210 College Football Trivia Questions and Answers

Perhaps you have just joined college, or you already completed your studies. How can you best describe life in college?

For some, it is intimidating, especially for newbies. Others think it is the most adventurous experience, especially during sports day or while out clubbing. Others describe it as challenging in terms of academics. Others term it as extremely busy; schoolwork, socializing, extracurricular activities, and everything in between.

One thing that is certain is that college experiences are different for all of us.

College Football Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 and 2023

Now, let’s talk college football. Were you an active college football player or did you lean more towards cheering your favourite team on, and you know, commenting on how good or bad they played the game?

How much do you know about college football? From its history, famous players and the tricks they used, the largest stadiums among other interesting facts? If you think of yourself as an expert, why not take up our trivia questions and see how much you can score?

You can do it solo or gather your friends and family and see who’s the coach.

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1.  Frank Sinkwich was one tough back. In fact, he was the first halfback from the SEC to ever win the Heisman Trophy (1942). From which great SEC program did Sinkwich find great success?

University of Georgia


2. Who were not eligible for the NFL draft until 1990?

College Juniors


3. Who was described as the first-ever college football game?

Rutgers and Princeton


4. The 1980 Holiday Bowl between Southern Methodist University and Brigham Young University has been dubbed “The Miracle Bowl” based on the tremendous come-from-behind victory capped by Jim McMahon’s Hail Mary touchdown pass. Who was on the receiving end of this legendary play?

Clay Brown


5. Who holds the record for the longest winning streak in college football?

The Oklahoma Sooners


6. In which year, was the first-ever college football game?


7. Which school is termed as the Mecca of college football in South Bend?

Notre Dame


8. What was college football’s largest victory margin?



9. In 2004, which player finished 2nd place in the Heisman voting, the highest finish ever for a freshman?

Adrian Peterson


10. Which year did college football surpass Baseball as “America’s pastime”?



11. The Oklahoma Sooners emerged victorious 47 games in a row from which year to which year?

1953 to 1957


12. What former Michigan WR and Kick/Punt returner became famous before winning the Heisman?

Desmond Howard


13. Which year was the first Orange bowl played?



14. Most overtimes played in a college football game are?



15. Who won a Heisman Trophy playing for the University of Pittsburgh?

Tony Dorsett


16. In which era did college bowl games include the Raisin Bowl, Salad Bowl, and Oil Bowl?

In 1940’s


17. How many games were tied in the most overtimes played in college football?

Two games


18. Tommie Fraizer won a national championship with what college?



19. Who compared the difficulties of reaching space in a rocket to the Rice Owls’ chances of defeating the Texas Longhorns?

President John F. Kennedy


20. Who holds the record for the highest number of passes in a college football game?

Drew Brees


21. The winningest program in college football history in Ann Arbor is who?



22. Which team has the highest total of wins in the FBS?



23. The longest field goal kicked in an NCAA game was about how many yards?

65 yards


24. In 2003 and 2004, which school, according to most recruiting sources, pulled in the #1 rated recruiting class in the country?



25. In 1876, the number of college football players was reduced to how much?



26. Who became the shortest person to play in an NCAA game?

Player Jayson Carter


27. What is the name of the award given out each season to the nation’s top college quarterback?

Davey O’Brien Award


28. Who is the last non-quarterback to win NFL MVP?

Adrian Peterson


29. In the 2014 season, which state set a new record for the highest number of points scored in a season, 723?

Florida State


30. Before Carson Palmer in 2002, who was the last Pac-10 player to win the Heisman?

Marcus Allen

31. What was the former name of the NFL?

American Professional Football Association


32. In 2012, which school had won more college football championships than any other school?

University of Alabama


33. How many times did the University of Dayton played in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl in the 1980s and 1990s?



