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Animal Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Animal Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

So, how much do you know about animals? Yes, you might know a thing or two about specific species, maybe even their scientific names. From the unusual creatures to the fastest birds, we bet that there’s so much out there that you need to know about our animal friends. And what better way to learn than trivia questions and facts.

You see, learning about animals through trivia questions can be both beneficial fun. Think about it: sitting at the dinner table with your kids and engaging in animal quizzes. Sometimes on a lazy afternoon in the house with your buddies as you enjoy a cold beer.

Animal Trivia- Fun Games For Kids And Adults in 2023

What do we call the father of a goat? How about the mother? We know – we also thought there weren’t specific names for “goat parents”, but there is! 

Well, we have plenty of such questions to jog your mind, and while at it, have some fun. You only need to scroll down, challenge your brain and click the “show answer” to reveal whether you got it right or not in our multiple questions.

Whether you are an animal lover or not, you’ll love our collection of animal trivia questions. We have compiled hundreds of them. We promise that you’ll be a walking animal encyclopedia after you are done with the last quiz.

Let’s get to it!

Animal trivia quiz questions

  • What type of feet does a palmiped bird have?

    Webbed feet

  • The Saint Helena is the largest species of which order of insects?


  • A parliament is the name given to a group of which bird?

    The owl

  • How many humps does a bactrian camel have?


  • What are the male honey bees called that are the only members of the colony allowed to mate with the queen?


  • What is a cabbage white?

    A butterfly

  • Whereabouts do demersal fish live in the sea – near the top, near the middle or near the bottom?

    Near the bottom

  • What is a male swan called?

    A cob

  • Which creatures produce gossamer?


  • What color is a reindeer’s eyes in summer?

    Gold / brown

  • What color is a reindeer’s eyes in winter?


  • What is a kakapo?

     A parrot

  • What color is a flamingo when it’s born?


  • Do fish have spines?

    Yes! All fish live in water and have a spine

  • Famous for being part of the biblical plagues, and infamous for stripping crops in vast swarms, what insect belongs to the family Acrididae?


  • What animal is known for the great migration across the African plains?


  • What bird is mythically said to deliver babies?


  • What animal has a wingspan of around 10ft, can live to the ripe old age of 20, and is protected by the Queen of England?


  • What is the name of the common breed of cat that has no hair?


  • Famous for being cuddly but not great at breeding, what animal is best seen in Chengdu China?

    Giant Panda

  • In the comic strip by Jim Davis what is the name of the animal owned by Jon Arbuckle?


  • Which country do French Poodles come from?


  • What animal was originally domesticated by the Incas more than 3,000 years ago, and is now a household pet?

    Guinea pig

  • Mus musculus is the Latin name for what common animal?

    A house mouse

  • Which ape gets its name from the Malay word meaning “man of the forest”?

    The orangutan

  • What type of animal is an impala?

    An antelope

  • What name is given to the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger?


  • What kind of creature is a Portuguese man o’ war?

    A jellyfish

  • Pyrenean, Fainting, and Alpine are all breeds of which animal?

    The goat

  • Leveret is the name given to the babies of which animal?

    The hare

  • Flittermouse is an old English name for which mammal?

    The bat

  • Why do frogs close their eyes when they swallow?

    To help push food down their throats.

  • Who does most of the hunting for the family – male lions or female lionesses?

    Lionesses do 90% of the hunting work

  • What do you call a group of fish?

    A school

  • How many toes does a cat have on each back paw?

    Four. Cats have five toes on each front paw and four toes on each back paw

  • When bats fly out of a cave, do they turn left or right?

    They always turn left

  • What is the name of the dog in the Disney and Pixar Toy Story films?


  • What animal was made globally famous by the SEGA video game Sonic?


  • What popular household pet has around 75 million in the US alone?


  • Why does a hen cluck?

    To reassure their chicks

  • How much does the average horse eat each year?

    Seven times its own weight

  • How much wool can one mature ewe (female sheep) produce in a year?

    7 to 10 pounds

  • What farm animals can get sunburned?

    Pigs and light-colored horses

  • What do cows do when a storm is coming?

    Lie down

  • How many toes do sheep have on each foot?


  • What is a group of pigs called?

    A sounder

  • How does a baby lamb identify its mother?

    By her bleat

  • Do pigs sweat?

    No, they have no sweat glands.

  • What items can be made from tallow, the fat of sheep?

    Soap and candles

  • What is the fastest movement of a horse’s natural paces?

    A canter

  • What is considered the most intelligent farm animal?

    The pig

  • What are female and male ducks called?

    Female ducks are called hens and male ducks are called drakes

  • What are the offspring of a chicken and turkey called?


  • Do all chickens lay either white or brown eggs?

    No, the Araucana lays blue and green eggs.

  • How much does a 1,200-pound horse eat each year?

    About seven times its own weight

  • When does a pig’s tail curl?

    When they are happy

  • What is a group of geese called?

    A gaggle

  • What farm animal has breeds named Zwartbles, Corriedale, and Merino?


  • What is the farm animal that becomes the best friend of Shrek?


  • What farm animal shares its name with a country that is often said to border both Europe and Asia?


  • What kind of animal is the main character in the book titled Babe by Dick King-Smith?

    A pig

  • Which adjective is used to describe a horse with two different colored patches, usually black and white?


  • World Wildlife Fund is helping protect African species by?

    Committed to conserving African wildlife

  • A bird seen perching on the barks of Buffalos eating ticks and other insects?


  • Which animal does not feed on the seeds and leaves of Acacia trees?


  • How many muscles are in an Elephant's trunk?


  • Which specie of Monkey is not found in Africa?

    Golden lion tamarin

  • How wide can a Hippo stretch its Jaws?


  • The "Big Five" refers to?

    Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros

  • What is the closest living relative of a Hippo?


  • Which creature spends most of its time alone?


  • Which is the most popular breed of spiders for pets?


  • Goldfish do not have stomachs. True or false?


  • What is Guppy, also known as?

    Millions fish

  • What is another name for a Budgerigar?


  • Which is the second most loyal animal to humans?


  • Which pet is the cheapest one to own?

    Hermit Crab

  • How long can iguanas hold their breath?

    20 minutes

  • What part of a cat's body, when compared to the size of its head, is the largest in the world?


  • How do hamsters blink?

    One eye at a time

  • How many olfactory receptors do dogs have?

    220 million

  • How long do cats groom?

    At least one-third of the time, they are awake.

  • Comet is what type of animal?


  • An Egyptian Mau is what type of animal?


  • Are guinea pigs related to pigs?

    No, they are rodents.

  • How many feathers does a budgie have?

    Up to 3000 feathers

  • What breed of dog is also known as 'Sausage dog'?


  • What breed of cat is the cat 'Garfield'?

    Orange Persian

  • Snakes have a flexible?


  • All spiders are nearsighted. True or false?


  • How sensitive are geckos' eyes?

    300 times more sensitive than human eyes

  • Snakes do not have eyelids. True or false?


  • What is the oldest known breed of dog?

    Saluki dogs

  • Which insect is known for changing its color?

    Golden tortoise beetle

  • A male horse has more ____ when compared to a female horse?


  • Which primate is the only venomous primate in the world?

    Slow lorises

  • What do Humpback whales use to prey?


  • Which animal looks like a small deer but has fangs?


  • Which amphibian can regenerate its limbs?


  • Which fish are born as males?


  • What do sea otters do when they sleep in water?

    They hold hands

  • Which shrimp has the fastest punch?

    Mantis Shrimp

  • Which animal dies after giving birth?


  • A Grebe cannot


  • Where are a Kiwi's nostrils?

    At the end of the beak

  • Belgian blue is a breed of which animal?


  • How many times does a hummingbird flap its wings to hover?

    200 times per second

  • What is the color of a Polar Bear's hair?

    It does not have any color.

  • How long can Emperor Penguins stay underwater?

    27 minutes

  • Which big cat has the loudest roar out of all the big cats?


  • Giraffes don't have?

    Vocal cords

  • Wrinkles on a Gorilla's nose is similar to what part of the human body?


  • What is the color of a giraffe's tongue?


  • How long is a leopard's tail?

    Almost as long as its body

  • Which animal runs in a zig-zag manner to escape its predator?


  • Where is a shrimp's heart located?

    In its head

  • What is a group of hedgehogs known as?


  • How many wings does a fly have?

    One pair

  • How heavy is a brown bear?

