Celebrity Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

How much do you know about celebrities? They could be your favorite or least favorite. Maybe you’re such a die-hard fan, you actually know the interior color of their new car or the size of the house they bought recently. 

How about we unanimously agree that the lives of celebrities are a great source of entertainment and in some cases amusement, right? Yeah, I knew you’d agree to this.

Questions like who married who? Who divorced who? Who was seen in which street or mall? Who wore the latest trendy fashion? Who bought a house where always come up whenever there is a conversation about the most famous faces of the world.

Celebrity trivia questions focus on people in different lines of work. They could be actors featured in award-winning movies, musicians, film producers, and many more. We get to learn different things about them that we had no idea about. And what better way to learn than trivia questions?

Celebrity Trivia Quiz Questions Based On Facts in 2023

Which celebrity is known as JLo? What type of Music does JLo sing? What was the name of the first wife of Donald Trump? We have plenty of celebrity trivia questions to test your knowledge of these stars of the show. All you’ll have to do is click the “show answer” to reveal whether you got it right or not. No cheating though!

Celebrity Trivia Quiz Games in 2023

Which celebrity has a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on it? What about Owen Wilson’s middle name? Well, looks like you really need to get to the finer details of celebrities. We have prepared a list of hard celebrity questions to put you to the test.

By the time you’re done with our questions, we promise you will know so much about the famous faces you’ll almost feel like you’ve met them.

Here! Know your celebrities

Celebrity trivia quiz questions

  • To win the world heavyweight title for the first time, who did Cassius Clay beat?

    Sonny Liston

  • What Russian leader imposed a reign of terror during the 1930s and 1940s?


  • In what country was Pancho Villa a revolutionary?


  • In what country was Picasso born?


  • The battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 was whose last stand?

    General Custer’s

  • During World War II, who led the Free French forces?

    Charles de Gaulle

  • In 1991 what South African President repealed key parts of the apartheid laws?

    F W De Klerk

  • Who did Hosni Mubarak succeed as President of Egypt?

    Anwar Sadat

  • In what country is Aung San Suu Kyi a controversial leader?


  • Carlos Leon, a fitness trainer, is the father of what singer's child?


  • Which US President once said, "I know I'm getting better at golf because I'm hitting fewer spectators?"

    Gerald Ford

  • Dr. Benjamin Spock published an influential book in 1946 about what topic?

    Baby and child care

  • Who was beheaded for not to recognizing Henry VIII as head of the church?

    Thomas More

  • Standard Oil was founded by what famous businessman?

    John D. Rockefeller

  • Which actor turned President in the 1980s survived an assassination attempt?

    Ronald Reagan

  • Lech Walesa lead the conflict against the communist government in what country?


  • In the 60s, Nelson Mandela sent to prison in what country?

    South Africa

  • Pope John Paul II came from what eastern European country?


  • Which US President said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"?

    Bill Clinton

  • Richard Gere won a scholarship to the University of Massachusetts in which sport?


  • Who said, "Id rather have a cup of tea than go to bed with someone any day?"
    Boy George
  • Who designed the dress which made the most at Diana's dress auction?
    Victor Edelstein
  • Which baseball player was born on the same day as Greg Louganis?

    Steve Sax

  • Who was Axle Rose's famous singer father-in-law?

    Don Everly

  • How old would John Lennon have been at the star to the year 2,000?


  • Which football team gave Bill Cosby a trial?

    Green Bay Packers

  • Who were Ken and Barbie named after?

    The children of their creators

  • Who led a government in Italy in the 20s and later became its dictator?


  • Sun Yat Sen overthrew the emperor in which country establishing a republic after 2000 years of imperial rule?


  • Who was the only 20th century President to get stuck in the White House bath tub as he was so big?

    William Howard Taft

  • Which kidnap victim was involved in a bank raid, brandishing a gun?

    Patty Hearst

  • Which former central American dictator was born on exactly the same day as singer Gene Vincent?