34. Who has the most wins as the head coach of the NFL?

Don Shula


35. Since which year, has every NFL team played in a Conference Championship game?



36. In 1980, who became the first football player to win a college championship?

Marcus Allen


37. Which bowl game is played in Tampa, Florida (as of 2001)?

Outback Bowl


38. Name the first team who won the regular NFL season by 16-0?

The New England Patriots


39. College football cheerleading began in?



40. The University of Houston had a star Heisman Trophy winner, what was his name?

Andre Ware


41. First female cheerleaders were at the University of?



42. Which player from Alabama won the Heisman Trophy in 2009?

Mark Ingram


43. The NCAA started officially tracking college football statistics in?



44. The oldest program in the Sunshine State is which school?



45. Who became the first college football bowl game in 1902?

The Rose Bowl


46. In 2004, which High School snapped De La Salle’s record 13-year winning streak?



47. Which game is referred to as the granddaddy of all bowls?

The Rose Bowl


48. Which two schools played in the first-ever college football game in 1869?

Princeton and Rutgers


49. First Rose Bowl was played between?

Michigan and Standford

50. What NFL QB is a cousin of Falcons QB Michael Vick?

Aaron Brooks


51. Which is the largest stadium in college football?

Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor


52. Which school won the D-III National Championship in 2001 – making it their 6th championship?

Mount Union


53. This largest stadium has a seating capacity of about?



54. Prior to its expansion in 2012, how many teams played in the Southeastern Conference?



55. Which is recognized by the NCAA as the oldest college football stadium?

The University of Pennsylvania & Franklin Field


56. Tee Martin also won the national title under what college?



57. Which stadium is positioned at the highest elevation?

University of Wyoming: War memorial stadium


58. Home of 114 victories in the 1990s was in which school in Huntington?



59. Who is the highest-paid coach in college football?

Nick Saban


60. In 2003, which running back broke Emmitt Smith’s high school record for most consecutive games with 100 or more yards rushing in a career?

Demetris Summers

61. Nick Saban belongs to which University?

University of Alabama


62. What is the nickname for the Oberlin College football team?



63. Annual salary of Nick Saban was?

7.5 million annual


64. Which Pac-10 team is known as the Wildcats?



65. Highest-priced college football tickets in 2015 cost over?



66. This great halfback was the Heisman Trophy recipient in 1959, giving Louisiana State University its first Heisman winner. Who was this man?

Billy Cannon


67. Who had only won one NFL rushing title in his career?

Walter Payton


68. What is ballown?

A game played by Princeton University Students


69. Which school had the longest-tenured coach in Division 1-A at University Park?

Penn State


70. Name the franchise which played in St Louis, Los Angeles, and Cleveland?



71. Who is Park H. Davis?

An American football historian


72. In 2003, which QB set the high school mark for most passing yards in a career?

Ben Mauk


73. How many Heisman Trophy winners have gone on to be MVP of the Super Bowl?



74. What is the Boston game?

Playing a rougher version of football


75. What award is presented to the nation’s best interior offensive lineman?

Outland Trophy


76. How many touchdowns Aaron Rodgers has thrown since his last interception at Lam beau field?



77. Who is the father of American football?

Walter Camp


78. Rams QB Kurt Warner went to which college?

Northern Iowa


79. During which time period did the NFL merge with AFL?



80. An intercollegiate game was first played in the state of?

New York


81. In normal situations, which 2 conferences are represented in the Florida Citrus Bowl?

SEC and Big 10


82. Which NFL team had had the longest postseason victory drought in NFL history?

Arizona Cardinals


83. On November 22, 1890, college football was first played in the state of?



84. What D-I Ohio football team plays in Doyt L. Perry Stadium?

Bowling Green


85. In what year was the 31st regular season of NFL  played?



86. PIFA stands for?

Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Football Association


87. In what city is the Georgia-Florida football game annually played?



88. Who was voted as the NFL commissioner on the 23rd ballot?

Pete Rozelle


89. First night time football game was played in Mansfield, Pennsylvania on?


90. Bryan Bosworth played for what college team?


91. Which was the home of the very first college football game in New Brunswick?



92. Who was the oldest Hall of Fame Inductee?

Ed Sabol


93. The first Orange Bowl was played in?



94. In the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State won the National Championship over Miami with the help of what controversial call?