    550 pounds

  • What kind of animal is a Dolphin?


  • How many eyes does a shrimp have?


  • Which animal has the most extended tail?


  • Which aquatic animal is the most poisonous one in the world?

    Puffer fish

  • What species of opossum is found in North America?

    Virginia opossum

  • What is a group of alligators called?

    A congregation

  • A rodent's _____ never stop growing?


  • How do geckos stick to walls?

    Microscopic hairs called setae

  • What kind of turtle can't retract into its shell?

    Sea turtles

  • What is the world record for fastest speed achieved by a tortoise?

    0.62 mph

  • How do polar bears get fresh water?

    Eating snow, freshwater melt ponds, and metabolizing seal blubber

  • What is the only dog that can't bark?


  • How fast can a chameleon's tongue travel?

    5,795 mph

  • What animal are crocodiles most closely related to?


  • What is the primary purpose of a kangaroo's tail?

    To propel themselves

  • Why does some bat guano sparkle?

    Bug exoskeletons

  • How far can a squirrel fall without dying?

    Any height

  • Which rodent can go its whole life without drinking any water?

    Kangaroo rats

  • What color is spider blood?


  • How many times does a giant panda poop each day?

    40 times a day

  • How strong is a grizzly bear's bite?

    1200 PSI

  • Dolphins have been trained by the U.S. Navy to?

    Find enemy swimmers, locate underwater mines, and guard nuclear arsenals

  • What percentage of a cat's bones are in its tail?

    10% of a cat’s bones are in its tail

  • Which organ can account for up to 30% of a shark's total body mass?

    Large liver filled with oil

  • What is the largest of the great apes?

    Mountain gorilla

  • How big is the largest known ant colony?

    3,700 miles

  • How many times can a hummingbird flap its wings per second?

    80 times per second

  • What is the world's most poisonous spider?

    Brazilian wandering spider

  • How far away can a wolf smell its prey?

    1.75 miles away

  • A newborn kangaroo is about the size of a?

    lima bean

  • True or false? Mice live for up to 10 years

    False – captive mice live for up to two and a half years, while wild mice only live for an average of around four months

  • What is the most venomous animal in the world?

    Box Jellyfish

  • What is the only venomous snake found in Britain?


  • How many species of shark are there?


  • Which animals belong the grouping 'bovine'?


  • What is the collective name for a group of crows?


  • Arachnophobia is the fear of what?


  • A 'Flutter' is the collective noun for which creature?


  • Alligators are native to only which two countries?

    USA and China

  • Which animal has the largest brain?

    Sperm Whale

  • The Cottontop tamarin is what type of animal?


  • Which land animal has the greatest range of vision?


  • What is the name of a female boar?


  • Australian Yorkshire, Kunekune, and Hampshire are breeds of which animal?


  • Who has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom?

    Saltwater Crocodile

  • 'Felis domesticus' is Latin for which animal?


  • What is the female version of a peacock?


  • How Many Animals Were Delivered On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas In The Carol?


  • Which Of Santa’s Reindeer Is Named After Another Animal?

    Vixen (a fox)

  • What Kind Of Animal Does The Grinch Have For A Pet?


  • In Puerto Rico, Children Leave Grass Under Their Beds For Which Christmas Animal?


  • When Were Reindeer Fully Domesticated?

    3000 BC

  • What Name Is Given To Small Sausages Wrapped In Bacon, A Staple At A British Christmas Dinner?

    Pigs in blankets

  • What's The Natural Lifespan Of A Turkey?

    Up to 15 years

  • What Part Of The Turkey Is Used For Good Luck Ritual With Your Best Friend During Thanksgiving?


  • What Food Was Present At The First Thanksgiving But Is Rarely Eaten At Thanksgiving Now?


  • How Many Feathers Does A Grown Turkey Have?


  • Three Thousand Years Back, The Native Americans Domesticated Turkey For What?


  • In Medieval Europe, Owls Were Believed To Be What?


  • What Was The First Feature-Length Werewolf Movie?

    Werewolf of London released by Universal Pictures in 1935

  • Black Cats Are Known For What Superstitious Belief?

    Bad luck

  • What Bird Could Poor People Use For Sacrifices If They Could Not Afford Lambs?


  • Which Bird Does Job Say Is Lacking In Wisdom, Due To The Fact She Leaves Her Eggs On The Floor?


  • How Many People Did Jesus Feed With Five Loaves Of Bread And Two Fish?

    About 5000 men

  • What Type Of Insect Did John The Baptist Eat In The Desert?


  • What Kind Of Animal Did Cleopatra Use To Kill Herself?

    A snake

  • Camelopard Is An Old English Name For Which Animal?


  • What Did Ancient Egyptians Do To Mourn The Deaths Of Their Cats?

    They shave their eyebrows

  • The Increasing Scarcity Of Elephants And Rhinos Led To A 1989 Ban On Which Substance?


  • Which Dinosaur Had 15 Horns?


  • Which Animal’s Name Comes From The Ancient Greek For “Horse Of The River”?


  • During World War II, What Animals Did The Americans Try To Train To Drop Bombs?


  • Walt Disney's Famous Deer Was Named What?


  • What Disaster Film Gave Us The Immortal Line, "I Gotta Go, We Got Cows."?


  • In The Harry Potter Film Franchise, What Does The Hogwarts Motto “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus” Mean?

    Never tickle a sleeping dragon

  • What Was The Name Of The Giant Spider That Appeared In 'Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets'?


  • Which Group Recorded "Lizard Love"?


  • Which Family Group Released The 1972 US Billboard Number 14 Single "Crazy Horses" From Their Album Of The Same Name?

    The Osmond Brothers

  • What 'Out Of This World' Band Remade Michael Jackson's Song "Smooth Criminal"?

    Alien Ant Farm

  • Paul McCartney Has Written Many Songs About Love And Relationships, But Which One Was Actually About A Dog?

    Martha My Dear

  • What Is The Average Number Of Spiders Per Acre In Green Areas?

    50, 000

  • What Is The Most Common Training Command Taught To Dogs?


  • What Is The Size Of Kangaroo Babies When They Are Born?

    Only 1 inch

  • What Four-Letter Word Is The Correct Term For A Rabbit’s Tail?


  • What Kind Of A Creature Is A Bustard?


  • What Is The Largest Living Organism?

    Aspen grove

  • How Many Species Of Penguins Are There Across The Southern Hemisphere?


  • What Is The Oldest Surviving Mammal On The Planet?


  • Humans Share How Many Percent Of DNA To Slugs?


  • What Is Strange About The Reproductive System Of Male Snakes?

    They have two reproductive organs

  • How Do Bats Use Sound To Locate Prey?


  • Which Insects Cause Malaria?


  • Which Insect Does A Caterpillar Grow Into?


  • What Group Of Animals Is Known As A “Flamboyance”?


  • What Type Of Animal Is A Russian Blue?

    A Cat

  • What Animal Is Considered To Be The Symbol Of America?

    Bald Eagle

  • African Penguins Are Also Commonly Referred To As What?

    Jackass penguin

  • What Is A Crossbreed Between A Zebra And A Donkey Called?


  • In Minnesota, It Is Illegal To Tease What Type Of Animal?


  • A Baby Puffin Is Called What?


  • The Age Of A Lion Can Be Determined By Its?


  • Which Has The Thickest Fur Of Any Mammal?

    Sea otters

  • What Is The UK’s Only Venomous Snake?


  • Lemurs Are Only Native To One Country, Which One Is It?


  • How many legs a honeybee has?


  • Which animal is immortal?

    Turritopsis doohmii

  • Name the world’s poisonous spider?

    Brazilian Wandering Spider

  • Float and Bask are the common names for the group of which animal?


  • A newborn kangaroo has a size of?

    A Lima bean

  • Turkeys are highly social. Is that true or not?


  • In certain memory tests, which animal performs better than the humans?


  • Which animal keeps growing till the death?


  • Which bird cannot walk?


  • Which animal gives birth through the mouth?

    Gastric-brooding frog

  • The gestation period of a tigress is?

    100 days

  • The babies of Swan are known as?


  • The Cackle is a name of which group of animal?


  • Ostrich can fly. Is that true or false?


  • Basenji is what type of Dog?

    Hunting Dog

  • Name the fastest bird in the world?

    Peregrine falcon

  • Sika and Roe are which type of animal?


  • A group of squirrels is commonly known as dray. What’s the other name used for them?


