Benefits of Playing Trivia: It’s Fun and Good for You!

Playing games that require either physical or mental input gives our minds the chance to unplug from the daily stresses and strains of life that are never-ending.

Which games do you love to play during your free time? Whether it’s playing cards, board games, or being out in the field playing soccer, we all have different game preferences that benefit us individually, help us have fun, relax, and “reboot.”

The beauty of this particular game is that it is “all-inclusive,” meaning kids, teens, and adults can play, unlike in sports where you’d rarely find an 80-year-old in the field getting all the dirt while playing rugby, right?

We have compiled some of the benefits of playing trivia the next time you have a minute or two to spare.

Why Playing Trivia is Beneficial for You

Different games have different benefits to participants. Research shows that participants who play action video games improve their capacity to track multiple objects in a short period. On the other hand, participants who play spatial memory games, matching and hidden objects tend to improve their performance on visual search tests.

How about trivia? What are the benefits of playing trivia?

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. A Little Fun Doesn’t Hurt

Life is too busy not to spare an hour or even a day to have some fun. The bottom line of playing any game is to have some fun, and trivia games are no exception. Whether you are doing it solo or you have gathered your friends or family, you will have fun as you try to answer the questions; some of them are hard, and some are easy.

The game becomes even more exciting if you’ve set a timeline to answer the question, or there’s a reward for the winner and a “punishment” for those that lose.

2. A Muscle Boost For The Brain

Like other body muscles, the brain muscle needs some exercise to stay in shape and remain active. How do we get to keep it active and flex those muscles? Glad you asked. Trivia is the ultimate brain workout. By testing how much we can recall from the things we already know, we give the brain a muscle boost and gain more knowledge, thus tasking it to remember in the future.

3. Connecting People and Catching up With Old Friends

That’s right! We live in a hectic world where we rarely connect with the people we love. Whether you prefer playing virtually or physically over a glass of wine, trivia helps us connect with people while learning a few things on different topics that we had no idea about.

You connect better with your colleagues after work or during the team building, catch up with old friends while you tackle the questions, and have a good laugh with family members.

4. Blow off the Steams of Stress

Unfortunately, stress is something we all have to deal with, and it weighs on us differently. Gathering our friends and family in a relaxed environment and playing trivia helps us relieve the stress, strain, and tension of life from school, work, projects, finances, marriage, among many other things that we have to deal with in life. A good laugh blows off the steam of stress and boosts our happiness levels.

5. A Break From the Norm

The world we live in is full of distractions from our smart devices and social media, thanks to easy access to the internet. Most of our free time is screen time! Research shows that we check our phones 58 times a day! Interesting, right?

For instance, in a setting where people are having a conversation as they enjoy a glass of wine or fresh juice, you’ll find a few of them on their phones scrolling from one App to the other. Trivia breaks this norm and trains us to “be in the moment” with other players and participate fully without having to check our phones every two minutes.

6. Who’s Smarter Now?

There’s no more incredible thrill than outsmarting your colleagues, friends, or family healthily. Trivia questions vary depending on the topic, and the players strive to get as many answers as possible right. Healthy competition is essential for kids, teens, and adults. It encourages one to read more about a particular topic to showcase their prowess in the next game!


Whether you remember your high school geography or history class or the last album released by your favorite musician, playing trivia will allow you to enjoy yourself to the maximum. At the same time, you work out your brain and socialize with your peers.

You don’t have to stress that you only got a few answers right. After all, you’ll have had all the fun and taken some knowledge home!

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