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Best Board Games – Fun Games Suitable For Kids & Adults Players

Best Board Games

After a long day at work, what other best way to relax and spend time with family than play a board game? Board games are the perfect outlet for a family gathering and are a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Games promote problem-solving skills, socialization, and they’re just plain fun! But choosing a suitable board game can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for a game that will promote socialization, problem-solving skills, or just something fun it’s all covered here! Here are the best board games according to reviews:

Best Board Games  Reviews 2021


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Gaming The Game of Life Board Game

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Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game (Amazon Exclusive)


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Scrabble Game

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ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set


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Hasbro CLUE: The Office Edition Board Game Check On Amazon

SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game Check On Amazon

Carcassonne Board Game Check On Amazon

Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game Check On Amazon

Azul Board Game Check On Amazon

Trekking The World: The Globetrotting Board Game Check On Amazon

1. Gaming The Game of Life Board Game


Gaming The Game of Life Board Game gives its players exciting choices to make life decisions like careers, families, and more. It has 115 cards offering exciting choices like where to go for vacations, careers.

The game recognizes that life is not always perfect as there are things like going to jail or being a runaway which can happen when you make the wrong decision.

You can play the game with up to six players at once, and each player has a turn before going back around for more turns.

Players start by spinning the wheel of fortune, determining what early life steps you take, and rolling two dice that show how much cash you earn in your first year of work.

And finally, it’s time to pick one card from the deck of cards that determines whether or not your future is happy or sad, like getting married, having children, becoming wealthy, or even ending up dead! The options are many, and there are no limits to the number of times a person can play this great board game.

The Game of Life Board Game is fun for any family gathering where everyone can laugh while they plan how their lives will turn out. At the end of the game, players retire and pay off their debts with the money they have accumulated on their journey. The winner of the games is the player with more money.



2. Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game (Amazon Exclusive)


Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game (Amazon Exclusive) is played using cards, dice, and money to make it even more exciting. The game set includes one game board, 1 Ultimate Banking unit, four plastic tokens, 49cards, 22 houses [ 22 Title Deed, 23 Event,4 Bank], two dice, and a game guide.

Challenge family and friends and play the Monopoly Ultimate Banking game! This game presents a modern banking version of the Monopoly game in which Monopoly money is no more!

Featuring an Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology, players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune. Includes a game guide with instructions, strategies, and tips on how to win.



3. Scrabble Game


Scrabble Game is a classic crossword game that is fun for people of all ages. Choose a great word and hope to get lucky to make it to the end. The board is a 15×15 grid with letters from A-Z on its 25 spaces, plus four blank squares (two in each corner).

There are also two “jokers” used once and only one time to take an extra turn or points for placing words horizontally or vertically by swapping another letter already on the gameboard. You’ll score more if you use fewer tiles while playing your word!

What’s not to love about Scrabble? It’s an educational game that helps children develop their language skills as well as spelling abilities. Plus, any parent knows how much fun family nights can be when everyone gathers around and plays this traditional favorite after dinner



4. ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set

ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set is a good bonding activity that can be done with family and friends and also a great way to enlighten your kids. It is an excellent way of communication between parents and kids.

Playing this game offers a great way to learn about different cultures and languages. It is also a good way of problem-solving for the players as they need to think deeply before making their next move, which helps kids develop critical thinking skills.



 5. Hasbro CLUE: The Office Edition Board Game

The Office Edition Board Game is a design of a popular TV show, The Office, in mind. The board game is easy to play and has different suspects who killed Toby Flenderson at Dunder-Mifflin.

The game is supposed to be played by two to six players and includes 60 classic Clue cards with photos of the Office cast and a board featuring different rooms in Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton Branch. Michael Scott calls the shots for the game, and players move around the board to collect clues.

The employee that finds out who committed the murder gets a week’s vacation.

The Office Board Game is best for people aged 13 and up, but you can customize the game to make it funnier or easier, depending on who will be playing. The Office Edition Board Game is perfect if you’re looking for a new twist on an old classic or you want something fun to do with your friends!





SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game is an excellent game for families and friends.

The game includes 108 cards with six puzzles per card, so there are plenty of challenges for everyone. The unique design ensures that you can solve the puzzle without logic skills rather than guessing.

This award-winning game has taught players to think critically about their problem-solving abilities since 2001 – it’s an exciting new way to play! Players must deduce where each card in a sequence should go by matching graphics on the cards.

The game requires critical thinking skills and logic puzzles that cannot be solved without lateral reasoning rather than guessing while still offering enough clues for more visual learners who don’t have strong mathematical backgrounds. This original SEQUENCE game also makes you want to keep playing with various difficulty levels because it’s so addictive.



7. Carcassonne Board Game

Carcassonne Board Game is a classic strategy game that is also easy to learn and play. This game requires more thinking to outsmart opponents, but the trade-off for this is its simplicity making it easier to start playing.

The game is simple to learn, with only 16 square tiles and 32 playing cards. The game’s object is for players to use their tiles and construct cities on a medieval landscape while strategically blocking their opponents from doing the same.