  • Name the smallest reptile of the world?

    Leaf chameleon

  • When fishes become capable of feeding themselves; with what interesting name they are known?


  • Anura is the scientific name of which animal?


  • Cabbage white is another name of what?

    A Butterfly

  • What was the name of the cheetah that has recorded the fastest speed?


  • A group of kittens is known as?


  • How many legs a crab has?


  • Which cute animal eats sugarcane?

    Giant Pandas

  • What do we call a female donkey?

    A Jenny

  • The leader of the elephants’ herd is called?


  • Murder is the collective group of which animal?


  • A honey bee has how many eyes?


  • The pod is a common group name of which mammal?

    The Whales

  • Which bird only drinks rainwater?

    Jacobin Cuckoo

  • Any bird with webbed feet is known as?


  • What’s the name of Tarzan’s Chimpanzee?


  • Virgin male mice kill the baby mice? True or False


  • Sparrows are a symbol of what?


  • Which animal’s eye is bigger than its brain?


  • Name the only venomous snake found in Great Britain?


  • A group of elephants is known as?

    A herd/ Parade

  • Which animal has the shortest pregnancy?


  • Obstinacy is the collective group of which animal?


  • How many legs a mosquito has?


  • A group of badgers is known as?

    A cete

  • Which animal is unable to fart?


  • The python is a poisonous snake. This statement is true or false?


  • What is the favorite food of rabbits?


  • Which animal has no vocal cords?

    A Giraffe

  • Which bird only eats bones?

    Bearded vulture

  • The most common name for a group of the turtle is known as?

    A Bale

  • How many more times a dog can hear than the humans?

    Four times

  • The scientific name of the Asian frog is?

    Rana Tigrina

  • Three percent of the ice in the Antarctic Ocean is the urine of which animal?

    The Penguins

  • How much time a does sloth need to digest the food?

    2 weeks

  • The horn of rhinoceros is made up of what?


  • Cavy is another name of which animal?

    Guinea Pig

  • Name the largest mammal of the world?

    Blue whale

  • How many teats cows have?


  • The dogs have sweat glands in only?

    The paws

  • A male Turkey is known as?

    Tom/ Gobbler

  • A Baby elephant is known as a?

    A calf

  • The fingerprints of which animal extremely resembles the humans?


  • The group of young pigs is called?


  • What is the scientific name of the tiger?

    Panthera Tigris

  • The blind Dolphins are found in which river?

    Indus River

  • Which animal is a Mexican hairless?

    A Dog

  • Where is the heart of the shrimp situated?

    In the head

  • A group of deer is known as?


  • Which animal has the longest lifespan?

    Arctic whale (Bowhead)

  • Which animal does not drink water?

    Kangaroo rat

  • Hominoidea is a scientific name of which animal?


  • Which bird is a symbol of good luck?


  • A baby fox is often known as a pup or cub. What’s the other name for it?

    A Kit

  • A group of hedgehogs is known as?


  • Out of twelve, how many Dogs survive in the Titanic disaster?


  • Name the oldest giant panda, which died in 2016 at the age of 114?

    Jia Jia

  • A mandrill is what type of creature?


  • What’s the smallest and recently discovered fish in the world?

    Paedocypris progenetica

  • The brown-banded and wood male cockroaches can fly and not the females. True or false?


  • What is the color of an ocelot?

    Yellow with black markings

  • Do sponges have a heart?


  • Which animal never sleeps?


  • Which animal has the highest blood pressure?

    A Giraffe

  • Rabbits are born blind. Is that true or false?


  • All the six legs of an ant are attached to which of its part?


  • How many heart chambers a cockroach has?


  • For the first few weeks, baby mice feed on what?

    Mother’s milk

  • A snail can sleep for how many years?

    3 years

  • Name the slowest animal of the world?

    Three-toed Sloth

  • Which primate is known to be the largest in the world?


  • Which animal has a tail so strong they are able to stand on it?


  • The famous dog Lassie is known to be which dog breed?


  • What is the proper name for a group of crows?


  • A common legend states that which animal has nine lives?


  • A starfish is known to have how many arms?


  • The famous video game character, Sonic, is known to be what kind of animal?


  • What animal does a tadpole grow into?

    A frog or a salamander

  • What is the proper name for a group of geese?


  • Which lizard is known to be the largest in the world?

    Komodo Dragon

  • What is the name for an animal that sleeps during the day but remains awake at night?


  • What animal is known to be ‘man’s best friend’?


  • Which bird is known to be the symbol of peace?


  • A spider has how many eyes?


  • What is the proper name for a herd of twelve or more cows?


  • What is the only food source for Koala Bears?


  • How many legs are on the body of a lobster?


  • Zoophobia is known as the fear of what?


  • hrek is known to be friends with which common farm animal?


  • What breed of dog is Marley from the film Marley & Me?

    Yellow Labrador Retriever

  • Which sea creatures are known to hold a natural pearl?


  • What is the proper name for a group of giraffes?


  • Which plant is known to be a panda’s main source of food?


  • Lemurs are only native to which country?


  • What is the proper name for a female deer?


  • What dogs are a part of the smallest dog breed in the world?


  • Is a giraffe considered an omnivore, carnivore, or herbivore?


  • What animal is known to be the tallest mammal on Earth?


  • In North America, which rodent is known to be the largest?


  • Which continent is home to the aardvark?


  • What is the proper name for a herd of zebra?


  • What animal is known to be the largest mammal in the world?

    Blue Whale

  • What is the fastest land animal?


  • Which flightless bird is known to be the emblem of New Zealand?


  • What is the proper name for the elephant that leads its herd?


  • What is the proper name for a female elephant?


  • What fish is known to be the largest in the world?

    Whale Shark

  • What kind of fish is Nemo from the film Finding Nemo?


  • Name the smallest fish in the ocean?

    Dwarf Pygmy Goby

  • What is the proper name for a baby goat?


  • Which land mammal has a tongue that stretches as long as two feet?


  • What is the only mammal that has the ability to fly?


  • What is currently the largest land mammal on the planet?

    The African Elephant

  • What percent does a cat spend its life sleeping?


  • What is the proper name for a group of kittens?

    A Kindle

  • What is the largest member of the cat family?


  • Which bear is known to have a bite strong enough to break a bowling ball?

    Grizzly Bear

  • A karakul is which kind of animal?


  • The genus Equus includes which three mammals?

     Horses, Donkeys, & Zebras

  • Which mountain range is home to the snow leopard?


  • What is the proper name for the trunk of an elephant?


  • Mohair is taken from which animal?

     Angora Goat

  • Why do otters hold hands when going to sleep?

    To prevent them from drifting off and away from each other.

  • Which animal is known to take up to a month to digest food?


  • Approximately, how many glasses of milk does a cow produce in its lifetime?

    200,000 glasses

  • What is the proper name for the underside of a horse’s hoof?

    A Frog

  • What causes a pig’s tail to curl?

    Feeling Happy

  • A ‘flemish giant’ is another name for what animal?


  • A cow’s stomach contains how many compartments?


  • Which part of a chicken’s body determines the color of its eggs?

    Their earlobes

  • Which common farm animal is known to be colorblind?


  • What do pigs do to stay cool and prevent sunburn due to their lack of sweat glands?

    They roll in the mud

  • Which bird is known to have waterproof feathers?


  • It is said that 3% of glaciers are comprised of which animal’s urine?


  • Which common farm animal has rectangular pupils?


  • How long does it take a hen to produce an egg?

    24-26 Hours

  • What determines the gender of a baby turtle?

    The temperature of the sand their eggs are laid in.

  • Which animal is known to have 32 brains?


  • What determines the gender of a baby turtle?

    The temperature of the sand their eggs are laid in.

  • Which animal is known to have 32 brains?


  • Which birds are known to be the only birds that can fly backward?


  • Which animal’s eyes change color to assist them with their vision in certain seasons?


  • When flamingoes are born, what color are they?


  • What can an owl’s eye color indicate?

    The time they prefer to hunt at

  • Under their white fur, what color is a polar bear’s skin?


  • Approximately, how many species of ants exist worldwide?


  • Approximately, how many bones comprise a turtle’s shell?


  • Which animal’s teeth are known to grow forever?


  • Which animal squirts blood from their eyes as a defensive technique?

    Horned Lizards

  • Which animal’s poop is known to take the shape of cubes?


  • Which animal’s stripes are known to be on their skin as well as their fur?


