between. And yes, we also have some fun facts, fun blogs with intriguing articles, and family fun guides.

Family time will definitely never be the same again!


The beauty of life, in general, is that there is always so much to learn about different things, and what better way to learn than through trivia questions? Learning through trivia questions is different from the style that is employed in learning institutions.

Trivia questions flex our brains in a fun and easy way because we can answer the questions as we enjoy that cold glass of beer with friends or with families after enjoying dinner. Whether you’re a fan of movies or cartoons, there’s so much to learn from our categories.

After all, knowledge is power, right?


We tend to believe that fun facts exist in order to remind us to “stay humble” because no one knows everything about everything. Interesting, right? Our fun facts are a combination of cool, funny, weird, quirky, and amazing. Some of them will turn out to be helpful, while others will not really help you in any aspect of life, but keep you entertained. Think of it this way, though – there’s no loss in learning, is there?

You probably already know about some of the fun facts we’ve compiled, but you most certainly don’t know about all of them. Gather your family and friends and learn some facts about animals and science, among others.


Having fun is one of the things we all have in common. We all want to have some fun, whether it’s through reading, watching, traveling or whatever it is that makes your heart skip a bit. Our fun blog contains the latest, interesting and intriguing articles on different things around the world that will definitely catch your attention.

Your weekends or lazy afternoons will be more fun as you read through them with your buddies.


Nothing beats the joy of hanging out with family, and that’s why we have reviewed for you some of the best games that you can play and get away from the norm. From board games to playing cards, we have gathered the best games and tips to engage with family and friends, both indoors and outdoor.

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