Carcassonne game is easy to play as you only have to learn 16 square tiles and 32 playing cards with numbers 0-7 written on them. It makes it easier because there are not many pieces that you need to know about to understand how they work. There are also rules on each card, making it even simpler to play your turn, especially if you never played it before.



8. Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game


Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game is one of the most popular games among kids. It is great as it does not require any reading or counting, making it perfect for young kids. It is a straightforward board game with no frills attached. It has maximum simplicity and minimum rules making gameplay easy to understand.

It is a race to the castle where the first player to reach the castle wins. The game comes with cute sugar characters, some of which are very easy to recognize.

Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game also doesn’t have any difficult decisions or phases, making the playtime short but fun-filled. The concept of playing this game is quite simple, and you only need to race your way from start to finish by collecting enough pieces of candy until you get crowned the winner!



9. Azul Board Game


Azul Board Game captures the beautiful aesthetics of Moorish art in a contemporary board game. Players compete as artisans decorating the palace of a Moorish king for the upcoming wedding of his son. To do this, they have at your taste and preference five different colored tile sets to match with one of five patterns, each more difficult than the previous.

The game plays according to appropriate turn order. First, it’s the player who has drawn the most tiles in the previous round, then the player sitting to the left, and so on. If you plan to play this with kids, make sure they understand their turn order because it can get tricky. Because of this strategy, the game has a high replay value, especially for adults.



10. Trekking The World: The Globetrotting Board Game


Trekking The World: The Globetrotting Board Game is an interesting combination of a map game and a strategy board game. In this game, you travel from place to place to have adventures across the globe by collecting different treasures, hiring crew members, and completing tasks that make it very addictive.

You will always want to keep improving your points and making your record better last time. It allows you to build on your skills while having fun at the same time! It may seem complicated, but actually, the rules are quite easy once you get acquainted with the gameplay.



How To Choose A Board Game: Fun Games Suitable For Kids & Adults Players – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Board games offer you a variety of benefits, but with so many options available in the market to choose from, it is not always easy to get that perfect game that suits your requirements. Before deciding on any board game for your kids, here are some things you need to consider. You need to choose the right game based on your preferences, child’s age, interests, and needs.

The Game Theme

A family game should have a theme that is familiar to everyone. People like games associated with movies and characters they know. That’s why you can’t go wrong with the Disney edition for example, especially when it comes to kids.

This will keep them entertained since they have already played some of these games or watched their movie characters in action. For grown-ups, you can always opt for movie-themed games. Movies are always a great hit, and people of all ages will love to play something that they have watched before on screen.

The Number Of Players

When buying a board game, it is crucial to note that there are board games designed for two players, while others can accommodate up to 10 players. This is something you need to decide considering the number of people who will be playing. If you have a large family, this could be useful in reducing the cost because you won’t need to spend more money buying additional copies of an expensive game.

The Game Playing Time

In addition to the total number of players, it is also crucial that you consider how long each round tends to take. Games that last more than 3 hours tend to bore people and make them lose interest very quickly, so if you like quick games, this might not be such a good option no matter how much you love chess or checkers.

Also, keep in mind that there are others where every player gets a turn in every round. So, it would be best to decide whether or not the time is worth playing a game that will go on for hours.

The Age Group Of Players

You should be aware of each player’s likes and dislikes when choosing a board game because this will affect how appropriate it will be for your kids. For example, if you have six years old nieces who love games with princesses and animals while your nephews are ten and into science fiction movies, then something like Azul Board Game would be a more suitable choice for both age groups as there is little difference between them so they will enjoy playing together. It also reduces the risk of buying a product that might end up as a waste of money!

The Player’s Skill Level

If you are planning to buy a board game for your family and friends, it is crucial that the game chosen can accommodate players of all skill levels. If a family member or friend doesn’t play games at all, you need something easy and simple like Aggravation, while if you have chess lovers or card game veterans, you need to find something that can improve their skills.

Azul Board Game is a good choice for families as it’s designed to be played by both kids and adults alike, so everyone will enjoy playing.


Before making a decision, you should be clear about whether your family or friend(s) like to win. If they do, then you should choose something that can test their skills. For example, if your family is competitive, then you should find something challenging. If they are not very competitive and want to play with friends, it is better to choose something simpler.

In Summary

The best board games are the ones that make you think, work with others to accomplish a goal, and have fun. Whether you want something for your family or need an activity for your next get-together, there is no insufficiency of options in this category. If you are looking for a suitable board game for your family and friends, consider these top picks.

Board Games Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to Store Board Games?

There are several ways to store board games. You can buy a good storage box and store it away in your closet or underneath your bed, or you can place them in a cupboard or shelf where they will be safe from damage caused by water or dust when stored separately.

How to Organize Board Games?

The best method to organize them would be to get a nice case or box which will easily hold your board games. If you want a stylish way of organizing the game pieces, consider getting a customized dice bag. That comes with lots of compartments to store away the game pieces and has easy access when playing. All in all, this is the most effective, safe, and stylish way to do it.

How to Play Board Games?

There are lots of ways to play board games. You can either read the instructions included or watch some tutorial videos on YouTube on how to do it. Keep in mind that many games require you to figure out how they work by yourself, so keep an open mind and start playing!

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