Pass Interference


95. In the modern NFL, how many days in a week are the games are played?



96. The first Orange Bowl was played in between?

University of Miami and Manhattan College


97. What four Division IA schools do not have university in their official titles?

Georgia Tech, Air Force, Navy, Army


98. Which NFL team took 32 years to win their first playoff game?

New Orleans Saints


99. Why did Manhattan College team take a three-day boat ride to Miami?

Just to save the money


100. What state produced more D-I scholarship football players in the 1990s?


101. How many teams are in NFL?



102. Who is the only member of the College Football Hall of Fame to receive an Academy Award?

Irvine Cotton Warburton


103. What college did Joe Montana attend?

Notre Dame


104. What is the official name of the stadium which is the home ground of Minnesota Vikings?

Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome


105. What is Alfac?

High-powered football-themed marketing campaign


106. Ty Detmer Played for BYU, what college did his brother Koy play for?



107. Name the present commissioner of NFL.

Roger Goodell


108. Aflac, the leader in supplemental insurance sales at?

United States


109. In 2001, which NFL player caught a TD pass, threw a TD pass, and ran for a TD in the same game?

David Patten


110. How much did CBS pay for the first exclusive rights of broadcasting NFL games in 1962?

$4.65 million


111. What does Aflac do?

Attracts potential policyholders


112. The Ray Guy Award goes to the nation’s top college player at what position?



113. Where was the coldest super bowl played?

Tulane Stadium, New Orleans


114. Who is the president of Aflac U.S?

Teresa White


115. Former New England Patriots WR Terry Glenn attended which college?

Ohio State


116. What is the former name of Indianapolis Colts?

Baltimore Colts


117. Aflac initiated a new marketing campaign called?

Aflac Isn’t


118. How many NAIA football teams are there in Ohio?



119. In which stadium did the Baltimore Ravens plays its home games?

M&T Bank Stadium


120. In which year was Aflac Isn’t iniated?


121. How many points are awarded when a player returns a blocked extra point across the goal line?



122. Which nickname was given to New Orleand Saints in the NFL of 1980?

The Ain’ts


123. What is the aim to initiate Aflac Isn’t?

help consumers better understanding about Aflac & its products and services


124. Charlie Ward played and won a national championship plus a Heisman for what college?

Florida State


125. Which team was named on the same day of naming NFL?

Chicago Bears


126. For 13 consecutive years, Aflac has been recognized by Ethisphere as?

One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies


127. A staple of Thursday night games in Blacksburg is associated with which school?

Virginia Tech


128. What was the former name of Chicago bears?

Chicago Staleys


129. Which magazine recognized Aflac as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America for the 20th consecutive year, in 2018?

Fortune magazine


130. In which year were freshman football players finally allowed to play at the varsity level?



131. In which year’s NFL season; there were highest recorded penalties in the first three weeks?



132. In 2019, Fortune included Aflac on its list of World’s Most?

Admired Companies for the 18th time


133. This school won the National Championship in 1984. They had their long-time coach retire in 2000. One of their players won the Heisman Trophy in 1990. Which school is it?

Brigham Young University


134. Who still holds the record for single-season punting average at 51.4?



135. What is a mascot?

Any object, animal or person which is used to bring luck


136. What Pac-10 team shared the National Championship 1991?



137. Name the two only non-kickers to play in more than 300 games?

Jerry Rice and Brett Favre


138. In the world of sports, mascot are used for?



139. Which 2 conferences were represented in the 2002 Cotton Bowl?

Big 12 and SEC


140. Which state has produced more pro football Hall of Famers than any other state?



141. Team mascots are used for their respective team to give them?



142. How many D-III football teams are there in Ohio?



143. Which name were the  Redskins originally known for?

The Braves


144. The Aletic teams of the University of Alabama are nicknamed?

The Crimson Tide


145. What yard line do teams begin possession on in NCAA Overtime?



146. In which city did the St. Louis Rams’ franchise start in?



147. Sports mascot are often used as?

marketing tools


148. Tony Rice lead which team to a national championship?

Notre Dame


149. Name the team known as Dolphins?


150. Which country’s sports have official mascots?

United States


151. Which school is best known for basketball in Bloomington?



152. Name the defensive player with highest total?

Darell Green


153. One of the earliest mascot was a taxidermy mount for the?

Chicago Cubs


154. Which high school produced two 2004 Heisman finalists?

Helix High (San Diego, California)