  • How many hearts does an octopus have?


  • How many facial expressions is a horse able to make?


  • What animal is known as the only vertebrae that can regenerate their body parts?

    Axolotls, a type of salamander.

  • In order to survive winter, which animal is known to breathe through its butt?

    Painted Turtles

  • What color is the tongue of a giraffe?


  • Which sense can an octopus activate through its arms?


  • On average, how many eggs can a hen lay in a year?


  • What percent of the methane in Earth’s atmosphere is produced by cows?


  • Which animal call is known to have no echo?

    A duck’s ‘quack’

  • Which animal is known to spend 90% of its day, sleeping?

    Koala Bears

  • Which animal is known to survive being frozen?


  • What are the only primates known to be venomous?

     Slow Lorises

  • When dragonflies are mating, what shape do their tails make?


  • Which animal is known to plant thousands of trees across the world?


  • Which whales are known to hunt with bubbles?

    Humpback Whales

  • Which popular mammals are known to wash their hands and feet in urine?

    Capuchin Monkeys

  • In a pride, which animal does the majority of the hunting?

     Female Lion; Lioness

  • Which crustacean is able to growl when intimidating their enemies?

    Ghost Crab

  • Which sea creature is recognized for having the largest brain?

    Sperm Whale

  • What animal is commonly known as the ‘flying fox’?


  • Which fish is known to be the most common fish in the ocean?

    Any Bristlemouth species fish.

  • What is Scotland’s national animal?


  • What is the color of a hippo’s sweat?


  • What substance composes a rhino’s horns?

    Keratin (hair)

  • Which mammal is not able to jump?


  • Which animal was elected as mayor of Lajitas, Texas in 1986?

    A goat named Clay Henry.

  • How many noses is a slug known to have?


  • Where is a shrimp’s heart located in its body?


  • Which common farm animals were originally domesticated in Southern China?


  • What is the proper term for a rabbit’s tail?


  • Which animal species are known to have the largest eyes in the world?

    Colossal Squid

  • How many bones are in the body of a shark?

    Zero, they are made of cartilage.

  • What animal is known to have the shortest pregnancy on Earth?


  • What are the oldest surviving mammals on Earth?


  • A Tasmanian devil is known to be which kind of animal?


  • What color is the blood of an octopus?


  • Which animal is known to breathe through their skin?


  • Butterflies use which part of their body to taste?


  • In the entire animal kingdom, what is the only male animal known to give birth?


  • In Peru, it’s common to eat which popular household pet?

    Guinea Pig

  • The nose of a lion changes color throughout its life, indicating what?

    This change in color indicates a lion’s age

  • Which animals are known as the ‘Big 5’ in Africa?

    Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo

  • In what year did the bald eagle become the national emblem and mascot of the United States of America?


  • Which body part does a snake use to detect smells?


  • What is the only continent in the world known to be snake-free?


  • What is the name of the dog mascot on the front of the crackerjack box?

    Dog Bingo

  • What is a dog’s most developed sense?

     Sense of Smell

  • A dog sweats through which part of its body?


  • Approximately, how many dolphin species exist in the world?

    At least 40

  • Other than a platypus, what is the only other mammal known to lay eggs?

    Echidna; Otherwise Known as a Spiny Anteater

  • Which bird is known to have eyes larger than its brain?


  • Which sea creature is known to be the only natural predator of the Great White Shark?

    Orca, the Killer Whale

  • Why are flamingos pink?

     Due to their main source of food being shrimp, their skin takes on a pinkish color.

  • Which species of jellyfish are known to have the longest tentacles?

    Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

  • What popular sea creature has the ability to clone itself?


  • Which bird is known to be the smallest in the world?

    Bee Hummingbird

  • Which bird is unable to move their eyes?

    Although they can rotate their head nearly 180 degrees, owls cannot move their eyes.

  • Which bird is known to have the largest wingspan on the planet?


  • Which two mammals are the only ones known to lay eggs?

    The anteater and the duck-billed platypus.

  • How long is an elephant pregnant with its calf before it gives birth?

    22 Months

  • Which type of animal is known to be the fastest bird in the world?

    The Peregrine Falcon

  • Which fish is known to be the fastest in the ocean?


  • What object does a male penguin often gift to a female penguin to win her over?

    A Rock

  • What common farm animal doesn’t have teeth on their upper jaw?

    Goats and Sheep

  • What sort of habitat is known to be the home for arboreal animals?

    In or Around Trees

  • Which mammal is known to have the most powerful bite in the world?


  • In Rome, which animal is protected under the law?


  • Which member of the Beatles had a cat named Elvis?

    John Lennon

  • In which century did the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs” emerge?

    The 17th Century in England

  • How many states make up the contiguous United States?


  • What is the largest organ in the body (by surface area and weight)?


  • What is the nickname of the Atlantic puffins
    Sea-parrots and sometimes called clown of the sea puffin
  • What can we call the father goat?
    Billy Or a buck
  • What can we call the mother goat?
    Doe or nanny
  • A newborn goat is called ?


  • What is the initial weight of a baby panda?
    3.5 ounce (100 grams only)
  • How many stomachs do goats have?
    4 stomachs
  • After birth, how much time does a baby goat require to walk?
    1 minute
  • What is the pregnancy duration of goats?
    5 months
  • Which animal can walk upstairs but not walk downstairs?
  • What is the pregnancy duration of a cow?
    9 months
  • How many portions are there in a cow's stomach?
    4 portions
  • In 1930, which was the first cow that flew in an airplane?
    Elm Farm Ollie
  • What is the average jaw moments of a cow per day?
    40000 approximately
  • What is the normal temperature of a cow?
    101.5 degree Fahrenheit
  • The hearing power of cows is better than human. Is it true?


  • What is the normal heartbeat of a cow?
    60 – 70 beats per minute
  • What is the scientific name of Octopus?


  • What is the famous weapon Octopus use to attack the enemy?
    Through the inky liquid which darkens the water.
  • Normally in which area the Steller sea lions are found?
    North Pacific Ocean from Japan to Central California
  • What is the average weight of male Steller sea lion?
    2500 pounds
  • What are the favorite foods of Mallard?
    Insects, worms, and vegetables
  • Mallard is a type of duck, normally found in America, Eurasia, and North Africa. Do you know the life span of mallard?
    5-10 years
  • What is the total approximate population of puffins in the world?
    6 million
  • What is the lifespan of puffins?
    20 years
  • Puffins can hold multiple small fish in their bills, do you know exactly how many fish they can hold in one tripe?
    10 – 12 small fishes
  • 60% of puffins are located near which country?
  • Puffins are the greatest swimmers, do you know how many meters they can dive down under the water?
    60 meters (197ft)
  • At which speed can puffins move? And how many times do they flap their wings in a minute?
    Maximum speed will be 88km/h, and flapping their wings up to 400 times in a minute
  • Atlantic puffin is a small bird, do you know the average weight of puffin?


  • Are penguins marine mammals?
  • What is the living style of penguins, do they love to live in groups or live life individually?
    They live in pairs or colonies, 1 colony is a combination of 100 – 100000 penguins
  • Penguins are normally found in regions with which type of weather
    Colder regions
  • In which area of the world are penguins found?
    Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and Chile.
  • During the breeding period, penguins stop eating, what is the reason behind this?
    To take care of their eggs, keep them warm, and prevent them from predators
  • Majority of penguin species normally dive how many feet?
    60 feet
  • Penguins rely on which part of the body while searching for food underwater
  • What do penguins loves to eat?
    Fish, squid, and krill
  • What 3 methods do penguins use while walking on land?
    Waddling, Hopping and sliding on their bellies.
  • What is the second method penguin use to maintain their body temperature?
  • How do penguins maintain their body temperature and keep their body parts from freezing?
    Through their thick insulated feathers
  • What is the name of the smallest penguin and what is its total weight?
    The little blue penguin, total weight is 3 lbs
  • What is the name of the largest penguin?
    The emperor penguin
  • While walking on land, penguins use which part of the body to maintain balance?
    Tail and flippers
  • How many species of penguins exist in the world?


  • Which sea bird spends half of their life swimming around the ocean
  • Can penguins fly? Just like other sea birds
  • Which type of birds are penguins?
    Aquatic birds
  • What is the common meal of sea birds?