    Manuel Noriega

  • By 1999 how may times had Jane Fonda been Oscar nominated?


  • Who became chief designer at Givenchy in 1996?

    Alexander McQueen

  • Who's best-known stage role was as Regina in The Little Foxes?

    Tallulah Bankhead

  • In which Sydney cathedral sis Michael Hutchence's funeral take place?

    St Andrew’s

  • Which Hollywood star stated, "The rest of my life will be devoted to women and litigation?"

    Errol Flynn

  • Who led India to overthrow British rule by non-violent means?


  • In the 60s Queen Elizabeth II dedicated an acre of ground in memory of which American?

    President Kennedy

  • Which Russian imposed a reign of terror during the 30s and 40s?


  • Who succeeded Lal Bahadur Shasrtri as Prime Minister of India?

    Indira Gandhi

  • Which future President made the famous Checkers Speech in 1952?

    Richard Nixon

  • Which white house resident's book was a best seller in the late 80s?

    Millie the dog

  • Who said, "The only placed a man wants depth in a woman is in her decolletage?"

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

  • How old was Douglas Fairbanks when he married 23-year-old Joan Crawford?


  • What did Michael Jackson say instead of "I do" when he married Lisa Marie Presley?

    Why not?

  • What breed of dog was Barry Manilow's Bagel?


  • Who replaced Mary Robinson as president of Ireland in 1997?

    Mary McAleese

  • In 1968 the Oscars were postponed for 48 hours because of whose death?
    Martin Luther King
  • Pancho Villa was a revolutionary in which country?


  • Who published the General Theory of Relativity in 1915?

    Albert Einstein

  • Tom Whittaker was the first man to climb Everest in what circumstances?

    He has only one leg

  • Which US President went to the same London university as Mick Jagger?

    John F Kennedy

  • Picasso moved to Paris in 1901 but where was he born?


  • Which rock star did Cindy Crawford name her first son after?


  • What was Jack Dempsey's job before he became a boxer?

    Copper miner

  • Who designed Posh Spice Victoria Adams' wedding dress?

    Vera Wang

  • What was the occupation of Roger Moore's father?
  • Who is the famous mother of Elijah Blue?


  • Who said, "Some women get excited about nothing-- and then they marry him?


  • Who became the first woman prime minister of an Islamic nation?

    Benzair Bhutto

  • Which Chinese leader's widow was arrested for trying to overthrow the government in the 19780s?

    Mao Tse Tung

  • Which Austrian wrote The Psychopathology of Everyday Life?
  • Donald Woods escaped from where in 1979, later the subject of the film Cry Freedom?

    South Africa

  • What was the full first name of the President who gave his name to Teddy Bears?


  • Who described his paintings as "hand-painted dream photographs?"

    Salvador Dali

  • Who did Pope John Paul II succeed as Pope?

    John Paul I

  • And finally, which living legend is Miley Cyrus' godmother?

    Dolly Parton

  • Ariana Grande got her start on what kids TV show?


  • Tom Hanks starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in which movie?

    Catch me if you can

  • Prior to appearing on Parks and Recreation, Rashida Jones starred on what sitcom?

    The Office

  • What was the name of Cher's big 1998 comeback single?


  • Jennifer Lopez famously dated which of these actors?

    Ben Affleck

  • Prior to appearing in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan starred in which Marvel movie?

    Fantastic Four

  • "Blank Space" was a single off which Taylor Swift album?


  • Who played Miranda's senior assistant, Emily, in The Devil Wears Prada?

    Emily Blunt

  • Drake got his start on which teen drama?

    Degrassi: The next generation

  • Will Smith costarred with Kevin James and Eva Mendes in what movie?


  • Mariah Carey had her latest No. 1 song with which single?

    “All I want for Christmas is you”

  • Tom Holland lip synced to what song on Lip Sync Battle?


  • Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness and lifestyle brand is called what?


  • Zendaya competed on what reality show?

