Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Have you ever enjoyed a cartoon so much from repeatedly watching it, that you even recite the lines of different characters? You plead guilty, huh? We do too.

Childhood memories for most of us are fun because of the games we played, and cartoon networks really kept us entertained.

The best thing about cartoons is that there is no age limit. Adults can also enjoy each other’s company while they watch cartoons, the same way kids enjoy their favorites.  Laughter is medicine to the soul, isn’t it?

Who were your favorite cartoon characters? How often would it show on TV? Can you recall what the characters would wear? Most likely, you have all these details at the back of your mind.

Cartoon Trivia Quizzes – Classics, the 90s, and 80s among others in 2023

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? And what are the names of the Powerpuff Girls? We have lined up for you these and more cartoon trivia questions. Be warned, they might be the reason you grab some popcorn and decide to watch some oldies that you really loved. Nostalgia is allowed anyway.

 Take a look at more cartoon trivia questions and facts we’ve prepared for you and see how far down memory lane you can walk.

Let’s see how many questions you’ll get right!

Cartoon trivia quiz questions

  • In Captain Planet, each Planeteer possesses a power related to the elements: wind, earth, water, fire, and what?
  • In Tiny Toons, there is a girl who is obsessed with petting and chasing animals. She also wears a skull bow in her hair. What is her name?
    1. Elmyra
  • What is the name of Wakko and Dots’ third sibling?
    1. Yakko
  • What phrase does Fenton Crackshell mention when he wants to transform into Gizmoduck?
    1. Blatherin’ Blatherskite
  • Who is the owner of the air-service business in Tailspin?
    1. Rebecca
  • What was the fat Australian mouse’s name with a mustache in the show Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers?
    1. Monterey Jack
  • Where does the show CatDog take place?
    1. Nearburg
  • What is the name of Goofy’s cat in Goof Troop?
    1. Waffles
  • Who was Gambit’s romantic interest in X-Men The Animated Series?
    1. Rogue
  • What object was named Old Rusty in the show Recess?
    1. Jungle Gym
  • How do Cow and Chicken know each other?
    1. They are siblings
  • Where does Arnold live in the show Hey Arnold?
    1. Hillwood
  • What type of animal was Rocko in Rocko’s Modern Life?
    1. Wallaby
  • Who were Tommy and Dil’s parents in Rugrats?
    1. Didi and Stu Pickles
  • What masked vigilante did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles occasionally work with?
    1. Casey Jones
  • What was the show name of Taz’s cartoon?
    1. Taz-Mania
  • What activity did Pinky and The Brain participate in every night?
    1. Attempt to take over the world
  • What is the name of the quirky teacher in the Magic School Bus?
    1. Ms. Frizzle
  • What is the dog’s name in the show “Doug”?
    1. Porkchop
  • Which cartoon featured a character with the last name, “Funny”?


  • In the movie Monsters Incorporated, what is the slogan for the company?
    1. “We scare because we care.”
  • Which chef inspires Remy’s creative genius in Ratatouille?
    1. Gusteau
  • What are the three fairies’ names in Sleeping Beauty?
    1. Fauna, Flora, Merryweather
  • Pocahontas’ father gifted her a necklace, but who did it originally belong to?
    1. Her mother
  • What did Peter leave behind in Wendy’s room in the film Peter Pan?
    1. His own shadow
  • In Disney’s animated recreation of The Three Musketeers, which three characters are used?
    1. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck
  • Disney’s famous car, Herbie, has what number written on the front of it?


  • Which character is famous for the quote “fish are friends, not food” in Finding Nemo?
    1. Bruce the shark
  • When Kronk and Yzma were searching for Kuzco in the jungle, what game did they play?
    1. Exotic Bird Bingo
  • What was the name of the first film that Disney created?
    1. Steamboat Willie
  • Which character wears the green dress in Cinderella?
    1. Cinderella’s stepsister, Drizella
  • The piece of sky that fell in Chicken Little’s room was what shape?
    1. Octagon
  • Which actor did the voice for Lightning McQueen in the movie Cars?
    1. Owen Wilson
  • What is the Jonas Brothers’ band name in the movie Camp Rock?
    1. Connect 3
  • Which actor did the voice for the Bolt’s character in the Disney movie Bolt?
    1. John Travolta
  • Who is Belle’s father in the movie Beauty and the Beast?
    1. Maurice
  • Who is Bambi’s love interest?