    Fish, Squid, Crustaceans, Krill, Plankton

  • What are the well known types of seabirds?
    Penguins, gulls, auks, pelicans
  • What is the name of the most common snake found in North America
    Gardener snake
  • Which material makes up the scales snakes?
  • Out of 3000 species of snakes, how many can fly?
    5 species
  • Which snake has the fastest strike in the world, requiring only 0.15 seconds to strike and go back to strike position?
    Death adder
  • Which snake is the world's most toxic?
    Inland taipan
  • Which snake is said to be most advanced in the world and can strike up to 12 times in a row.
    Black mamba
  • Which type of snakes are most widely spread in the world?
    Brahminy blind snake
  • Which type of snakes are solely made up of females?
    Brahminy blind snake
  • In how many days do snakes digest food?
    3 – 5 days
  • What is the name of fear of snakes?
    Ophiophobia or herpetophobia
  • Out of 3000 species of snakes, how many can kill the human with one bite?
    250 species
  • Which type of snakes kill more people per year?
    Saw-scaled viper
  • What is the normal activity of snakes?
  • How many estimated people die due to snakebites annually?
    30000 – 40000
  • Which animal has the largest eyes in the world? And what is the diameter of their eyes?
    Giant squid and the diameter of the eyes is 18 inches.
  • What is the name of the largest animal which doesn’t have a backbone
    Giant squid
  • What is the weight of a newborn baby blue whale?
    50 tons
  • The heaviest animal on the earth is a blue whale, Do you know the highest recorded weight?
    200 tons
  • Which is the fastest moving reptile on the earth, and what is the speed?
    The leatherback is the fastest moving reptile, can move 35kph
  • The leatherback is one of the deepest diving marine animal. How deep can it dive?
    1280 meters (4199 ft)
  • Do you know the name of the largest sea turtle?
  • What is the name of the largest fish that can fly?
    Agujon needlefish
  • How many species of flying fish exist in the world?
    40 species
  • What is the name of fastest moving fish, and what is the maximum speed?
    Sailfish and Wahoo, its speed is 90 kph
  • What is the name of the largest Octopus in the world?
    Pacific giant octopus
  • Which part of the body helps an octopus to walk?
    Through arms
  • Which marine animals have 3 hearts, very powerful vision but don’t have hearing organs?


  • If the shape of the pupil is round, then what does it means?

    It means the snake is non-poisonous.

  • If the shape of the pupil of the snake is like a diamond, what does it mean?
    It means the snake is poisonous
  • In which part of the world is Chrysopelea normally found?
    Southeast Asia
  • Which type of snake can fly?
  • Which part of the body enables snakes to climb on a tree?


  • Snakes shed their entire skin 3 times a year, what is the name of this process?
  • Snakes also don’t have ears, how do they hear sound?
    They feel vibrations through the ground
  • Snakes don’t have nose, through which part of the body can they smell?
    Through the tongue
  • What is the rarest and most dangerous type of snake?
    St. Lucia racer
  • Which weatherdo snakes like most?

    Cold weather

  • Where do snakes like to live?
    Forest, deserts, swamps & grasslands
  • Sometimes after eating live animals, snakes explode, what is the reason behind this?
    No one knows the reason
  • How many days can king cobra live without food?
    1 month
  • After swallowing how do snakes break the food down into usable energy?
    They release special enzymes
  • Snakes can swallow other animals 75-100% greater than their own size, according to national geographic they can eat very large animals such as crocodiles and cows. Is it true or not?


  • Snakes are carnivores. What does it mean?
    It means that they only eat meat
  • 30 percent of snakes do not lay eggs? What is the reason?
    Due to cold weather it impossible the eggs to develop and hatch, so they directly give birth to live young.
  • What percentage of snake lay eggs? And what is the name of that species?
    70 percentage of snake species lay eggs, these types are called oviparous.
  • Only one species of snake build nest to lay eggs. Do you know the name of that snake?
    King Cobra


  • The largest fossil of snake was discovered 60 million years ago and its size was 50 feet (15 meters) do you remember the name of that fossil?
  • What is the name of the largest snake, and what is the maximum recorded size?
    The reticulated python, size 30 feet (9 meters).
  • What will be the average size of thread snake?
    3.9 inches (10 centimeters)
  • What is the name of the smallest snake according to national geographic?
    Thread snake
  • How do snakes swallow things that are bigger than their head?
    Their skulls have more joints than their lizard ancestors
  • Which type of blood do snakes have?
    Cold blooded
  • From the 3000 species of snakes , how many species are poisonous?
    600 species
  • Snakes have existed everywhere in the world except in which areas?
    Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, and New Zealand
  • How many species of snakes exist in the world?
  • Which animal doesn’t have a brain and doesn’t have blood?


  • Which is the only animal in the world that can turn their stomach inside-out?


  • Do you know the name of the most poisonous fish in the world?
  • Which is the second smallest fish? what is its total length? And where is it found?
    Dwarf Pygmy Goby, total length is 8 millimeters and found in Philippine Islands.
  • What is the total size of Paedocypris Progenetica?
    7.9 millimeters.
  • In which area of the world are transparent fish found?
    Indonesian Island of Sumatra and Malaysian part of Borneo
  • What is the name of the smallest fish in the world?
    Paedocypris Progenetica
  • How many teeth do whale sharks have?
  • Which animal lays the largest egg and what is the size?
    The whale shark, 14 inches long
  • Which is the largest fish? And what is the reported length and weight?
    The whale shark is the largest fish, total length reported is 15 meters and weight is 47300 pounds
  • Which type of fish has more powerful jaws than a crocodile, which can generate a bite force up to 8000 lbs. per square inch
  • How much percentage of all fish species live in fresh water?
  • If we combine all species of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals the number of fish species will remain greater. This statement is true or not?
  • How many types of fish species exist on the earth and are not yet identified?
  • How many species of fish are found on the earth upto date?
  • What is the name of longest lifespan fish, which can live about 205 years
    Rougheye Rockfish
  • Gastrotrich is a freshwater microorganism, do you know its lifespan?
    3 days
  • How many eggs can a pygmy lay in its lifespan?
    400 eggs
  • What is the name of shortest-lived vertebrate fish? And how many days they can live?
    Pygmy Goby, Can live for 59 days
  • What are the most common types of fish?
    Sharks, Skates, Rays, Chimera, Paddlefish, Herrings, Lanternfish, Sea dragon, Cavefish, Spoonfish, Pipefish, and sea horses are some common fishes.
  • How many years ago a jawless fish appeared in the Cambrian period?
    510 million years ago
  • What is the most populated vertebrate group animal?
  • What was the old name of fish?
  • What type of blood do fish have? And which type of animals they are?
    Fish are cold blooded and  are aquatic animals
  • From which group does the breed of dog Kai Ken belong to?
    Foundation Stock Service


  • For which disease dogs are the most important vector?
  • In which countries dog meat is being consumed?
    Korea, China, and Vietnam are among the countrie
  • What was the approximate global population of dogs in 2013?
    700-987 million
  • What is the average height of a female Australian Shepherd?
    46-56 cm
  • The dog celebration festival Tiara is celebrated in which country?


  • What is the average lifespan of dogs?
    10-13 years
  • An abnormal fear of dogs is called?
  • Which is the most powerful sense dogs have?
  • Which dog has webbed feet?
  • Which human organ is not present in dogs?
  • Where are the sweat glands of dogs located?
    In their paws
  • Which is the tallest dog?
    Great Dane
  • Which is the smallest known adult dog?
    Yorkshire Terrier
  • Name some dogs which can’t swim?
    Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Pekingese
  • Which is the fastest dog breed?
  • In which country is the population of dogs the highest?
    United States
  • How many average taste buds does a dog have?
    Around 1700
  • Which sense do puppies use to find their mom when born?
  • Which sense does a new born puppy lack?
    Hearing and sight
  • What is the origin of an Australian Shepherd?
    The United States
  • Which breed is famous as ‘King of Terrier’ due to its size?
    Airedale Terrier
  • What is the life expectancy of Redbone Coonhound?
    12-15 years
  • What is the average height of a female Lakeland Terrier?
    14-15 inches
  • What is the rank of Lakeland Terrier among the breed of dogs?
    147 out of 195
  • The most popular dog breed Labrador Retriever belongs to which group?
    Sporting group
  • What is the average weight of male English Springer Spaniel?
    50 pounds
  • What is the life expectancy of an Afghan Hound?
    12-15 years
  • Which breed of dog is confident, famously funny and fearless?
  • What was the name of the U.S president Barack Obama’s dog?