155. Which team was not an original NFL team that moved over to the AFC?



156. The first mascots used in the Summer Olympic Games was?



157. What is the name of the award annually given to the nation’s best receiver in college football?

Fred Biletnikoff Award


158. In 1985, which team lost the match against Miami Dolphins?

Chicago Bears


159. Most common mascot for college football was?

Bull dog and eagle


160. What two Pac-10 teams played in the Orange Bowl in 1985 and 2003?

Washington and USC

161. In 1968, which team became a part of the NFL?

Cincinnati Bengals


162. Auburn University actually has two mascots, namely?

A tiger and the war eagle


163. Who won the super bowl in 2014?

Seattle Seahawks


164. Who holds the record for the most bowl appearances (31)?



165. How many different SEC Eastern division teams were represented at the SEC championship game in the first ten years of its existence?



166. Who is the only left-handed quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Steve Young


167. First college football game was broadcast on television in?



168. In what Ohio city does the Kenyon College football team play?



169. Before 1975, what was the offensive holding?

15-yard penalty


170. Mascot for the University of California Santa Cruz is?

The Banana Slug


171. Who caught Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary pass to beat Miami in 1984?

Gerard Phelan


172. Which year did the wildest battle game of the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears occurr?



173. The forward pass first appeared in college football in?



174. Steve Walsh played for Miami and got drafted by what pro team?

Dallas Cowboys


175. Which team won the NFC East Championship in 1985 but did not win again until 1992?

Dallas Cowboys


176. What is forward pass?

An attempt to increase scoring and reduce injuries


177. Who is credited with inventing college football?

Walter Camp


178. Which only NFL franchise has scored three touchdowns in less than one minute?

The New England Patriots


179. Which orange and white team colors of the Tennessee Volunteers were chosen in 1891?

To represent the daisies which grow on the campus


180. In 1989, Deion Sanders recorded the fastest official time in the 40 at the NFL Combine. What was his 40 time?



181. How many teams played in the inaugural season of NFL in 1922?



182. Field goals in college football were originally worth?

Five points


183. Where was Steve Spurrier head coach before taking over at Florida?



184. The number of players fielded by each college team was reduced to how many numbers?



185. In Tennessee there was Todd Helton then there was Payton Manning, but before them there was who?

Heath Shuler


186. In which year, was the number of players fielded by each college team reduced to 15?



187. What college football team plays its home games at Jordan-Hare Stadium?



188. How many players are in football team?



189. Where did Walter Payton play college football?

Jackson State


190.  What is the oldest rivalry played at a neutral site?

Red River Shootout between Oklahoma and Texas


191. In what city is the University of Texas located?



192. Which was still a U.S. Territory when the Red River Shootout started in 1900?



193. How many Division 1-a college football teams are there in Texas?



194. How many yards long and wide were the college football fields?

Originally 120 yards long and 100 yards wide


195.  Which college rivals play in the Egg Bowl?

Mississippi – Mississippi State


196. Who coached Alabama to its most recent National Championship (as of 2001)?

Gene Stallings


197. What is the largest number of people who gathered for a game of football in Texas?



198. Which was the first ACC team to hand Florida State a conference loss?



199. Touchdowns in college football were originally counted as?

Three points

200. From which game was the college football developed from?

From the game of rugby


201. Who has the most players in the College Football Hall of Fame?

Notre Dame


202. What is the aim of white stripes on a college football?

Help the receiver see the ball better


203. What is the purpose of the jersey worn by Red Grange?

Help the receiver see the ball better


204. The first American college team to play on foreign soil were the?

LSU Tigers


205. Who became the first college team to utilize the forward pass?

The North Carolina Tar Heels


206. Which trophy is awarded every year to college football’s top player?

Heisman trophy


207. First award went to Chicago half back Jay Berwanger in the year of?



208. Who is the only player to win two Heisman awards?

Ohio State’s Archie Griffin


209. The College Football Hall of Fame was established in the year?



210. Joe Miner, was the mascot for?




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