    Dancing with the stars

  • George Clooney became a big star after starring on which '90s TV drama?


  • Angela Bassett was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of which legendary singer?

    Tina Turner

  • Gwen Stefani was married to which alt-rock star?

    Gavin Rosedale

  • What year did Mick Jagger hit 50 years old?


  • Sofia Vergara married what "Magic Mike" star in November 2015?

    Joe Manganiello

  • What comedian posed with the head of Donald Trump?

    Kathy Griffin

  • What celebrity in 2017 drove her Porsche into a ditch in Thousand Oaks, California?

    Heather Locklear

  • Tom Cruise considered pursuing a career in what sport before being injured?

    Professional Wrestling

  • Who is Jamie Lee Curtis's famous mother?

    Maureen O’Sullivan

  • Who was named "People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive" in 1995?

    Brad Pitt

  • Who was named "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2003 by "People" Magazine?

    Jude Law

  • What is the name of Tom Cruise's third wife?

    Katie Holmes

  • What former "James Bond" actor died in May of 2017?

    Roger Moore

  • Who was named "People" magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 1996?

    Denzel Washington

  • When did John Wayne make his last public appearance?

    At the Academy Awards ceremony on April 9, 1979

  • Which 1980s US president survived an assassination attempt?

    Ronald Reagan

  • Brigitte Bardot was awarded the freedom of her capital city; what is it?


  • Ivanka Trump has a similar name to her mother; who is she?

    Ivana Trump

  • Model Rachel Hunter was married to which veteran rock star?

    Rod Stewart

  • Which actress is Carrie Fisher's mother?

    Debbie Reynolds

  • In his final screen performance, he starred as a what?

    An aging gunfighter battling cancer in The Shootist (1976).


  • Fashion designer Donatella, sister of the murdered Gianni, has which last name?


  • Giorgio Armani is famous in which field?

    Fashion design

  • Which Bob who founded Band Aid received an honorary knighthood in 1986?


  • Which supermodel Naomi wrote a novel called Swan?


  • Which Rolling Stone did Jerry Hall marry?

    Mick Jagger

  • How many of John Wayne’s movies were Westerns?


  • How many movies did John Wayne star in?

    He starred in 142 motion pictures altogether

  • Michael Jackson's first wife was the daughter of which "King"?

    Elvis Presley

  • Which Spice girl was the first to marry?

    Mel B

  • Who is older, Jay or Donny Osmond?


  • Where was Sean Lennon's mother born?


  • Which Mia is the daughter of Maureen O' Sullivan?


  • Which Italian actress launched her won perfume Sophia?

    Sophia Loren

  • Which Richard did Elizabeth Taylor marry twice?


  • In which city was George Michael charged with lewd behavior in 1998?

    Los Angeles

  • Twiggy was the most famous model of which decade?


  • What movie made John Wayne an instant mainstream star?

    Stagecoach (1939)

  • Reports of a relationship with which model ended the presidential campaign of Senator Gary Hart?

    Donna Rice

  • Who did Jacqueline Bouvier marry in September 1953?

    John F. Kennedy

  • Who accompanied Hugh Grant to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in a dress held together with safety pins?

    Elizabeth Hurley

  • Which actor director was born on exactly the same day as singer Lou Rawls?

    Woody Allen

  • What actor was born Marion Mitchell Morrison?

    John Wayne, nicknamed ‘Duke’

  • Jerry Hall hails from which oil state?


  • Who was born first, Ronald Reagan or Frank Sinatra?

    Ronald Reagan

  • Which of the following celebrities is left-handed? Bruce Willis, Paul Mcartney, Whoopi Goldberg

    All three of these celebs are lefties.

  • What Hollywood power couple announced they were separating on January 7, 2005?

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

  • What famous actor lost 45 lbs. to play Andrew Beckett, an AIDS victim fighting wrongful termination?

    Tom Hanks

  • What professional basketball player did Madonna have an affair with in the mid 1990s?