  • Which is the most popular breed of dog 2020?
    Labrador Retriever
  • When does a dog wag his tail to the left?
    When he is scared.
  • How does a dog show that he is happy?
    By wagging his tail to the right.
  • What breed is Scooby-Doo?
    Great Dane
  • Which dog won the Best in Show 2019 National Dog Show?
    Thor the Bulldog
  • Which is the cleverest breed of dog?
    Border Collie
  • How many eyelids does a dog have?
  • Which hormone is released from the dog’s brain?
  • Which animal is most loyal to the human?


  • How many colors can a dog see easily?
    Two: Blue and Yellow
  • How many muscles are in a dog’s ears?
    Around 18
  • Which breed of dog was Bo?
    Portugese Water Dog
  • Which is the oldest dog in the world?
  • How many teeth an adult dog have?
  • Which dog breed has a black tongue?
  • What is the number of bones in dogs?
    Around 319
  • What are the first species to have been domesticated?
  • What is the father of a litter called?
    A sire
  • What is the mother of a litter called?
    A dam
  • Which dog group is called a litter?
    Young dogs
  • What is a group of dogs called?
    A pack
  • What is an adult female dog capable of reproduction called?
    A Brood bitch
  • What is an adult male dog capable of reproduction called?


  • What are the roles of dogs for humans?
    Hunting, protection, assisting police and military
  • Dogs are a member of which group?
  • Who was the first and only cat to go into space?
    Felicette, also known as Astrocat
  • Which is the richest cat in the world according to the Guinness World Record?
    Blackie with 7 million pounds
  • How large was the longest cat ever?
    48.5 inches
  • Which cat was the Mayor of an Alaskan town?
    An orange tabby called Stubbs
  • What percentage of their lives do cats spend sleeping?
    70 percent
  • How many households own cats in the UK?
    18 percent
  • Which is the strongest cat in America?
  • What is a female cat called?
    A queen or a molly
  • Which is the biggest cat in the world?
    Siberian Tiger
  • Which animals are included in the big cat?
    Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, Leopard and Snow Leopard
  • ‘Big cat’ refers to which genus’s living members?
  • Which is the most recognized cartoon cat in the film history?


  • When did the domesticated cats first appear?
    Around 3600 B.C.
  • What do cats have that is unique like human fingerprints?


  • What are collective nouns used for adult cats?
    Clowder, Clutter, Glaring and Pounce
  • Do cats have dreams like humans?
    Yes, they do.
  • A cat’s learning style is similar to who?
    A 2-3 years old child
  • What are the favourite hiding spots of cats?
    Boxes, bags or laundry baskets
  • What do cats do to show you that they are bored?
    They attack your ankles
  • What does ritual allogrooming mean?
    A cat grooming other cats or sometimes people
  • Which word or behavior do cats use exclusively to communicate with people?
  • What does a question mark-shaped tail of a cat show?
    It shows they are asking ‘Want to play?’
  • Cats spend a third of their waking hours doing what?
    Grooming themselves
  • Which food can cause kidney failure of the cats?

    Grapes and Raisins

  • What is the minimum age at which a female cat can get pregnant?
    4 months
  • Between indoor and outdoor cats, which one can survive more?

    Indoor cats

  • Cats are crepuscular, what does it mean?
    It means that they are more active at dawn and dusk.
  • Between male and females, which cat is more likely to be left-pawed?
    Male cats
  • If a cat falls from a 20th story building, does he survive?
    Yes, he can survive at any height.
  • Why do cats lick themselves?
    For comfort, to evenly distribute natural oils, to stimulate blood flow and to keep wounds clean.
  • Which other animals walk like a cat?
    Giraffes and Camels
  • How do cats walk?
    They move their both right feet first then move both the left ones.
  • Which sense of taste do cats lack?
  • Which cat is known as good luck in Thailand?
  • What are the two main subfamilies modern cats fall in?
    Pantherinae and Felinae
  • The breed of capital ‘Scottish Fold’ looks like which other animal?


  • What was the first cloned cat?
    CC or CopyCat
  • What is the outer fur of a cat called?

    Guard hairs

  • What is the nickname of the cat ‘Maine Coon’?
    The Gentle Giant
  • Which action of a cat is called snurgling?
    When a cat kneads the ground.
  • For which purpose is a cat’s tail used?
    To communicate and to maintain balance.
  • Which cats have high chances of deafness?

    White cats whose eyes remain blue.

  • How many pet cats did Abraham Lincoln have?
  • Where was a green cat born?
    In Denmark
  • How many pet cats live in the United States?
    About 88 million
  • How many feral cats live in the United States?
    Approximately 700 million
  • When was the first cat video recorded?
    In 1894
  • How many toes do normal cats have?


  • How many feral cats live at Disney?
    About 200
  • What is the eye color of all cats when they are born?
  • How many hours do cats usually sleep per day?
    12-16 hours
  • Can a cat swim?
    Yes, some cats can swim.
  • How many bones do cats have?
  • What does the term ‘Kindle’ mean?
    The term is used for a group of kittens.
  • Cats prefer food at which temperature?
    38 degree Celsius
  • How many taste buds does a cat have?
    Around 470
  • What is the function of the pinnae?
    It amplifies sounds and helps detect the location of a noise.
  • Which organ enhances the hearing sensitivity of a cat?
    The pinnae
  • What is the range of a cat’s hearing?
    500 Hz to 32 kHz
  • How many Thoracic Vertebrae does a cat have?
  • How many Cervical Vertebrae does a cat have?


  • Are male domestic cats larger than females?
  • How many chromosomes does a domestic cat have?
  • When was the scientific name of a domestic cat proposed?
    In 1758
  • Who proposed the scientific name of a domestic cat?
    Carl Linnaeus
  • What is the scientific name of a domestic cat?
    Felis Catus
  • Which is the second most popular pet in the United States?
  • Which family does the animal ‘cat’ belong to?


  • Where the largest African elephant ever recorded?

    In Angola

  • Almost how many African elephants are left in the wild?
  • In how many African countries are elephants found?
  • How many Asian countries have elephants?
  • In 2000, how many working elephants were employed in Asia?
  • How tall are the African bush elephants?
    304-336 cm
  • In which climate are elephants known to survive perfectly?
    Hot, arid climate
  • Where can we find the Asian elephants?
    In Nepal, India and Southeast Asia
  • Where do the African elephants live?
    In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rain forests of Central and West Africa and the Sahel Desert in Mali.
  • Which elephants are listed as vulnerables?
    African elephants
  • What are the two subspecies of African elephants?
    Savannah (Bush) and forest elephants.
  • How do elephants communicate?

    Through vibrations in the ground.

  • Which elephant has smaller ears, African or Indian?
    Indian elephants
  • What does an African elephant suck like a baby sucks its thumb?
    Its trunk.
  • Which elephant’s body part is used for social interaction?

    The tusks

  • How much food can an adult African elephant consume in a day?
    Upto 300 pounds (136 kilogram)
  • Usually which African elephants travel alone?
    African male elephants
  • What helps the elephants to keep their skin healthy by holding it in moisture?
    The wrinkles on their skin.
  • What is the function of the hairs on an elephant’s body?
    They aid in cooling down its body in the hot climates.
  • How many toenails does an Asian elephant have?
    Five on the front feet and four on back.
  • How many toenails does an African elephant have?
    Four on the front and three on back feet.
  • What is the average pulse rate of an elephant?
    Around 27 beats per minute
  • How much larger is the elephant’s brain than humans?
    3 or 4 times
  • An elephant’s trunk has how many muscles?
    Around 100,000
  • What are male elephants are called?
    Bull elephants
  • What is the average weight of an elephant?
    400 pounds
  • When is the Elephant Appreciation Day is celebrated?
    On September 22.


  • Which body part of an elephant assists in maintaining a constant body temperature?

    The large ear flaps

  • How do elephants protect their skin from sunburn?
    They throw mud on themselves.
  • Upto how many years do baby elephants stay with their mother?
    Upto 10 years
  • Can an elephant swim?


  • Which animal has the largest brain of all animals living on land?

    the African Elephant

  • How do elephants smell food?
    Using their long trunk
  • Which elephants don’t have tusks?
    Asian female elephants
  • Can an elephant yawn?


  • How many hours an elephant can spend eating?

    16  hours a day

  • Which is the largest land animal in the world?

    African Bush Elephants

  • Who is the closest living relative of elephants?

