Best Playing Cards – Deck of Cards Made from Plastic, Paper & Other Materials

A coffee table conversation goes so well with some movies or a great deck of playing cards, and you can transform a basic card game into a great experience if the cards have the right thickness and feel. The best playing cards are distinguished by their top-notch feel and their smoothness.

They should have visual attractiveness to them and should also prevent your rival from peeping at your cards.  The best playing cards should make you see them clearly to know when to hold on or when to fold your card.

When you are shopping for your cards, you must have noticed that they come in two basic types: paper-card coated in plastic or vinyl and cards that are entirely made from plastic. Whether you are looking for a card upgrade or a classic card game, we have selected the best playing cards for your enjoyment.

Best Playing Cards According to Reviews 2022

There are many ways that families, friends, or colleagues can bond and have fun.  Fashion lovers can decide to take up some fashion trivia questions and see who’s the real boss. Alternatively, when you want to try out other things, why not play cards?

Here are some of the best playing cards that will take your fun to the next level.

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Best Playing Cards

Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set

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Best Playing Cards

Brybelly Nertz


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Best Playing Cards

JOKARTE Bicycle Rider Back MetalLuxe Playing Cards. Gold Foil Edition

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Best Playing Cards

Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards


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Best Playing Cards

LotFancy Playing Cards

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1. Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set


Best Playing Cards

From the name itself, the Artisan Playing card Luxury Set has distinguished itself from the other cards. They make a good collection for those who love collecting cards. Still, these cards are not only for collectors but any card playing enthusiast is welcomed to have a look at the cards.

Simon Frouws is the brilliant mind behind this set of premium, luxurious cards, perfect for collectors and game enthusiasts. This deck of cards also features four decks of artisan playing cards. Which makes them a great buying deal.

What makes this card appealing and worth your money is the gold foil stamped onto it. The spade is artfully etched using a laser and has a great wood engraving that is very eye-catching. This deck of cards caught the attention of David Copperfield who termed them as “The best playing cards ever produced.”

These cards are made from wood fibers from sustainable forests which add to their uniqueness. When you think of gifting your loved ones the best playing card, Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set prides itself as a perfect gift for playing cards enthusiasts. In addition to their beautiful casing, these playing cards feature two black edition decks and two white edition decks.


  • Protected. It has four artisan decks carefully sealed inside the wood-engraved box.
  • Quantity. The four decks contain two White Edition sets, and two Black Edition sets. Which ensures they last you many card games.
  • Style. The hardwood housing the cards includes a laser-etched artisan spade carefully engraved on it. It also has a red tax stamp and a vintage sticker to make it a collector’s best choice.
  • Conservative. The cards are produced from sustainable forests, and therefore buying from them ensures they continue conserving the environment.


  • The box does not reseal once the seal is opened.

2. Brybelly Nertz


Best Playing Cards

If you fancy a game of lightning reflexes, chaos, fast strategies, frenzied fun, and skills, then Brybelly Nertz is the game for you. This is because every member plays the game all at once. This is where your reflexes will either betray you or crown you.

Your strategies and skill will also help you win this game. This 12 deck set of colorful, vibrant, unique card backs and deck boxes fit snugly inside the Nertz box. You get 52 cards and two jokers when you purchase the Brybelly Nertz.

This multi-player, multi-deck game card is a classic game that is also known as Dutch Blitz, Racing Demon, Hell, Pounce, Peanuts, Nerts, Turkey stark, among other names. It has five-game variations that make the game exciting and easy.

The game is played between 2-12 players, and the games last more than 10 minutes. The cards are poker-sized, which makes them easy to handle when playing the Nertz game. Carry your Brybelly Nertz whenever you are going to a party or game night for some fast unforgettable fun.


  • It features 12 colorful sets of playing cards.
  • The game has different variations to help you keep up if your energy won’t match the fast-paced game.
  • The cards are poker-wide sized, thus great for any card game.
  • They are plastic coated making them waterproof thus long-lasting.


  • The Nertz game only favors those fast at speed.

3. JOKARTE Bicycle Rider Back MetalLuxe Playing Cards. Gold Foil Edition


Best Playing Cards

You probably had your first encounter with one of the Bicycle playing cards when you played Go Fish or Rummy. This is because they are so popular among the cards as they are intended for use by the more significant majority of people.

Whether you are a magician, a  collector, or an amateur, the Bicycle  Luxe is among the best playing cards you need to have. The Bicycle Rider Back MatalLuxe playing card comes elegantly packaged in an embossed black box finish that makes the cards last longer with an air-cushion finish.

This set of cards has been out of stock for a while and got collectors and gamers waiting impatiently for it. You are probably one of them. The good news is that they are back! Whether you collected the first edition or not, you can purchase the new redesigned cards and add them to your collection.

This is because the Jacks, kings, and queens are now in new colors and not the traditional black colors from the sold-out cards. You can now proudly own these playing cards that used to be exclusive for Club 808.

What makes these cards stand out is their superior durability which is 4x more and flexibility which is 30% more, as they have real metal technology applied to them.