    Dennis Rodman

  • What name was celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey born with?


  • Who did Britney Spears kiss onstage at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards?


  • Before his big Hollywood break, Harrison Ford worked as a?

    A roadie for The Doors

  • How long had Pamela Anderson known Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee before marrying him?

    Four-day courtship

  • Conan O'Brien was once stalked by a?

    Father David Ajemian

  • Which celebrity is a former firefighter?

    Steve Buscemi

  • Which of the following celebrities does NOT have a graduate degree?

    Oprah Winfrey

  • What celebrity was the victim of an infamous "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show?

    Janet Jackson

  • What celebrity made headlines in 1980 when he set himself on fire while freebasing cocaine?

    Richard Pryor

  • In a bizarre bit of celebrity behavior, who dangled his baby from the third-floor balcony of a German hotel on November 20, 2002?

    Michael Jackson

  • Who was the first major American celebrity whose AIDS diagnosis became public knowledge?


  • What Hollywood starlet was arrested for shoplifting from the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills?


  • Which celebrity had to issue an apology after her cellphone was hacked and all of her celebrity friends' phone numbers were posted on the internet?

    Paris Hilton

  • In what animated movie did Halle Berry play the voice of Cappy?
  • What was the first name of Donald Trump's first wife?
  • What group was Nick Lachey a member of?
    98 Degrees
  • Which documentary had Harrison Ford as a Narrator?
    Mustang: The Hidden Kingdom
  • Which comedian posed with the head of Donald Trump?
    Kathy Griffin
  • Who is the tallest female member of the cast of "Friends"?
    Lisa Kudrow
  • What actor's mother accompanied him to the 1999 Academy Awards, where he won an Oscar?
    Kevin Spacey
  • In what year was Tom Hanks born?
  • What show was it that Madonna kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage?
    MTV Video Music Awards
  • Who was Pierce Brosnan's co-star on TV's "Remington Steele"?
    Stephanie Zimbalist
  • Which rock star was Diane Lane romantically involved with in the 1980s?
    Jon Bon Jovi
  • How old was Della Reese when she died in November 2017?
    86 Years Old
  • Heath Ledger played a gay cyclist named Snowy Bowles in what Australian TV show?
  • How old was Russell Crowe when he got his first lead role in a film?
  • Who was Brad Pitt's first wife?
    Jennifer Aniston
  • What is the title of Lady Gaga's 2017 documentary film?
    Gaga: Five Foot Two
  • Brothers Taylor, Isaac and Zac make up which band?
  • What year was Michael Douglas born?
  • What words are included in the new ribcage tattoo Scarlett Johansson flashed in Paris in 2012?
    Lucky You
  • What is Alvin Alley famous for?
  • What was Johnny Depp's first major movie role?
    A Nightmare On Elm Street
  • Tom Holland won a Teen Choice Awards for which film?
    Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • What former "James Bond" actor died in May of 2017?
    Roger Moore
  • Who did Nicolas Cage marry in 2002?
    Lisa Marie Presley
  • Which celebrity has a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on it?
    Jessica Alba
  • Where was Winona Ryder caught shoplifting?
  • In what year was pop singer Shakira born?


  • What year did Jerry Springer turn 50 years old?
  • Who is Suri Cruise's famous mother?
    Katie Holmes
  • What is Drew Barrymore's real middle name?


  • What is actor Al Pacino's real name?
    Alfredo James Pacino
  • What is Owen Wilson's middle name?


  • What British royal made headlines for wearing the same dress twice in 2012?
    Kate Middleton
  • In what year was actress Cameron Diaz born?
  • In the VMA awards show held every fall, what does "VMA" stand for?
    Video Music Awards
  • Taylor Swift grew up on what type of farm?
    Christmas Tree Farm
  • What former "Friends" star married actor Justin Theroux in 2015?
    Jennifer Aniston
  • Tom Cruise won a $10 million judgment against a Hollywood man for telling what lie?
    He Was Tom Cruise’s Lover
  • What is Winona Ryder's real last name?
  • In what country was Heath Ledger born?