    The Hyrax

  • How long can the eyelashes of an elephant be?
    Upto 5 inches
  • How do the elephants say hello to each other?

    By hugging their trunks

  • Which sense is not present in elephants when they are born?


  • Elephants are afraid of which insect?


  • Until what age can elephants have babies?
    Until 50 years old.
  • For what purpose the tusks are used?
    These are used as a weapon and also as a tool for digging.
  • What is the function of the truck?
    It is used to bring food and water to the mouth, for breathing and for grasping objects.
  • What is the trunk also called?
  • Which elephants have smaller ears and convex backs?
    Asian elephants
  • Which elephant’s species has larger ears and concave backs?
    African elephants
  • Which is the largest Asian subspecies?
    The Srilankan Elephants
  • What are the three subspecies of elephant?
    The African Bush Elephant, The African Forest Elephant and Asian Elephants
  • How many elephant species are there?
  • The mammal elephant belongs to which family?
  • Which is the fastest swimming bird?
    Gentoo Penguins
  • Which is the most common wild bird in the world?
    The Red-billed Quelea
  • Which bird has most feathers?
    Whistling Swan (almost 25,000)
  • How many ants can a green woodpecker eat in a day?
    As many as 2000
  • Which bird drums its beak against a tree?
    A woodpecker
  • Almost how many birds are killed by cats in the continental U.S?
    Between 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion
  • Owls live on every continent except which one?
  • Which bird has the longest bill in the world?
    The Australian pelican
  • A bird’s lungs takes up about what part of its body?
  • Where was the longest feather ever seen on a chicken?


  • What are the two different kinds of Ornithology?
    Systematic or scientific and popular
  • When did Ornithology emerge as a scientific discipline?
    In the 18th century
  • When was the artificial incubation of poultry started in China?
    In around 246 BC
  • What is the study of birds called?


  • How many species of bird are there in the world?

    Over 9,500

  • Which is the only bird with a bill longer than its body?
    The Sword-billed Hummingbird
  • How many times a woodpecker can peck in a second?
  • Which bird can fly underwater?
  • What is the shape of an owl’s eye?
  • Which bird can not move their eyes?
    An Owl
  • Which is the most talkative bird in the world?
    The African Grey parrot
  • Which bird is most famous for sexual selection?
    The peacock tail
  • In ancient times what did birds symbolize?


  • Which bird can sleep while flying?
    An Albatross
  • Which is the fastest bird on earth?
    The Peregrine Falcon
  • How high can a penguin jump in the air?
    As high as 6 feet
  • Other than wings what other systems in birds are adapted for flight?
    Their digestive and respiratory system
  • Bird’s wings evolved from what?
  • Which animal’s eyes are larger than its brain?
  • Which bird has legs but can’t walk?


  • The bird ‘Turkey’ originated from which country?
    The United States
  • Which is the national bird of the United States?
    Bald Eagle
  • What is an Oology?
    The study of bird’s eggs.
  • Which golden eagle escaped from London zoo in 1965?
  • What is a young penguin called?


  • The bird ‘Korat’ belongs to which country?
  • Doves and pigeons belong to which family?
  • Which bird is the symbol of happiness?


  • What is the color of the egg of a chicken with white earlobe?
  • Which is the only known poisonous bird in the world?

    Hooded Pitohui

  • The heartbeat of a bird while flying is ———-.

    1000 beats per minute

  • What is the heartbeat of a bird while resting?

    400 per minute

  • A chicken with red earlobes produces ——— eggs.


  • Which bird lays the smallest egg?


  • How small is the size of a Hummingbird egg?
    It’s pea-sized
  • Which is the smallest living bird in the world?
    Bee Hummingbird
  • Upto how much height an ostrich can reach?
    Upto 2.7 meters
  • Which is the largest bird in the world?
    Common Ostrich
  • Birds are originally descended from which vertebrate class?


  • Which bird can eat only when its head is upside down?


  • What do Ostriches swallow which help them to digest food?
    Small stones and pebbles
  • According to a survey conducted by RSPB, which is the most sighted bird in the UK?
    House Sparrow
  • What does RSPB stand for?
    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • Kiwi is sometimes also known as?
    Honorary mammal
  • Which bird is native to New Zealand?


  • What is the diet of the yellow-bellied sapsucker?
    Tree sap, insects and berries
  • Where is the yellow-bellied sapsucker found?
    In Canada and the Eastern United States
  • How much weight does a bald eagle nest weigh?
    2 tons (4,409 lbs)
  • Which bird can fly backwards without relying on the wind?
  • How many eggs can an Ostrich lay in one year?
    As many as 70
  • How many chicken eggs are equal to one Ostrich egg?


  • What is the weight of an Ostrich’s egg?
    3 to 4 pounds
  • How many birds can house in the Sociable Weaver nest?
    Around 200
  • Which is the most spectacular structure build by any bird?
    A Sociable Weaver nest
  • What is the average lifespan of Cockatoos?
    75 years
  • Which bird has the longest lifespan?
  • How many eggs per clutch does a robin lay?
    Three to five
  • Which bird’s eggs are blue?
    American Robin
  • How many bird species exist in the continent South America?
    Over 3200
  • Which continent is best known for bird watching?
    South America
  • Approximately, how many known species are there in the world?
    Around 10,000
  • What gives birds the ability to fly?
    Their wings.
  • What is the average size range of birds?
    5cm to 2.75 m
  • Birds belong to which species?
    Warm-blooded Vertebrates
  • How many species of carnivores exist?


  • Which mammal has the highest sense of smell?


  • Which mammal kills more people in Africa than any other mammal?
  • How many heart chambers does a mammal have?

    Four chambers

  • Other than elephants, which other mammals have tusks?
    Wild pig, Walrus, Narwhal and Hippopotamus
  • Approximately, the mammalian species are arranged into how many families?
    About 125 families
  • Which is the only mammal that does not bear live youngs?
  • How do mammalian lower jaws hinge with the skull?
    They are directly connected instead of a separate bone as in other animals.
  • Which mammal does not have the feature of hair?


  • What distinguishes the mammals from other animals?
    Hair and Mammary glands
  • How tall are the African bush elephants?
    304-336 cm
  • What do we call female elephants?
  • How fast an elephant can run?

    25 miles per hour

  • What is the average weight of an elephant?
    400 pounds
  • When is the World Elephant Day is celebrated?
    August 12
  • Which elephants don’t have tusks?
    Asian female elephants
  • Which is the only mammal that can’t jump?
  • What is the pregnancy period of an elephant?

    22 months

  • What are the distinctive features of an elephant?
    The long trunk, tusks, large ear flaps, massive legs and tough but sensitive skin.
  • The mammal elephant belongs to which family?
  • How strong is the smelling sense of a wolf?
    100 times stronger than human being


  • In which region is the bumblebee bat found?
    Along the River Kwai in Western Thailand.
  • Which is the smallest mammal in the world?
    Bumblebee Bat
  • What is the average weight of a calf?
    2 1⁄2 ton
  • What is a baby whale called?
  • What is the period a young mammal spent in the uterus called?
    Gestation period
  • Where do mammals grow and develop before they are born?

    In the uterus, which is a special organ in the mother’s body.

  • What is another unique characteristic of mammals?

    They have larger and more complex brains than other animals.

  • Which organ makes milk for the young mammal?

    Mammary gland

  • An animal is mammal if it has what?

    Hair or fur

  • How long do brown-throated sloth sleep?

    15-18 hours

  • What is the scientific name of placental mammals?


  • Mammals belong to the kingdom ……….


  • Monotreme mammals have how many species?


  • Mammals are ………


  • What is the gestation period of a blue whale?
    10-12 months
  • What is the size of a newborn kangaroo?
    About one inch in length.
  • Which is the world’s fastest mammal?
  • How many species of bat are there in the world?
    Almost 1000
  • Which is the only mammal capable of true flight?
  • Which mammal has the longest tongue relative to its size?
    Nectar bat
  • Which animal was first domesticated by humans for food?


  • Which mammal has the widest hearing range?
  • What is the wild dog of Australia called?


  • In terms of body heat, which word describes the mammals?
  • How much more is the dog’s nose sensitive compared to the human’s?
    1000 times
  • What is the function of hair on the mammals?
  • Which is the only mammal that can fly?