  • The playing cards are durable as they come in an embossed box and have metal technology.
  • They are flexible. You can easily bend the cards without spoiling the card.
  • They have real metal technology that makes the cards long-lasting.
  • These cards have a premium finish, thus making them easy to shuffle.


  • You will not get the original design, as the first design was sold out, and the new ones are slightly different, which could be disappointing for collectors.
  • The cards are slippery when new.

4.  Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards


Best Playing Cards

Card games can have even the best of players lose as a result of their eyes deceiving them. Imagine thinking you have a joker while you have a spade? When the game gets intense, your mind may start playing tricks on you, beckoning you to lose.

If you want to maintain your sharpness for a longer time without losing focus, then the Bicycle Standard Jumbo cards are the cards you should get to make sure you win at the games. It is one of the best playing cards that will give you a clear read without guessing the cards you have when playing a competitive game.

Magicians prefer these cards as they give the audience a clear view of the cards, therefore, making it easy for their audience to watch the card tricks to the end.

It was manufactured to teach children the suits, letters, and numbers. The standard poker-size playing cards have 12 decks, and you will find them in a mix of red and blue. These playing cards consist of 52 traditional playing cards, two jokers, and two additional cards.

It features the Historic Rider Back, and the cards allow you to play Poker, Canaster, Rummy, Euchre, Hearts, Pinochle, and Many more card games. These cards have an Air-cushion finish making them easy to shuffle, and they absorb bounce; thus, no worry about a card being exposed to opponents jeopardizing your chances.


  • It has an air cushion finish making it easy to shuffle as they are smooth sliding.
  • The Bicycle prestige plastic has a paper-like feel making it great for tournaments and neighborhood games.
  • They are great for magicians as the crowd can easily see the cards.


  • The Bicycle Standard and the  Bicycle Jumbo are made of paper, thus not as durable as the bicycle prestige plastic.
  • The large fonts can sell you out when playing poker.

5. LotFancy Playing Cards


Best Playing Cards

If you have been invited to a party or are you going camping,  playing cards is a must-have for those occasions. Card playing brings family and friends together, leading to a great bonding experience. If you want to spend some time at a casino or go for a poker night with your friends, why not bring a LotFancy playing card deck?

LotFancy Playing cards has 52 suited cards and two jokers. These cards offer you the chance to play so many games. Whether you are a fan of playing baccarat, texas, casino night, blackjack, cardistry, card sleights, Hearts, Go Fish, bridge, and many other card games, LotFancy seems to be the card for the job.

These cards are also made of plastic, making them easy to wipe and clean compared to paper cards. These cards have a blue core construction, thus making them extra durable. LotFancy Playing Cards are made from paper stock and are almost casino grade. You, therefore, get to spend less and get an almost similar quality to casino playing cards.


  • They are made of plastic, meaning you can play them in the pool or at the beach because they are waterproof.
  • They are flexible thus easy to shuffle.
  • The cards are of poker size with a standard index measurement of 2.5” x 3.5”, making them suitable for any competitive card game.


  • They are not suitable for magic tricks because of their standard size.

In conclusion

The best experience from playing cards comes from selecting cards that will favor you and other players. Whether you are a card collector, a magician, a rookie, or a professional player, you should look for playing cards that align with your interest.

Playing cards should have a great feel on your fingers, making them easy to shuffle and fold, and they should be durable. You will avoid disappointments when you consider the above points when buying your own set of playing cards.

Playing cards are an amazing way of having fun away from reading through sports fun facts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Playing Cards (FAQs)

  • Who makes the best playing cards?

When you go shopping for the best playing cards, you can look at some of the best companies such as Jokarte, Brybelly Holdings, Theory 11, and LotFancy. They have made durable cards, with air-cushion technology, and flexible, which are the qualities of a good card.

  • What are the best playing cards?

The best playing cards are durable. They are made from plastic, and some have a plastic coating. They should also be poker size if you intend to use them for other games apart from performing magic tricks. Lastly, the playing cards should be flexible and should absorb bounce.

  •  Where to buy playing cards 

You will find playing cards in different online retailers, but Amazon is one of the quickest places to obtain the cards.

  • What is Air Cushion finish?

Air cushion finish allows a card to absorb bounce meaning the cards will not flip over to reveal their content whenever a dealer slides cards to players.

  • What is the origin of the poker game?

It originated in Germany in the 16th century, where it was called “Pochen.” It spread to the French nation and then found its way in the USA, where it came to be called poker, and many variations were created.

  • Are our plastic playing cards good for magic?

The best cards for magic would be paper cards, as they are easily foldable, while plastic cards won’t fold the way a magician would want.

  • Why is Bicycle Playing Cards so popular?

This is because they are affordable and are of high quality. Bicycle Playing Cards can be found almost everywhere you go. Bicycle playing cards are also popular because they are durable and will last you countless card games, tricks. They may be a bit pricey compared to other cards because

  • Are Poker Cards Different from Regular Playing Cards?

The difference is in size. Poker cards are slightly smaller than regular playing cards. When you play high stake poker games, you should keep in mind that playing with one regular type of card may make your poker shuffling harder when you have to use poker cards.

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