  • What was the name of the very early Canadian film that Jim Carrey was cast in?
    Copper Mountain
  • Kate Hudson is the daughter of which famous actress?
    Goldie Hawn
  • What is actor Tom Cruise's real name?
    Thomas Cruise Mapother, IV
  • What is the name of Angelina Jolie's eldest son?


  • Who is the star actor in a band called 30 Seconds To Mars?
    Jared Leto
  • Who is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally as?
    The Weeknd
  • What does "A" stand for in the actress Vivica A. Fox's name?
  • What children's TV series did Selena Gomez appear in the early 2000s?
    Barney & Friends
  • What year was singer Nicki Minaj born?


  • Tom Cruise considered pursuing a career in which sport before being injured?
    Professional Wrestling
  • Sofia Vergara married which "Magic Mike" star in November 2015?
    Joe Manganiello
  • Which celebrity is known as JLo?
    Jennifer Lopez
  • What year was Julianne Moore born?


  • What was Zach Braff diagnosed with at age ten?
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Where did David Schwimmer attend college?
    Northwestern University
  • Whose twins are named Alexander and Ella?
    George and Amal Clooney
  • What is fashion model Yamila's last name?
  • Who is Jade's famous mother?
    Bianca Jagger
  • What sex symbol was found dead in her L.A. home in 1962?
    Marilyn Monroe
  • In "The Color of Money", what does Fast Eddie's girlfriend do for a living?
  • What is tattooed on Ozzy Osbourne's knees?
    Smiley Faces
  • Who shot the home video of David Hasselhoff drunk eating a cheeseburger?
    His Daughter
  • What was actress Drew Barrymore's given name at birth?
    Andrew Barrymore
  • What year was Meryl Streep born?
  • What is actor Charlie Sheen's real name?
    Carlos Irwin Estevez
  • What year was Leonardo DiCaprio born?
  • Who was named "People" magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 1991?
    Patrick Swayze
  • What year was Ben Affleck born?


  • What is Ricky Gervais' middle name?
  • Which celebrity in 2017 drove her Porsche into a ditch in Thousand Oaks, California?
    Heather Locklear
  • Alec Baldwin was divorced from which Oscar-winning actress in 2001?
    Kim Basinger
  • What did Mariah Carey do on air that shocked MTV's TRL audience in 2001?
  • What year was Selena Gomez born?
  • Whose picture did Sinead O'Connor rip up on live TV on Saturday Night Live?
  • What hit cable TV show is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's life?
  • Who introduced Johnny Depp to acting?
    Nicolas Cage
  • The star of the 1990s TV series "Benson", passed away in 2017, what is his name?
    Robert Guillaume
  • What was actress Jennifer Aniston's given name at birth?
    Jennifer Anastassakis
  • Where was Chris Hemsworth born?
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Who is the godmother of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's kid Francis Bean?
    Drew Barrymore
  • Which celebrity mom belongs to Melanie Griffith?
    Tippi Hedren
  • Which celebrity mom belongs to Lila Grace?
    Kate Moss
  • What is the name of Jim Carrey's first daughter?
  • Which 1991 Tom Petty music video did Johnny Depp appear in?
    Into The Great Wide Open
  • Kristen Bell made her professional acting debut in what 1998 comedy film?
    Polish Wedding
  • Which famous actor attended high school with Jeremy Piven?
    John Cusack
  • What is the name of the school in "The Breakfast Club"?
    Shermer High
  • What is the name of Tom Cruise's third wife?
    Katie Holmes
  • Who is Saul Hudson?
    Rock Guitarist Slash
  • What was actress Susan Sarandon's given name at birth?
    Susan Abigail Tomalin
  • Which TV series did Eddie Redmayne appear in?
    The Pillars of the Earth
  • What year was Johnny Depp born?
  • In what year did Brad Pitt hit 30 years old?
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