  • Approximately, how many species of mammals exist?
  • What are the main characteristics of mammals?
    Mammary glands, a neocortex, fur or hair and three middle ear bones.
  • Which animal saved its master from the angel of God?
    A Donkey
  • What Is The UK’s Only Venomous Snake?
  • Rhinoceros Have Horns That Are Made Of?


  • In Which Animal Is Respiration Done By Skin?
  • According to the bible, which animals died in the red sea after Moses and other Israelites had safely crossed over?
  • In the Bible, the name “Dog” appeared how many times?
    14 times
  • In which era did sheep production begin?
    Biblical time
  • Which parrot species has the longest lifespan?
  • What is the name of world smartest parrot?
    Alex (African grey parrot)
  • Which bird's newborn babies are blind for the first 2 weeks?
  • What are the favorite foods of parrots?
    Nuts, vegetables, and seeds
  • What can we call a group of parrots?
  • What is the most unique feature in Parrot?
    Can mimic human speech
  • Which type of parrots are the smallest in size and weight?
    Buff-faced pygmy parrot, 3 inches tall, and 10 grams in weight
  • What is the size range of Parrots?
    Length 3.5 – 40 inches, and weight 64 – 4kg
  • Which are some of the popular Parrot species?
    Parakeets, Macaws, Cockatiels
  • How many species of Parrots exist in the world?
    350 species
  • What is the name of the smallest dog breed in the world?
  • Which is the only type of dog that can’t bark?
  • Approximately, how many dogs in the US are the primary beneficiaries of their owners will?
  • What is the name of Zebra’s group?
  • Zebra is closely related to which 2 animals?
    Horse and Donkey
  • Which are the most common species of Zebra?
    Plains Zebra
  • What is the name of the 3 species of Zebra?
    Plains Zebra, Grevy’s Zebra and mountain Zebra
  • What is the fastest speed of Zebra?
    65 km/h
  • What is the lifespan of Zebra?
    25 years
  • What is the family name of Zebra?
  • Beefalo meat protein level is also high as compared to normal beef, do you know how much higher protein it has?
    6% more protein
  • Beefalo meat has lower fat and cholesterol as compared to normal beef. Is it true?
  • What is the average temperature of sheep?
    102.5 F
  • What do we call a grown sheep's meat?


  • What is the name of a female sheep?
  • Which breed of sheep is considered to be the oldest in the United States?
    Navajo Churro
  • Who brought sheep for the first time in the United States and in which year?
    Columbus in 1493
  • How many breeds of sheep are available all around the world?


  • How many types of plants are used by humans as food?
    Around 2000 types of plants
  • Sunflower looks like one flower, this is not true, sunflower consists of many small flowers. Do you know the name of the tiny flowers?
  • Where were the first potatoes cultivated and how many years ago was it?
    7000 years ago in Peru
  • Why do humans shed tears while cutting onions?
    Due to sulfuric acid present in onion
  • A baseball bat is made out of which wood tree?
    Hickory tree
  • Which tree woods are best to make cricket bats?
  • 1 tree can make an average of how many pencils?
  • Which 3 types of dogs survived from the sinking Titanic?
    A Newfoundland, A Pomeranian and a Pekingese
  • On earth which type of dog is considered to be the fastest? And at which speed they can run?
    Greyhounds can run 45 miles per hour
  • Which type of dog can’t swim?
    Basset hounds
  • Which types of dogs are great swimmers?
  • How many people in the USA die each year due to dog bites?
    15 people
  • Which country has the highest dog population?
  • At night, the cat can see well than humans. Is it true?


  • What is the Egyptian word for a cat?


  • Which are the oldest breed of cat?
    Egyptian Mau
  • Which color cats are the symbol of good luck in the United Kingdom and Australia?


  • Which color of a cat is a symbol of bad luck in the United States?
  • Which body part of cat has a specific pattern just like a human fingerprint?
    Cat Nose
  • In which degree can cats move their ears?
    180 degrees
  • What are the strongest senses of a cat?
  • How high can a cat jump?
    6 times of its length
  • How many cats did Abraham Lincoln keep in the white house?
    4 cats
  • In which country was it illegal to slay cats?
    Ancient Egypt
  • Cat and human brain have nearly similar sections, is it true?


  • Which animal has a more long term memory? Cat or dog?
  • How many different types of sound can a dog make?
    10 different sounds
  • How many different types of sound can a cat make?
    100 different type of sounds
  • What is the length of the world largest cat?
    48.5 inches long
  • Sleeping is the most favorite thing for the cat, how much percentage of their lives do they spend on sleeping?
  • How many muscles control cat ears?
    Over 20 muscles
  • What can we call a group of cats?


  • Which is the most popular pet in the USA?
  • Lizards are reptiles very closely related to which animal?
  • Which type of Lizard can change it's body color?


  • Which type of Lizard has a vocal cord? So that they can make a sound?
  • Through which part of the body does a Lizard smell?
    Through tongues
  • What are the names of some well-known lizard species?
    Iguana, chameleons, geckos, Gila mosters, monitors
  • Most Lizards has moveable eyelids just like a human. Is it true?
  • How many years before Lizard appeared on earth?
    200 million years ago
  • Which animal can store up to 60% of their body fat in their tail?
  • What was the weight of heaviest Lizard?
    80 kilograms
  • What is the name of the smallest Lizard, what is the length of that lizard?
    Dwarf gecko, length 0.6 inch
  • What is the name of the largest Lizard? And what is the total size?
    Komodo dragon, total size up to 10 feet
  • What is the life span of a lizard?
    Some species can live up to 50 years
  • In which class can a lizard be categorized?
  • How many species of lizard exist in the world?
    4675 species
  • At which speed Crocodile can swim
    20 mph
  • Jaw opening strength of crocodile is very low, a rubber band can shut the mouth, is it true?
  • How much pressure can a human jaw produce?
    100 pounds per square inch
  • How much pressure a crocodile jaw can produce?
    5000 pounds of pressure per square inch
  • What is the reason behind crocodile tears? Why it produce?
    To clean the eye, which will reduce bacteria
  • Which type of crocodile considers to be more dangerous?
    Cuban Crocodile
  • How many years’ crocodile can live?
    Depend on species 30-75 years
  • How many eggs crocodile can lay at a time?
    10 – 60 eggs
  • For how many months crocodile can live without food?
    1 month
  • Which animal swallows small stones to grind their food in the stomach?
  • Crocodile can only eat a meal, what are their favorite foods?
    Fish, birds, frogs
  • What is the recorded size of the largest crocodile in the world?
    20.24 feet (6.17 meters long) and 2000 pounds
  • What is the name of the smallest crocodile?
    Dwarf crocodile
  • How many total species of crocodile are there in the world
    13 species
  • What is the minimum temperature required for the butterfly to fly?
    Above 86 Fahrenheit
  • Through which part of the body butterfly taste food?
    Through feet
  • What is the maximum lifetime of a butterfly?
    9-10 months
  • How many species of butterflies are exist in the world?
    More than 24000
  • The butterfly can flight at maximum which speed?
    12 miles per hour
  • Butterflies can on see which colors?
    Red, Green, and Yellow
  • What do we call a baby owl?


  • Owls have 3 eyelids, what are their functionalities?
    One for sleeping, one for blinking, and one for keeping the eye clean
  • Owls mostly found in which area of the world?


  • Out of 220 how many species of owls are found in the United States and Canada?
    19 species
  • The green sea Turtle can stay how many hours underwater without air?
    5 hours
  • Some turtles can live more than a year without food. is it true?
  • How many types of bones are there in a turtle shell?
    60 different types of bones connected with each other
  • What is the name of the lower part of the turtle shell?
  • What is the name of top domed part of the turtle shell?
    The Carapase
  • How many species of Rabbits are their?
    50 plus
  • Which animal can turn their ear to 180 degrees?


  • 50% of wild Rabbits are located in which area of the world?
    North America
  • Rabbits are mammals, they belong from which family?
  • When rabbits are happy they show their feelings by jumping in the air and twisting their body, what is the name of that behavior?


  • Rabbits make tunnels to live, what is the name of those tunnels?
  • What is the size range of Rabbits?
    8-20 inches
  • What is the total lifespan of Rabbits?
    1-3 years, Wild Rabbits can live 7-10 years
  • In Hawaiian what is the word “honu” means? And what it represents?

    It means sea turtles and represents long life

  • Which animal is the symbol of patience and wisdom?


  • What we can called the group of turtles?


  • How many species of turtles exist in the world?
    327 species
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