  • What three wishes is the Genie not allowed to grant to Aladdin?

    He cannot bring anyone back from the dead, cannot make anyone fall in love, and he cannot kill anyone.

  • Where is Aladdin’s home?


  • What is the name of Goofy’s son in The Extremely Goofy Movie?
    1. Max
  • The show “Angry Beavers” follows the lives of two younger animal brothers called?
    1. Norbert and Daggett
  • Which muscular character is based on Elvis Pressley, who spends his time failing to get the girls to date him?
    1. Johnny Bravo
  • What are the three names of the Powerpuff Girls?
    1. Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup
  • Who is the supernatural demon antagonist of Cartoon Network character Samurai Jack?


  • What is the name of the clumsy dog, a close friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?
    1. Goofy
  • What are the names of the seven dwarves?
    1. Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, and Sleepy
  • What is the name of the snowman created by Anna and Elsa in “Frozen”?


  • Who are the three nephews of Donald Duck
    1. Huey, Dewey, and Louie
  • What is the name of Pinocchio’s best cricket friend in the famous cartoon movie?
    1. Jiminy
  • Who is the original antagonist of I.M. Weasel?
    1. I.R. Baboon
  • What is the name of Dexter’s rival and competitive boy-genius in Dexter’s Laboratory?
    1. Mandark
  • Which cartoon series features characters who can influence earth, air, water, and fire through telekinesis?
    1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • What is the pet’s name of the family in The Wild Thornberrys?
    1. Darwin
  • Which show has characters named Phil, Chuckie, Tommy, and Lil?
    1. Rugrats
  • Slowpoke Rodriguez is cousins with which cartoon mouse?
    1. Speedy Gonzales
  • Who is Yogi Bear’s best friend?
    1. Boo-Boo
  • Which character from Looney Tunes did Senator Beauregard Claghorn inspire?
    1. Foghorn Leghorn
  • What is the name of Dick Dastardly dog sidekick in “Wacky Races”?
    1. Muttley
  • Which character’s life quest is to hunt down the Road Runner?
    1. Wily E. Coyote
  • Which cartoon duck character made a debut in the 1937 classic “Porky’s Duck Hunt”?
    1. Daffy Duck
  • Which cartoon series showcases a fighter trapped in the future who must conquer a demon to return home?
    1. Samurai Jack
  • Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?
    1. Minnie Mouse
  • What is Everest’s favorite food in the cartoon series “PAW Patrol”?
    1. Liver
  • Anger criticizes which city for ruining pizza in the cartoon “Inside Out”?
    1. San Francisco
  • Which cartoon character serves as the official mascot for Warner Bros Entertainment?
    1. Bugs Bunny
  • Winnie the Pooh is one of the more iconic cartoons of all time, but what is Winnie the Pooh’s original name?
    1. Edward Bear
  • What is the dog’s name in the series “Tom and Jerry”?


  • What vegetable type does Popeye utilize as a last-minute source of strength?
    1. Spinach
  • Which cartoon series features futuristic flying cars in each of the episodes?

    The Jetsons

  • What strange reason was Donald Duck banned in Finland?
    1. He never wore his pants.
  • Who was the person responsible for the original version of Mickey Mouse’s voice?
    1. Walt Disney
  • Who is the antagonist in the “Lion King”?


  • Which cartoon series holds the longest T.V. series and sitcom in terms of episodes and seasons in the United States?
    1. The Simpsons
  • The word “Simba” originated from which language in “The Lion King”?
    1. Swahili
  • What is an alternative name for Mickey Mouse?
    1. Mortimer Mouse
  • Which musical band turned down the part of the vultures for the cartoon “The Jungle Book”?

    The Beatles

  • The Flintstones is one of the most popular cartoons in history, but which period is the series based?
    1. The Stone Age
  • What is the real identity of the Riddler in the Batman comics?
    1. Edward Enigma E Enigma
  • When the Tasmanian Devil made his debut, who starred in the cartoon?
    1. Bugs Bunny
  • What is Ned Flanders’s wife’s name in the Simpsons?


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