Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon

Yes, Bearded Dragons can eat Watermelon, but they must do so sparingly. The rind and watermelon seeds are however harmful to your Bearded Dragon. Watermelon seeds are generally harmful to dogs, cats, and rabbits, among other animals. If consumed in excess, Watermelon poses health hazards to your Bearded lizard.

Top 6 Surprising Facts About Bearded Dragons

Top 6 Surprising Facts About Bearded Dragons

Watermelon is a sweet and yummy snack that your Bearded Dragon will enjoy scarfing down. The crowned fruit has a high water percentage that is only beneficial in small amounts to keep your Dragon hydrated. 

However, watermen juice, if consumed in large quantities, causes diarrhea, which triggers dehydration.

Let’s look at the top 6 amazing facts about Bearded Dragons.

  • Bearded Dragons Are Omnivores

Bearded Dragons are omnivores that require a variety of diets to be healthy. They obtain their energy and nutrients from both animal and plant matter. Given that watermelons lack most of the nutrients, it is barely a drop in the bucket when it comes to meeting the lizard’s staple diet.

Watermelons can be used as a flavorful dessert when feeding your lizard. The sweetness of the Watermelon is perfect for persuading them to eat other staple foods they might have ignored.

  • Watermelon Rind Causes Impaction

The rind is the round green exterior part of the Watermelon that is difficult for Bearded Dragons to chew. The rind contains fiber, which helps in constipation and improves gut motility.

Despite the fiber content, it is unsafe for Bearded Dragons to take the rind, as its large pieces can build up in the digestive tract and cause impaction. Choking hazards and digestive tract damage may also arise when a Bearded Dragon consumes watermelon rind.

  • Watermelon Leads to Sugar-Related Health Concerns

Just like many other fruits, watermelons contain high sugar content. This is not healthy for both humans and animals. Too much sugar intake is medically proved to cause obesity, dehydration, digestive problems, diarrhea, diabetes, tooth and gum decay, and inappetence.

It is brave to feed your Dragon a low-sugar diet. This helps avoid health complications, even though they might want more of the tasty watermelons.

  • Calcium in Watermelon Can Lead To Metabolic Bone Disease

As a rule of thumb, Bearded Dragons must consume more calcium than phosphorus in their daily diet. The phosphorus mineral is still essential in their diet as it helps build healthy, strong bones.

Watermelon contains more phosphorus than calcium, translating to the calcium mineral being canceled out. When phosphorus binds with calcium, it prevents absorption of calcium into the Bearded Dragon’s bloodstream.

Failure to achieve calcium and phosphorus ratio over a long time results in the Bearded Dragon suffering from metabolic bone disease. Therefore, it is essential to provide your beardie with calcium supplementation. This ensures enough calcium in their daily diet needed for proper body functioning.

  • Watermelon Seeds Cause Choking Hazards

Watermelon seeds are unsafe for your dragons as they can easily choke on seeds or suffer from gut impaction. The slippery black and white seeds can easily block the digestive tract, posing health issues to your Dragon. In that case, also read: Can cats eat watermelon?

  • Watermelon Is Rich in vitamin C

Watermelons are one of the most miniature, nutritious fruits. They contain a considerable amount of vitamin C and Beta Carotene. These vitamins help the Dragon’s reproductive health, improve their immune status, and ensure good eyesight and overall growth of the dragons.

Magnesium mineral present in the watermelons also helps with metabolism and stops inflammatory reactions in the Dragon’s body.


The minerals and nutrients in Watermelon, if taken in limited amounts, boost your Dragon’s health. However, the unbalanced phosphorus to calcium ratio in watermelons causes metabolic bone disease. This common health hazard wears a dragon’s skeleton structure, causing deformity, and paralysis. 

If left untreated, it can kill your Dragon. The bottom line is that watermelons are far better as a treat than the Bearded Dragons’ regular main course.


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